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Panini Football Belgium 1997-1998

Panini Football Belgium 1997-1998

Year: 1997
Total stickers: 508

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 36 / completed: 54


1Lokonda Mpenza (Les Laureats)Revelations Paninimetal7100.70
2Cedric Roussel (Les Laureats)Revelations Paninimetal8100.80
3Mbo Mpenza (Les Numeros Deux)Revelations Panini-1052.00
4Gaetan Englebert (Les Numeros Deux)Revelations Panini-961.50
5Nordin Jbari (Les Numeros Trois)Revelations Panini-961.50
6Bart Van Den Eede (Les Numeros Trois)Revelations Panini-1042.50
Eendracht Aalst, I Division-942.25
Eendracht Aalst, I Division-881.00
9ArmoiriesEendracht Aalst, I Divisionmetal7160.44
10Urbain Haesaert (entraineur)Eendracht Aalst, I Division-942.25
11Nico VaesenEendracht Aalst, I Division-951.80
12Koen De VleeschauwerEendracht Aalst, I Division-924.50
13Janos BanfiEendracht Aalst, I Division-924.50
14Dimitri DeliereEendracht Aalst, I Division-951.80
15Stefan Van RielEendracht Aalst, I Division-1042.50
16Didier FrenayEendracht Aalst, I Division-924.50
17Justice Eden SandjonEendracht Aalst, I Division-818.00
18Kris TemmermanEendracht Aalst, I Division-961.50
19Yves VanderhaegheEendracht Aalst, I Division-933.00
20Krist PorteEendracht Aalst, I Division-924.50
21Harold MeyssenEendracht Aalst, I Division-981.13
22Peter QuintelierEendracht Aalst, I Division-741.75
23Sammy Van Den BosscheEendracht Aalst, I Division-11111.00
24Christophe LauwersEendracht Aalst, I Division-824.00
25Peter LassenEendracht Aalst, I Division-832.67
Anderlecht S.C., I Division-924.50
Anderlecht S.C., I Division-1025.00
28ArmoiriesAnderlecht S.C., I Divisionmetal7160.44
29Rene Vandereycken (entraineur)Anderlecht S.C., I Division-842.00
30Geert De VliegerAnderlecht S.C., I Division-942.25
31Oliver DollAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1226.00
32Spira GrujicAnderlecht S.C., I Division-717.00
33Glenn De BoeckAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1243.00
34Suad KatanaAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1033.33
35Florian UrbanAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1234.00
36Tibor SelymesAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1133.67
37Frederic PieremansAnderlecht S.C., I Division-11111.00
38Walter BaseggioAnderlecht S.C., I Division-942.25
39Enzo ScifoAnderlecht S.C., I Division-11111.00
40Alan StiocaAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1234.00
41Par ZetterbergAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1052.00
42Didier DheedeneAnderlecht S.C., I Division-732.33
43Bart GoorAnderlecht S.C., I Division-1025.00
44Oleg IachtchoukAnderlecht S.C., I Division-12112.00
Antwerp F.C., I Division-1042.50
Antwerp F.C., I Division-832.67
47ArmoiriesAntwerp F.C., I Division-6190.32
48George Kessler (entraineur)Antwerp F.C., I Division-1071.43
49Aleksander KlakAntwerp F.C., I Division-961.50
50Iwan IlicAntwerp F.C., I Division-961.50
51Wim KiekensAntwerp F.C., I Division-851.60
52Igor NikolovskiAntwerp F.C., I Division-1052.00
53Geert EmmerechtsAntwerp F.C., I Division-1042.50
54Rudy TaeymansAntwerp F.C., I Division-881.00
55Johan MucherAntwerp F.C., I Division-832.67
56Dragan SiljanovskiAntwerp F.C., I Division-951.80
57Dragan GlogovacAntwerp F.C., I Division-951.80
58Aegend BekiriAntwerp F.C., I Division-761.17
59Manuel GodfroidAntwerp F.C., I Division-1052.00
60William VerbeeckAntwerp F.C., I Division-824.00
