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Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005

Panini Champions of Europe 1955-2005

Year: 2005
Total stickers: 520

Numbers of the stickers ending in "а" - all editions except UK and Dutch

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 422 / completed: 452


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1Champions of Europe 50 yearsSpecial-77401.93
21955-56 StickerSpecial-54560.96
31959-60 StickerSpecial-48670.72
41962-63 StickerSpecial-51650.78
51964-65 StickerSpecial-53720.74
61966-67 StickerSpecial-54660.82
71967-68 StickerSpecial-52660.79
81969-70 StickerSpecial-49700.70
91970-71 StickerSpecial-48650.74
101973-74 StickerSpecial-53630.84
111976-77 StickerSpecial-58660.88
121978-79 StickerSpecial-47750.63
131981-82 StickerSpecial-51620.82
141982-83 StickerSpecial-46670.69
151983-84 StickerSpecial-56590.95
161986-87 StickerSpecial-53700.76
171988-89 StickerSpecial-46600.77
181990-91 StickerSpecial-44670.66
191991-92 StickerSpecial-48590.81
201994-95 StickerSpecial-58451.29
211995-96 StickerSpecial-63650.97
221997-98 StickerSpecial-50620.81
231998-99 StickerSpecial-48580.83
242002-03 StickerSpecial-42730.58
252004-05 StickerSpecial-51630.81
26EmblemAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition80312.58
26aEmblemAFC Ajax-44231.91
27Maarten StekelenburgAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition63321.97
27aMaarten StekelenburgAFC Ajax-38201.90
28Hatem TrabelsiAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition60441.36
28aHatem TrabelsiAFC Ajax-38221.73
29Zdenek GrygeraAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition72332.18
29aZdenek GrygeraAFC Ajax-43231.87
30John HeitingaAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition60391.54
30aJohnny HeitingaAFC Ajax-37241.54
31Julien EscudeAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition61521.17
31aJulien EscudeAFC Ajax-36231.57
32JuanfranAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition68421.62
32aJuanfranAFC Ajax-37221.68
33Tomas GalasekAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition71391.82
33aTomas GalasekAFC Ajax-40271.48
34Hedwiges MaduroAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition63411.54
34aHedwiges MaduroAFC Ajax-38241.58
35Steven PienaarAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition62411.51
35aSteven PienaarAFC Ajax-39201.95
36Wesley SneijderAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition71322.22
36aWesley SneijderAFC Ajax-43251.72
37Nigel de JongAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition72342.12
37aNigel de JongAFC Ajax-44222.00
38Olaf LindenberghAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition64391.64
38aOlaf LindenberghAFC Ajax-40231.74
39Mauro RosalesAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition63471.34
39aMauro RosalesAFC Ajax-36261.38
40Angelos CharisteasAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition72401.80
40aAngelos CharisteasAFC Ajax-34261.31
41Ryan BabelAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition57371.54
41aRyan BabelAFC Ajax-40231.74
42Markus RosenbergAFC AjaxUK and Dutch edition64421.52
42aMarkus RosenbergAFC Ajax-36221.64
43EmblemArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition70302.33
43aEmblemArsenal FC-44261.69
44Jens LehmannArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition69351.97
44aJens LehmannArsenal FC-40241.67
45Ashley ColeArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition56431.30
45aAshley ColeArsenal FC-38231.65
46LaurenArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition59411.44
