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Panini Chronicles Soccer 2019-2020

Panini Chronicles Soccer 2019-2020

Year: 2020
Total cards: 5277

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collecting: 27 / completed: 0


Full checklist (Total cards: 5277)
1Bernd LenoArsenal FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
2Lucas TorreiraArsenal FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
3Nicolas PepeArsenal FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
4Pierre-Emerick AubameyangArsenal FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
5Sead KolasinacArsenal FCBase Donruss Premier League404.00
6Alexandre LacazetteArsenal FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
7Anwar El GhaziAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League515.00
8Bjorn EngelsAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League505.00
9Douglas LuizAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League404.00
10Jack GrealishAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League515.00
11James ChesterAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League414.00
12John McGinnAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League505.00
13Tom HeatonAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League505.00
14TrezeguetAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League404.00
15Tyrone MingsAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League505.00
16WesleyAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League505.00
17Ezri KonsaAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League404.00
18Matt TargettAston VillaBase Donruss Premier League505.00
19Joshua KingAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League515.00
20Callum WilsonAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League404.00
21Steve CookAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League404.00
22Jefferson LermaAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League522.50
23Harry WilsonAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League505.00
24Philip BillingAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League422.00
25Ryan FraserAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League505.00
26Nathan AkeAFC BournemouthBase Donruss Premier League404.00
27Aaron ConnollyBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League404.00
28Adam WebsterBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League505.00
29Davy PropperBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League515.00
30Leandro TrossardBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League505.00
31Lewis DunkBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League404.00
32Martin MontoyaBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League505.00
33Mathew RyanBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League505.00
34Neal MaupayBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League404.00
35Pascal GrossBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League404.00
36Shane DuffyBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League505.00
37Yves BissoumaBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League505.00
38BernardoBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Donruss Premier League313.00
39Ashley BarnesBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League404.00
40Ben MeeBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League404.00
41Chris WoodBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League505.00
42Dwight McNeilBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League505.00
43Jack CorkBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League505.00
44James TarkowskiBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League505.00
45Jeff HendrickBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League505.00
46Johann Berg GudmundssonBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League404.00
47Nick PopeBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League404.00
48Robbie BradyBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League414.00
49Jay RodriguezBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League515.00
50Matej VydraBurnleyBase Donruss Premier League505.00
51Antonio RudigerChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
52Cesar AzpilicuetaChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League606.00
53Christian PulisicChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League616.00
54Kepa ArrizabalagaChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League404.00
55N'Golo KanteChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
56Reece JamesChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League606.00
57Tammy AbrahamChelsea FCBase Donruss Premier League505.00
58Andros TownsendCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League505.00
59Christian BentekeCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League404.00
60James McArthurCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League505.00
61Jeffrey SchluppCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League505.00
62Jordan AyewCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League404.00
63Luka MilivojevicCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League404.00
64Mamadou SakhoCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League404.00
65Max MeyerCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League505.00
66Patrick van AanholtCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League505.00
67Wilfried ZahaCrystal PalaceBase Donruss Premier League505.00
68Alex IwobiEvertonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
69Mason HolgateEvertonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
70Djibril SidibeEvertonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
71Dominic Calvert-LewinEvertonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
72Gylfi SigurdssonEvertonBase Donruss Premier League515.00
73Jordan PickfordEvertonBase Donruss Premier League606.00
74Lucas DigneEvertonBase Donruss Premier League404.00
75Moise KeanEvertonBase Donruss Premier League606.00
76Morgan SchneiderlinEvertonBase Donruss Premier League404.00
77RicharlisonEvertonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
78Yerry MinaEvertonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
79Ayoze PerezLeicester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
80Ben ChilwellLeicester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
81Caglar SoyuncuLeicester CityBase Donruss Premier League303.00
82Jamie VardyLeicester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
83Ricardo PereiraLeicester CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
84Youri TielemansLeicester CityBase Donruss Premier League606.00
85FabinhoLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League505.00
86Joe GomezLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League505.00