61Sandro Da SilvaAntwerp F.C., I Division-1061.67
62Ganiyu OwalabiAntwerp F.C., I Division-1042.50
63Darko PivaljevicAntwerp F.C., I Division-1033.33
Beveren, I Division-933.00
Beveren, I Division-851.60
66ArmoiriesBeveren, I Divisionmetal6150.40
67Paul Theunis (entraineur)Beveren, I Division-6280.21
68Roland VelkeneersBeveren, I Division-933.00
69Eric ScaliaBeveren, I Division-651.20
70Kamil JanstaBeveren, I Division-933.00
71Thierry PisterBeveren, I Division-951.80
72David Van HoyweghenBeveren, I Division-951.80
73Martin Van OphuizenBeveren, I Division-1033.33
74Hans BellighBeveren, I Division-924.50
75Dert DhondtBeveren, I Division-881.00
76Lambert SmidBeveren, I Division-861.33
77Jesper Top JohansenBeveren, I Division-961.50
78Gideon ImagbuduBeveren, I Division-1071.43
79Thierry FliesBeveren, I Division-832.67
80Didier Ekanza-SimbaBeveren, I Division-871.14
81Remco TorkenBeveren, I Division-790.78
82Bart Van Den EedeBeveren, I Division-961.50
Club Brugge, I Division-818.00
Club Brugge, I Division-933.00
85ArmoiriesClub Brugge, I Divisionmetal6180.33
86Eric Gerets (entraineur)Club Brugge, I Division-951.80
87Dany VerlindenClub Brugge, I Division-1033.33
88Eric DeflandreClub Brugge, I Division-1025.00
89Aleksander IlicClub Brugge, I Division-924.50
90Pascal RenierClub Brugge, I Division-832.67
91Tjorven De BrulClub Brugge, I Division-951.80
92Vital BorkelmansClub Brugge, I Division-933.00
93Franky Van Der ElstClub Brugge, I Division-1042.50
94Sven VermantClub Brugge, I Division-1133.67
95Lorenzo StaelensClub Brugge, I Division-1133.67
96Eric AddoClub Brugge, I Division-1161.83
97Gert ClaessensClub Brugge, I Division-961.50
98Gunther VerjansClub Brugge, I Division-12112.00
99Gert VerheyenClub Brugge, I Division-1042.50
100Khalilou FadigaClub Brugge, I Division-10110.00
101Nordin JbariClub Brugge, I Division-924.50
Charleroi S.C., I Division-933.00
Charleroi S.C., I Division-832.67
104ArmoiriesCharleroi S.C., I Divisionmetal7140.50
105Robert Waseige (entraineur)Charleroi S.C., I Division-851.60
106Franky FransCharleroi S.C., I Division-6100.60
107Roch GerardCharleroi S.C., I Division-818.00
108Bertin TokeneCharleroi S.C., I Division-909.00
109Laurent WuillotCharleroi S.C., I Division-1133.67
110Alexandre TeklakCharleroi S.C., I Division-961.50
111Danny NgomboCharleroi S.C., I Division-951.80
112Rudy SmidtsCharleroi S.C., I Division-824.00
113Moustapha DouaiCharleroi S.C., I Division-1025.00
114Drazen BrncicCharleroi S.C., I Division-861.33
115Samuel RemyCharleroi S.C., I Division-971.29
116Maurice Van HamCharleroi S.C., I Division-1052.00
117Dante BrognoCharleroi S.C., I Division-741.75
118Robert JovanCharleroi S.C., I Division-933.00
119Pascal De BackerCharleroi S.C., I Division-842.00
120Luc ErnesCharleroi S.C., I Division-951.80
R.C. Genk, I Division-1061.67
R.C. Genk, I Division-1125.50
123ArmoiriesR.C. Genk, I Divisionmetal6150.40
124Aime Anthenuenis (entraineur)R.C. Genk, I Division-942.25
125Istvan BrockhauserR.C. Genk, I Division-951.80
126Daniel KimoniR.C. Genk, I Division-832.67
127Jacky PeetersR.C. Genk, I Division-851.60
128Domenico OlivieriR.C. Genk, I Division-1052.00
129Wilfried DelboeckR.C. Genk, I Division-933.00
130Chris Van GeemR.C. Genk, I Division-942.25
131Marc VangronsveldR.C. Genk, I Division-961.50
132Davy OyenR.C. Genk, I Division-942.25
133Krzysztof BukalskiR.C. Genk, I Division-717.00
134Philippe ClementR.C. Genk, I Division-942.25
135Branko StruparR.C. Genk, I Division-1125.50
