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Sticker 735: Scudetto Castellnuovo/Castel San Pietro (a/b)

Scudetto Castellnuovo/Castel San Pietro (a/b) (Serie C2, Girone B)

Scudetto Castellnuovo/Castel San Pietro (a/b) (Serie C2, Girone B)

735. Panini Calciatori 2004-2005

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«Scudetto Castellnuovo Castel San Pietro a b»

«Scudetto Castellnuovo/Castel San Pietro (a/b)»

Section: Serie C2, Girone B

Type: holofoil

Panini Calciatori 2004-2005

Year: 2004
Stickers: 883

Offer (16):
Germanydementor    Italynik3500, striker, tizio1960, darioangelo, Punitore, maceva1960, lineker_it, pibols, Aldinho, Tonino50, Bomber, ilnero73, damni88, marcoffio68, nickelpaper570

Need (7):
Francecocan72    United Kingdom3london, gazzaf66    Italyenzogiamma, goldrake1717    PortugalPintope, juca1971

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