87Mohamed SalahLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League707.00
88Naby KeitaLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League505.00
89Roberto FirminoLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League414.00
90Sadio ManeLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League414.00
91Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League606.00
92Virgil van DijkLiverpoolBase Donruss Premier League505.00
93Bernardo SilvaManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League606.00
94David SilvaManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
95EdersonManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League313.00
96Gabriel JesusManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
97Ilkay GundoganManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
98Joao CanceloManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
99Sergio AgueroManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League707.00
100Nicolas OtamendiManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
101Phil FodenManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
102Raheem SterlingManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League414.00
103Riyad MahrezManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
104RodrigoManchester CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
105Aaron Wan-BissakaManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
106Daniel JamesManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
107David de GeaManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
108Harry MaguireManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
109Mason GreenwoodManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League606.00
110Paul PogbaManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
111Marcus RashfordManchester UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
112Allan Saint-MaximinNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
113Christian AtsuNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
114Fabian ScharNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
115Isaac HaydenNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
116Javier ManquilloNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
117JoelintonNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
118Martin DubravkaNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
119Miguel AlmironNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
120Paul DummettNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
121Sean LongstaffNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
122Yoshinori MutoNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
123Dwight GayleNewcastle UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
124Ben GodfreyNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
125Christoph ZimmermannNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
126Emiliano BuendiaNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
127Jamal LewisNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
128Kenny McLeanNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
129Max AaronsNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League606.00
130Teemu PukkiNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League414.00
131Tim KrulNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
132Todd CantwellNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League505.00
133Alexander TetteyNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League313.00
134Grant HanleyNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
135Sam ByramNorwich CityBase Donruss Premier League404.00
136Billy SharpSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
137John FleckSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
138Chris BashamSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
139Dean HendersonSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League515.00
140Enda StevensSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
141George BaldockSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League515.00
142Jack O'ConnellSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
143John EganSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League515.00
144Luke FreemanSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
145Lys MoussetSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
146Oliver NorwoodSheffield UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
147Angus GunnSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
148Danny IngsSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
149James Ward-ProwseSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League606.00
150Jan BednarekSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
151Jannik VestergaardSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League606.00
152Moussa DjenepoSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League303.00
153Pierre-Emile HojbjergSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League404.00
154Yan ValerySouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
155Michael ObafemiSouthamptonBase Donruss Premier League505.00
156Heung-Min SonTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League515.00
157Hugo LlorisTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League505.00
158Dele AlliTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League505.00
159Erik LamelaTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League414.00
160Tanguy NdombeleTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League414.00
161Toby AlderweireldTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League505.00
162Lucas MouraTottenham HotspurBase Donruss Premier League505.00
163Abdoulaye DoucoureWatfordBase Donruss Premier League404.00
164Andre GrayWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
165Ben FosterWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
166Christian KabaseleWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
167Craig CathcartWatfordBase Donruss Premier League404.00
168Craig DawsonWatfordBase Donruss Premier League404.00
169Danny WelbeckWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
170Etienne CapoueWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
171Gerard DeulofeuWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
172Ismaila SarrWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
173Kiko FemeniaWatfordBase Donruss Premier League414.00
174Nathaniel ChalobahWatfordBase Donruss Premier League404.00
175Troy DeeneyWatfordBase Donruss Premier League505.00
176Will HughesWatfordBase Donruss Premier League303.00
177Aaron CresswellWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
178Andriy YarmolenkoWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League414.00
179Declan RiceWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
180Fabian BalbuenaWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