136Ngoy NsumbuR.C. Genk, I Division-942.25
137Thordar GudjonssonR.C. Genk, I Division-924.50
138Souleymane OulareR.C. Genk, I Division-971.29
139Salif KeitaR.C. Genk, I Division-991.00
A.A. Gent, I Division-924.50
A.A. Gent, I Division-723.50
142ArmoiriesA.A. Gent, I Divisionmetal6130.46
143Jan Boskamp (entraineur)A.A. Gent, I Division-1161.83
144Frederic HerpoelA.A. Gent, I Division-961.50
145Stijn VrevenA.A. Gent, I Division-1152.20
146Daniel CamusA.A. Gent, I Division-961.50
147Thomas VasovA.A. Gent, I Division-851.60
148Carl MassagieA.A. Gent, I Division-933.00
149Edin RamcicA.A. Gent, I Division-741.75
150Tony HerremanA.A. Gent, I Division-871.14
151Gunter De MeyerA.A. Gent, I Division-761.17
152Frank DauwenA.A. Gent, I Division-818.00
153Alain De ClercqA.A. Gent, I Division-842.00
154Ronald FoguenneA.A. Gent, I Division-732.33
155Mohammed BarkaA.A. Gent, I Division-961.50
156Anders NielsenA.A. Gent, I Division-861.33
157Sandy MartensA.A. Gent, I Division-871.14
158Flip FiersA.A. Gent, I Division-971.29
Germinal Ekeren, I Division-1042.50
Germinal Ekeren, I Division-1042.50
161ArmoiriesGerminal Ekeren, I Divisionmetal8100.80
162Herman Helleputte (entraineur)Germinal Ekeren, I Division-861.33
163Jan MoonsGerminal Ekeren, I Division-942.25
164Marc SchaessensGerminal Ekeren, I Division-981.13
165Tom VanderveeGerminal Ekeren, I Division-942.25
166Mike VerstraetenGerminal Ekeren, I Division-741.75
167Thierry SiquetGerminal Ekeren, I Division-741.75
168Ervin KovacsGerminal Ekeren, I Division-871.14
169Rudy MouryGerminal Ekeren, I Division-933.00
170Manu KaragiannisGerminal Ekeren, I Division-832.67
171Laurent DauweGerminal Ekeren, I Division-942.25
172Gunther HofmansGerminal Ekeren, I Division-924.50
173Cvijan MilosevicGerminal Ekeren, I Division-1042.50
174Ronny Van GeneugdenGerminal Ekeren, I Division-10110.91
175Mihaly TothGerminal Ekeren, I Division-961.50
176Tomasz RadzinskiGerminal Ekeren, I Division-842.00
177Edwin Van AnkerenGerminal Ekeren, I Division-1171.57
R.C. Harelbeke, I Division-951.80
R.C. Harelbeke, I Division-951.80
180ArmoiriesR.C. Harelbeke, I Divisionmetal6210.29
181Henk Houwaart (entraineur)R.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1133.67
182Ronald GaspercicR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-933.00
183Daniel MaesR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-851.60
184Nordine HamegR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-951.80
185Hein Van HaezebrouckR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1042.50
186Danny DevuystR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-8110.73
187Kurt DeltourR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1042.50
188Martinus LaamersR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1033.33
189Arkadiusz KubikR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1071.43
190Hans VisserR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1052.00
191Olivier BaudryR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-851.60
192Steev YousfiR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-981.13
193Fabijan KomljenovcR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-741.75
194Piet VerscheldeR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-851.60
195Rimantas ZvingilasR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1133.67
196Joris De TollenaereR.C. Harelbeke, I Division-1071.43
Lierse S.V., I Division-861.33
Lierse S.V., I Division-942.25
