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Panini Birds

Panini Birds

Year: 1978
Total stickers: 300

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1Birds of Prey / MousebirdsBirdsfigure101.00
2Penguins / TrogonsBirdsfigure431.33
3Ducks, Geese and Swans / Swifts / Perching BirdsBirdsfigure101.00
4Pelicans and their Relatives / Herons and StorksBirdsfigure313.00
5Tinamous / Tube-Nosed Birds / HummingbirdsBirdsfigure331.00
6Cuckoos and their Relatives / Nightjars / Woodpeckers and their RelativesBirdsfigure422.00
7Grebes / Cranes and their Relatives / Kingfishers and their RelativesBirdsfigure350.60
8Divers / Pigeons and Doves / ParrotsBirdsfigure313.00
9Flightless BirdsBirdsfigure522.50
10Flamingos / Waders and GullsBirdsfigure120.50
11Game-Birds / OwlsBirdsfigure422.00
12Variegated TinamouTinamous-531.67
13Nandu or Common RheaFlightless Birdsfigure212.00
14NanduFlightless Birdsfigure111.00
15NanduFlightless Birdsfigure221.00
16North African OstrichFlightless Birds-240.50
17Southern OstrichFlightless Birds-331.00
18Australian Cassowary (puzzle 1)Flightless Birds-221.00
19Australian Cassowary (puzzle 2)Flightless Birds-101.00
20Heads of different species of CassowaryFlightless Birds-321.50
21EmuFlightless Birds-422.00
22Brown KiwiFlightless Birds-240.50
23Great Crested GrebeGrebes-321.50
24Great Northern DiverDivers-140.25
25Penguins (puzzle 1)Penguins-221.00
26Penguins (puzzle 2)Penguins-212.00
27Penguins (puzzle 3)Penguins-221.00
28Penguins (puzzle 4)Penguins-321.50
29Penguins (puzzle 5)Penguins-230.67
30Penguins (puzzle 6)Penguins-260.33
31Short-Tailed AlbatrossTube-Nosed Birds-230.67
32Wandering AlbatrossTube-Nosed Birds-221.00
33Wandering AlbatrossTube-Nosed Birds-331.00
34Northern FulmarTube-Nosed Birds-313.00
35Manx ShearwaterTube-Nosed Birds-130.33
36Storm PetrelTube-Nosed Birds-240.50
37Common Diving PetrelTube-Nosed Birds-130.33
38White PelicanPelicans and their Relatives-130.33
39CormorantPelicans and their Relatives-240.50
40GannetPelicans and their Relatives-221.00
41Magnificent FrigatebirdPelicans and their Relatives-321.50
42European FlamingoFlamingos-130.33
43Grey HeronHerons and Storks-260.33
44Cattle EgretHerons and Storks-250.40
45Eurasian BitternHerons and Storks-221.00
46ShoebillHerons and Storks-230.67
47White StorkHerons and Storks-140.25
48MarabouHerons and Storks-360.50
49Glossy IbisHerons and Storks-221.00
50SpoonbillHerons and Storks-221.00
51Magpie GooseDucks, Geese and Swans-414.00
52ShelducDucks, Geese and Swans-422.00
53Mute SwanDucks, Geese and Swans-340.75
54Black SwanDucks, Geese and Swans-321.50
55Greylag GooseDucks, Geese and Swans-212.00
56Canada Goose (puzzle 1)Ducks, Geese and Swans-221.00
57Canada Goose (puzzle 2)Ducks, Geese and Swans-212.00
58MallardDucks, Geese and Swans-531.67
59Domestic DuckDucks, Geese and Swans-340.75
60PintailDucks, Geese and Swans-331.00
61ShovelerDucks, Geese and Swans-331.00
62King EiderDucks, Geese and Swans-150.20
63Muscovy DuckDucks, Geese and Swans-331.00
64Mandarin DuckDucks, Geese and Swans-130.33
65Red-Breasted MerganserDucks, Geese and Swans-140.25
66Andean Condor (puzzle 1)Birds of Prey-130.33
67Andean Condor (puzzle 2)Birds of Prey-303.00
68King VultureBirds of Prey-321.50
69Secretary BirdBirds of Prey-450.80
70Red KiteBirds of Prey-441.00
71BuzzardBirds of Prey-321.50
