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Panini UEFA Euro Poland-Ukraine 2012. Event Kick Off

Panini UEFA Euro Poland-Ukraine 2012. Event Kick Off

Year: 2012
Total stickers: 220

"EURO 2012 EVENT KICK OFF" official sticker album "Tournament Edition".

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 120 / completed: 111


1Official AlbumHall Of FameGlitter11260.42
2Official LogoHall Of FameGlitter8220.36
3Official MascotHall Of FameGlitter9230.39
4Official SloganHall Of FameGlitter11190.58
5PolandTeam BadgeGlitter10170.59
6UkraineTeam BadgeGlitter13220.59
7Czech RepublicTeam BadgeGlitter11260.42
8DenmarkTeam BadgeGlitter14190.74
9GermanyTeam BadgeGlitter16210.76
10EnglandTeam BadgeGlitter7270.26
11SpainTeam BadgeGlitter7250.28
12FranceTeam BadgeGlitter6250.24
13GreeceTeam BadgeGlitter8260.31
14CroatiaTeam BadgeGlitter11120.92
15ItalyTeam BadgeGlitter21121.75
16NetherlandsTeam BadgeGlitter11180.61
17PortugalTeam BadgeGlitter12210.57
18IrelandTeam BadgeGlitter12190.63
19RussiaTeam BadgeGlitter11200.55
20SwedenTeam BadgeGlitter10240.42
21Damien PerquisGroupe Stage A POL - GRE-5200.25
22Vasilis TorosidisGroupe Stage A POL - GRE-5250.20
23Jakub BlaszczykowskiGroupe Stage A POL - GRE-8270.30
24Giorgos KaragounisGroupe Stage A POL - GRE-8170.47
25Robert LewandowskiGroupe Stage A POL - GRE-20181.11
26Giorgos FotakisGroupe Stage A POL - GRE-6280.21
27Alan DzagoevGroupe Stage A RUS - CZE-8220.36
28Michal KadlecGroupe Stage A RUS - CZE-7280.25
29Andrey ArshavinGroupe Stage A RUS - CZE-8280.29
30Jaroslav PlasilGroupe Stage A RUS - CZE-6220.27
31Aleksandr KerzhakovGroupe Stage A RUS - CZE-8170.47
32Milan PetrzelaGroupe Stage A RUS - CZE-4270.15
33Gregory van der WielGroupe Stage B NED - DEN-7240.29
34Lars JacobsenGroupe Stage B NED - DEN-7290.24
35Arjen RobbenGroupe Stage B NED - DEN-9230.39
36Thomas SorensenGroupe Stage B NED - DEN-10220.45
37Kevin StrootmanGroupe Stage B NED - DEN-6310.19
38Christian PoulsenGroupe Stage B NED - DEN-8180.44
39Per MertesackerGroupe Stage B GER - POR-9310.29
40Ricardo QuaresmaGroupe Stage B GER - POR-5310.16
41Miroslav KloseGroupe Stage B GER - POR-13160.81
42Cristiano RonaldoGroupe Stage B GER - POR-35122.92
43Mario GotzeGroupe Stage B GER - POR-13210.62
44Raul MeirelesGroupe Stage B GER - POR-8230.35
45Sergio RamosGroupe Stage C ESP - ITA-12230.52
46Sebastian GiovincoGroupe Stage C ESP - ITA-12170.71
47David SilvaGroupe Stage C ESP - ITA-9270.33
48Andrea PirloGroupe Stage C ESP - ITA-13200.65
49Juan MataGroupe Stage C ESP - ITA-9280.32
50Christian MaggioGroupe Stage C ESP - ITA-9200.45
51Sean St. LedgerGroupe Stage C IRL - CRO-9230.39
52Vedran CorlukaGroupe Stage C IRL - CRO-10230.43
53Damien DuffGroupe Stage C IRL - CRO-4300.13
54Luka ModricGroupe Stage C IRL - CRO-14190.74
55Aiden McGeadyGroupe Stage C IRL - CRO-8240.33
56Mario MandzukicGroupe Stage C IRL - CRO-10190.53
57Olivier GiroudGroupe Stage D FRA - ENG-7260.27
58Ashley ColeGroupe Stage D FRA - ENG-6220.27
59Yann M'VilaGroupe Stage D FRA - ENG-5290.17
60Steven GerrardGroupe Stage D FRA - ENG-10200.50
61Patrice EvraGroupe Stage D FRA - ENG-10220.45
62Danny WelbeckGroupe Stage D FRA - ENG-5270.19
63Artem FedetskiyGroupe Stage D UKR - SWE-6260.23
64Pontus WernbloomGroupe Stage D UKR - SWE-7220.32
65Oleh GusevGroupe Stage D UKR - SWE-5260.19
66Sebastian LarssonGroupe Stage D UKR - SWE-4250.16
67Artem MilevskiyGroupe Stage D UKR - SWE-6220.27
68Andreas GranqvistGroupe Stage D UKR - SWE-5220.23