199ArmoiriesLierse S.V., I Divisionmetal6200.30
200Jos Daerden (entraineur)Lierse S.V., I Division-951.80
201Philippe Vande WalleLierse S.V., I Division-951.80
202David BrockenLierse S.V., I Division-751.40
203Claus EftevaagLierse S.V., I Division-1133.67
204Eric Van MeirLierse S.V., I Division-861.33
205Daniel ScavoneLierse S.V., I Division-942.25
206Carl HoefkensLierse S.V., I Division-861.33
207Yves SerneelsLierse S.V., I Division-1071.43
208Pascal BovriLierse S.V., I Division-971.29
209Philip HaagdorenLierse S.V., I Division-1042.50
210Frank LeenLierse S.V., I Division-961.50
211Nico Van KerckhovenLierse S.V., I Division-832.67
212Robby Van De WayerLierse S.V., I Division-824.00
213Jurgen CavensLierse S.V., I Division-890.89
214Ralph HasenhuttlLierse S.V., I Division-942.25
215Pieter HuistraLierse S.V., I Division-1033.33
Lokeren, I Division-832.67
Lokeren, I Division-1042.50
218ArmoiriesLokeren, I Divisionmetal5100.50
219Fi Vanhoof (entraineur)Lokeren, I Division-732.33
220Danny D'HondtLokeren, I Division-951.80
221Bart LameireLokeren, I Division-851.60
222Roman VonasekLokeren, I Division-751.40
223Christiaan JanssensLokeren, I Division-1042.50
224Dany GysbrechtsLokeren, I Division-832.67
225Stefaan StaelensLokeren, I Division-761.17
226Joel BartholomeeussenLokeren, I Division-1052.00
227Vaclav BudkaLokeren, I Division-933.00
228Tony MolsLokeren, I Division-1061.67
229Karel SnoeckxLokeren, I Division-933.00
230Musa KanuLokeren, I Division-10110.00
231Martin PenickaLokeren, I Division-861.33
232Jan KollerLokeren, I Division-1243.00
233Elonga EkakiaLokeren, I Division-942.25
234Hans De SchrijverLokeren, I Division-741.75
K.F.C Lommel, I Division-1061.67
K.F.C Lommel, I Division-951.80
237ArmoiriesK.F.C Lommel, I Divisionmetal3250.12
238Walter Meeuws (entraineur)K.F.C Lommel, I Division-942.25
239Jacky MathijssenK.F.C Lommel, I Division-761.17
240Daniel NassenK.F.C Lommel, I Division-1052.00
241Frank MachielsK.F.C Lommel, I Division-933.00
242Rene KlompK.F.C Lommel, I Division-1033.33
243Eric Van KesselK.F.C Lommel, I Division-824.00
244Michel NobenK.F.C Lommel, I Division-961.50
245Didier SegersK.F.C Lommel, I Division-842.00
246Harm Van VeldhovenK.F.C Lommel, I Division-1152.20
247Gert CannaertsK.F.C Lommel, I Division-871.14
248karim ZouaouiK.F.C Lommel, I Division-951.80
249Abderrazak SalmyK.F.C Lommel, I Division-818.00
250Rob NuytsK.F.C Lommel, I Division-842.00
251Eddy Bembuana-KeveK.F.C Lommel, I Division-832.67
252Miroslav WaligoraK.F.C Lommel, I Division-951.80
253Robert EshunK.F.C Lommel, I Division-971.29
R.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-942.25
R.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-842.00
256ArmoiriesR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Divisionmetal5220.23
257Daniel Renders (entraineur)R.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-1071.43
258Dirk RosezR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-951.80
259Steve LaeremansR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-933.00
260Michel RasquinR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-842.00
261Guy VandersmissenR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-933.00
262Frederik VanderbiestR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-832.67
263Dirk VangronsveldR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-951.80
264Michael LaermansR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-842.00
