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Card LC-DA: Davide Astori

Davide Astori (Fiorentina)

Davide Astori (Fiorentina)

LC-DA. Panini Calciatori 2015-2016. Adrenalyn XL

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«Davide Astori»

«Davide Astori»

Section: Fiorentina

Type: Last Change

Offer (8):
Italytizio1960, Kennet85, dprdnl58, tp1964, Bocco1979, LamaLama, And2015, felix2013

Need (20):
ArmeniaArtakMelikyan    Belgiumnatascha    GermanyLiverpool1892    Spainjosehe, karras1960, javirota18    Greecefocusmax, Romario1994    ItalyTeoSilva, Gigi72, TheSilentMan, clary80    Peruzero99    PolandElwiElwi10, mistergrossos, Konters, Aleks2219    Portugalpasf80    RussiaLilamin    Slovakiaballo45

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