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Panini FC Barcelona 2010-2011

Panini FC Barcelona 2010-2011

Year: 2011
Total stickers: 180

Coleccion oficial de cromos FC Barcelona 2010-2011

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 39 / completed: 69


2Lo Mejor del Mundo (1 of 2)Masia de Oropuzzle4110.36
3Lo Mejor del Mundo (2 of 2)Masia de Oropuzzle651.20
4Balon de OroMasia de Oro-832.67
5MessiMasia de Oro-780.88
6XaviMasia de Oro-5110.45
7A.IniestaMasia de Oro-570.71
9Guardiola in training (1 of 2)Guardiolapuzzle390.33
10Guardiola in training (2 of 2)Guardiolapuzzle5100.50
11Guardiola (autografo)Guardiola-7110.64
12Guardiola (Serie Oro) (! Maestro !) (1 of 2)Guardiolapuzzle470.57
13Guardiola (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Guardiolapuzzle470.57
15V.Valdes in action (1 of 2)V.Valdespuzzle490.44
16V.Valdes in action (2 of 2)V.Valdespuzzle4100.40
17V.Valdes (autografo)V.Valdes-2210.10
18V.Valdes (Serie Oro) (! Imbatible !) (1 of 2)V.Valdespuzzle4150.27
19V.Valdes (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)V.Valdespuzzle3110.27
21Pinto in action (1 of 2)Pintopuzzle490.44
22Pinto in action (2 of 2)Pintopuzzle4160.25
23Pinto (autografo)Pinto-5140.36
24Pinto (Serie Oro) (! Copero !) (1 of 2)Pintopuzzle6120.50
25Pinto (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Pintopuzzle4130.31
26Dani AlvesDani Alves-5150.33
27Dani Alves in action (1 of 2)Dani Alvespuzzle5110.45
28Dani Alves in action (2 of 2)Dani Alvespuzzle4120.33
29Dani Alves (autografo)Dani Alves-570.71
30Dani Alves (Serie Oro) (! Turbo !) (1 of 2)Dani Alvespuzzle4100.40
31Dani Alves (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Dani Alvespuzzle5110.45
33Puyol in action (1 of 2)Puyolpuzzle580.63
34Puyol in action (2 of 2)Puyolpuzzle5110.45
35Puyol (autografo)Puyol-480.50
36Puyol (Serie Oro) (! Corazon !) (1 of 2)Puyolpuzzle4130.31
37Puyol (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Puyolpuzzle4110.36
39Pique in action (1 of 2)Piquepuzzle370.43
40Pique in action (2 of 2)Piquepuzzle570.71
41Pique (autografo)Pique-842.00
42Pique (Serie Oro) (! Elegancia !) (1 of 2)Piquepuzzle580.63
43Pique (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Piquepuzzle4110.36
45Milito in action (1 of 2)Militopuzzle570.71
46Milito in action (2 of 2)Militopuzzle380.38
47Milito (autografo)Milito-3130.23
48Milito (Serie Oro) (! Colosal !) (1 of 2)Militopuzzle4110.36
49Milito (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Militopuzzle4140.29
51Abidal in action (1 of 2)Abidalpuzzle5150.33
52Abidal in action (2 of 2)Abidalpuzzle6110.55
53Abidal (autografo)Abidal-5160.31
54Abidal (Serie Oro) (! Titan !) (1 of 2)Abidalpuzzle4140.29
55Abidal (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Abidalpuzzle3100.30
57Maxwell in action (1 of 2)Maxwellpuzzle5100.50
58Maxwell in action (2 of 2)Maxwellpuzzle5150.33
59Maxwell (autografo)Maxwell-3150.20
60Maxwell (Serie Oro) (! Centella !) (1 of 2)Maxwellpuzzle5100.50
61Maxwell (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Maxwellpuzzle4120.33
63Adriano in action (1 of 2)Adrianopuzzle5130.38
64Adriano in action (2 of 2)Adrianopuzzle4100.40
65Adriano (autografo)Adriano-3120.25
66Adriano (Serie Oro) (! Emperador !) (1 of 2)Adrianopuzzle5100.50
67Adriano (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Adrianopuzzle4110.36
69Sergio in action (1 of 2)Sergiopuzzle580.63
70Sergio in action (2 of 2)Sergiopuzzle380.38
71Sergio (autografo)Sergio-390.33
72Sergio (Serie Oro) (! Omnipresente !) (1 of 2)Sergiopuzzle690.67
73Sergio (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Sergiopuzzle580.63
75Mascherano in action (1 of 2)Mascheranopuzzle5110.45
76Mascherano in action (2 of 2)Mascheranopuzzle651.20
77Mascherano (autografo)Mascherano-570.71
78Mascherano (Serie Oro) (! Jefecito !) (1 of 2)Mascheranopuzzle5100.50
79Mascherano (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Mascheranopuzzle5140.36
81Keita in action (1 of 2)Keitapuzzle480.50
82Keita in action (2 of 2)Keitapuzzle4110.36
83Keita (autografo)Keita-5100.50
84Keita (Serie Oro) (! Diamante !) (1 of 2)Keitapuzzle4110.36
85Keita (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Keitapuzzle4150.27
87Xavi in action (1 of 2)Xavipuzzle551.00
88Xavi in action (2 of 2)Xavipuzzle570.71
89Xavi (autografo)Xavi-460.67
90Xavi (Serie Oro) (! Metronomo !) (1 of 2)Xavipuzzle5100.50
91Xavi (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Xavipuzzle661.00
93A.Iniesta in action (1 of 2)A.Iniestapuzzle370.43
94A.Iniesta in action (2 of 2)A.Iniestapuzzle580.63