46aLaurenArsenal FC-35321.09
47Philippe SenderosArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition74421.76
47aPhilippe SenderosArsenal FC-36261.38
48Kolo ToureArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition64391.64
48aKolo ToureArsenal FC-37241.54
49Sol CampbellArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition61391.56
49aSol CampbellArsenal FC-40192.11
50Francesc FabregasArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition71332.15
50aFrancesc FabregasArsenal FC-43241.79
51Mathieu FlaminiArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition61451.36
51aMathieu FlaminiArsenal FC-39271.44
52Alexander HlebArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition62411.51
52aAlexander HlebArsenal FC-42241.75
53Fredrik LjungbergArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition64322.00
53aFredrik LjungbergArsenal FC-44241.83
54Robert PiresArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition68332.06
54aRobert PiresArsenal FC-42192.21
55Gilberto SilvaArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition60351.71
55aGilberto SilvaArsenal FC-39231.70
56Dennis BergkampArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition73252.92
56aDennis BergkampArsenal FC-48212.29
57Thierry HenryArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition79272.93
57aThierry HenryArsenal FC-45212.14
58Jose Antonio ReyesArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition57381.50
58aJose Antonio ReyesArsenal FC-42241.75
59Robin van PersieArsenal FCUK and Dutch edition78312.52
59aRobin van PersieArsenal FC-41182.28
60EmblemFC Barcelona-69491.41
61Victor ValdesFC Barcelona-60571.05
62BellettiFC Barcelona-62551.13
63OleguerFC Barcelona-65581.12
64EdmilsonFC Barcelona-56541.04
65Carles PuyolFC Barcelona-63511.24
66Giovanni van BronckhorstFC Barcelona-61481.27
67Rafael MarquezFC Barcelona-58551.05
68Mark van BommelFC Barcelona-57650.88
69Xavi HernandezFC Barcelona-78491.59
70DecoFC Barcelona-59541.09
71Ludovic GiulyFC Barcelona-57551.04
72Andres IniestaFC Barcelona-84382.21
73RonaldinhoFC Barcelona-136245.67
74Lionel MessiFC Barcelona-2051414.64
75Samuel Eto’oFC Barcelona-80392.05
76Henrik LarssonFC Barcelona-62601.03
77EmblemBayer 04 Leverkusen-50481.04
78Hans-Jörg ButtBayer 04 Leverkusen-47640.73
79Roque JuniorBayer 04 Leverkusen-55630.87
80JuanBayer 04 Leverkusen-49650.75
81Jens NowotnyBayer 04 Leverkusen-45680.66
82Ahmed MadouniBayer 04 Leverkusen-43770.56
83AthirsonBayer 04 Leverkusen-45820.55
84Simon RolfesBayer 04 Leverkusen-48700.69
85Tranquillo BarnettaBayer 04 Leverkusen-46580.79
86Jacek KrzynowekBayer 04 Leverkusen-45670.67
87Marko BabicBayer 04 Leverkusen-51700.73
88Gonzalo CastroBayer 04 Leverkusen-53700.76
89Carsten RamelowBayer 04 Leverkusen-46780.59
90Clemens FritzBayer 04 Leverkusen-46620.74
91Dimitar BerbatovBayer 04 Leverkusen-51610.84
92Andriy VoroninBayer 04 Leverkusen-50660.76
93Josip TadicBayer 04 Leverkusen-47720.65
94EmblemFC Bayern München-65611.07
95Michael RensingFC Bayern München-56640.88
96Willy SagnolFC Bayern München-52570.91
97Martin DemichelisFC Bayern München-50710.70
98Philipp LahmFC Bayern München-49670.73
99Valerien IsmaëlFC Bayern München-54620.87
100LucioFC Bayern München-56570.98
101Bixente LizarazuFC Bayern München-55750.73
102Ali KarimiFC Bayern München-51760.67
103Mehmet SchollFC Bayern München-60601.00
104Ze RobertoFC Bayern München-60601.00
105Hasan SalihamidzicFC Bayern München-54690.78
106Owen HargreavesFC Bayern München-59581.02
107Bastian SchweinsteigerFC Bayern München-63591.07
108Sebastian DeislerFC Bayern München-51680.75
109Jose Paolo GuerreroFC Bayern München-52610.85
