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Panini England 1996

Panini England 1996

Year: 1996
Total stickers: 144

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 9 / completed: 9


1Terry VenablesThe Backroom Boys-321.50
2Bryan RobsonThe Backroom Boys-515.00
3Don HoweThe Backroom Boys-414.00
4Ted BuxtonThe Backroom Boys-422.00
5David ButlerThe Backroom Boys-431.33
6Mike KellyThe Backroom Boys-606.00
7John CraneThe Backroom Boys-541.25
8Alan SmithThe Backroom Boys-431.33
9Japanese Joy: Peter BeardsleyInternational matches in 95/96-422.00
10Teddy Sheringham scores v SwedenInternational matches in 95/96-303.00
11Brazilian block: Stuart Pearce vs JorginhoInternational matches in 95/96-515.00
12Graeme Le Saux v ColombiaInternational matches in 95/96-522.50
13Jamie Redknapp & Valderama v ColombiaInternational matches in 95/96-414.00
14Nicky Barmby v NorwayInternational matches in 95/96-515.00
15Robert Lee v SwitzerlandInternational matches in 95/96-221.00
16Steve Stone v SwitzerlandInternational matches in 95/96-431.33
17Terry Venables & Bryan RobsonPlans & Strategy-422.00
18Nicky BarmbyPlans & Strategy-422.00
19Players warming upPlans & Strategy-331.00
20David SeamanPlans & Strategy-313.00
21Terry Venables & Don HowePlans & Strategy-331.00
22Ted Buxton & Paul GascoignePlans & Strategy-414.00
23Alan Shearer & Jamie RedknappPlans & Strategy-616.00
24Bryan RobsonPlans & Strategy-313.00
25David SeamanDavid Seaman-313.00
26David SeamanDavid Seaman-422.00
27David SeamanDavid Seaman-221.00
28David Seaman (puzzle 1)David Seaman-414.00
29David Seaman (puzzle 2)David Seaman-331.00
30Tim FlowersTim Flowers-515.00
31Tim FlowersTim Flowers-505.00
32Tim FlowersTim Flowers-414.00
33Tim Flowers (puzzle 1)Tim Flowers-515.00
34Tim Flowers (puzzle 2)Tim Flowers-431.33
35Ian WalkerIan Walker-331.00
36Ian WalkerIan Walker-331.00
37Ian WalkerIan Walker-431.33
38Ian Walker (puzzle 1)Ian Walker-422.00
39Ian Walker (puzzle 2)Ian Walker-531.67
40Gary NevilleGary Neville-422.00
41Gary NevilleGary Neville-331.00
42Gary NevilleGary Neville-321.50
43Gary Neville (puzzle 1)Gary Neville-431.33
44Gary Neville (puzzle 2)Gary Neville-515.00
45Rob JonesRob Jones-522.50
46Rob JonesRob Jones-331.00
47Rob JonesRob Jones-522.50
48Rob Jones (puzzle 1)Rob Jones-422.00
49Rob Jones (puzzle 2)Rob Jones-331.00
50Steve HoweySteve Howey-303.00
51Steve HoweySteve Howey-414.00
52Steve HoweySteve Howey-120.50
53Steve Howey (puzzle 1)Steve Howey-331.00
54Steve Howey (puzzle 2)Steve Howey-321.50
55Gary PallisterGary Pallister-321.50
56Gary PallisterGary Pallister-522.50
57Gary PallisterGary Pallister-414.00
58Gary Pallister (puzzle 1)Gary Pallister-321.50
59Gary Pallister (puzzle 2)Gary Pallister-313.00
60Tony AdamsTony Adams-441.00
61Tony AdamsTony Adams-422.00
62Tony AdamsTony Adams-321.50
63Tony Adams (puzzle 1)Tony Adams-321.50
64Tony Adams (puzzle 2)Tony Adams-240.50
65Gareth SouthgateGareth Southgate-422.00
66Gareth SouthgateGareth Southgate-340.75
67Gareth SouthgateGareth Southgate-431.33
68Gareth Southgate (puzzle 1)Gareth Southgate-111.00
69Gareth Southgate (puzzle 2)Gareth Southgate-522.50