69Jose HolebasGroupe Stage A GRE - CZE-3410.07
70Daniel KolarGroupe Stage A GRE - CZE-5460.11
71Giorgos SamarasGroupe Stage A GRE - CZE-6240.25
72Milan BarosGroupe Stage A GRE - CZE-5250.20
73Sokratis PapastathopoulosGroupe Stage A GRE - CZE-3420.07
74Theodor Gebre SelassieGroupe Stage A GRE - CZE-4470.09
75Rafal MurawskiGroupe Stage A POL - RUS-5250.20
76Pavel PogrebnyakGroupe Stage A POL - RUS-6310.19
77Ludovic ObraniakGroupe Stage A POL - RUS-8250.32
78Sergei IgnashevichGroupe Stage A POL - RUS-9230.39
79Marcin WasilewskiGroupe Stage A POL - RUS-9250.36
80Roman ShirokovGroupe Stage A POL - RUS-4270.15
81Nicklas BendtnerGroupe Stage B DEN - POR-8200.40
82Helder PostigaGroupe Stage B DEN - POR-6190.32
83Dennis RommedahlGroupe Stage B DEN - POR-9240.38
84Fabio CoentraoGroupe Stage B DEN - POR-7310.23
85Michael Krohn-DehliGroupe Stage B DEN - POR-7220.32
86João MoutinhoGroupe Stage B DEN - POR-5220.23
87Rafael van der VaartGroupe Stage B NED - GER-12200.60
88Holger BadstuberGroupe Stage B NED - GER-11250.44
89Dirk KuytGroupe Stage B NED - GER-6250.24
90Mesut OzilGroupe Stage B NED - GER-9230.39
91John HeitingaGroupe Stage B NED - GER-5330.15
92Mats HummelsGroupe Stage B NED - GER-8200.40
93Giampaolo PazziniGroupe Stage C ITA - CRO-6230.26
94Ivan RakiticGroupe Stage C ITA - CRO-9180.50
95Daniele De RossiGroupe Stage C ITA - CRO-14210.67
96Darijo SrnaGroupe Stage C ITA - CRO-10250.40
97Claudio MarchisioGroupe Stage C ITA - CRO-11200.55
98Ivan PerisicGroupe Stage C ITA - CRO-12250.48
99Carles PuyolGroupe Stage C ESP - IRL-11170.65
100Richard DunneGroupe Stage C ESP - IRL-8190.42
101Cesc FabregasGroupe Stage C ESP - IRL-15200.75
102Robbie KeaneGroupe Stage C ESP - IRL-6290.21
103Xabi AlonsoGroupe Stage C ESP - IRL-15260.58
104Glenn WhelanGroupe Stage C ESP - IRL-7200.35
105Olexandr KucherGroupe Stage D UKR - FRA-8250.32
106Samir NasriGroupe Stage D UKR - FRA-4270.15
107Andriy VoroninGroupe Stage D UKR - FRA-8200.40
108Franck RibéryGroupe Stage D UKR - FRA-6220.27
109Yevhen KonoplyankaGroupe Stage D UKR - FRA-9220.41
110Loic RemyGroupe Stage D UKR - FRA-7280.25
111Anders SvenssonGroupe Stage D SWE - ENG-7260.27
112Frank LampardGroupe Stage D SWE - ENG-9230.39
113Olof MellbergGroupe Stage D SWE - ENG-9250.36
114Wayne RooneyGroupe Stage D SWE - ENG-7230.30
115Johan ElmanderGroupe Stage D SWE - ENG-9180.50
116Rio FerdinandGroupe Stage D SWE - ENG-8180.44
117Tomas HubschmanGroupe Stage A CZE - POL-9250.36
118Slawomir PeszkoGroupe Stage A CZE - POL-9230.39
119Petr CechGroupe Stage A CZE - POL-10240.42
120Arkadiusz GlowackiGroupe Stage A CZE - POL-9280.32
121Vaclav PilarGroupe Stage A CZE - POL-9190.47
122Pawel BrozekGroupe Stage A CZE - POL-7210.33
123Dimitris SalpingidisGroupe Stage A GRE - RUS-6240.25
124Aleksandr AnyukovGroupe Stage A GRE - RUS-8230.35
125Kostas KatsouranisGroupe Stage A GRE - RUS-7240.29
126Konstantin ZyryanovGroupe Stage A GRE - RUS-5280.18
127Kyriakos PapadopoulosGroupe Stage A GRE - RUS-5290.17
128Yuri ZhirkovGroupe Stage A GRE - RUS-7270.26
129Miguel VelosoGroupe Stage B POR - NED-8220.36
130Joris MathijsenGroupe Stage B POR - NED-6210.29
131NaniGroupe Stage B POR - NED-9210.43
132Wesley SneijderGroupe Stage B POR - NED-11160.69
133Rui PatricioGroupe Stage B POR - NED-6270.22
134Ibrahim AfellayGroupe Stage B POR - NED-9180.50
135Simon KjaerGroupe Stage B DEN - GER-7180.39
136Marco ReusGroupe Stage B DEN - GER-9230.39
137Christian EriksenGroupe Stage B DEN - GER-9290.31