110Roque Santa CruzFC Bayern München-51650.78
111EmblemCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition79292.72
111aEmblemCeltic FC-45202.25
112Artur BorucCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition63411.54
112aArtur BorucCeltic FC-42301.40
113Bobo BaldeCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition62461.35
113aBobo BaldeCeltic FC-39251.56
114Mohammed CamaraCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition59411.44
114aMohammed CamaraCeltic FC-46251.84
115Stephen McManusCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition58441.32
115aStephen McManusCeltic FC-42212.00
116Adam VirgoCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition62331.88
116aAdam VirgoCeltic FC-43251.72
117Du WeiCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition67391.72
117aDu WeiCeltic FC-40211.90
118Neil LennonCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition62461.35
118aNeil LennonCeltic FC-46241.92
119Shunsuke NakamuraCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition59441.34
119aShunsuke NakamuraCeltic FC-43202.15
120Didier AgatheCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition65391.67
120aDidier AgatheCeltic FC-43261.65
121Paul TelferCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition63421.50
121aPaul TelferCeltic FC-41221.86
122Alan ThompsonCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition55441.25
122aAlan ThompsonCeltic FC-46301.53
123Shaun MaloneyCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition62451.38
123aShaun MaloneyCeltic FC-41261.58
124Chris SuttonCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition59471.26
124aChris SuttonCeltic FC-39311.26
125Craig BeattieCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition63421.50
125aCraig BeattieCeltic FC-40251.60
126John HartsonCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition60441.36
126aJohn HartsonCeltic FC-44222.00
127Maciej ZurawskiCeltic FCUK and Dutch edition66441.50
127aMaciej ZurawskiCeltic FC-40241.67
128EmblemChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition74262.85
128aEmblemChelsea FC-45251.80
129Petr CechChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition69381.82
129aPetr CechChelsea FC-42221.91
130Asier del HornoChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition56431.30
130aAsier del HornoChelsea FC-42251.68
131William GallasChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition64312.06
131aWilliam GallasChelsea FC-38241.58
132Paulo FerreiraChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition59491.20
132aPaulo FerreiraChelsea FC-39221.77
133Ricardo CarvalhoChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition58411.41
133aRicardo CarvalhoChelsea FC-40271.48
134John TerryChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition70272.59
134aJohn TerryChelsea FC-49114.45
135Joe ColeChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition57341.68
135aJoe ColeChelsea FC-42251.68
136Damien DuffChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition68431.58
136aDamien DuffChelsea FC-41231.78
137GeremiChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition52481.08
137aGeremiChelsea FC-41221.86
138Frank LampardChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition73391.87
138aFrank LampardChelsea FC-45241.88
139Claude MakeleleChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition60361.67
139aClaude MakeleleChelsea FC-41231.78
140Shaun Wright-PhillipsChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition59451.31
140aShaun Wright-PhillipsChelsea FC-40211.90