72Great Black HawkBirds of Prey-313.00
73Harpy EagleBirds of Prey-250.40
74Golden EagleBirds of Prey-221.00
75Wedge-Tailed EagleBirds of Prey-140.25
76Bald EagleBirds of Prey-230.67
77Griffon VultureBirds of Prey-313.00
78Egyptian VultureBirds of Prey-422.00
79Lammergeier or Bearded VultureBirds of Prey-313.00
80Montagu's HarrierBirds of Prey-230.67
81BateleurBirds of Prey-431.33
82Osprey (puzzle 1)Birds of Prey-422.00
83Osprey (puzzle 2)Birds of Prey-240.50
84Crested CaracaraBirds of Prey-522.50
85GyrfalconBirds of Prey-414.00
86HobbyBirds of Prey-331.00
87Peregrine FalconBirds of Prey-331.00
88KestrelBirds of Prey-340.75
89Malleg Fowl (puzzle 1)Birds of Prey-202.00
90Malleg Fowl (puzzle 2)Birds of Prey-140.25
91Brush TurkeyBirds of Prey-250.40
92Great CurassowGame-Birds-212.00
93Black Grouse (puzzle 1)Game-Birds-313.00
94Black Grouse (puzzle 2)Game-Birds-130.33
95Capercaillie (puzzle 1)Game-Birds-140.25
96Capercaillie (puzzle 2)Game-Birds-340.75
98Sage GrouseGame-Birds-120.50
99Rock PartridgeGame-Birds-130.33
100Grey PartridgeGame-Birds-230.67
102Domestic TurkeyGame-Birds-130.33
103Argus PheasantGame-Birds-422.00
104Peacock (puzzle 1)Game-Birds-240.50
105Peacock (puzzle 2)Game-Birds-240.50
106Red JunglefowlGame-Birds-414.00
107Hen with ChickensGame-Birds-111.00
108Vulturine GuineafowlGame-Birds-441.00
111Water-RailCranes and their Relatives-340.75
112Moorhen (puzzle 1)Cranes and their Relatives-230.67
113Moorhen (puzzle 2)Cranes and their Relatives-221.00
114Purple GallinuleCranes and their Relatives-120.50
115CootCranes and their Relatives-230.67
116MesiteCranes and their Relatives-331.00
117SunbitternCranes and their Relatives-431.33
118Finfoot or SungrebeCranes and their Relatives-340.75
119CraneCranes and their Relatives-230.67
120South African Crowned CraneCranes and their Relatives-350.60
121LimpkinCranes and their Relatives-270.29
122Kori BustardCranes and their Relatives-431.33
123Crested SeriemaCranes and their Relatives-331.00
124Plains-WandererCranes and their Relatives-130.33
125Domestic PigeonPigeons and Doves-212.00
126Homing PigeonPigeons and Doves-221.00
127Turtle DovePigeons and Doves-240.50
128Seychelles Blue PigeonPigeons and Doves-150.20
129Bleeding-Heart PigeonPigeons and Doves-331.00
130Crowned PigeonPigeons and Doves-230.67
131Tooth-Billed PigeonPigeons and Doves-240.50
133Grey ParrotParrots-230.67
134Red-Fan ParrotParrotsfigure321.50
135Golden ParakeetParrotsfigure230.67
136Palm CockatooParrotsfigure230.67
137Scarlet MacawParrotsfigure240.50
138Musk LorikeetParrotsfigure340.75
139Major Mitchell's CockatooParrotsfigure130.33
140SwallowBirds' nestsfigure230.67
141BullfinchBirds' nestsfigure632.00
142White StorkBirds' nestsfigure120.50
143Striped BowerbirdBirds' nestsfigure230.67
144British Long-Tailed TitBirds' nestsfigure321.50
145GoldcrestBirds' nestsfigure431.33
146Palm SwiftBirds' nestsfigure331.00
147Grey-Rumped SwiftletBirds' nestsfigure431.33
148Grey HeronBirds' nestsfigure321.50
149Magpie LarkBirds' nestsfigure321.50
150Montezuma OropendolaBirds' nestsfigure431.33
151KittiwakeBirds' nestsfigure250.40
152MoorhenBirds' nestsfigure230.67
153Reed WarblerBirds' nestsfigure331.00
154Great Crested GrebeBirds' nestsfigure340.75
155Little Ringed PloverBirds' nestsfigure130.33
156Grey PloverWaders and Gullsfigure230.67
157Lesser Golden PloverWaders and Gullsfigure240.50