265Adrian BakalliR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-951.80
266Stephane DemetsR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-1061.67
267Slobodan MileticR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-741.75
268Marino SabbadiniR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-10110.00
269Rachid BaoufR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-919.00
270David RimboldR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-1125.50
271Alan HaydockR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-861.33
272Harold DeglasR.W.D. Molenbeek, I Division-933.00
Exc. Mouscron, I Division-951.80
Exc. Mouscron, I Division-10110.00
275ArmoiriesExc. Mouscron, I Divisionmetal7180.39
276Hugo Broos (entraineur)Exc. Mouscron, I Division-981.13
277Yves FeysExc. Mouscron, I Division-933.00
278Claude VerspailleExc. Mouscron, I Division-951.80
279Olivier BesengezExc. Mouscron, I Division-971.29
280Danny LenieExc. Mouscron, I Division-1125.50
281Gordan VidovicExc. Mouscron, I Division-1061.67
282Damir LesjakExc. Mouscron, I Division-942.25
283Donald Van DurmeExc. Mouscron, I Division-761.17
284Adriano Da CruzExc. Mouscron, I Division-1133.67
285Marco CastoExc. Mouscron, I Division-951.80
286Steve DugardeinExc. Mouscron, I Division-871.14
287Dejan NikolicExc. Mouscron, I Division-861.33
288Tonci MarticExc. Mouscron, I Division-1152.20
289Stefaan TangheExc. Mouscron, I Division-832.67
290Zoran BanExc. Mouscron, I Division-942.25
291Frederic PierreExc. Mouscron, I Division-1042.50
Standard C.L., I Division-1042.50
Standard C.L., I Division-1052.00
294ArmoiriesStandard C.L., I Divisionmetal7150.47
295Aad De Mos (entraineur)Standard C.L., I Division-1042.50
296Gilbert BodartStandard C.L., I Division-1161.83
297Didier ErnstStandard C.L., I Division-761.17
298Waldemar JaskulskiStandard C.L., I Division-771.00
299Dirk MedvedStandard C.L., I Division-971.29
300Olivier SurayStandard C.L., I Division-961.50
301Benjamin DebusschereStandard C.L., I Division-1033.33
302Bjorn Van Der DoelenStandard C.L., I Division-12112.00
303Guy HellersStandard C.L., I Division-1061.67
304Dimitri De CondeStandard C.L., I Division-1271.71
305Srijn HaeldermansStandard C.L., I Division-1033.33
306Zefilho De SousaStandard C.L., I Division-1042.50
307Dirk HuysmansStandard C.L., I Division-951.80
308Wamberto Sousa CamposStandard C.L., I Division-1142.75
309Lokonda MpenzaStandard C.L., I Division-1081.25
310Mbo MpenzaStandard C.L., I Division-1061.67
St.-Truiden, I Division-9100.90
St.-Truiden, I Division-961.50
313ArmoiriesSt.-Truiden, I Divisionmetal5190.26
314Barry Hulshoff (entraineur)St.-Truiden, I Division-1071.43
315Jean-François LecomteSt.-Truiden, I Division-861.33
316Steven NijsSt.-Truiden, I Division-981.13
317Peter VoetsSt.-Truiden, I Division-981.13
318Kenny VerhoeneSt.-Truiden, I Division-851.60
319Philippe LengloisSt.-Truiden, I Division-1052.00
320Tibor BalogSt.-Truiden, I Division-942.25
321Rudy DucoulombierSt.-Truiden, I Division-961.50
322Erwin CoenenSt.-Truiden, I Division-871.14
323Eddy DierickxSt.-Truiden, I Division-871.14
324Gaetan EnglebertSt.-Truiden, I Division-871.14
325Patrick TeppersSt.-Truiden, I Division-1042.50
326Kurt MorhayeSt.-Truiden, I Division-961.50
327Grzegorz KaliciakSt.-Truiden, I Division-842.00
328Thomas RasmussenSt.-Truiden, I Division-761.17
329Marc WuytsSt.-Truiden, I Division-951.80
V.C. Westerlo, I Division-732.33
V.C. Westerlo, I Division-924.50
332ArmoiriesV.C. Westerlo, I Divisionmetal6220.27