95A.Iniesta (autografo)A.Iniesta-5100.50
96A.Iniesta (Serie Oro) (! Jugon !) (1 of 2)A.Iniestapuzzle5100.50
97A.Iniesta (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)A.Iniestapuzzle7100.70
99Afellay in action (1 of 2)Afellaypuzzle690.67
100Afellay in action (2 of 2)Afellaypuzzle5110.45
101Afellay (autografo)Afellay-2120.17
102Afellay (Serie Oro) (! Vertical !) (1 of 2)Afellaypuzzle4120.33
103Afellay (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Afellaypuzzle6150.40
105Thiago in action (1 of 2)Thiagopuzzle670.86
106Thiago in action (2 of 2)Thiagopuzzle6140.43
107Thiago (autografo)Thiago-7100.70
108Thiago (Serie Oro) (! Artista !) (1 of 2)Thiagopuzzle5120.42
109Thiago (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Thiagopuzzle5130.38
111Jeffren in action (1 of 2)Jeffrenpuzzle570.71
112Jeffren in action (2 of 2)Jeffrenpuzzle570.71
113Jeffren (autografo)Jeffren-6110.55
114Jeffren (Serie Oro) (! Revulsivo !) (1 of 2)Jeffrenpuzzle680.75
115Jeffren (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Jeffrenpuzzle7140.50
117Messi in action (1 of 2)Messipuzzle1042.50
118Messi in action (2 of 2)Messipuzzle842.00
119Messi (autografo)Messi-933.00
120Messi (Serie Oro) (! Fabuloso !) (1 of 2)Messipuzzle771.00
121Messi (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Messipuzzle942.25
123Villa in action (1 of 2)Villapuzzle5100.50
124Villa in action (2 of 2)Villapuzzle5110.45
125Villa (autografo)Villa-851.60
126Villa (Serie Oro) (! Matador !) (1 of 2)Villapuzzle560.83
127Villa (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Villapuzzle560.83
129Bojan in action (1 of 2)Bojanpuzzle5160.31
130Bojan in action (2 of 2)Bojanpuzzle3130.23
131Bojan (autografo)Bojan-4160.25
132Bojan (Serie Oro) (! Goleador !) (1 of 2)Bojanpuzzle580.63
133Bojan (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Bojanpuzzle4150.27
135Pedro in action (1 of 2)Pedropuzzle7110.64
136Pedro in action (2 of 2)Pedropuzzle761.17
137Pedro (autografo)Pedro-4130.31
138Pedro (Serie Oro) (! Bionico !) (1 of 2)Pedropuzzle5150.33
139Pedro (Serie Oro) (2 of 2)Pedropuzzle6130.46
140Team Sticker (1 of 2)FC Barcelona Bpuzzle4140.29
141Team Sticker (2 of 2)FC Barcelona Bpuzzle680.75
142Luis EnriqueFC Barcelona B-5160.31
143Mino / OierFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker6150.40
144Masip / MontoyaFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker6150.40
145Bartra / FontasFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker780.88
146Armando / Sergi GomezFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker680.75
147Muniesa / PlanasFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker780.88
148Abraham / Oriol RomeuFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker6100.60
149Ilie / Victor VazquezFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker680.75
150Carmona / Sergi RobertoFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker971.29
151Jonathan Dos Santos / RafinhaFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker690.67
152Edu Oriol / SaulFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker881.00
153Jonathan Soriano / BenjaFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker6100.60
154Tello / NolitoFC Barcelona BDouble Player Sticker961.50
155SergiHeroes 2000/2010-961.50
156Luis EnriqueHeroes 2000/2010-670.86
157CocuHeroes 2000/2010-761.17
158RivaldoHeroes 2000/2010-861.33
159RonaldinhoHeroes 2000/2010-933.00
160van BronckhorstHeroes 2000/2010-5100.50
161Eto'oHeroes 2000/2010-641.50
162DecoHeroes 2000/2010-661.00
163LarssonHeroes 2000/2010-771.00
164GiulyHeroes 2000/2010-7100.70
165MarquezHeroes 2000/2010-942.25
166HenryHeroes 2000/2010-1125.50
167Camp NouAdn Barca-741.75
168Guardiola in trainingAdn Barca-741.75
169Team (Liga de Campeones). Winner.Adn Barca-951.80
170Puyol in actionAdn Barca-541.25
171Xavi in actionAdn Barca-551.00
172Team (Liga de Campeones)Adn Barca-871.14
173Forca Barca! (1 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle771.00
174Forca Barca! (2 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle842.00
175Forca Barca! (3 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle771.00
176Forca Barca! (4 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle690.67
177Forca Barca! (5 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle1052.00
178Forca Barca! (6 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle951.80
179Forca Barca! (7 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle1033.33
180Forca Barca! (8 of 8)Forca Barca!puzzle670.86
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