181Felipe AndersonWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
182Jack WilshereWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
183Lukasz FabianskiWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League606.00
184Manuel LanziniWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
185Mark NobleWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
186Robert SnodgrassWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
187Ryan FredericksWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League505.00
188Sebastien HallerWest Ham UnitedBase Donruss Premier League404.00
189Adama TraoreWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
190Conor CoadyWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League303.00
191Diogo JotaWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League404.00
192Joao MoutinhoWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
193Jonny Castro OttoWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
194Leander DendonckerWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
195Matt DohertyWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
196Morgan Gibbs-WhiteWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
197Pedro NetoWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
198Raul JimenezWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
199Ruben NevesWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
200Willy BolyWolverhampton WanderersBase Donruss Premier League505.00
201Josip IlicicAtalantaBase Prestige Serie A313.00
202Mario PasalicAtalantaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
203Papu GomezAtalantaBase Prestige Serie A414.00
204Pierluigi GolliniAtalantaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
205Remo FreulerAtalantaBase Prestige Serie A414.00
206Andrea PoliBolognaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
207Gary MedelBolognaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
208Mattia BaniBolognaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
209Roberto SorianoBolognaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
210Takehiro TomiyasuBolognaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
211Alfredo DonnarummaBresciaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
212Jesse JoronenBresciaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
213Dimitri BisoliBresciaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
214Ernesto TorregrossaBresciaBase Prestige Serie A321.50
215Stefano SabelliBresciaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
216Joao PedroCagliariBase Prestige Serie A515.00
217Luca CeppitelliCagliariBase Prestige Serie A515.00
218Luca CigariniCagliariBase Prestige Serie A414.00
219Luca PellegriniCagliariBase Prestige Serie A422.00
220Marko RogCagliariBase Prestige Serie A515.00
221Bartlomiej DragowskiFiorentinaBase Prestige Serie A616.00
222Patrick CutroneFiorentinaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
223Erick PulgarFiorentinaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
224German PezzellaFiorentinaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
225Franck RiberyFiorentinaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
226Andrea PinamontiGenoaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
227Cristian ZapataGenoaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
228Goran PandevGenoaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
229Lukas LeragerGenoaBase Prestige Serie A414.00
230Stefano SturaroGenoaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
231Darko LazovicVeronaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
232Davide FaraoniVeronaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
233Marco SilvestriVeronaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
234Sofyan AmrabatVeronaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
235Valerio VerreVeronaBase Prestige Serie A414.00
236Lautaro MartinezInter MilanBase Prestige Serie A606.00
237Marcelo BrozovicInter MilanBase Prestige Serie A616.00
238Milan SkriniarInter MilanBase Prestige Serie A606.00
239Nicolo BarellaInter MilanBase Prestige Serie A515.00
240Stefano SensiInter MilanBase Prestige Serie A505.00
241Aaron RamseyJuventusBase Prestige Serie A606.00
242Cristiano RonaldoJuventusBase Prestige Serie A12012.00
243Gonzalo HiguainJuventusBase Prestige Serie A717.00
244Miralem PjanicJuventusBase Prestige Serie A522.50
245Rodrigo BentancurJuventusBase Prestige Serie A717.00
246Francesco AcerbiLazioBase Prestige Serie A606.00
247Luis AlbertoLazioBase Prestige Serie A606.00
248Joaquin CorreaLazioBase Prestige Serie A606.00
249Manuel LazzariLazioBase Prestige Serie A606.00
250Senad LulicLazioBase Prestige Serie A616.00
251Khouma BabacarLecceBase Prestige Serie A414.00
252Filippo FalcoLecceBase Prestige Serie A505.00
253GabrielLecceBase Prestige Serie A606.00
254Marco CalderoniLecceBase Prestige Serie A505.00
255Zan MajerLecceBase Prestige Serie A505.00
256Alessio RomagnoliA.C. MilanBase Prestige Serie A616.00
257Ismael BennacerA.C. MilanBase Prestige Serie A616.00
258Franck KessieA.C. MilanBase Prestige Serie A616.00
259Gianluigi DonnarummaA.C. MilanBase Prestige Serie A717.00
260Zlatan IbrahimovicA.C. MilanBase Prestige Serie A10110.00
261Arkadiusz MilikNapoliBase Prestige Serie A707.00
262Fabian RuizNapoliBase Prestige Serie A707.00
263Hirving LozanoNapoliBase Prestige Serie A515.00
264Lorenzo InsigneNapoliBase Prestige Serie A606.00
265AllanNapoliBase Prestige Serie A616.00
266Antonino BarillaParmaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
267HernaniParmaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
268Juraj KuckaParmaBase Prestige Serie A404.00
269Luigi SepeParmaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
270Simone IacoponiParmaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
271Aleksandar KolarovRomaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
272Cengiz UnderRomaBase Prestige Serie A606.00
273Chris SmallingRomaBase Prestige Serie A606.00
274Lorenzo PellegriniRomaBase Prestige Serie A606.00
275Pau LopezRomaBase Prestige Serie A606.00
276Emil AuderoSampdoriaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
277Fabio QuagliarellaSampdoriaBase Prestige Serie A515.00
278Gaston RamirezSampdoriaBase Prestige Serie A431.33
279Jakub JanktoSampdoriaBase Prestige Serie A505.00
280Karol LinettySampdoriaBase Prestige Serie A623.00
281Alessandro MurgiaSPALBase Prestige Serie A515.00
282Arkadiusz RecaSPALBase Prestige Serie A404.00
283Francesco VicariSPALBase Prestige Serie A404.00
284Gabriel StrefezzaSPALBase Prestige Serie A404.00
285Thiago CionekSPALBase Prestige Serie A414.00
286Daniele BaselliTorinoBase Prestige Serie A414.00
287Nicolas N'KoulouTorinoBase Prestige Serie A505.00
288Salvatore SiriguTorinoBase Prestige Serie A505.00
289Simone VerdiTorinoBase Prestige Serie A515.00
290Tomas RinconTorinoBase Prestige Serie A505.00
291Juan MussoUdineseBase Prestige Serie A505.00
292Rodrigo BecaoUdineseBase Prestige Serie A505.00
