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Panini England 2018. Adrenalyn XL

Panini England 2018. Adrenalyn XL

Year: 2018
Total cards: 134

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 65 / completed: 16


1Joe HartEnglandTeam Mate / Home7310.23
2Jack ButlandEnglandTeam Mate / Home7300.23
3Jordan PickfordEnglandTeam Mate / Home8310.26
4Tom HeatonEnglandTeam Mate / Home12230.52
5Kyle WalkerEnglandTeam Mate / Home10340.29
6Kieron TrippierEnglandTeam Mate / Home10310.32
7Joe GomezEnglandTeam Mate / Home7310.23
8Gary CahillEnglandTeam Mate / Home8530.15
9Phil JonesEnglandTeam Mate / Home9240.38
10John StonesEnglandTeam Mate / Home7310.23
11Chris SmallingEnglandTeam Mate / Home13330.39
12Harry MaguireEnglandTeam Mate / Home8310.26
13Michael KeaneEnglandTeam Mate / Home12240.50
14Danny RoseEnglandTeam Mate / Home10270.37
15Ryan BertrandEnglandTeam Mate / Home11280.39
16Aaron CresswellEnglandTeam Mate / Home8280.29
17Harry WinksEnglandTeam Mate / Home9270.33
18Eric DierEnglandTeam Mate / Home12310.39
19Jordan HendersonEnglandTeam Mate / Home10320.31
20Jake LivermoreEnglandTeam Mate / Home9310.29
21Ruben Loftus-CheekEnglandTeam Mate / Home6370.16
22Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainEnglandTeam Mate / Home8390.21
23Adam LallanaEnglandTeam Mate / Home11280.39
24Jesse LingardEnglandTeam Mate / Home7280.25
25Dele AlliEnglandTeam Mate / Home9330.27
26Raheem SterlingEnglandTeam Mate / Home7330.21
27Ashley YoungEnglandTeam Mate / Home10280.36
28Jack WilshireEnglandTeam Mate / Home9290.31
29Jermain DefoeEnglandTeam Mate / Home10300.33
30Jamie VardyEnglandTeam Mate / Home9280.32
31Tammy AbrahamEnglandTeam Mate / Home13310.42
32Harry KaneEnglandTeam Mate / Home12280.43
33Marcus RashfordEnglandTeam Mate / Home11300.37
34Dominic SolankeEnglandTeam Mate / Home9300.30
35Danny WelbeckEnglandTeam Mate / Home7380.18
36Joe HartEnglandTeam Mate / Away7390.18
37Jack ButlandEnglandTeam Mate / Away9230.39
38Jordan PickfordEnglandTeam Mate / Away12240.50
39Tom HeatonEnglandTeam Mate / Away13260.50
40Fraser ForsterEnglandTeam Mate / Away11310.35
41Kyle WalkerEnglandTeam Mate / Away7340.21
42Kieron TrippierEnglandTeam Mate / Away7340.21
43Joe GomezEnglandTeam Mate / Away9360.25
44Gary CahillEnglandTeam Mate / Away11270.41
45Phil JonesEnglandTeam Mate / Away8370.22
46John StonesEnglandTeam Mate / Away9270.33
47Chris SmallingEnglandTeam Mate / Away7330.21
48Harry MaguireEnglandTeam Mate / Away8510.16
49Michael KeaneEnglandTeam Mate / Away10250.40
50Danny RoseEnglandTeam Mate / Away7320.22
51Ryan BertrandEnglandTeam Mate / Away12270.44
52Eric DierEnglandTeam Mate / Away9300.30
53Jordan HendersonEnglandTeam Mate / Away11280.39
54Jake LivermoreEnglandTeam Mate / Away9320.28
55Ruben Loftus-CheekEnglandTeam Mate / Away8270.30
56Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainEnglandTeam Mate / Away9320.28
57Adam LallanaEnglandTeam Mate / Away13250.52
58Jesse LingardEnglandTeam Mate / Away9280.32
59Delli AlliEnglandTeam Mate / Away8340.24
60Raheem SterlingEnglandTeam Mate / Away7360.19
61Jack CorkEnglandTeam Mate / Away12360.33
62Jack WilshireEnglandTeam Mate / Away9310.29
63Jamie VardyEnglandTeam Mate / Away12270.44
64Tammy AbrahamEnglandTeam Mate / Away13270.48
65Harry KaneEnglandTeam Mate / Away7260.27
66Marcus RashfordEnglandTeam Mate / Away13310.42
67Daniel SturridgeEnglandTeam Mate / Away10300.33
68Danny WelbeckEnglandTeam Mate / Away9300.30
69Nick PopeEnglandTeam Mate / Training6300.20
70Alfie MawsonEnglandTeam Mate / Training7340.21
71James TarkowskiEnglandTeam Mate / Training10260.38
72Ben GibsonEnglandTeam Mate / Training10310.32