70Stuart PearceStuart Pearce-404.00
71Stuart PearceStuart Pearce-313.00
72Stuart PearceStuart Pearce-515.00
73Stuart Pearce (puzzle 1)Stuart Pearce-422.00
74Stuart Pearce (puzzle 2)Stuart Pearce-431.33
75Jamie RedknappJamie Redknapp-606.00
76Jamie RedknappJamie Redknapp-414.00
77Jamie RedknappJamie Redknapp-313.00
78Jamie Redknapp (puzzle 1)Jamie Redknapp-515.00
79Jamie Redknapp (puzzle 2)Jamie Redknapp-331.00
80Paul GascoignePaul Gascoigne-404.00
81Paul GascoignePaul Gascoigne-505.00
82Paul GascoignePaul Gascoigne-522.50
83Paul Gascoigne (puzzle 1)Paul Gascoigne-422.00
84Paul Gascoigne (puzzle 2)Paul Gascoigne-531.67
85Robert LeeRobert Lee-313.00
86Robert LeeRobert Lee-616.00
87Robert LeeRobert Lee-331.00
88Robert Lee (puzzle 1)Robert Lee-505.00
89Robert Lee (puzzle 2)Robert Lee-515.00
90David PlattDavid Platt-623.00
91David PlattDavid Platt-431.33
92David PlattDavid Platt-531.67
93David Platt (puzzle 1)David Platt-431.33
94David Platt (puzzle 2)David Platt-331.00
95Darren AndertonDarren Anderton-541.25
96Darren AndertonDarren Anderton-422.00
97Darren AndertonDarren Anderton-541.25
98Darren Anderton (puzzle 1)Darren Anderton-522.50
99Darren Anderton (puzzle 2)Darren Anderton-422.00
100Steve McManamanSteve McManaman-431.33
101Steve McManamanSteve McManaman-441.00
102Steve McManamanSteve McManaman-431.33
103Steve McManaman (puzzle 1)Steve McManaman-531.67
104Steve McManaman (puzzle 2)Steve McManaman-431.33
105Steven StoneSteven Stone-515.00
106Steven StoneSteven Stone-441.00
107Steven StoneSteven Stone-522.50
108Steven Stone (puzzle 1)Steven Stone-441.00
109Steven Stone (puzzle 2)Steven Stone-422.00
110Dennis WiseDennis Wise-414.00
111Dennis WiseDennis Wise-313.00
112Dennis WiseDennis Wise-422.00
113Dennis Wise (puzzle 1)Dennis Wise-221.00
114Dennis Wise (puzzle 2)Dennis Wise-422.00
115Nick BarmbyNick Barmby-414.00
116Nick BarmbyNick Barmby-422.00
117Nick BarmbyNick Barmby-414.00
118Nick Barmby (puzzle 1)Nick Barmby-522.50
119Nick Barmby (puzzle 2)Nick Barmby-431.33
120Les FerdinandLes Ferdinand-515.00
121Les FerdinandLes Ferdinand-230.67
122Les FerdinandLes Ferdinand-221.00
123Les Ferdinand (puzzle 1)Les Ferdinand-623.00
124Les Ferdinand (puzzle 2)Les Ferdinand-212.00
125Teddy SheringhamTeddy Sheringham-414.00
126Teddy SheringhamTeddy Sheringham-414.00
127Teddy SheringhamTeddy Sheringham-331.00
128Teddy Sheringham (puzzle 1)Teddy Sheringham-422.00
129Teddy Sheringham (puzzle 2)Teddy Sheringham-505.00
130Alan ShearerAlan Shearer-422.00
131Alan ShearerAlan Shearer-414.00
132Alan ShearerAlan Shearer-414.00
133Alan Shearer (puzzle 1)Alan Shearer-313.00
134Alan Shearer (puzzle 2)Alan Shearer-431.33
135Peter BeardsleyPeter Beardsley-414.00
136Peter BeardsleyPeter Beardsley-422.00
137Peter BeardsleyPeter Beardsley-404.00
138Peter Beardsley (puzzle 1)Peter Beardsley-505.00
139Peter Beardsley (puzzle 2)Peter Beardsley-422.00
140John BarnesJohn Barnes-606.00
141John BarnesJohn Barnes-321.50
142John BarnesJohn Barnes-422.00
143John Barnes (puzzle 1)John Barnes-321.50
144John Barnes (puzzle 2)John Barnes-404.00
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