293SamirUdineseBase Prestige Serie A505.00
294Seko FofanaUdineseBase Prestige Serie A505.00
295Stefano OkakaUdineseBase Prestige Serie A505.00
296Alfred DuncanUS Sassuolo CalcioBase Prestige Serie A404.00
297Andrea ConsigliUS Sassuolo CalcioBase Prestige Serie A404.00
298Jeremie BogaUS Sassuolo CalcioBase Prestige Serie A515.00
299Jeremy ToljanUS Sassuolo CalcioBase Prestige Serie A515.00
300Manuel LocatelliUS Sassuolo CalcioBase Prestige Serie A505.00
301Nicolas PepeArsenal FCBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
302Kieran TierneyArsenal FCBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
303Tyrone MingsAston VillaBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
304Tom HeatonAston VillaBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
305Aaron RamsdaleAFC BournemouthBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
306Philip BillingAFC BournemouthBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
307Adam WebsterBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Premier League Prizm Update414.00
308Aaron MooyBrighton & Hove AlbionBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
309Jay RodriguezBurnleyBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
310Matej VydraBurnleyBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
311Tammy AbrahamChelsea FCBase Premier League Prizm Update414.00
312Mason MountChelsea FCBase Premier League Prizm Update606.00
313Jordan AyewCrystal PalaceBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
314Gary CahillCrystal PalaceBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
315Moise KeanEvertonBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
316Alex IwobiEvertonBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
317Ayoze PerezLeicester CityBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
318Dennis PraetLeicester CityBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
319Takumi MinaminoLiverpoolBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
320AdrianLiverpoolBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
321Joao CanceloManchester CityBase Premier League Prizm Update414.00
322RodrigoManchester CityBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
323Harry MaguireManchester UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update321.50
324Axel TuanzebeManchester UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
325Allan Saint-MaximinNewcastle UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
326JoelintonNewcastle UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
327Todd CantwellNorwich CityBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
328Tom TrybullNorwich CityBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
329John LundstramSheffield UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
330Lys MoussetSheffield UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
331Kevin DansoSouthamptonBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
332Moussa DjenepoSouthamptonBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
333Ryan SessegnonTottenham HotspurBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
334Tanguy NdombeleTottenham HotspurBase Premier League Prizm Update414.00
335Ismaila SarrWatfordBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
336Craig DawsonWatfordBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
337Sebastien HallerWest Ham UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update505.00
338Pablo ZabaletaWest Ham UnitedBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
339Pedro NetoWolverhampton WanderersBase Premier League Prizm Update313.00
340Max KilmanWolverhampton WanderersBase Premier League Prizm Update404.00
341David SoriaGetafeBase Panini La Liga414.00
342KenedyGetafeBase Panini La Liga414.00
343Marc CucurellaGetafeBase Panini La Liga414.00
344Mauro ArambarriGetafeBase Panini La Liga515.00
345Nemanja MaksimovicGetafeBase Panini La Liga404.00
346Alvaro VadilloGranadaBase Panini La Liga404.00
347Carlos FernandezGranadaBase Panini La Liga404.00
348Domingos DuarteGranadaBase Panini La Liga515.00
349Rui SilvaGranadaBase Panini La Liga515.00
350Yangel HerreraGranadaBase Panini La Liga505.00
351Ivan CuellarCD LeganesBase Panini La Liga404.00
352Guido CarrilloCD LeganesBase Panini La Liga505.00
353Jonathan SilvaCD LeganesBase Panini La Liga505.00
354Unai BustinzaCD LeganesBase Panini La Liga404.00
355Ruben PerezCD LeganesBase Panini La Liga505.00
356Aitor FernandezLevanteBase Panini La Liga515.00
357Ruben VezoLevanteBase Panini La Liga505.00
358Jose CampanaLevanteBase Panini La Liga404.00
359Jose Luis MoralesLevanteBase Panini La Liga404.00
360Roger MartiLevanteBase Panini La Liga515.00
361Chimy AvilaOsasunaBase Panini La Liga404.00
362Nacho VidalOsasunaBase Panini La Liga404.00
363OierOsasunaBase Panini La Liga414.00
364Pervis EstupinanOsasunaBase Panini La Liga515.00
365Roberto TorresOsasunaBase Panini La Liga515.00
366Diego LainezBetisBase Panini La Liga515.00
367EmersonBetisBase Panini La Liga616.00
368Joel RoblesBetisBase Panini La Liga606.00
369Marc BartraBetisBase Panini La Liga606.00
370William CarvalhoBetisBase Panini La Liga515.00
371CasemiroReal Madrid CFBase Panini La Liga606.00
372Gareth BaleReal Madrid CFBase Panini La Liga505.00
373Luka ModricReal Madrid CFBase Panini La Liga707.00
374Eden HazardReal Madrid CFBase Panini La Liga707.00
375RodrygoReal Madrid CFBase Panini La Liga606.00
376Alexander IsakReal SociedadBase Panini La Liga414.00
377Mikel MerinoReal SociedadBase Panini La Liga404.00
378Igor ZubeldiaReal SociedadBase Panini La Liga515.00
379Martin OdegaardReal SociedadBase Panini La Liga522.50
380Diego LlorenteReal SociedadBase Panini La Liga313.00
381Diego CarlosSevillaBase Panini La Liga422.00
382Ever BanegaSevillaBase Panini La Liga505.00
383Lucas OcamposSevillaBase Panini La Liga515.00
384Sergio ReguilonSevillaBase Panini La Liga404.00
385Tomas VaclikSevillaBase Panini La Liga422.00
386Mohammed SalisuValladolidBase Panini La Liga515.00
387Enes UnalValladolidBase Panini La Liga404.00
388Jordi MasipValladolidBase Panini La Liga404.00
389Nacho MartinezValladolidBase Panini La Liga414.00
390Pedro PorroValladolidBase Panini La Liga414.00
391Carlos BaccaVillarrealBase Panini La Liga505.00
392Moi GomezVillarrealBase Panini La Liga404.00
393Pau TorresVillarrealBase Panini La Liga505.00
394Paco AlcacerVillarrealBase Panini La Liga505.00
395Gerard MorenoVillarrealBase Panini La Liga313.00
396Aleix FebasMallorcaBase Panini La Liga404.00
397Ante BudimirMallorcaBase Panini La Liga505.00
398Cucho HernandezMallorcaBase Panini La Liga515.00
399Lago JuniorMallorcaBase Panini La Liga505.00
400Takefusa KuboMallorcaBase Panini La Liga522.50
401Jasper CillessenValenciaBase Panini La Liga404.00
402Daniel ParejoValenciaBase Panini La Liga505.00
403Carlos SolerValenciaBase Panini La Liga404.00
404Jose Luis GayaValenciaBase Panini La Liga404.00
405Maxi GomezValenciaBase Panini La Liga404.00