141Hernan CrespoChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition65341.91
141aHernan CrespoChelsea FC-50163.13
142Didier DrogbaChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition74282.64
142aDidier DrogbaChelsea FC-39231.70
143Eidur GudjohnsenChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition61441.39
143aEidur GudjohnsenChelsea FC-41241.71
144Arjen RobbenChelsea FCUK and Dutch edition77292.66
144aArjen RobbenChelsea FC-46241.92
145EmblemFC Internazionale Milano-62471.32
146Julio CesarFC Internazionale Milano-63471.34
147Ivan Ramiro CordobaFC Internazionale Milano-58600.97
148Marco MaterazziFC Internazionale Milano-59571.04
149Walter Adrian SamuelFC Internazionale Milano-61541.13
150Javier Adelmar ZanettiFC Internazionale Milano-64491.31
151Ze MariaFC Internazionale Milano-60650.92
152Esteban CambiassoFC Internazionale Milano-61501.22
153FigoFC Internazionale Milano-73451.62
154David Marcelo PizarroFC Internazionale Milano-52640.81
155Santiago H. SolariFC Internazionale Milano-56501.12
156Dejan StankovicFC Internazionale Milano-59521.13
157Juan Sebastian VeronFC Internazionale Milano-57620.92
158AdrianoFC Internazionale Milano-63531.19
159Julio Ricardo CruzFC Internazionale Milano-59511.16
160Obafemi MartinsFC Internazionale Milano-53590.90
161Alvaro RecobaFC Internazionale Milano-57471.21
163Gianluigi BuffonJuventus-105412.56
164Fabio CannavaroJuventus-72471.53
165Gianluca PessottoJuventus-63611.03
166Robert KovacJuventus-63571.11
167Lilian ThuramJuventus-72511.41
168Jonathan ZebinaJuventus-62690.90
169Gianluca ZambrottaJuventus-64551.16
170Mauro G. CamoranesiJuventus-65611.07
172Ruben OliveraJuventus-61630.97
173Pavel NedvedJuventus-77421.83
174Patrick VieiraJuventus-71621.15
175Alessandro Del PieroJuventus-115323.59
176Zlatan IbrahimovicJuventus-118323.69
177Adrian MutuJuventus-70461.52
178David TrezeguetJuventus-79501.58
179EmblemLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition85342.50
179aEmblemLiverpool FC-52232.26
180Pepe ReinaLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition68381.79
180aPepe ReinaLiverpool FC-44251.76
181Jamie CarragherLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition70381.84
181aJamie CarragherLiverpool FC-38261.46
182Steve FinnanLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition75451.67
182aStephen FinnanLiverpool FC-49192.58
183Sami HyypiaLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition66391.69
183aSami HyypiaLiverpool FC-45222.05
184JosemiLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition70411.71
184aJosemiLiverpool FC-43241.79
185Xabi AlonsoLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition65341.91
185aXabi AlonsoLiverpool FC-46202.30
186Steven GerrardLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition96234.17
186aSteven GerrardLiverpool FC-48163.00
187Luis GarciaLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition78362.17
187aLuis GarciaLiverpool FC-43271.59
188John Arne RiiseLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition72401.80
188aJohn Arne RiiseLiverpool FC-48222.18
189Mohamed SissokoLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition59331.79
189aMohamed SissokoLiverpool FC-42261.62
190Stephen WarnockLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition62391.59
190aStephen WarnockLiverpool FC-37221.68
191Dietmar HamannLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition78352.23
191aBoudewijn ZendenLiverpool FC-44202.20
192Djibril CisseLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition71342.09
192aDjibril CisseLiverpool FC-43261.65
193Peter CrouchLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition70302.33