158PloverWaders and Gullsfigure240.50
159RuffWaders and Gullsfigure130.33
160RuffWaders and Gullsfigure221.00
161American JacanaWaders and Gulls-340.75
162Grey PhalaropeWaders and Gulls-130.33
163CurlewWaders and Gulls-240.50
164WoodcockWaders and Gulls-140.25
165SnipeWaders and Gulls-230.67
166AvocetWaders and Gulls-140.25
167LapwingWaders and Gulls-230.67
168TurnstoneWaders and Gulls-331.00
169Egyptian Plover or Crocodile BirdWaders and Gulls-321.50
170Great SkuaWaders and Gulls-313.00
171Herring GullWaders and Gulls-331.00
172Black-Headed GullWaders and Gulls-130.33
173Arctic Tern (puzzle 1)Waders and Gulls-321.50
174Arctic Tern (puzzle 2)Waders and Gulls-230.67
175Fairy TernWaders and Gulls-414.00
176GuillemotWaders and Gulls-140.25
177PuffinWaders and Gulls-221.00
178Little AukWaders and Gulls-331.00
179Violet Plantain-EaterCuckoos and their Relatives-221.00
180KoelCuckoos and their Relatives-331.00
181Cuckoo (puzzle 1)Cuckoos and their Relatives-240.50
182Cuckoo (puzzle 2)Cuckoos and their Relatives-230.67
183Cuckoo (puzzle 3)Cuckoos and their Relatives-431.33
184RoadrunnerCuckoos and their Relatives-230.67
185Pheasant-CoucalCuckoos and their Relatives-350.60
186Barn Owl (puzzle 1)Owls-160.17
187Barn Owl (puzzle 2)Owls-321.50
188Eagle OwlOwls-422.00
189Snowy OwlOwls-331.00
190Tawny OwlOwls-331.00
191Little OwlOwls-321.50
192Long-Eared OwlOwls-340.75
195Pennant-Winged NightjarNightjars-431.33
197Crested Tree-SwiftSwifts-240.50
198Ruby-Topaz HummingbirdHummingbirds-313.00
199Marvellous SpatuletailHummingbirds-340.75
200Swallow-Tailed HummingbirdHummingbirds-240.50
201Blue-Naped MousebirdsMousebirds-111.00
202Quetzal (puzzle 1)Trogons-321.50
203Quetzal (puzzle 2)Trogons-331.00
204KingfisherKingfishers and their Relatives-331.00
205KookaburraKingfishers and their Relatives-340.75
206RollerKingfishers and their Relatives-250.40
207Bee-Eater (puzzle 1)Kingfishers and their Relatives-240.50
208Bee-Eater (puzzle 2)Kingfishers and their Relatives-441.00
209HoopoeKingfishers and their Relatives-221.00
210Great Pied HornbillKingfishers and their Relatives-240.50
211Abyssinian Ground HornbillKingfishers and their Relatives-331.00
212Rufous-Tailed JacamarWoodpeckers and their Relatives-240.50
213Black-Collared Barbet and Golden-Throated BarbetWoodpeckers and their Relatives-140.25
214Black-Throated HoneyguideWoodpeckers and their Relatives-240.50
215Plate-Billed Mountain ToucanWoodpeckers and their Relatives-150.20
216Toco ToucanWoodpeckers and their Relatives-422.00
217WryneckWoodpeckers and their Relatives-130.33
218Green Woodpeckers (puzzle 1)Woodpeckers and their Relatives-340.75
219Green Woodpeckers (puzzle 2)Woodpeckers and their Relatives-422.00
220Lesser Green BroadbillPerching Birds-240.50
221Rufous Ovenbird (puzzle 1)Perching Birds-340.75
222Rufous Ovenbird (puzzle 2)Perching Birds-140.25
223Ocellated TapaculoPerching Birds-150.20
224Garnet PittaPerching Birds-212.00
225Royal FlycatcherPerching Birds-221.00
226SharpbillPerching Birds-240.50
227Bare-Throated BellbirdPerching Birds-212.00
228Ornate or Amazonian UmbrellabirdPerching Birds-250.40
229Golden Cock-of-the-Rock and Peruvian Cock-of-the-RockPerching Birds-140.25
230Superb Lyre Bird (puzzle 1)Perching Birds-240.50
231Superb Lyre Bird (puzzle 2)Perching Birds-340.75
232SkylarkPerching Birds-422.00