333Jos Heyligen (entraineur)V.C. Westerlo, I Division-942.25
334Patrick RondagsV.C. Westerlo, I Division-861.33
335Dirk ThoelenV.C. Westerlo, I Division-919.00
336Paul FrankenV.C. Westerlo, I Division-1042.50
337Marc CoxV.C. Westerlo, I Division-1042.50
338Koen CaluweV.C. Westerlo, I Division-924.50
339Mario FasanoV.C. Westerlo, I Division-933.00
340Rudy JanssensV.C. Westerlo, I Division-951.80
341Bart WilmssenV.C. Westerlo, I Division-924.50
342Gino MartensV.C. Westerlo, I Division-723.50
343Toni BrognoV.C. Westerlo, I Division-1042.50
344Benoit ThansV.C. Westerlo, I Division-1052.00
345Sergio La ValleV.C. Westerlo, I Division-1052.00
346Allan FerreiraV.C. Westerlo, I Division-933.00
347Jochen JanssenV.C. Westerlo, I Division-1025.00
348Tom CoenenV.C. Westerlo, I Division-971.29
349Equipe BeerschotII Division-942.25
350Armoiries Beerschot/Cercle Brugge (a/b)II Divisionmetal8150.53
351Equipe Cercle BruggeII Division-933.00
352Equipe S.K.DeinzeII Division-881.00
353Armoiries S.K.Deinze/F.C.Denderleeuw (a/b)II Divisionmetal9100.90
354Equipe F.C.DenderleeuwII Division-942.25
355Equipe K.F.C.Dessel SportII Division-951.80
356Armoiries K.F.C.Dessel Sport/Patro Eisden (a/b)II Divisionmetal8100.80
357Equipe Patro EisdenII Division-909.00
358Equipe V.GeelII Division-832.67
359Armoiries V.Geel/K.F.C.Vigor Hamme (a/b)II Divisionmetal7150.47
360Equipe K.F.C.Vigor HammeII Division-717.00
361Equipe KapellenII Division-1061.67
362Armoiries Kapellen/K.V.Kortrijk (a/b)II Divisionmetal881.00
363Equipe K.V.KortrijkII Division-832.67
364Equipe La LouviereII Division-661.00
365Armoiries La Louviere/K.V.Mechelen (a/b)II Divisionmetal881.00
366Equipe K.V.MechelenII Division-924.50
367Equipe K.V.OostendeII Division-981.13
368Armoiries K.V.Oostende/S.K.St.-Niklaas (a/b)II Divisionmetal8130.62
369Equipe S.K.St.-NiklaasII Division-981.13
370Equipe K.F.C.TielenII Division-951.80
371Armoiries K.F.C.Tielen/Tilleur-Liegeois (a/b)II Divisionmetal7130.54
372Equipe Tilleur-LiegeoisII Division-951.80
373Equipe K.F.C.TurnhoutII Division-861.33
374Armoiries K.F.C.Turnhout/Waregem S.V. (a/b)II Divisionmetal7120.58
375Equipe Waregem S.V.II Division-1191.22
376M.Noe/T.Mertens (a/b)Beerschot, II Division-723.50
377S.Segers/P.Sadzo (a/b)Beerschot, II Division-824.00
378S.Pals/G.Van Lancker (a/b)Beerschot, II Division-824.00
379L.De Kruyf/S.Van Boven (a/b)Beerschot, II Division-1161.83
380S.Rubin/K.De Ravet (a/b)Beerschot, II Division-1025.00
381C.Mahieu/A.Van Der Padt (a/b)Beerschot, II Division-881.00
382R.Verkempinck/W.Henneman (a/b)Cercle Brugge, II Division-924.50
383I.Asare/D.Vanmaele (a/b)Cercle Brugge, II Division-924.50
384W.Kooiman/J.Sabbe (a/b)Cercle Brugge, II Division-1125.50
385F.Staelens/B.Renty (a/b)Cercle Brugge, II Division-933.00
386C.Dos Santos/M.L.Henrique (a/b)Cercle Brugge, II Division-961.50
387A.Annicaert/Z.Swietek (a/b)Cercle Brugge, II Division-942.25
388E.Mestdagh/M.David (a/b)S.K. Denize, II Division-832.67
389P.Hallaert/J.Foucquet (a/b)S.K. Denize, II Division-871.14
390S.De Groote/H.Van Hende (a/b)S.K. Denize, II Division-933.00
391P.Maache/Y.Audoor (a/b)S.K. Denize, II Division-933.00
392D.Van Der Beken/D.Saad (a/b)S.K. Denize, II Division-851.60
393A.Bontinck/T.Sergeant (a/b)S.K. Denize, II Division-924.50
394D.Asselman/P.DetienneF.C. Denderleeuw, II Division-924.50
395S.Geldhof/M.De Ryck (a/b)F.C. Denderleeuw, II Division-1142.75
396A.Blanckaert/S.Vanderheyden (a/b)F.C. Denderleeuw, II Division-842.00
