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Panini Euro Football 1998-1999

Panini Euro Football 1998-1999

Year: 1999
Total stickers: 240

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collecting: 51 / completed: 28


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1Real Madrid - Team sticker (puzzle 1)Champion League Champions 1997-98-651.20
2Real Madrid - Team Sticker (puzzle 2)Champion League Champions 1997-98-861.33
3Real Madrid - Team sticker (puzzle 3)Champion League Champions 1997-98-933.00
4Real Madrid - Team sticker (puzzle 4)Champion League Champions 1997-98-531.67
5Inter Milan - Team sticker (puzzle 1)Champion UEFA Cup 1997-98-981.13
6Inter Milan - Team sticker (puzzle 2)Champion UEFA Cup 1997-98-670.86
7Inter Milan - Team sticker (puzzle 3)Champion UEFA Cup 1997-98-771.00
8Inter Milan - Team sticker (puzzle 4)Champion UEFA Cup 1997-98-842.00
9Rudolfus Hubertus HespBarcelona / League Champions-632.00
10Sergi BarjuanBarcelona / League Champions-1427.00
11Phillip CocuBarcelona / League Champions-751.40
12FigoBarcelona / League Champions-1252.40
13GiovanniBarcelona / League Champions-951.80
14Josep GuardiolaBarcelona / League Champions-942.25
15Luis Enrique MartinezBarcelona / League Champions-961.50
16RivaldoBarcelona / League Champions-1543.75
17Oliver KahnBayern Munchen / League Champions-1042.50
18Thomas HelmerBayern Munchen / League Champions-1234.00
19Lothar MatthausBayern Munchen / League Champions-1052.00
20Mario BaslerBayern Munchen / League Champions-1152.20
21Stefan EffenbergBayern Munchen / League Champions-1142.75
22Jens JeremiesBayern Munchen / League Champions-632.00
23Bixente LizarazuBayern Munchen / League Champions-961.50
24Giovane ElberBayern Munchen / League Champions-541.25
25Tjorven De BrulBrugge / League Champions-741.75
26Eric AddoBrugge / League Champions-1061.67
27Darko AnicBrugge / League Champions-522.50
28Gert ClaessensBrugge / League Champions-340.75
29Franky van Der ElstBrugge / League Champions-741.75
30Khalilou FadigaBrugge / League Champions-890.89
31Edgaras JankauskasBrugge / League Champions-871.14
32Gert VerheyenBrugge / League Champions-1061.67
33Tommy BoydCeltic / League Champions-651.20
34Jackie McNamaraCeltic / League Champions-780.88
35Marc RieperCeltic / League Champions-680.75
36Alan StubbsCeltic / League Champions-450.80
37Craig BurleyCeltic / League Champions-761.17
38Morten WieghorstCeltic / League Champions-5120.42
39Regi BlinkerCeltic / League Champions-732.33
40Henrik LarssonCeltic / League Champions-1142.75
41Gianluca PagliucaInter / League Champions-1252.40
42Giuseppe BergomiInter / League Champions-1081.25
43Youri DjorkaeffInter / League Champions-1343.25
44Diego Pablo SimeoneInter / League Champions-1271.71
45Javier Adelmar ZanettiInter / League Champions-1443.50
46Roberto BaggioInter / League Champions-1553.00
47RonaldoInter / League Champions-2036.67
48Iván ZamoranoInter / League Champions-1042.50
49Angelo PeruzziJuventus / League Champions-1234.00
50Ciro FerraraJuventus / League Champions-1152.20
51Paolo MonteroJuventus / League Champions-1161.83
52Edgar DavidsJuventus / League Champions-1243.00
53Didier DeschampsJuventus / League Champions-1243.00
54Zinedine ZidaneJuventus / League Champions-1262.00
55Allessandro Del PieroJuventus / League Champions-1744.25
56Filippo InzaghiJuventus / League Champions-1133.67
57Samir IbrahimKaiserslautern / League Champions-1061.67
58Hany RamzyKaiserslautern / League Champions-951.80
59Michael SchjonbergKaiserslautern / League Champions-933.00
60RatinhoKaiserslautern / League Champions-780.88
61Ciriaco SforzaKaiserslautern / League Champions-842.00