406Aleix VidalDeportivo AlavesBase Panini La Liga515.00
407Fernando PachecoDeportivo AlavesBase Panini La Liga515.00
408Martin AguirregabiriaDeportivo AlavesBase Panini La Liga414.00
409Ruben DuarteDeportivo AlavesBase Panini La Liga404.00
410Tomas PinaDeportivo AlavesBase Panini La Liga505.00
411Iker MuniainAthletic BilbaoBase Panini La Liga505.00
412Raul GarciaAthletic BilbaoBase Panini La Liga505.00
413Unai SimonAthletic BilbaoBase Panini La Liga515.00
414Yeray AlvarezAthletic BilbaoBase Panini La Liga505.00
415Yuri BerchicheAthletic BilbaoBase Panini La Liga414.00
416Alvaro MorataAtletico MadridBase Panini La Liga515.00
417Joao FelixAtletico MadridBase Panini La Liga707.00
418Jan OblakAtletico MadridBase Panini La Liga505.00
419KokeAtletico MadridBase Panini La Liga414.00
420Jose GimenezAtletico MadridBase Panini La Liga414.00
421Marc-Andre ter StegenFC BarcelonaBase Panini La Liga606.00
422Ivan RakiticFC BarcelonaBase Panini La Liga606.00
423Frenkie de JongFC BarcelonaBase Panini La Liga808.00
424Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaBase Panini La Liga818.00
425Luis SuarezFC BarcelonaBase Panini La Liga808.00
426Denis SuarezCelta de VigoBase Panini La Liga404.00
427Fran BeltranCelta de VigoBase Panini La Liga414.00
428Hugo MalloCelta de VigoBase Panini La Liga515.00
429RafinhaCelta de VigoBase Panini La Liga414.00
430Iago AspasCelta de VigoBase Panini La Liga404.00
431Edu ExpositoSD EibarBase Panini La Liga414.00
432Gonzalo EscalanteSD EibarBase Panini La Liga414.00
433Marko DmitrovicSD EibarBase Panini La Liga404.00
434Paulo OliveiraSD EibarBase Panini La Liga404.00
435Takashi InuiSD EibarBase Panini La Liga515.00
436Diego LopezEspanyolBase Panini La Liga515.00
437Javi LopezEspanyolBase Panini La Liga313.00
438Jonathan CalleriEspanyolBase Panini La Liga404.00
439Wu LeiEspanyolBase Panini La Liga606.00
440Sergi DarderEspanyolBase Panini La Liga522.50
TT-AMOAlvaro Morata
Atletico MadridAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-CBACarlos Bacca
VillarrealAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-DCDiego Costa
Atletico MadridAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-DSUDenis Suarez
Celta de VigoAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-EDZEdin Dzeko
RomaAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-GBGareth Bale
Real Madrid CFAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-JCIJasper Cillessen
ValenciaAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-JLGJose Luis Gaya
ValenciaAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
Atletico MadridAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-LMLionel Messi
FC BarcelonaAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-LMOLuka Modric
Real Madrid CFAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-LSLuis Suarez
FC BarcelonaAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-MAMarco Asensio
Real Madrid CFAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-MDMatteo Darmian
ParmaAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-RFMRamiro Funes Mori
VillarrealAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-RVRaphael Varane
Real Madrid CFAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-SSStefano Sturaro
GenoaAbsolute Tools of the Trade404.00
TT-SUSamuel Umtiti
FC BarcelonaAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-TCThibaut Courtois
Real Madrid CFAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
TT-WCWilliam Carvalho
BetisAbsolute Tools of the Trade505.00
C-ACAAntonio Candreva
Inter MilanCornerstones505.00
C-APAndrea Pirlo
C-AVArturo Vidal
FC BarcelonaCornerstones505.00
C-BUFGianluigi Buffon
C-DVDavid Villa
C-EDZEdin Dzeko
C-FTFernando Torres
Atletico MadridCornerstones404.00
C-GBGareth Bale
Real Madrid CFCornerstones505.00
C-IABIgnazio Abate
A.C. MilanCornerstones505.00
C-JPJordan Pickford
C-LMLionel Messi
FC BarcelonaCornerstones505.00
C-MAMiguel Almiron
Newcastle UnitedCornerstones404.00
C-NPNick Pope
C-PEVPatrice Evra
Manchester UnitedCornerstones404.00
C-RVPRobin van Persie
Arsenal FCCornerstones404.00
C-SESamuel Eto'o
FC BarcelonaCornerstones505.00
C-SGSteven Gerrard
C-XHXavi Hernandez
FC BarcelonaCornerstones505.00
C-DA-pDele Alli
Tottenham HotspurCornerstones / Platinum404.00
S-ABAndrea Belotti
TorinoCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-ALAlexandre Lacazette
Arsenal FCCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-AMAnthony Martial
Manchester UnitedCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-CPChristian Pulisic
Chelsea FCCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-CR7Cristiano Ronaldo
JuventusCrown Royale Silhouettes909.00
S-DHDean Henderson
Sheffield UnitedCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-DJDaniel James
Manchester UnitedCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-EDZEdin Dzeko
RomaCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-FMAFederico Marchetti
GenoaCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-FTFernando Torres
Atletico MadridCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-HBHector Bellerin
Arsenal FCCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-JMDJames Maddison
Leicester CityCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-LMLionel Messi
FC BarcelonaCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-LMOLuka Modric
Real Madrid CFCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-LSLuis Suarez
FC BarcelonaCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-MANMichail Antonio
West Ham UnitedCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-MMMason Mount
Chelsea FCCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-MRAMarcus Rashford
Manchester UnitedCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-NPNick Pope
BurnleyCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-OGOlivier Giroud
Chelsea FCCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-OZOleksandr Zinchenko
Manchester CityCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-PCPetr Cech
Arsenal FCCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
FC BarcelonaCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-SESamuel Eto'o
FC BarcelonaCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
S-TWATheo Walcott
EvertonCrown Royale Silhouettes404.00
S-XHXavi Hernandez
FC BarcelonaCrown Royale Silhouettes505.00
E-20aLuigi Riva
CagliariElite Autographs505.00
E-21aRiccardo Montolivo
FiorentinaElite Autographs505.00
E-22aGabriel Batistuta
FiorentinaElite Autographs505.00
E-23aDiego Milito
GenoaElite Autographs505.00
E-24aAldo Serena
Inter MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-25aChristian Vieri
Inter MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-26aRoberto Baggio
JuventusElite Autographs707.00
E-27aAlessandro Del Piero
JuventusElite Autographs707.00
E-28aMassimo Oddo
LazioElite Autographs606.00
E-29aAlessandro Nesta
LazioElite Autographs515.00
E-30aPaolo Maldini