397L.Heymans/M.Roelandts (a/b)F.C. Denderleeuw, II Division-933.00
398P.Van Wambeke/Y.Buelinckx (a/b)F.C. Denderleeuw, II Division-933.00
399D.Simmes/G.Dillens (a/b)F.C. Denderleeuw, II Division-924.50
400D.Verbaken/K.De Fre (a/b)K.F.C. Dessel Sport, II Division-942.25
401M.Blancke/M.Van Sonsbeek (a/b)K.F.C. Dessel Sport, II Division-808.00
402F.Van Der Eycken/A.Melis (a/b)K.F.C. Dessel Sport, II Division-924.50
403D.Van Den Schoor/R.Hoes (a/b)K.F.C. Dessel Sport, II Division-824.00
404P.Jacobs/J.Van Hout (a/b)K.F.C. Dessel Sport, II Division-1052.00
405A.Bursac/S.Venetiaan (a/b)K.F.C. Dessel Sport, II Division-924.50
406E.Vanlessen/M.Niesten (a/b)Patro Eisden, II Division-861.33
407K.Van Helden/J.Schoofs (a/b)Patro Eisden, II Division-1052.00
408S.Petosa/K.Tulleneers (a/b)Patro Eisden, II Division-871.14
409D.Van Reempst/S.Saelmans (a/b)Patro Eisden, II Division-971.29
410M.Ribeiro/K.Dreesen (a/b)Patro Eisden, II Division-942.25
411O.Dos Santos/S.Ghiro (a/b)Patro Eisden, II Division-933.00
412L.Maes/R.Schuermans (a/b)V.Geel, II Division-1052.00
413A.Kelgtermans/J.Kolb (a/b)V.Geel, II Division-1052.00
414D.Volckerick/P.Meeusen (a/b)V.Geel, II Division-1042.50
415K.Liekens/M.Bogaerts (a/b)V.Geel, II Division-933.00
416M.Sylverans/M.Van Loon (a/b)V.Geel, II Division-933.00
417N.Curto/A.Mateso (a/b)V.Geel, II Division-1052.00
418D.De Paepe/A.Van Den Abeele (a/b)K.F.C. Vigor Hamme, II Division-861.33
419J.Heyvaert/S.Van Rumst (a/b)K.F.C. Vigor Hamme, II Division-951.80
420P.Van Labeke/F.De Borger (a/b)K.F.C. Vigor Hamme, II Division-919.00
421S.Ba/T.Verdegem (a/b)K.F.C. Vigor Hamme, II Division-842.00
422G.Vergeylen/F.Seymortier (a/b)K.F.C. Vigor Hamme, II Division-919.00
423B.Buyl/K.De Glas (a/b)K.F.C. Vigor Hamme, II Division-1142.75
424C.Andrews/K.Stoops (a/b)Kapellen, II Division-942.25
425V.Verschueren/A.Lodewijckx (a/b)Kapellen, II Division-832.67
426M.Sillah/M.Werdens (a/b)Kapellen, II Division-741.75
427G.Berrevoets/G.Franken (a/b)Kapellen, II Division-1025.00
428S.Vuksanovic/M.Walraevens (a/b)Kapellen, II Division-1025.00
429J.Janssens/N.Van Bouwel (a/b)Kapellen, II Division-871.14
430R.Van Acker/K.Van Doorne (a/b)K.V. Kortrijk, II Division-951.80
431V.Six/S.Leleu (a/b)K.V. Kortrijk, II Division-951.80
432P.Timmerman/N.Boone (a/b)K.V. Kortrijk, II Division-924.50
433J.Heymans/M.Van Britsom (a/b)K.V. Kortrijk, II Division-942.25
434R.Richards/K.Reyns (a/b)K.V. Kortrijk, II Division-732.33
435K.Mertens/F.Camara (a/b)K.V. Kortrijk, II Division-851.60
436M.Talbut/D.Bargibant (a/b)La Louviere, II Division-851.60
437R.Petit/F.Delbeeke (a/b)La Louviere, II Division-942.25
438H.Salhi/G.Reneau (a/b)La Louviere, II Division-961.50
439P.Ghislain/G.Vandendorpe (a/b)La Louviere, II Division-1025.00
440G.Banica/C.Vavadio (a/b)La Louviere, II Division-933.00
441C.Roussel/T.Zakkas (a/b)La Louviere, II Division-1161.83
442F.Vercauteren/I.Willockx (a/b)K.V. Mechelen, II Division-1133.67
443J.De Neys/G.Jacob (a/b)K.V. Mechelen, II Division-1181.38
444J.Bal/S.Van Laere (a/b)K.V. Mechelen, II Division-1025.00
445T.Caluwe/J.Mossi (a/b)K.V. Mechelen, II Division-1133.67
446S.Vandenbroeck/C.Garni (a/b)K.V. Mechelen, II Division-761.17
447R.Lukaku/M.Dodik (a/b)K.V. Mechelen, II Division-881.00
448D.Van Wijk/K.Van De Putte (a/b)K.V. Oostende, II Division-1052.00
449J.Nierynck/B.Parmentier (a/b)K.V. Oostende, II Division-1042.50
450J-C.Lagrou/M.Kanu (a/b)K.V. Oostende, II Division-971.29
451W.Cuffez/R.Prins (a/b)K.V. Oostende, II Division-924.50