73Lewis CookEnglandTeam Mate / Training8270.30
74Nathaniel ChalobahEnglandTeam Mate / Training9290.31
75Jesse LingardEnglandTeam Mate / Training8230.35
76Jake LivermoreEnglandTeam Mate / Training14290.48
77Danny WelbeckEnglandTeam Mate / Training10270.37
78Jack ButlandEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit12310.39
79Jordan PickfordEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit9330.27
80Kyle WalkerEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit10320.31
81Kieron TrippierEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit7330.21
82Joe GomezEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit8370.22
83John StonesEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit8260.31
84Harry MaguireEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit9320.28
85James TarkowskiEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit8360.22
86Danny RoseEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit7320.22
87Eric DierEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit12310.39
88Jordan HendersonEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit16300.53
89Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit12270.44
90Adam LallanaEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit10210.48
91Jesse LingardEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit12330.36
92Dele AlliEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit11280.39
93Raheem SterlingEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit9280.32
94Ashley YoungEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit9330.27
95Lewis CookEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit7390.18
96Jamie VardyEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit13280.46
97Marcus RashfordEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit10310.32
98Danny WelbeckEnglandTeam Mate / New Home Kit9320.28
99Gareth SouthgateEnglandManager14200.70
100Phil JonesEnglandDefensive Rock11340.32
101Gary CahillEnglandDefensive Rock11270.41
102Kyle WalkerEnglandDefensive Rock12360.33
103John StonesEnglandDefensive Rock11280.39
104Dele AlliEnglandMidfield Master11250.44
105Eric DierEnglandMidfield Master12330.36
106Jack WilshereEnglandMidfield Master15290.52
107Harry KaneEnglandSuper Striker12270.44
108Marcus RashfordEnglandSuper Striker10350.29
109Joe HartEnglandGoal Stopper2764.50
110Jack ButlandEnglandGoal Stopper23121.92
111Danny Rose / Chris Smalling / Harry Maguire / Kieran TrippierEnglandPower 42254.40
112Adam Lallana / Raheem Sterling / Jamie Vardy / Tammy AbrahamEnglandPower 418141.29
113Jordan PickfordEnglandRising Star2673.71
114Joe GomezEnglandRising Star14180.78
115Ruben Loftus-CheekEnglandRising Star2583.13
116Marcus RashfordEnglandRising Star17131.31
117Adam LallanaEnglandGame Changer3456.80
118Raheem SterlingEnglandGame Changer3365.50
119Phil Jones / John StonesEnglandDouble Trouble2883.50
120Jesse Lingard / Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainEnglandDouble Trouble2746.75
121Jamie Vardy / Dominic SolankeEnglandDouble Trouble3056.00
122Kyle WalkerEnglandIcon2564.17
123Jordan HendersonEnglandIcon3293.56
124Harry KaneEnglandIcon3256.40
125Gary CahillEnglandTop Master41220.50
126Harry KaneEnglandInvincible37218.50
LE-DADele AlliEnglandLimited Edition31215.50
LE-EDEric DierEnglandLimited Edition2755.40
LE-JHJordan HendersonEnglandLimited Edition34311.33
LE-JLJesse LingardEnglandLimited Edition38138.00
LE-JVJamie VardyEnglandLimited Edition2464.00
LE-KWKyle WalkerEnglandLimited Edition2646.50
LE-MRMarcus RashfordEnglandLimited Edition2392.56
LE-RSRaheem SterlingEnglandLimited Edition2072.86
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