193aPeter CrouchLiverpool FC-42162.63
194Fernando MorientesLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition69371.86
194aFernando MorientesLiverpool FC-48172.82
195Florent Sinama-PongolleLiverpool FCUK and Dutch edition77401.93
195aNeil MellorLiverpool FC-47202.35
196EmblemOlympique Lyonnais-60620.97
197Gregory CoupetOlympique Lyonnais-52680.76
198Eric AbidalOlympique Lyonnais-53630.84
199Claudio CacapaOlympique Lyonnais-46670.69
200CrisOlympique Lyonnais-54770.70
201Sylvain MonsoreauOlympique Lyonnais-51590.86
202Anthony ReveillereOlympique Lyonnais-47690.68
203Tiago MendesOlympique Lyonnais-49740.66
204Jeremy ClementOlympique Lyonnais-46770.60
205Mahamadou DiarraOlympique Lyonnais-42690.61
206Juninho PernambucanoOlympique Lyonnais-58680.85
207Florent MaloudaOlympique Lyonnais-52630.83
208Benoit PedrettiOlympique Lyonnais-50780.64
209FredOlympique Lyonnais-49770.64
210John CarewOlympique Lyonnais-51660.77
211Sidney GovouOlympique Lyonnais-47740.64
212Sylvain WiltordOlympique Lyonnais-47750.63
213EmblemManchester United FC-83342.44
213aEmblemManchester United FC-47251.88
214Edwin van der SarManchester United FC-68361.89
214aEdwin van der SarManchester United FC-46222.09
215Gary NevilleManchester United FC-70361.94
215aGary NevilleManchester United FC-43261.65
216Wes BrownManchester United FC-67421.60
216aWes BrownManchester United FC-44261.69
217Rio FerdinandManchester United FC-62331.88
217aRio FerdinandManchester United FC-44222.00
218Mikael SilvestreManchester United FC-69312.23
218aMikael SilvestreManchester United FC-41251.64
219John O’SheaManchester United FC-61421.45
219aJohn O’SheaManchester United FC-43192.26
220Gabriel HeinzeManchester United FC-63421.50
220aGabriel HeinzeManchester United FC-45271.67
221Roy KeaneManchester United FC-68521.31
221aRoy KeaneManchester United FC-46251.84
222Paul ScholesManchester United FC-70342.06
222aPaul ScholesManchester United FC-46202.30
223Park Ji-SungManchester United FC-61391.56
223aPark Ji-SungManchester United FC-46281.64
224Ryan GiggsManchester United FC-67451.49
224aRyan GiggsManchester United FC-45182.50
225Alan SmithManchester United FC-62481.29
225aAlan SmithManchester United FC-44222.00
226Louis SahaManchester United FC-62431.44
226aLouis SahaManchester United FC-46212.19
227Ruud van NistelrooyManchester United FC-81332.45
227aRuud van NistelrooyManchester United FC-46251.84
228Cristiano RonaldoManchester United FC-194824.25
228aCristiano RonaldoManchester United FC-94127.83
229Wayne RooneyManchester United FC-85292.93
229aWayne RooneyManchester United FC-45231.96
230EmblemOlympique de Marseille-53560.95
231Fabien BarthezOlympique de Marseille-57610.93
232Andre LuisOlympique de Marseille-61660.92
233Habib BeyeOlympique de Marseille-51690.74
234Frederic DehuOlympique de Marseille-59710.83
235Demetrius FerreiraOlympique de Marseille-54720.75
236Abdoulaye MeiteOlympique de Marseille-54660.82
237Koji NakataOlympique de Marseille-55670.82
238Lorik CanaOlympique de Marseille-54680.79
239Sabri LamouchiOlympique de Marseille-55670.82
240Samir NasriOlympique de Marseille-64611.05
241Wilson OrumaOlympique de Marseille-47800.59
242Franck RiberyOlympique de Marseille-66511.29
243Christian GimenezOlympique de Marseille-54650.83
244Mamadou NiangOlympique de Marseille-50660.76
245Sergio KokeOlympique de Marseille-54690.78
246Andres MendozaOlympique de Marseille-53680.78
247EmblemAC Milan-68491.39
248DidaAC Milan-67501.34
249CafuAC Milan-65571.14
250Paolo MaldiniAC Milan-77461.67
251Alessandro NestaAC Milan-69531.30
252Jaap StamAC Milan-59511.16
253Marek JankulovskiAC Milan-62690.90
