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Sticker X8: Centrocampista: Cristiano Doni

Centrocampista: Cristiano Doni (Top team Panini)

Centrocampista: Cristiano Doni (Top team Panini)

X8. Panini Calciatori 2008-2009

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«Centrocampista Cristiano Doni»

«Centrocampista: Cristiano Doni»

Section: Top team Panini

Panini Calciatori 2008-2009

Year: 2008
Stickers: 827

Offer (4):
ItalyPitagora, damni88, Frascalopiteco, nickelpaper570

Need (36):
Belgiummustang, bojami, Fredpipo, cocacola    Belaruspfening    CyprusStegio    Germanyvillarica    Franceiceteam, davlopud    United Kingdom3london    Italypietrocopani, ciccio77, Claudio54, crisosti, goldrake1717, AngusMC, gerry2000, DarkNazgul, sbroeff, jonnyz, Paolo48, pippo123, piero86ct, masca1973, zannone, shark67, Pepe111, Chry1081, alejx72, Sclef96, airfoxone    NetherlandsAdrie3110, Sneek0515, Lionel_Golden5    PortugalPintope, juca1971

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