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Panini Borussia Dortmund 2000-2001

Panini Borussia Dortmund 2000-2001

Year: 2000
Total stickers: 120

collecting: 6 / completed: 12


1Borussia (puzzle 1)Intrometal370.43
2Borussia (puzzle 2)Intrometal280.25
3Ausstanzbild FansIntroPVC2100.20
4Jens LehmannJens Lehmannmetal260.33
5Jens Lehmann (Portrait)Jens Lehmann-280.25
6Jens Lehmann (Privat) (puzzle 1)Jens Lehmann-280.25
7Jens Lehmann (Privat) (puzzle 2)Jens Lehmann-290.22
8Jens Lehmann (Privat)Jens Lehmann-280.25
9Jens LehmannJens LehmannPVC2110.18
10Christian Wörns (Portrait)Christian Wörns-290.22
11Christian WörnsChristian Wörnsmetal270.29
12Christian Wörns (Action) (puzzle 1)Christian Wörns-280.25
13Christian Wörns (Action) (puzzle 2)Christian Wörns-280.25
14Christian WörnsChristian WörnsPVC390.33
15Christian Wörns (Privat)Christian Wörns-290.22
16Stefan Reuter (Portrait)Stefan Reuter-414.00
17Stefan ReuterStefan ReuterPVC290.22
18Stefan Reuter (Actionbild)Stefan Reuter-414.00
19Stefan ReuterStefan Reutermetal290.22
20Stefan Reuter (Action) (puzzle 1)Stefan Reuter-515.00
21Stefan Reuter (Action) (puzzle 2)Stefan Reuter-313.00
22Jürgen Kohler (Portrait)Jürgen Kohler-270.29
23Jürgen Kohler (Action) (puzzle 1)Jürgen Kohler-270.29
24Jürgen Kohler (Action) (puzzle 2)Jürgen Kohler-280.25
25Jürgen Kohler (Actionbild)Jürgen Kohler-280.25
26Jürgen KohlerJürgen KohlerPVC270.29
27Jürgen KohlerJürgen Kohlermetal270.29
28Alfred Nijhuis (Portrait)Alfred Nijhuis-270.29
29Alfred Nijhuis (Privat) (puzzle 1)Alfred Nijhuis-290.22
30Alfred Nijhuis (Privat) (puzzle 2)Alfred Nijhuis-290.22
31Alfred NijhuisAlfred Nijhuismetal280.25
32Alfred Nijhuis (Actionbild)Alfred Nijhuis-280.25
33Alfred NijhuisAlfred NijhuisPVC270.29
34Miroslav Stevic (Portrait)Miroslav Stevic-414.00
35Miroslav Stevic (Privat) (puzzle 1)Miroslav Stevic-422.00
36Miroslav Stevic (Privat) (puzzle 2)Miroslav Stevic-414.00
37Miroslav StevicMiroslav Stevicmetal280.25
38Miroslav StevicMiroslav StevicPVC260.33
39Miroslav Stevic (Privat)Miroslav Stevic-414.00
40Dédé (Portrait)Dédé-280.25
41Dédé (Actionbild)Dédé-380.38
43Dédé (Action) (puzzle 1)Dédé-370.43
44Dédé (Action) (puzzle 2)Dédé-380.38
46Sunday Oliseh (Portrait)Sunday Oliseh-380.38
47Sunday Oliseh (Privat)Sunday Oliseh-380.38
48Sunday OlisehSunday OlisehPVC390.33
49Sunday Oliseh (Action) (puzzle 1)Sunday Oliseh-3100.30
50Sunday Oliseh (Action) (puzzle 2)Sunday Oliseh-350.60
51Sunday OlisehSunday Olisehmetal380.38
53Evanilson (Portrait)Evanilson-431.33
55Evanilson (Privat)Evanilson-331.00
56Evanilson (Action) (puzzle 1)Evanilson-240.50
57Evanilson (Action) (puzzle 2)Evanilson-422.00
58FansDas WestfalenstadionPVC380.38
59Kleiner FanDas WestfalenstadionPVC3110.27
60MeisterschaleDas WestfalenstadionPVC390.33
61WappenDas WestfalenstadionPVC390.33
62Jörg Heinrich (Portrait)Jörg Heinrich-370.43