A.C. MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-31aMarco Van Basten
A.C. MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-32aRuud Gullit
A.C. MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-33aMauro Tassotti
A.C. MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-34aAndriy Shevchenko
A.C. MilanElite Autographs606.00
E-35aDiego Maradona
NapoliElite Autographs606.00
E-36aFabio Cannavaro
ParmaElite Autographs505.00
E-37aDaniele De Rossi
RomaElite Autographs606.00
RomaElite Autographs606.00
E-39aFrancesco Totti
RomaElite Autographs606.00
E-40aAntonio Di Natale
UdineseElite Autographs505.00
JA-AMOAlvaro Morata
Atletico MadridLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-APAndrea Pirlo
A.C. MilanLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-AVArturo Vidal
FC BarcelonaLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-BUFGianluigi Buffon
JuventusLimited Jersey Autographs606.00
JA-CBACarlos Bacca
VillarrealLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-CR7Cristiano Ronaldo
JuventusLimited Jersey Autographs808.00
JA-EBEtrit Berisha
SPALLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-EDZEdin Dzeko
RomaLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-GBGareth Bale
Real Madrid CFLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-GPGerard Pique
FC BarcelonaLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-IABIgnazio Abate
A.C. MilanLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-JBGJohann Berg Gudmundsson
BurnleyLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-JLAJamaal Lascelles
Newcastle UnitedLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-LSLuis Suarez
FC BarcelonaLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-MALMiguel Almiron
Newcastle UnitedLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-MANMichail Antonio
West Ham UnitedLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-MASMarco Asensio
Real Madrid CFLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-MBAMichy Batshuayi
Chelsea FCLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-OZLMesut Ozil
Arsenal FCLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-PEVPatrice Evra
JuventusLimited Jersey Autographs606.00
JA-SMAStefano Mauri
LazioLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-TCThibaut Courtois
Real Madrid CFLimited Jersey Autographs505.00
JA-THOTim Howard
EvertonLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
JA-WSZWojciech Szczesny
JuventusLimited Jersey Autographs707.00
JA-YANYan Valery
SouthamptonLimited Jersey Autographs404.00
DC-AMDiego Costa / Fernando Torres
Atletico MadridDouble Coverage404.00
DC-BARAndres Iniesta / Lionel Messi
FC BarcelonaDouble Coverage606.00
DC-BURAshley Barnes / Chris Wood
BurnleyDouble Coverage404.00
DC-EVRSeamus Coleman / Tim Howard
EvertonDouble Coverage404.00
DC-FCBGerard Pique / Luis Suarez
FC BarcelonaDouble Coverage505.00
DC-IMAntonio Candreva / Samir Handanovic
Inter MilanDouble Coverage505.00
DC-INTMarcelo Brozovic / Stefan de Vrij
Inter MilanDouble Coverage505.00
DC-JUVCristiano Ronaldo / Paulo Dybala
JuventusDouble Coverage808.00
DC-JVEGianluigi Buffon / Paulo Dybala
JuventusDouble Coverage606.00
DC-LEIKasper Schmeichel / Jamie Vardy
Leicester CityDouble Coverage404.00
DC-LIVVirgil van Dijk / Sadio Mane
LiverpoolDouble Coverage404.00
DC-MANPaul Pogba / Marcus Rashford
Manchester UnitedDouble Coverage404.00
DC-NAPHirving Lozano / David Ospina
NapoliDouble Coverage505.00
DC-RMGareth Bale / Luka Modric
Real Madrid CFDouble Coverage606.00
DC-TOTHarry Kane / Dele Alli
Tottenham HotspurDouble Coverage404.00
ET-AMOAlvaro Morata
JuventusElite Throwback Threads505.00
ET-BIBranislav Ivanovic
Chelsea FCElite Throwback Threads404.00
ET-CR7Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid CFElite Throwback Threads707.00
ET-GKRGrzegorz Krychowiak
SevillaElite Throwback Threads505.00
ET-GPEGraziano Pelle
SouthamptonElite Throwback Threads404.00
ET-KMIKevin Mirallas
EvertonElite Throwback Threads404.00
NapoliElite Throwback Threads505.00
ET-NGNico Gaitan
Atletico MadridElite Throwback Threads404.00
ET-NJRNeymar Jr
FC BarcelonaElite Throwback Threads505.00
ET-SNSamir Nasri
Manchester CityElite Throwback Threads404.00
FG-AGUAndres Guardado
BetisFabric of the Game505.00
FG-AIAndres Iniesta
FC BarcelonaFabric of the Game505.00
FG-AMOAlvaro Morata
Atletico MadridFabric of the Game414.00
FG-AVArturo Vidal
FC BarcelonaFabric of the Game505.00
FG-DCDiego Costa
Atletico MadridFabric of the Game404.00
FG-FTFernando Torres
Atletico MadridFabric of the Game404.00
FG-GBGareth Bale
Real Madrid CFFabric of the Game505.00
FG-HHHector Herrera
Atletico MadridFabric of the Game404.00
FG-IRIvan Rakitic
FC BarcelonaFabric of the Game505.00
FG-JCIJasper Cillessen
ValenciaFabric of the Game404.00
FG-LMLionel Messi
FC BarcelonaFabric of the Game505.00
FG-LSLuis Suarez
FC BarcelonaFabric of the Game505.00
FG-RFMRamiro Funes Mori
VillarrealFabric of the Game404.00
FG-SCSanti Cazorla
VillarrealFabric of the Game404.00
FG-SRSergio Ramos
Real Madrid CFFabric of the Game505.00
RS-AMCAlex McCarthy
SouthamptonRise'N Shine505.00
BurnleyRise'N Shine505.00
RS-CPChristian Pulisic
Chelsea FCRise'N Shine505.00
RS-DGRDemarai Gray
Leicester CityRise'N Shine505.00
RS-DSADavinson Sanchez
Tottenham HotspurRise'N Shine505.00
RS-EBAEric Bailly
Manchester UnitedRise'N Shine505.00
RS-JEVJonny Evans
Leicester CityRise'N Shine505.00
RS-JFJuan Foyth
Tottenham HotspurRise'N Shine505.00
RS-JVAJamie Vardy
Leicester CityRise'N Shine404.00
RS-KSCKasper Schmeichel
Leicester CityRise'N Shine505.00
RS-KZKurt Zouma
Chelsea FCRise'N Shine505.00
RS-LCLewis Cook
AFC BournemouthRise'N Shine505.00
RS-MANMichail Antonio
West Ham UnitedRise'N Shine505.00
RS-OZLMesut Ozil
Arsenal FCRise'N Shine414.00
RS-PPPaul Pogba
Manchester UnitedRise'N Shine505.00
RS-RVPRobin van Persie
Manchester UnitedRise'N Shine505.00
RS-SASergio Aguero
Manchester CityRise'N Shine505.00
RS-SCOSeamus Coleman
EvertonRise'N Shine505.00
RS-SMSadio Mane
LiverpoolRise'N Shine505.00
RS-TAATrent Alexander-Arnold
LiverpoolRise'N Shine505.00
TH-EGEzequiel Garay
TH-AMOAlvaro Morata
Atletico MadridThreads404.00
TH-JLGJose Luis Gaya
Real Madrid CFThreads505.00
TH-GBGareth Bale
Real Madrid CFThreads505.00
TH-JRJames Rodriguez
Real Madrid CFThreads505.00
TH-LMLionel Messi
FC BarcelonaThreads505.00
TH-KDBKevin De Bruyne
Manchester CityThreads404.00
TH-HKHarry Kane
Tottenham HotspurThreads404.00
TH-EDEric Dier
Tottenham HotspurThreads404.00
TH-AMAnthony Martial
Manchester UnitedThreads404.00
TH-JSJohn Stones
Manchester CityThreads404.00
TH-MOMesut Ozil
Arsenal FCThreads404.00
TH-SCSeamus Coleman
TH-PDPaulo Dybala
TH-MDLMatthijs de Ligt
TH-SDVStefan de Vrij
Inter MilanThreads505.00
TH-SSStefano Sturaro
TR-AMOAlvaro Morata
Atletico MadridTreble Threads404.00
TR-TKToni Kroos
Real Madrid CFTreble Threads505.00
TR-TCThibaut Courtois
Real Madrid CFTreble Threads505.00
TR-JRJames Rodriguez
Real Madrid CFTreble Threads505.00