62Martin WagnerKaiserslautern / League Champions-761.17
63Olaf MarschallKaiserslautern / League Champions-942.25
64Marco ReichKaiserslautern / League Champions-1142.75
65Guillaume WarmuzLens / League Champions-861.33
66Frederic DehuLens / League Champions-651.20
67Cyrille MagnierLens / League Champions-851.60
68Eric SikoraLens / League Champions-1243.00
69Alexander NyarkoLens / League Champions-1025.00
70Pascal NoumaLens / League Champions-842.00
71Vladimir SmicerLens / League Champions-641.50
72Tony VairellesLens / League Champions-670.86
73Michel Preud'HommeBenfica / League Champions-771.00
74Paulo MadeiraBenfica / League Champions-1252.40
75Karel PoborskýBenfica / League Champions-861.33
76Joao PintoBenfica / League Champions-933.00
77Boguslaw WyparloL.K.S. Lodz / League Champions-450.80
78Witold BendkowskiL.K.S. Lodz / League Champions-560.83
79Rafal NiznikL.K.S. Lodz / League Champions-871.14
80Tomasz WieszczyckiL.K.S. Lodz / League Champions-851.60
81Sylvain KastendeuchMetz / League Champions-541.25
82Sebastien SchemmelMetz / League Champions-551.00
83Danny BoffinMetz / League Champions-780.88
84Christophe Le GrixMetz / League Champions-1042.50
85Frederic MeyrieuMetz / League Champions-991.00
86Franck RizzettoMetz / League Champions-1033.33
87Vladan LukicMetz / League Champions-560.83
88Bruno RodriguezMetz / League Champions-641.50
89Kyriakos TohouroglouOlympiakos / League Champions-951.80
90Stelios GiannakopoulosOlympiakos / League Champions-580.63
91Ilija IvicOlympiakos / League Champions-321.50
92Peter Ofori-QuayeOlympiakos / League Champions-541.25
93Thanassis KolitsidakisPanathinaikos / League Champions-632.00
94Kostas KonstantinidisPanathinaikos / League Champions-441.00
95Eric MyklandPanathinaikos / League Champions-670.86
96Alexis AlexoudisPanathinaikos / League Champions-851.60
97Ivica KraljPorto / League Champions-761.17
98Jorge CostaPorto / League Champions-661.00
99SecretarioPorto / League Champions-851.60
100CapuchoPorto / League Champions-1025.00
101Paulinho SantosPorto / League Champions-1133.67
102Rui BarrosPorto / League Champions-560.83
103Ljubinko DrulovicPorto / League Champions-951.80
104JardelPorto / League Champions-981.13
105Fernando HierroReal Madrid / League Champions-771.00
106Roberto CarlosReal Madrid / League Champions-961.50
107Christian KarembeuReal Madrid / League Champions-1061.67
108Fernando Carlos RedondoReal Madrid / League Champions-942.25
109Clarence SeedorfReal Madrid / League Champions-1033.33
110Predrag MijatovicReal Madrid / League Champions-951.80
111Fernando MorientesReal Madrid / League Champions-632.00
112Raul GonzalezReal Madrid / League Champions-1152.20
113Tomas PostulkaSparta Praha / League Champions-641.50
114Tomas VotavaSparta Praha / League Champions-851.60
115Miroslav BaranekSparta Praha / League Champions-824.00
116Martin CizekSparta Praha / League Champions-861.33
117Martin HasekSparta Praha / League Champions-741.75
118Pavel NovotnySparta Praha / League Champions-470.57
119Vratislav LokvencSparta Praha / League Champions-1042.50
120Horst SieglSparta Praha / League Champions-641.50
121Franco FodaSturm Graz / League Champions-851.60
122Didier AngibeaudSturm Graz / League Champions-431.33
123Roman ManlichSturm Graz / League Champions-741.75
124Gunther NeukirchnerSturm Graz / League Champions-751.40
125Hannes ReinmayrSturm Graz / League Champions-10110.00
126Marcus SchoppSturm Graz / League Champions-632.00
127Mario HaasSturm Graz / League Champions-680.75
128Ivica VasticSturm Graz / League Champions-924.50
129Miodrag BelodediciSteaua Bucuresti / League Champions-933.00