233SwallowPerching Birds-230.67
234Scarlet MinivetPerching Birds-140.25
235Red-Whiskered BulbulPerching Birds-240.50
236Fairy BluebirdPerching Birds-221.00
237HelmetbirdPerching Birds-321.50
238Red-Billed ShrikePerching Birds-140.25
239Great Grey Shrike (puzzle 1)Perching Birds-340.75
240Great Grey Shrike (puzzle 2)Perching Birds-340.75
241WaxwingPerching Birds-441.00
242DipperPerching Birds-240.50
243WrenPerching Birds-331.00
244Bearded TitPerching Birds-230.67
245Asian Paradise FlycatcherPerching Birds-422.00
246RedstartPerching Birds-340.75
247White-Crested Laughing ThrushPerching Birds-130.33
248BlackcapPerching Birds-250.40
249Splendid Blue WrenPerching Birds-331.00
250GoldcrestPerching Birds-321.50
251Collared FlycatcherPerching Birds-340.75
252RobinPerching Birds-331.00
253NightingalePerching Birds-431.33
254Penduline TitPerching Birds-230.67
255Mistle ThrushPerching Birds-221.00
256BlackbirdPerching Birds-140.25
257WhinchatPerching Birds-260.33
258Blue TitPerching Birds-221.00
259Crested TitPerching Birds-221.00
260NuthatchPerching Birds-422.00
261WallcreeperPerching Birds-202.00
262Mistletoe-BirdPerching Birds-221.00
263Regal SunbirdPerching Birds-431.33
264Black-Headed BuntingPerching Birds-250.40
265Woodpecker FinchPerching Birds-240.50
266CardinalPerching Birds-140.25
267Seven-Coloured Tanager and Summer TanagerPerching Birds-221.00
268ChaffinchPerching Birds-150.20
269Yellow-Throated VireoPerching Birds-221.00
270CanaryPerching Birds-212.00
271GreenfinchPerching Birds-130.33
272GoldfinchPerching Birds-240.50
273Parrot CrossbillPerching Birds-140.25
274BullfinchPerching Birds-350.60
275House SparrowPerching Birds-340.75
276Social WeaverPerching Birds-422.00
277Red Avadavat and Zebra FinchPerching Birds-340.75
278StarlingPerching Birds-240.50
279Red-Billed Oxpecker (puzzle 1)Perching Birds-221.00
280Red-Billed Oxpecker (puzzle 2)Perching Birds-230.67
281Golden OriolePerching Birds-120.50
282Satin BowerbirdPerching Birds-250.40
283Greater Bird of ParadiseThe most brilliant and elegantfigure221.00
284Wilson's Bird of ParadiseThe most brilliant and elegantfigure321.50
285Superb Bird of ParadiseThe most brilliant and elegantfigure522.50
286Twelve-Wired Bird of ParadiseThe most brilliant and elegantfigure240.50
287King Bird of ParadiseThe most brilliant and elegantfigure230.67
288MagpieThe most brilliant and elegant-240.50
289NutcrackerThe most brilliant and elegant-240.50
290RookThe most brilliant and elegant-221.00
291Shoebill / Northern Fulmar / SpoonbillBills and Feet for all usesfigure120.50
292South Island Kiwi / Great Pied Hornbill / Great Crested GrebeBills and Feet for all usesfigure240.50
293Blue and Yellow Macaw / Golde EagleBills and Feet for all usesfigure230.67
294Crossbill / European Flamingo / SwiftBills and Feet for all usesfigure221.00
295Nightjar / Puffin / StarlingBills and Feet for all usesfigure340.75
296Black Skimmer / Red-Breasted Merganser / CockBills and Feet for all usesfigure212.00
297Curlew / Coot / MallardBills and Feet for all usesfigure321.50
298Avocet / Keel-Billed Toucan / OstrichBills and Feet for all usesfigure120.50
299White Pelican / African Darter / SkylarkBills and Feet for all usesfigure230.67
300Oystercatcher / American Jacana / Peregrine FalconBills and Feet for all usesfigure240.50
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