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Panini Český Fotbal 1998

Panini Český Fotbal 1998

Year: 1998
Total cards: 100

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 13 / completed: 1


1SrnicekCzech RepublicBase card522.50
2SuchoparekCzech RepublicBase card522.50
3HornakCzech RepublicBase card522.50
4KozelCzech RepublicBase card515.00
5LatalCzech RepublicBase card616.00
6NedvedCzech RepublicBase card717.00
7BejblCzech RepublicBase card515.00
8NemecCzech RepublicBase card414.00
9PoborskyCzech RepublicBase card414.00
10KukaCzech RepublicBase card606.00
11SmicerCzech RepublicBase card522.50
12SvobodaAC Sparta PrahaBase card623.00
13HornakAC Sparta PrahaBase card623.00
14RepkaAC Sparta PrahaBase card623.00
15CizekAC Sparta PrahaBase card717.00
16HasekAC Sparta PrahaBase card522.50
17BaranekAC Sparta PrahaBase card616.00
18LokvencAC Sparta PrahaBase card717.00
19TomekFC Atlantic L.BohdanecBase card623.00
20KubikFC Atlantic L.BohdanecBase card623.00
21MachacekFC Atlantic L.BohdanecBase card616.00
22ValtaFC Atlantic L.BohdanecBase card616.00
23TrvalFC Atlantic L.BohdanecBase card616.00
24VrtoFC Banink OstravaBase card606.00
25HarazimFC Banink OstravaBase card606.00
26BarborikFC Banink OstravaBase card616.00
27SloncikFC Banink OstravaBase card616.00
28LukesFC Banink OstravaBase card623.00
29DostalekFC Boby BrnoBase card623.00
30KolomaznikFC Boby BrnoBase card616.00
31MarosiFC Boby BrnoBase card623.00
32ValnohaFC Boby BrnoBase card623.00
33ZubekFC Boby BrnoBase card623.00
34ChaloupkaFC Boby BrnoBase card623.00
35MachaFC Dukla PrahaBase card515.00
36PapousekFC Dukla PrahaBase card623.00
37MichalikFC Dukla PrahaBase card616.00
38KnoflicekFC Dukla PrahaBase card623.00
39VyskocilFC Dukla PrahaBase card616.00
40TwardzikFC Kaucuk OpavaBase card623.00
41OrelFC Kaucuk OpavaBase card616.00
42BaranekFC Kaucuk OpavaBase card616.00
43GrussmannFC Kaucuk OpavaBase card623.00
44JanousekFC Kaucuk OpavaBase card623.00
45ProchazskaFC Kaucuk OpavaBase card616.00
46VaniakFC Petra DrnoviceBase card616.00
47HolenakFC Petra DrnoviceBase card623.00
48KafkaFC Petra DrnoviceBase card623.00
49WeberFC Petra DrnoviceBase card616.00
50MajorosFC Petra DrnoviceBase card616.00
51MaierFC Slovan LiberecBase card623.00
52TyceFC Slovan LiberecBase card606.00
53CuprFC Slovan LiberecBase card522.50
54JinochFC Slovan LiberecBase card522.50
55BarbaricFC Slovan LiberecBase card522.50
56SlabyFC Viktoria PlzenBase card623.00
57JezekFC Viktoria PlzenBase card623.00
58SkalaFC Viktoria PlzenBase card623.00
59StudenikFC Viktoria PlzenBase card623.00
60SmisekFC Viktoria PlzenBase card623.00
61JanosFK Jablonec n. NisouBase card616.00
62FukalFK Jablonec n. NisouBase card717.00
63NecasFK Jablonec n. NisouBase card616.00
64NeumannFK Jablonec n. NisouBase card515.00
65HolubFK Jablonec n. NisouBase card515.00
66HromadkoFK Jablonec n. NisouBase card623.00
67RizekFK TepliceBase card616.00
68FousekFK TepliceBase card616.00
69BilekFK TepliceBase card623.00
70VerbirFK TepliceBase card623.00
71AkueFK TepliceBase card623.00
72ParizekFK Viktoria ZizkovBase card616.00
73SihavyFK Viktoria ZizkovBase card616.00
74KorduleFK Viktoria ZizkovBase card616.00
75ChihuriFK Viktoria ZizkovBase card616.00
76ZelenkaFK Viktoria ZizkovBase card623.00
77KollerSK Ceske BudejoviceBase card606.00
78BarteskaSK Ceske BudejoviceBase card623.00
79LengyelSK Ceske BudejoviceBase card623.00
80FujdiarSK Ceske BudejoviceBase card623.00
81SaidlSK Ceske BudejoviceBase card522.50
82MachalaSK Sigma OlomoucBase card522.50
83KotulekSK Sigma OlomoucBase card623.00
84VlcekSK Sigma OlomoucBase card623.00
85SmardaSK Sigma OlomoucBase card623.00
86DrulakSK Sigma OlomoucBase card616.00
87PodhajskySK Hradec KraloveBase card623.00
88UrbanekSK Hradec KraloveBase card623.00
89ZaleskySK Hradec KraloveBase card522.50
90KaplanSK Hradec KraloveBase card522.50
91CernySK Hradec KraloveBase card623.00
92StejskalSK Slavia PrahaBase card623.00
93AsaninSK Slavia PrahaBase card515.00
94KozelSK Slavia PrahaBase card616.00
95VlcekSK Slavia PrahaBase card616.00
96HorvathSK Slavia PrahaBase card717.00
97UlichSK Slavia PrahaBase card616.00
98VachaSK Slavia PrahaBase card623.00
100Vyherni karta Kodaku--606.00
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