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Sticker 685: Scudetto Südtirol Alto Adige/Triestina (a/b)

Scudetto Südtirol Alto Adige/Triestina (a/b) (Serie C2, Girone A)

Scudetto Südtirol Alto Adige/Triestina (a/b) (Serie C2, Girone A)

685. Panini Calciatori 2000-2001

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«Scudetto Südtirol Alto Adige Triestina a b»

«Scudetto Südtirol Alto Adige/Triestina (a/b)»

Section: Serie C2, Girone A

Type: metal

Panini Calciatori 2000-2001

Year: 2000
Stickers: 703

Offer (19):
Italypeppe70, mstefano978, leleR10, merollito, valterelle, Gianp79, dprdnl58, paolino67, foffie, Couteqinho, Kolektanto, Lion77, francescoo81, roby73, masca1973, enzogiamma, michele1981, Trabucco    San MarinoGretaGiulia

Need (16):
Germanydahmer_bundy    Spainjosehe    United Kingdommatteo88    Italygasvalli, Misterleo, goldrake1717, striker, Tomajax, paoloanna91, murtascollez, denso60, Steheeeeeee, Lucky_Luke80, Memole09, Pescarese74    NetherlandsLionel_Golden5

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