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Panini Hoera de Duivels. Allez les Diables 2000

Panini Hoera de Duivels. Allez les Diables 2000

Year: 2000
Total stickers: 96

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 7 / completed: 23


1Badge Belgian F.A.Feest-070.00
2Georges LeekensDe onverwachte redder-090.00
3Jurgen CavensJurgen Cavens-160.17
4Jurgen CavensJurgen Cavensmetal221.00
5Jurgen CavensJurgen Cavens-090.00
6Jurgen Cavens (puzzle 1)Jurgen Cavens-090.00
7Jurgen Cavens (puzzle 2)Jurgen Cavens-090.00
8Philippe ClementPhilippe Clement-160.17
9Philippe ClementPhilippe Clementmetal221.00
10Philippe ClementPhilippe Clement-180.13
11Philippe Clement (puzzle 1)Philippe Clement-160.17
12Philippe Clement (puzzle 2)Philippe Clement-190.11
13Gilles De BildeGilles De Bilde-150.20
14Gilles De BildeGilles De Bildemetal313.00
15Gilles De BildeGilles De Bilde-070.00
16Gilles De Bilde (puzzle 1)Gilles De Bilde-260.33
17Gilles De Bilde (puzzle 2)Gilles De Bilde-240.50
18Eric DeflandreEric Deflandre-050.00
19Eric DeflandreEric Deflandremetal212.00
20Eric DeflandreEric Deflandre-090.00
21Eric Deflandre (puzzle 1)Eric Deflandre-090.00
22Eric Deflandre (puzzle 2)Eric Deflandre-080.00
23Ronny Gaspercic (puzzle 1)Ronny Gaspercic-0110.00
24Ronny Gaspercic (puzzle 2)Ronny Gaspercic-0110.00
25Ronny GaspercicRonny Gaspercic-0100.00
26Ronny GaspercicRonny Gaspercicmetal212.00
27Ronny GaspercicRonny Gaspercic-160.17
28Bart GoorBart Goor-050.00
29Bart GoorBart Goormetal130.33
30Bart Goor (puzzle 1)Bart Goor-070.00
31Bart Goor (puzzle 2)Bart Goor-0110.00
32Bart GoorBart Goor-070.00
33Marc HenrdrikxMarc Henrdrikx-230.67
34Marc HenrdrikxMarc Henrdrikxmetal230.67
35Marc HenrdrikxMarc Henrdrikx-0100.00
36Marc Henrdrikx (puzzle 1)Marc Henrdrikx-150.20
37Marc Henrdrikx (puzzle 2)Marc Henrdrikx-070.00
38Emile MpenzaEmile Mpenza-060.00
39Emile MpenzaEmile Mpenzametal130.33
40Emile MpenzaEmile Mpenza-080.00
41Emile Mpenza (puzzle 1)Emile Mpenza-050.00
42Emile Mpenza (puzzle 2)Emile Mpenza-160.17
43Mbo MpenzaMbo Mpenza-0110.00
44Mbo Mpenza (puzzle 1)Mbo Mpenza-0120.00
45Mbo Mpenza (puzzle 2)Mbo Mpenza-0110.00
46Mbo MpenzaMbo Mpenzametal120.50
47Mbo MpenzaMbo Mpenza-090.00
48Jacky PeetersJacky Peeters-140.25
49Jacky PeetersJacky Peetersmetal221.00
50Jacky Peeters (puzzle 1)Jacky Peeters-090.00
51Jacky Peeters (puzzle 2)Jacky Peeters-080.00
52Jacky PeetersJacky Peeters-080.00
53Lorenzo StaelensLorenzo Staelens-060.00
54Lorenzo Staelens (puzzle 1)Lorenzo Staelens-090.00
55Lorenzo Staelens (puzzle 2)Lorenzo Staelens-090.00
56Lorenzo StaelensLorenzo Staelensmetal140.25
57Lorenzo StaelensLorenzo Staelens-070.00
58Branko Strupar (puzzle 1)Branko Strupar-090.00
59Branko Strupar (puzzle 2)Branko Strupar-080.00
60Branko StruparBranko Strupar-070.00
61Branko StruparBranko Struparmetal321.50
62Branko StruparBranko Strupar-090.00
63Yves VanderhaegheYves Vanderhaeghe-0110.00
64Yves Vanderhaeghe (puzzle 1)Yves Vanderhaeghe-150.20
65Yves Vanderhaeghe (puzzle 2)Yves Vanderhaeghe-050.00
66Yves VanderhaegheYves Vanderhaeghemetal111.00
67Yves VanderhaegheYves Vanderhaeghe-150.20
68Noco Van Kerckhoven (puzzle 1)Noco Van Kerckhoven-040.00
69Noco Van Kerckhoven (puzzle 2)Noco Van Kerckhoven-080.00
70Noco Van KerckhovenNoco Van Kerckhoven-080.00
71Noco Van KerckhovenNoco Van Kerckhovenmetal230.67
72Noco Van KerckhovenNoco Van Kerckhoven-080.00
73Gert Verheyen (puzzle 1)Gert Verheyen-090.00
74Gert Verheyen (puzzle 2)Gert Verheyen-090.00
75Gert VerheyenGert Verheyen-080.00
76Gert VerheyenGert Verheyenmetal303.00
77Gert VerheyenGert Verheyen-0100.00
78Eric Van MeirEric Van Meir-070.00
79Eric Van MeirEric Van Meirmetal221.00
80Eric Van Meir (puzzle 1)Eric Van Meir-070.00
81Eric Van Meir (puzzle 2)Eric Van Meir-080.00
82Eric Van MeirEric Van Meir-090.00
83Johan WalemJohan Walem-0100.00
84Johan WalemJohan Walemmetal140.25
85Johan Walem (puzzle 1)Johan Walem-080.00
86Johan Walem (puzzle 2)Johan Walem-070.00
87Johan WalemJohan Walem-0100.00
88Marc WilmotsMarc Wilmots-0100.00
89Marc WilmotsMarc Wilmotsmetal120.50
90Marc Wilmots (puzzle 1)Marc Wilmots-070.00
91Marc Wilmots (puzzle 2)Marc Wilmots-080.00
92Marc WilmotsMarc Wilmots-090.00
93Koning BoudewijnstadionStadions-090.00
94Jan BreydelstadionStadions-0100.00
96Stade du Pays de CharleroiStadions-0100.00
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