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Card 269: Roman Shirokov

Roman Shirokov (FC Zenit St. Petersburg)

Roman Shirokov (FC Zenit St. Petersburg)

269. Panini UEFA Champions League 2012-2013. Adrenalyn XL

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«Roman Shirokov»

«Roman Shirokov»

Section: FC Zenit St. Petersburg

Type: Base Card

Offer (30):
United Statesartecon7

Germanybarreiro, maxipier, Liverpool1892, HellRacer63    Denmarkschlajkjer, Fagers    Spainvoley_7, sportinguista    Francejeje6395    GreecePao1961, focusmax    Hungarylalilnga, Regosb, lazartamaska, sztkartya    PolandGrzegorz, Andreas, moLikHd, jano2002, jony2000, golan87, kubacraft123, Maciej123, GolRaf, adrian0371    SwedenCisson78, Granis    Turkeyselamiertac    UkraineRikond

Need (17):
Spainjosehe    Francewolfpack1903, cocan72, sanghoan    United Kingdomluke_smith, lpsmith    Greececostas    Hungaryszbalint    Polandczita1981, R0ko09, pawepie, fakeShake, Pitrexx    Portugaljuca1971, Pintope    Romaniacolectionar, luci81

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