130Dennis Georgian SerbanSteaua Bucuresti / League Champions-761.17
131Ionel Daniel DanciulescuSteaua Bucuresti / League Champions-924.50
132Marius Mihal LacatusSteaua Bucuresti / League Champions-961.50
133Kristian LaferlaValletta / League Champions-751.40
134Nicholas SalibaValletta / League Champions-971.29
135Hubert SudaValletta / League Champions-751.40
136Joe ZarbValletta / League Champions-832.67
137Domenico OlivieriGenk / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-751.40
138Thordur GudjonssonGenk / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-771.00
139Souleymane OulareGenk / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-924.50
140Branko StruparGenk / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-560.83
141Milan FukalJablonec / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-842.00
142Robert NeumannJablonec / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-851.60
143Pavel PenickaJablonec / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-924.50
144Radim HolubJablonec / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1052.00
145Luca MarchegianiLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1081.25
146Sinisa MihajlovicLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1628.00
147Paolo NegroLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1234.00
148Sergio ConceicaoLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1033.33
149Ivan De la PenaLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-971.29
150Pavel NedvedLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-871.14
151Roberto ManciniLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1133.67
152Marcelo SalasLazio / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1042.50
153Igor ChugainovLokomotiv Moskva / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1061.67
154Andrej SolomatinLokomotiv Moskva / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-851.60
155Evgenij KharlachevLokomotiv Moskva / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-551.00
156Dmitrij LoskovLokomotiv Moskva / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1181.38
157Manolis MitsopoulosPanionios / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-741.75
158Kent BergerssenPanionios / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1033.33
159Dimitris BougasPanionios / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-732.33
160Dimitris NalitzisPanionios / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1326.50
161Bernard LamaParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-861.33
162Didier DomiParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-751.40
163Bruno CarottiParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-861.33
164Yann LachuerParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1133.67
165Jerome LeroyParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1142.75
166AdailtonParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-851.60
167Patrice LokoParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1042.50
168Nicolas OuedecParis Saint-Germain / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-832.67
169Vuk RasovicPartizan / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-480.50
170Sasa IlicPartizan / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-761.17
171Goran TrbokPartizan / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-580.63
172Nenad BjekovicPartizan / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-570.71
173Cristian Alexandru DulcaRapid Bucuresti / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-632.00
174Zeno BundeaRapid Bucuresti / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-490.44