254Massimo AmbrosiniAC Milan-59620.95
255Gennaro Ivan GattusoAC Milan-70491.43
256Andrea PirloAC Milan-85352.43
257Rui CostaAC Milan-71561.27
258Clarence SeedorfAC Milan-61650.94
259KakaAC Milan-80402.00
260Alberto GilardinoAC Milan-61611.00
261Filippo InzaghiAC Milan-73491.49
262Andriy ShevchenkoAC Milan-78382.05
263Christian VieriAC Milan-72391.85
264EmblemOlympiacos FC-61571.07
265Antonios NikopolidisOlympiacos FC-51600.85
266Christos PatsatzoglouOlympiacos FC-46650.71
267Michalis KapsisOlympiacos FC-49740.66
268Dimitris MavrogenidisOlympiacos FC-52670.78
269Athanasios KostoulasOlympiacos FC-60700.86
270Georgios AnatolakisOlympiacos FC-56770.73
271Ieroklis StoltidisOlympiacos FC-53730.73
272Predrag DjordjevicOlympiacos FC-57700.81
273Yaya ToureOlympiacos FC-64561.14
274Grigoris GeorgatosOlympiacos FC-53590.90
275Nery Alberto CastilloOlympiacos FC-53680.78
276Haruna BabangidaOlympiacos FC-59750.79
277DaniOlympiacos FC-55640.86
278Michalis KonstantinouOlympiacos FC-58680.85
279Yiannis OkkasOlympiacos FC-55650.85
280RivaldoOlympiacos FC-66541.22
281EmblemFC Porto-61630.97
282Vitor BaiaFC Porto-55690.80
283Fatih SonkayaFC Porto-51660.77
284Ricardo CostaFC Porto-55610.90
285Pedro EmanuelFC Porto-50710.70
286Jorge CostaFC Porto-52770.68
287Raul MeirelesFC Porto-45650.69
288Cesar PeixotoFC Porto-52560.93
289Lucho GonzalezFC Porto-55650.85
290IbsonFC Porto-57630.90
291JorginhoFC Porto-46720.64
292DiegoFC Porto-51730.70
293QuaresmaFC Porto-54590.92
294Lisandro LopezFC Porto-51670.76
295Helder PostigaFC Porto-54700.77
296Benni McCarthyFC Porto-54690.78
297Hugo AlmeidaFC Porto-51680.75
298EmblemPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition70242.92
298aEmblemPSV Eindhoven-47291.62
299Heurelho GomesPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition53381.39
299aHeurelho GomesPSV Eindhoven-37261.42
300Andre OoijerPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition66441.50
300aAndre OoijerPSV Eindhoven-37351.06
301Michael ReizigerPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition56391.44
301aMichael ReizigerPSV Eindhoven-40261.54
302AlexPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition62451.38
302aAlexPSV Eindhoven-41261.58
303Timmy SimonsPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition59451.31
303aTimmy SimonsPSV Eindhoven-41261.58
304Mika VäyrynenPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition64461.39
304aMika VäyrynenPSV Eindhoven-39211.86
305Phillip CocuPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition66411.61
305aPhillip CocuPSV Eindhoven-40211.90
306Osmar Daniel FerreyraPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition59461.28
306aOsmar Daniel FerreyraPSV Eindhoven-38231.65
307Theo LuciusPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition53501.06
307aTheo LuciusPSV Eindhoven-33311.06
308Ibrahim AfellayPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition54491.10
308aIbrahim AfellayPSV Eindhoven-34261.31
309John de JongPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition65371.76
309aJohn de JongPSV Eindhoven-36271.33
310Jan Vennegoor of HesselinkPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition56411.37
310aJan Vennegoor of HesselinkPSV Eindhoven-36251.44
311Damarcus BeasleyPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition57431.33
311aDamarcus BeasleyPSV Eindhoven-39201.95
312Jefferson FarfanPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition57451.27
312aJefferson FarfanPSV Eindhoven-43192.26
313RobertPSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition60491.22
313aRobertPSV Eindhoven-40301.33
314Arouna KonePSV EindhovenUK and Dutch edition58351.66