138Philipp LahmGroupe Stage B DEN - GER-8260.31
139Michael SilberbauerGroupe Stage B DEN - GER-10240.42
140Lukas PodolskiGroupe Stage B DEN - GER-10250.40
141Dejan LovrenGroupe Stage C CRO - ESP-8240.33
142Fernando LlorenteGroupe Stage C CRO - ESP-9230.39
143Niko KranjcarGroupe Stage C CRO - ESP-12190.63
144Sergio BusquetsGroupe Stage C CRO - ESP-8230.35
145Nikica JelavicGroupe Stage C CRO - ESP-8170.47
146Jesus NavasGroupe Stage C CRO - ESP-10150.67
147Riccardo MontolivoGroupe Stage C ITA - IRL-9270.33
148Keith AndrewsGroupe Stage C ITA - IRL-6240.25
149Thiago MottaGroupe Stage C ITA - IRL-6240.25
150Shay GivenGroupe Stage C ITA - IRL-4270.15
151Andrea BarzagliGroupe Stage C ITA - IRL-13111.18
152Kevin DoyleGroupe Stage C ITA - IRL-9260.35
153Gary CahillGroupe Stage D ENG - UKR-5410.12
154Andriy YarmolenkoGroupe Stage D ENG - UKR-5510.10
155Ashley YoungGroupe Stage D ENG - UKR-8190.42
156Andriy ShevchenkoGroupe Stage D ENG - UKR-8290.28
157Theo WalcottGroupe Stage D ENG - UKR-4450.09
158Marko DevićGroupe Stage D ENG - UKR-6350.17
159Ola ToivonenGroupe Stage D SWE - FRA-8200.40
160Florent MaloudaGroupe Stage D SWE - FRA-7260.27
161Kim KallstromGroupe Stage D SWE - FRA-6280.21
162Philippe MexesGroupe Stage D SWE - FRA-5210.24
163Andreas IsakssonGroupe Stage D SWE - FRA-11220.50
164Jérémy MénezGroupe Stage D SWE - FRA-8190.42
165Gianluigi BuffonImpenetrable-23112.09
166Iker CasillasImpenetrable-9260.35
167Petr CechImpenetrable-5240.21
168Manuel NeuerImpenetrable-11190.58
169Maarten StekelenburgImpenetrable-6280.21
170Daniel AggerInsuperable-6260.23
171Giorgio ChielliniInsuperable-14250.56
172John O'SheaInsuperable-8260.31
174Gerard PiqueInsuperable-12150.80
175Andres IniestaIndispensable-14200.70
176Andrea PirloIndispensable-13131.00
177Bastian SchweinsteigerIndispensable-8260.31
178Mark van BommelIndispensable-8190.42
179Xavi HernandezIndispensable-11160.69
180Christian EriksenInspiring-6250.24
181Luka ModricInspiring-16161.00
182Mesut OzilInspiring-11230.48
183Franck RibéryInspiring-9230.39
184Wesley SneijderInspiring-9270.33
185Karim BenzemaScorers-7260.27
186Mario BalotelliScorers-9170.53
187Cristiano RonaldoScorers-3784.63
188Mario GomezScorers-9230.39
189Klaas Jan HuntelaarScorers-8280.29
190Zlatan IbrahimovicScorers-29122.42
191Thomas MullerScorers-6280.21
192Wayne RooneyScorers-6320.19
193Andriy ShevchenkoScorers-6350.17
194Fernando TorresScorers-8320.25
195Robin van PersieScorers-7320.22
196Dennis AogoLast Minute-9420.21
197Sebastian BoenischLast Minute-7230.30
198Fabio BoriniLast Minute-10140.71
199Mathieu DebuchyLast Minute-7270.26
200Urby EmanuelsonLast Minute-9190.47
201Manuel FernandesLast Minute-5290.17
202Thiago AlcantaraLast Minute-10250.40
203Ireneusz JelenLast Minute-6210.29
204Aleksandr KokorinLast Minute-9240.38
205Orestis KarnezisLast Minute-7220.32
206Antonio NocerinoLast Minute-8230.35
207Roberto SoldadoLast Minute-7250.28
208Vladimir GabulovLast Minute-7220.32
209Chris SmallingLast Minute-6380.16
210David LimberskyLast Minute-6450.13
211Iker MuniainLast Minute-7400.18
212Nelson OliveiraLast Minute-3410.07
213Giacinto FacchettiEuropean Legends-10280.36
214Giacinto FacchettiEuropean Legends-12140.86
215Teddy SheringhamEuropean Legends-7310.23
216Teddy SheringhamEuropean Legends-5200.25
217Oliver BierhoffEuropean Legends-13170.76
218Oliver BierhoffEuropean Legends-7260.27
219Rui CostaEuropean Legends-9210.43
220Rui CostaEuropean Legends-10220.45
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