63Jörg HeinrichJörg Heinrichmetal390.33
64Jörg Heinrich (Actionbild)Jörg Heinrich-360.50
65Jörg HeinrichJörg HeinrichPVC390.33
66Jörg Heinrich (Action) (puzzle 1)Jörg Heinrich-370.43
67Jörg Heinrich (Action) (puzzle 2)Jörg Heinrich-360.50
68Lars Ricken (Portrait)Lars Ricken-380.38
69Lars RickenLars Rickenmetal370.43
70Lars Ricken (Action) (puzzle 1)Lars Ricken-370.43
71Lars Ricken (Action) (puzzle 2)Lars Ricken-390.33
72Lars Ricken (Privat)Lars Ricken-380.38
73Lars RickenLars RickenPVC390.33
74Fredi Bobic (Portrait)Fredi Bobic-515.00
75Fredi Bobic (Privat) (puzzle 1)Fredi Bobic-422.00
76Fredi Bobic (Privat) (puzzle 2)Fredi Bobic-431.33
77Fredi BobicFredi BobicPVC380.38
78Fredi BobicFredi Bobicmetal390.33
79Fredi Bobic (Privat)Fredi Bobic-313.00
80Giuseppe Reina (Portrait)Giuseppe Reina-360.50
81Giuseppe Reina (Action) (puzzle 1)Giuseppe Reina-360.50
82Giuseppe Reina (Action) (puzzle 2)Giuseppe Reina-370.43
83Giuseppe Reina (Privat)Giuseppe Reina-380.38
84Giuseppe ReinaGiuseppe Reinametal380.38
85Giuseppe ReinaGiuseppe ReinaPVC390.33
86Victor Ikpeba (Portrait)Victor Ikpeba-380.38
87Victor IkpebaVictor Ikpebametal380.38
88Victor Ikpeba (Actionbild)Victor Ikpeba-370.43
89Victor Ikpeba (Action) (puzzle 1)Victor Ikpeba-380.38
90Victor Ikpeba (Action) (puzzle 2)Victor Ikpeba-370.43
91Victor IkpebaVictor IkpebaPVC380.38
92Heiko Herrlich (Portrait)Heiko Herrlich-313.00
93Heiko Herrlich (Action) (puzzle 1)Heiko Herrlich-422.00
94Heiko Herrlich (Action) (puzzle 2)Heiko Herrlich-515.00
95Heiko HerrlichHeiko HerrlichPVC370.43
96Heiko Herrlich (Actionbild)Heiko Herrlich-505.00
97Heiko HerrlichHeiko Herrlichmetal380.38
98Otto Addo (Portrait)Otto Addo-390.33
99Otto Addo (Actionbild)Otto Addo-390.33
100Otto Addo (Action) (puzzle 1)Otto Addo-390.33
101Otto Addo (Action) (puzzle 2)Otto Addo-380.38
102Otto AddoOtto Addometal380.38
103Otto AddoOtto AddoPVC380.38
104Christian Nerlinger (Portrait)Christian Nerlinger-370.43
105Christian Nerlinger (Privat) (puzzle 1)Christian Nerlinger-380.38
106Christian Nerlinger (Privat) (puzzle 2)Christian Nerlinger-3100.30
107Christian NerlingerChristian Nerlingermetal390.33
108Christian Nerlinger (Privat)Christian Nerlinger-390.33
109Christian NerlingerChristian NerlingerPVC3110.27
110Vladimir But (Portrait)Vladimir But-522.50
111Vladimir But (Action) (puzzle 1)Vladimir But-414.00
112Vladimir But (Action) (puzzle 2)Vladimir But-606.00
113Vladimir But (Actionbild)Vladimir But-515.00
114Vladimir ButVladimir Butmetal3100.30
115Vladimir ButVladimir ButPVC390.33
116Mannschaft (puzzle 1)Das BVB-Team 2000/2001metal370.43
117Mannschaft (puzzle 2)Das BVB-Team 2000/2001metal3100.30
118Mannschaft (puzzle 3)Das BVB-Team 2000/2001metal380.38
119Mannschaft (puzzle 4)Das BVB-Team 2000/2001metal370.43
120MannschaftsbusDas BVB-Team 2000/2001PVC390.33
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