175Ovidiu MaierRapid Bucuresti / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-842.00
176Daniel PancuRapid Bucuresti / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-832.67
177Mladen DabanovicRudar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-661.00
178Danijel BrezicRudar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-741.75
179Jernej JavornikRudar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-670.86
180Zoran PavlovicRudar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-661.00
181Saso JanevVardar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-824.00
182Nikola AvramovskiVardar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-641.50
183Ilco DordioskiVardar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-321.50
184Goran KaradzovVardar / UEFA Cup Winners Cup-1052.00
185Yannis KalitzakisA.E.K. / UEFA Cup-842.00
186Haris KopitsisA.E.K. / UEFA Cup-871.14
187Nikos KostenoglouA.E.K. / UEFA Cup-933.00
188Toni SavevskiA.E.K. / UEFA Cup-661.00
189Bertrand CrassonAnderlecht / UEFA Cup-924.50
190Vincenzo ScifoAnderlecht / UEFA Cup-942.25
191Par ZetterbergAnderlecht / UEFA Cup-1033.33
192Tomasz RadzinskiAnderlecht / UEFA Cup-1071.43
193Bogdan Arges VintilaArges Pitesti / UEFA Cup-951.80
194Remus Ion GalmenceaArges Pitesti / UEFA Cup-741.75
195Constantin SchumacherArges Pitesti / UEFA Cup-741.75
196Constantin BarbuArges Pitesti / UEFA Cup-641.50
197Dennis CauchiBirkirkara / UEFA Cup-580.63
198Jonathan Magri OverendBirkirkara / UEFA Cup-661.00
199Antoine ZahraBirkirkara / UEFA Cup-1071.43
200Chucks NwokoBirkirkara / UEFA Cup-531.67
201Dragoslav JevricCrvena Zvezda / UEFA Cup-780.88
202Jovan GojkovicCrvena Zvezda / UEFA Cup-741.75
203Perica OgnjenovicCrvena Zvezda / UEFA Cup-1052.00
204Miodrag PantelicCrvena Zvezda / UEFA Cup-832.67
205Mike VerstraetenGerminal Ekeren / UEFA Cup-780.88
206Gunther HofmansGerminal Ekeren / UEFA Cup-641.50
207Manu KaragiannisGerminal Ekeren / UEFA Cup-751.40
208Edwin Van AnkerenGerminal Ekeren / UEFA Cup-1042.50
209Andreas KopkeOlympique de Marseille / UEFA Cup-771.00
210Laurent BlancOlympique de Marseille / UEFA Cup-861.33
211Robert PiresOlympique de Marseille / UEFA Cup-1226.00
212Fabrizio RavanelliOlympique de Marseille / UEFA Cup-732.33
213Dorel Marin BalintOtelul Galati / UEFA Cup-842.00
214Viorel TanaseOtelul Galati / UEFA Cup-780.88
215Valentin StefanOtelul Galati / UEFA Cup-1052.00
216Viorel IonOtelul Galati / UEFA Cup-942.25
217Nikos ArgyriouP.A.O.K. / UEFA Cup-1033.33
218Tassos TassiopoulosP.A.O.K. / UEFA Cup-942.25
219Costas FratzeskosP.A.O.K. / UEFA Cup-842.00
220George ToursounidisP.A.O.K. / UEFA Cup-933.00
221Gianluigi BuffonParma / UEFA Cup-1334.33
222Fabio CannavaroParma / UEFA Cup-851.60
223Juan Sebastian VeronParma / UEFA Cup-842.00
224Enrico ChiesaParma / UEFA Cup-1042.50
225Michael KonselRoma / UEFA Cup-1133.67
226CafuRoma / UEFA Cup-1252.40
227Luigi Di BiagioRoma / UEFA Cup-1061.67
228Francesco TottiRoma / UEFA Cup-1553.00
229Jindrich SkacelSigma Olomouc / UEFA Cup-842.00
230Oldrich MachalaSigma Olomouc / UEFA Cup-1133.67
231Josef MuchaSigma Olomouc / UEFA Cup-832.67
232Radek DrulakSigma Olomouc / UEFA Cup-961.50
233Petr VlcekSlavia Praha / UEFA Cup-1061.67
234Richard DostalekSlavia Praha / UEFA Cup-723.50
235Ivo UlichSlavia Praha / UEFA Cup-1262.00
236Robert VagnerSlavia Praha / UEFA Cup-951.80
237Esad ColakovicSloga Jugomagnat / UEFA Cup-1052.00
238Husein BeganovicSloga Jugomagnat / UEFA Cup-924.50
239Nedzmedin MemediSloga Jugomagnat / UEFA Cup-751.40
240Zoran MiserdovskiSloga Jugomagnat / UEFA Cup-1052.00
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