314aArouna KonePSV Eindhoven-36201.80
315EmblemRangers FCUK and Dutch edition78223.55
315aEmblemRangers FC-45261.73
316Ronald WaterreusRangers FCUK and Dutch edition70361.94
316aRonald WaterreusRangers FC-39271.44
317Marvin AndrewsRangers FCUK and Dutch edition61511.20
317aMarvin AndrewsRangers FC-39281.39
318Sotirios KyrgiakosRangers FCUK and Dutch edition61481.27
318aSotirios KyrgiakosRangers FC-37221.68
319Jose-Karl Pierre-FanfanRangers FCUK and Dutch edition58391.49
319aJose-Karl Pierre-FanfanRangers FC-38341.12
320Julien RodriguezRangers FCUK and Dutch edition54381.42
320aJulien RodriguezRangers FC-35351.00
321Alan HuttonRangers FCUK and Dutch edition58411.41
321aAlan HuttonRangers FC-41271.52
322Alex RaeRangers FCUK and Dutch edition62381.63
322aAlex RaeRangers FC-39251.56
323Thomas BuffelRangers FCUK and Dutch edition59461.28
323aThomas BuffelRangers FC-37241.54
324Chris BurkeRangers FCUK and Dutch edition66461.43
324aChris BurkeRangers FC-39182.17
325Barry FergusonRangers FCUK and Dutch edition64411.56
325aBarry FergusonRangers FC-37271.37
326Ian MurrayRangers FCUK and Dutch edition66381.74
326aIan MurrayRangers FC-40202.00
327Fernando RicksenRangers FCUK and Dutch edition59421.40
327aFernando RicksenRangers FC-42241.75
328Brahim HemdaniRangers FCUK and Dutch edition57381.50
328aBrahim HemdaniRangers FC-45241.88
329Nacho NovoRangers FCUK and Dutch edition52511.02
329aNacho NovoRangers FC-38251.52
330Dado PrsoRangers FCUK and Dutch edition61441.39
330aDado PrsoRangers FC-45251.80
331Francis JeffersRangers FCUK and Dutch edition61531.15
331aFrancis JeffersRangers FC-45281.61
332EmblemAS Roma-63521.21
333Gianluca CurciAS Roma-56800.70
334Leandro Damian CufreAS Roma-59571.04
335Cristian ChivuAS Roma-52620.84
336Samuel Osei KuffourAS Roma-47690.68
337Philippe MexesAS Roma-55780.71
338Christian PanucciAS Roma-58650.89
339Alberto AquilaniAS Roma-53660.80
340Daniele De RossiAS Roma-65541.20
341Olivier DacourtAS Roma-57650.88
342ManciniAS Roma-51600.85
343Simone PerrottaAS Roma-52750.69
344Rodrigo TaddeiAS Roma-54770.70
345Antonio CassanoAS Roma-57610.93
346Vincenzo MontellaAS Roma-54690.78
347Shabani NondaAS Roma-50680.74
348Francesco TottiAS Roma-103452.29
349EmblemValencia CF-55630.87
350Santiago CanizaresValencia CF-53700.76
351Marco CaneiraValencia CF-50710.70
352Roberto Fabian AyalaValencia CF-55740.74
353Carlos MarchenaValencia CF-54670.81
354Emiliano MorettiValencia CF-47650.72
355Fabio AurelioValencia CF-52700.74
356David AlbeldaValencia CF-52590.88
357Hugo VianaValencia CF-52760.68
358Ruben BarajaValencia CF-50660.76
359Francisco J. RufeteValencia CF-55780.71
360Mario I. RegueiroValencia CF-53700.76
361Vicente RodriguezValencia CF-58680.85
362Pablo Cesar AimarValencia CF-57770.74
363Patrick KluivertValencia CF-63591.07
364David VillaValencia CF-69481.44
365MistaValencia CF-56780.72
366EmblemSV Werder Bremen-59640.92
367Andreas ReinkeSV Werder Bremen-50690.72
368Petri PasanenSV Werder Bremen-52670.78
369Umit DavalaSV Werder Bremen-41750.55
370Christian SchulzSV Werder Bremen-41720.57
371Patrick OwomoyelaSV Werder Bremen-60780.77
372Leon AndreasenSV Werder Bremen-50650.77
373Jelle van DammeSV Werder Bremen-55650.85
374Frank FahrenhorstSV Werder Bremen-48730.66
375Frank BaumannSV Werder Bremen-44680.65
376Johan MicoudSV Werder Bremen-51750.68
377Jurica VranjesSV Werder Bremen-52750.69
378Daniel JensenSV Werder Bremen-53710.75
379Aaron HuntSV Werder Bremen-51640.80
380Ivan KlasnicSV Werder Bremen-48650.74
381Mohamed ZidanSV Werder Bremen-52640.81
382Nelson ValdezSV Werder Bremen-47630.75
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