TR-LSLuis Suarez
FC BarcelonaTreble Threads505.00
Real Madrid CFTreble Threads505.00
TR-BMBlaise Matuidi
JuventusTreble Threads606.00
TR-JGCJuan Guillermo Cuadrado
JuventusTreble Threads606.00
TR-ALAdam Lallana
LiverpoolTreble Threads404.00
TR-CBChristian Benteke
Crystal PalaceTreble Threads404.00
TR-WHWayne Hennessey
Crystal PalaceTreble Threads404.00
TR-TWTheo Walcott
EvertonTreble Threads404.00
TR-KIKelechi Iheanacho
Leicester CityTreble Threads404.00
TR-HBHector Bellerin
Arsenal FCTreble Threads404.00
TR-HWHarry Winks
Tottenham HotspurTreble Threads404.00
TR-ACAntonio Candreva
Inter MilanTreble Threads505.00
TR-ARAAndrea Ranocchia
Inter MilanTreble Threads505.00
TR-ABAndrea Belotti
TorinoTreble Threads404.00
TR-ARAlessio Romagnoli
A.C. MilanTreble Threads505.00
TR-GBGianluigi Buffon
JuventusTreble Threads606.00
AB-1Christian VieriAtletico MadridAbsolute505.00
AB-2Carles PuyolFC BarcelonaAbsolute606.00
AB-3Samuel Eto'oFC BarcelonaAbsolute606.00
AB-4Aleksandr MostovoiCelta de VigoAbsolute505.00
AB-5Luis FigoReal Madrid CFAbsolute707.00
AB-6RaulReal Madrid CFAbsolute707.00
AB-7Hugo SanchezReal Madrid CFAbsolute606.00
AB-8Mario KempesValenciaAbsolute505.00
AB-9David VillaValenciaAbsolute505.00
AB-10Diego ForlanVillarrealAbsolute505.00
RT-1Renan LodiAtletico MadridContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-2Carlos NevaGranadaContenders Rookie Ticket404.00
RT-3Frenkie de JongFC BarcelonaContenders Rookie Ticket808.00
RT-4Ansu FatiFC BarcelonaContenders Rookie Ticket808.00
RT-5Takefusa KuboMallorcaContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-6Eder MilitaoReal Madrid CFContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-7RodrygoReal Madrid CFContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-8Mikel OyarzabalReal SociedadContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-9Jules KoundeSevillaContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-10Ferran TorresValenciaContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-11Kang-in LeeValenciaContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-12Samuel ChukwuezeVillarrealContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-13Reiss NelsonArsenal FCContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-14Joe WillockArsenal FCContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-15Douglas LuizAston VillaContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-16Dwight McNeilBurnleyContenders Rookie Ticket404.00
RT-17Fikayo TomoriChelsea FCContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-18Mason MountChelsea FCContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-19Reece JamesChelsea FCContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-20Tammy AbrahamChelsea FCContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-21James MaddisonLeicester CityContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-22Takumi MinaminoLiverpoolContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-23Mason GreenwoodManchester UnitedContenders Rookie Ticket707.00
RT-24Daniel JamesManchester UnitedContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-25Diogo DalotManchester UnitedContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-26Max AaronsNorwich CityContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-27Dean HendersonSheffield UnitedContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-28Declan RiceWest Ham UnitedContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-29Morgan Gibbs-WhiteWolverhampton WanderersContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-30Andrea CistanaBresciaContenders Rookie Ticket414.00
RT-31Dusan VlahovicFiorentinaContenders Rookie Ticket505.00
RT-32Andrea PinamontiGenoaContenders Rookie Ticket414.00
RT-33Thomas StrakoshaLazioContenders Rookie Ticket522.50
RT-34Alessandro BastoniInter MilanContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-35Sebastiano EspositoInter MilanContenders Rookie Ticket707.00
RT-36Merih DemiralJuventusContenders Rookie Ticket707.00
RT-37BremerTorinoContenders Rookie Ticket404.00
RT-38Rafael LeaoA.C. MilanContenders Rookie Ticket707.00
RT-39Alex MeretNapoliContenders Rookie Ticket606.00
RT-40Nicolo ZanioloRomaContenders Rookie Ticket707.00
HT-BUFGianluigi BuffonJuventusContenders Historic Ticket808.00
HT-CR7Cristiano RonaldoManchester UnitedContenders Historic Ticket808.00
HT-CSCCesc FabregasArsenal FCContenders Historic Ticket505.00
HT-DDRDaniele De RossiRomaContenders Historic Ticket505.00
HT-JHJavier HernandezManchester UnitedContenders Historic Ticket404.00
HT-LMLionel MessiFC BarcelonaContenders Historic Ticket808.00
HT-LMOLuka ModricTottenham HotspurContenders Historic Ticket606.00
HT-NJRNeymar JrFC BarcelonaContenders Historic Ticket606.00
HT-OZLMesut OzilReal Madrid CFContenders Historic Ticket707.00
HT-PPPaul PogbaJuventusContenders Historic Ticket515.00
E-1Marten de RoonAtalantaElite515.00
E-2Duvan ZapataAtalantaElite414.00
E-3Rodrigo PalacioBolognaElite505.00
E-4Nicola SansoneBolognaElite404.00
E-5Giovanni SimeoneCagliariElite505.00
E-6Robin OlsenCagliariElite515.00
E-7Amir RrahmaniVeronaElite505.00
E-8Miguel VelosoVeronaElite404.00
E-9Gianluca LapadulaLecceElite414.00
E-10Panagiotis TachtsidisLecceElite515.00
E-12Bruno AlvesParmaElite414.00
E-13Manolo GabbiadiniSampdoriaElite505.00
E-14Albin EkdalSampdoriaElite505.00
E-15Vlad ChirichesSassuoloElite505.00
E-16Domenico BerardiSassuoloElite616.00
E-17Federico Di FrancescoSPALElite515.00
E-18Kevin LasagnaUdineseElite515.00
E-19Jens Stryger LarsenUdineseElite515.00
E-20Luigi RivaCagliariElite522.50
E-21Riccardo MontolivoFiorentinaElite505.00
E-22Gabriel BatistutaFiorentinaElite707.00
E-23Diego MilitoGenoaElite414.00
E-24Aldo SerenaInter MilanElite505.00
E-25Christian VieriInter MilanElite515.00
E-26Roberto BaggioJuventusElite909.00
E-27Alessandro Del PieroJuventusElite909.00
E-28Massimo OddoLazioElite522.50
E-29Alessandro NestaLazioElite717.00
E-30Paolo MaldiniA.C. MilanElite717.00
E-31Marco Van BastenA.C. MilanElite808.00
E-32Ruud GullitA.C. MilanElite707.00
E-33Mauro TassottiA.C. MilanElite623.00
E-34Andriy ShevchenkoA.C. MilanElite505.00
E-35Diego MaradonaNapoliElite808.00
E-36Fabio CannavaroParmaElite616.00
E-37Daniele De RossiRomaElite515.00
E-39Francesco TottiRomaElite707.00
E-40Antonio Di NataleUdineseElite515.00
FO-1Luis MurielAtalantaForza505.00
FO-2Lukasz SkorupskiBolognaForza505.00
FO-3Mario BalotelliBresciaForza404.00
FO-4Radja NainggolanCagliariForza505.00
FO-5Federico ChiesaFiorentinaForza505.00
FO-6Lasse SchoneGenoaForza505.00
FO-7Matteo PessinaVeronaForza505.00
FO-8Romelu LukakuInter MilanForza606.00
FO-9Cristiano RonaldoJuventusForza10010.00
FO-10Ciro ImmobileLazioForza606.00
FO-11Marco MancosuLecceForza505.00
FO-12Hakan CalhanogluA.C. MilanForza707.00
FO-13Dries MertensNapoliForza606.00
FO-14Andreas CorneliusParmaForza505.00
FO-15Justin KluivertRomaForza606.00
FO-16Bartosz BereszynskiSampdoriaForza505.00
