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Panini Dream cars. Series 1

Panini Dream cars. Series 1

Year: 1991
Total cards: 100

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 2


1CadillacCadillacBase card000.00
21955 Olds Super 88OldsmobileBase card000.00
31957 Chevrolet Bel AirChevroletBase card000.00
4De LoreanDe LoreanBase card000.00
51989 Camaro Iroc ZChevroletBase card000.00
6Porsche 944 1990 TurboPorscheBase card000.00
7Mustang 1967FordBase card000.00
8Jaguar XKE 3.2 1969JaguarBase card000.00
9Jaguar XKE 3.8 1964JaguarBase card000.00
10Porsche Speedster 1989PorscheBase card000.00
111959 CorvetteChevroletBase card000.00
12Silver Porsche CarreraPorscheBase card000.00
13Ferrari 400i 1989FerrariBase card000.00
141956 Corvette RoadsterChevroletBase card000.00
151957 T-BirdFordBase card000.00
16Thunderbird 1957FordBase card000.00
171957 T-BirdFordBase card000.00
181956 T-BirdFordBase card000.00
191990 Nissan 300 ZXNissanBase card000.00
20Thunderbird 1957FordBase card000.00
21Jaguar XJ5JaguarBase card000.00
221953 Hudson HornetHudsonBase card000.00
231966 Shelby CobraShelbyBase card000.00
241955 Chrysler C-300ChryslerBase card000.00
251982 AC CobraShelbyBase card000.00
26Mercedes SL 500 1990MercedesBase card000.00
27Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1973FerrariBase card000.00
28BMW Mi 1988BMWBase card000.00
29Porsche GamballaPorscheBase card000.00
30Porsche S4PorscheBase card000.00
31Porsche ConvertiblePorscheBase card000.00
32Ferrari TestarossaFerrariBase card101.00
331971 ISO GrifoISOBase card000.00
34LamborghiniLamborghiniBase card101.00
35PorschePorscheBase card000.00
36Mercedes Benz 1987MercedesBase card000.00
37Chevy CamaroChevroletBase card000.00
38Porsche TurboPorscheBase card000.00
39Lamborghini CountachLamborghiniBase card101.00
40Mustang GT 1989FordBase card000.00
41Mercedes 300 SLMercedesBase card000.00
42BMW 1989BMWBase card000.00
43Mazda Miata 1990MazdaBase card000.00
44Chevy Bel Air 1957ChevroletBase card000.00
45Lamborghini GalpaLamborghiniBase card101.00
461946 Mercury WagonFordBase card000.00
471969 Pontiac GTOGeneral MotorsBase card000.00
48Ferrari Testarossa 1958FerrariBase card000.00
49Lamborghini CountachLamborghiniBase card101.00
50Porsche ConvertiblePorscheBase card000.00
51Porsche SlopenosePorscheBase card000.00
52365 Berlinette Boxer 1973FerrariBase card000.00
53Alfa Romeo Giuletta SSAlfa RomeoBase card000.00
54Toyota MR2 1991ToyotaBase card000.00
55Ferrari Dino 308 GT 1973FerrariBase card000.00
56PorschePorscheBase card000.00
57CorvetteChevroletBase card000.00
58Mercedes Gullwing 300 SLMercedesBase card000.00
59Mercedes Gullwing 300 SLMercedesBase card000.00
60427 Cobra ReplicaShelbyBase card000.00
611973 PanteraFordBase card000.00
621990 Nissan 300 ZXNissanBase card000.00
63Porsche 928SPorscheBase card000.00
64Corvette 1967ChevroletBase card000.00
651960 Porsche RoadsterPorscheBase card000.00
661946 DeSoto CabChryslerBase card000.00
67Porsche 550 APorscheBase card000.00
681959 CadillacCadillacBase card000.00
69Ferrari 275 GTBFerrariBase card000.00
70LamborghiniLamborghiniBase card101.00
71MorganMorganBase card000.00
72Mercedes Benz 1936 ConvertibleMercedesBase card000.00
73Porsche CarreraPorscheBase card000.00
74Ferrari TestarossaFerrariBase card101.00
75Porsche SlopenosePorscheBase card000.00
76Corvette Convertible 1962ChevroletBase card000.00
77Concept 2000 GT 1987PontiacBase card000.00
781991 Toyota MR2 TurboToyotaBase card000.00
791991 Dodge StealthChryslerBase card000.00
80Mustang Shelby 1968FordBase card000.00
811968 Mustang ShelbyFordBase card000.00
82LamborghiniLamborghiniBase card101.00
83Ferrari TestarossaFerrariBase card101.00
84Koenig Porsche ConversionPorscheBase card000.00
85Ferrari 328FerrariBase card101.00
86Lamborghini CountachLamborghiniBase card101.00
87Lamborghini CountachLamborghiniBase card101.00
88Ferrari 328FerrariBase card101.00
89Dino Ferrari GI 1973FerrariBase card000.00
90LamborghiniLamborghiniBase card101.00
91Ferrari Daytona SpyderFerrariBase card000.00
92Porsche 959PorscheBase card000.00
93LamborghiniLamborghiniBase card101.00
94Ferrari 348 1991FerrariBase card101.00
95Thunderbird 1957FordBase card000.00
96Corvette FlagChevroletBase card000.00
97Ferrari BoxerFerrariBase card000.00
98Chevrolet CorvetteChevroletBase card000.00
CHLChecklistChecklistBase card000.00
BCBonus card15 free cardsRedemption card000.00
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