452L.Kindtner/S.Lammens (a/b)K.V. Oostende, II Division-951.80
453S.Stellamans/J.Geerearts (a/b)K.V. Oostende, II Division-924.50
454W.Elegeert/G.Vermeire (a/b)S.K. Sy.-Niklaas, II Division-1081.25
455M.Fierens/K.De Vuyst (a/b)S.K. Sy.-Niklaas, II Division-942.25
456M.Mertens/M.Verwilligen (a/b)S.K. Sy.-Niklaas, II Division-1133.67
457B.Lux/S.Ariano (a/b)S.K. Sy.-Niklaas, II Division-1052.00
458A.Diaz/W.De Smet (a/b)S.K. Sy.-Niklaas, II Division-933.00
459N.Claesen/K.Keshinro (a/b)S.K. Sy.-Niklaas, II Division-942.25
460P.Put/F.Roosen (a/b)K.F.C. Tielen, II Division-1061.67
461W.Walschaerts/Y.Van De Mierop (a/b)K.F.C. Tielen, II Division-942.25
462M.Janssen/A.Biga (a/b)K.F.C. Tielen, II Division-933.00
463G.Poppe/C.Bollaerts (a/b)K.F.C. Tielen, II Division-1061.67
464D.Alentijns/T.De Peuter (a/b)K.F.C. Tielen, II Division-951.80
465B.Akwuegbu/K.Stefanski (a/b)K.F.C. Tielen, II Division-1052.00
466Z.Varga/R.Radakovic (a/b)Tiileur-Liegeois, II Division-1052.00
467Y.Marchandise/C.Verbeeren (a/b)Tiileur-Liegeois, II Division-961.50
468R.Quaranta/M.Sabbadini (a/b)Tiileur-Liegeois, II Division-971.29
469T.Rouyr/O.Marchand (a/b)Tiileur-Liegeois, II Division-8100.80
470N.Olivieri/J.Vandeurzen (a/b)Tiileur-Liegeois, II Division-991.00
471G.Basiakos/C.Theissen (a/b)Tiileur-Liegeois, II Division-842.00
472G.Plessers/P.Drouguet (a/b)K.F.C. Turnhout, II Division-851.60
473D.Van Oekelen/M.De Buyser (a/b)K.F.C. Turnhout, II Division-732.33
474R.Van Rethy/S.Geentjens (a/b)K.F.C. Turnhout, II Division-961.50
475D.Lemmens/D.Gaens (a/b)K.F.C. Turnhout, II Division-871.14
476B.Marien/G.Sterckx (a/b)K.F.C. Turnhout, II Division-751.40
477P.Goots/P.Uzokwe (a/b)K.F.C. Turnhout, II Division-890.89
478J.Tipuric/F.Vandendriessche (a/b)Waregem S.V., II Division-924.50
479C.Okonedo/B.Mauro (a/b)Waregem S.V., II Division-1226.00
480J.Vandelanoitte/C.Iyenemi (a/b)Waregem S.V., II Division-9110.82
481K.Drnasin/F.Buyse (a/b)Waregem S.V., II Division-1091.11
482I.Calo/N.Camara (a/b)Waregem S.V., II Division-942.25
483P.De Vreese/D.Bossuyt (a/b)Waregem S.V., II Division-942.25
ACouverture 1972-7325 Ans de Football Panini-851.60
BCouverture 1973-7425 Ans de Football Panini-951.80
CCouverture 1974-7525 Ans de Football Panini-871.14
DCouverture 1975-7625 Ans de Football Panini-881.00
ECouverture 1976-7725 Ans de Football Panini-881.00
FCouverture 1977-7825 Ans de Football Panini-8100.80
GCouverture 1978-7925 Ans de Football Panini-961.50
HCouverture 1979-8025 Ans de Football Panini-871.14
ICouverture 1980-8125 Ans de Football Panini-771.00
JCouverture 1981-8225 Ans de Football Panini-771.00
KCouverture 1982-8325 Ans de Football Panini-871.14
LCouverture 1983-8425 Ans de Football Panini-991.00
MCouverture 1984-8525 Ans de Football Panini-851.60
NCouverture 1985-8625 Ans de Football Panini-751.40
OCouverture 1986-8725 Ans de Football Panini-881.00
PCouverture 1987-8825 Ans de Football Panini-871.14
QCouverture 1988-8925 Ans de Football Panini-790.78
RCouverture 1989-9025 Ans de Football Panini-670.86
SCouverture 1990-9125 Ans de Football Panini-890.89
TCouverture 1991-9225 Ans de Football Panini-851.60
UCouverture 1992-9325 Ans de Football Panini-8100.80
VCouverture 1993-9425 Ans de Football Panini-8100.80
WCouverture 1994-9525 Ans de Football Panini-971.29
XCouverture 1995-9625 Ans de Football Panini-971.29
YCouverture 1996-9725 Ans de Football Panini-741.75
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