FO-17Francesco CaputoSassuoloForza505.00
FO-18Andrea PetagnaSPALForza505.00
FO-19Andrea BelottiTorinoForza606.00
FO-20Rodrigo de PaulUdineseForza505.00
FU-1Victor LaguardiaDeportivo AlavesFuego404.00
FU-2Inaki WilliamsAthletic BilbaoFuego404.00
FU-3Joao FelixAtletico MadridFuego707.00
FU-4Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaFuego808.00
FU-5Santi MinaCelta de VigoFuego404.00
FU-6Fabian OrellanaSD EibarFuego404.00
FU-7Marc RocaEspanyolFuego404.00
FU-9Antonio PuertasGranadaFuego404.00
FU-10Oscar RodriguezCD LeganesFuego404.00
FU-11Borja MayoralLevanteFuego404.00
FU-12Dani RodriguezMallorcaFuego404.00
FU-13Ruben GarciaOsasunaFuego404.00
FU-14Nabil FekirBetisFuego505.00
FU-15Eden HazardReal Madrid CFFuego606.00
FU-16Willian JoseReal SociedadFuego404.00
FU-17Joan JordanSevillaFuego404.00
FU-18Rodrigo MorenoValenciaFuego404.00
FU-19Oscar PlanoValladolidFuego404.00
FU-20Samuel ChukwuezeVillarrealFuego404.00
GL-1Tammy Abraham
Chelsea FCGala Rookies404.00
GL-2Mason Mount
Chelsea FCGala Rookies505.00
GL-3James Maddison
Leicester CityGala Rookies505.00
GL-4Harvey Barnes
Leicester CityGala Rookies404.00
GL-5Eddie Nketiah
Arsenal FCGala Rookies404.00
GL-6Declan Rice
West Ham UnitedGala Rookies404.00
GL-7Juan Foyth
Tottenham HotspurGala Rookies404.00
GL-8Harry Wilson
AFC BournemouthGala Rookies404.00
GL-9Matteo Guendouzi
Arsenal FCGala Rookies404.00
GL-10Dwight McNeil
BurnleyGala Rookies404.00
GL-11Callum Hudson-Odoi
Chelsea FCGala Rookies505.00
GL-12Axel Tuanzebe
Manchester UnitedGala Rookies404.00
GL-13Aaron Ramsdale
AFC BournemouthGala Rookies404.00
GL-14Adam Webster
Brighton & Hove AlbionGala Rookies404.00
GL-15Aymeric Laporte
Manchester CityGala Rookies404.00
GL-16Che Adams
SouthamptonGala Rookies404.00
GL-17Lys Mousset
Sheffield UnitedGala Rookies404.00
GL-18John McGinn
Aston VillaGala Rookies404.00
GL-19Sean Longstaff
Newcastle UnitedGala Rookies404.00
GL-20Issa Diop
West Ham UnitedGala Rookies404.00
IL-1Lucas PerezDeportivo AlavesIllusions404.00
IL-2Inigo MartinezAthletic BilbaoIllusions414.00
IL-3Ruben BlancoCelta de VigoIllusions404.00
IL-4Kike GarciaSD EibarIllusions404.00
IL-5Matias VargasEspanyolIllusions404.00
IL-6Jaime MataGetafeIllusions404.00
IL-7Roque MesaCD LeganesIllusions404.00
IL-8Enis BardhiLevanteIllusions404.00
IL-9David GarciaOsasunaIllusions404.00
IL-10Sergi GuardiolaValladolidIllusions414.00
PK-1Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaPitch Kings808.00
PK-2Eden HazardReal Madrid CFPitch Kings707.00
PK-3Joao FelixAtletico MadridPitch Kings606.00
PK-4Mohamed SalahLiverpoolPitch Kings505.00
PK-5Christian PulisicChelsea FCPitch Kings505.00
PK-6Paul PogbaManchester UnitedPitch Kings414.00
PK-7Cristiano RonaldoJuventusPitch Kings13013.00
PK-8Romelu LukakuInter MilanPitch Kings505.00
PK-9Kalidou KoulibalyNapoliPitch Kings505.00
PK-10Sergej Milinkovic-SavicLazioPitch Kings606.00
R1-1Joan SastreMallorcaPitch Kings / Rookies I422.00
R1-2Ferran TorresValenciaPitch Kings / Rookies I606.00
R1-3Junior FirpoFC BarcelonaPitch Kings / Rookies I606.00
R1-4Merih DemiralJuventusPitch Kings / Rookies I606.00
R1-5Alessandro BastoniInter MilanPitch Kings / Rookies I606.00
R1-6Paolo GhiglioneGenoaPitch Kings / Rookies I505.00
R1-7Mason GreenwoodManchester UnitedPitch Kings / Rookies I808.00
R1-8Fikayo TomoriChelsea FCPitch Kings / Rookies I505.00
R1-9Declan RiceWest Ham UnitedPitch Kings / Rookies I505.00
R1-10Matteo GuendouziArsenal FCPitch Kings / Rookies I505.00
R2-1Eder MilitaoReal Madrid CFPitch Kings / Rookies II505.00
R2-2Jules KoundeSevillaPitch Kings / Rookies II404.00
R2-3Frenkie de JongFC BarcelonaPitch Kings / Rookies II707.00
R2-4Samuel ChukwuezeVillarrealPitch Kings / Rookies II404.00
R2-5Dejan KulusevskiParmaPitch Kings / Rookies II505.00
R2-6Nikola MilenkovicFiorentinaPitch Kings / Rookies II404.00
R2-7Lucas PaquetaA.C. MilanPitch Kings / Rookies II606.00
R2-8Mason MountChelsea FCPitch Kings / Rookies II505.00
R2-9Max AaronsNorwich CityPitch Kings / Rookies II505.00
R2-10Daniel JamesManchester UnitedPitch Kings / Rookies II404.00
R3-1Nikolas SpalekBresciaPitch Kings / Rookies III404.00
R3-2Cristian RomeroGenoaPitch Kings / Rookies III404.00
R3-3Rafael LeaoA.C. MilanPitch Kings / Rookies III505.00
R3-4Alex MeretNapoliPitch Kings / Rookies III505.00
R3-5RodrygoReal Madrid CFPitch Kings / Rookies III505.00
R3-6Kang-in LeeValenciaPitch Kings / Rookies III505.00
R3-7Mikel OyarzabalReal SociedadPitch Kings / Rookies III404.00
R3-8Douglas LuizAston VillaPitch Kings / Rookies III404.00
R3-9Ainsley Maitland-NilesArsenal FCPitch Kings / Rookies III404.00
R3-10Reece JamesChelsea FCPitch Kings / Rookies III505.00
R4-1Ansu FatiFC BarcelonaPitch Kings / Rookies IV707.00
R4-2Renan LodiAtletico MadridPitch Kings / Rookies IV505.00
R4-3Takefusa KuboMallorcaPitch Kings / Rookies IV505.00
R4-4Tammy AbrahamChelsea FCPitch Kings / Rookies IV404.00
R4-5Bukayo SakaArsenal FCPitch Kings / Rookies IV505.00
R4-6James MaddisonLeicester CityPitch Kings / Rookies IV505.00
R4-7Takumi MinaminoLiverpoolPitch Kings / Rookies IV404.00
R4-8Alex BerenguerTorinoPitch Kings / Rookies IV404.00
R4-9Nicolo ZanioloRomaPitch Kings / Rookies IV606.00
R4-10Sebastiano EspositoInter MilanPitch Kings / Rookies IV707.00
T-1Bernd LenoArsenal FCTitan404.00
T-2Jack GrealishAston VillaTitan505.00
T-3Nathan AkeAFC BournemouthTitan404.00
T-4Lewis DunkBrighton & Hove AlbionTitan404.00
T-5James TarkowskiBurnleyTitan404.00
T-6N'Golo KanteChelsea FCTitan404.00
T-7Christian BentekeCrystal PalaceTitan404.00
T-8Gylfi SigurdssonEvertonTitan404.00
T-9Kasper SchmeichelLeicester CityTitan404.00
T-10Sadio ManeLiverpoolTitan404.00
T-11Gabriel JesusManchester CityTitan404.00
T-12David de GeaManchester UnitedTitan404.00
T-13Miguel AlmironNewcastle UnitedTitan404.00
T-14Teemu PukkiNorwich CityTitan404.00
T-15Dean HendersonSheffield UnitedTitan404.00
T-16Danny IngsSouthamptonTitan404.00
T-17Harry KaneTottenham HotspurTitan404.00
T-18Troy DeeneyWatfordTitan404.00
T-19Andriy YarmolenkoWest Ham UnitedTitan404.00
T-20Rui PatricioWolverhampton WanderersTitan404.00
XR-1Timothy CastagneAtalantaXR Rookies404.00
XR-2Riccardo OrsoliniBolognaXR Rookies404.00
XR-3Sandro TonaliBresciaXR Rookies707.00
XR-4Nahitan NandezCagliariXR Rookies414.00
XR-5Gaetano CastrovilliFiorentinaXR Rookies505.00
XR-6Cristian RomeroGenoaXR Rookies422.00
XR-7Marash KumbullaVeronaXR Rookies404.00
XR-8Sebastiano EspositoInter MilanXR Rookies808.00
XR-9Merih DemiralJuventusXR Rookies606.00
XR-10Luiz FelipeLazioXR Rookies515.00
XR-11Jacopo PetriccioneLecceXR Rookies404.00
XR-12Theo HernandezA.C. MilanXR Rookies606.00
XR-13Alex MeretNapoliXR Rookies515.00
XR-14Dejan KulusevskiParmaXR Rookies606.00
XR-15Gianluca ManciniRomaXR Rookies616.00
XR-16Julian ChabotSampdoriaXR Rookies505.00
XR-17Hamed Junior TraoreSassuoloXR Rookies515.00
XR-18Mattia ValotiSPALXR Rookies505.00
XR-19Ola AinaTorinoXR Rookies505.00
XR-20Rolando MandragoraUdineseXR Rookies515.00
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