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Panini FC Bayern München 2015-2016

Panini FC Bayern München 2015-2016

Year: 2015
Total stickers: 160

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 30 / completed: 18


2Team photo (puzzle 1)--12140.86
3Team photo (puzzle 2)--10150.67
4Team photo (puzzle 3)--9120.75
5Team photo (puzzle 4)--9100.90
6Team photo (puzzle 5)--10150.67
7Team photo (puzzle 6)--11130.85
8Team photo (puzzle 7)--8100.80
9Team photo (puzzle 8)--9140.64
12Home Kit--10140.71
13Away Kit--7130.54
14Champions League Kit--7140.50
15Goalkeeper Kit--8130.62
16Allianz Arena (puzzle 1)--8130.62
17Allianz Arena (puzzle 2)--7130.54
18Pep Guardiola--10140.71
19Pep Guardiola--7150.47
20Pep Guardiola--11140.79
21Pep Guardiola--9130.69
22Pep Guardiola--20020.00
23Manuel Neuer--7120.58
24Manuel Neuer (puzzle 1)--10120.83
25Manuel Neuer (puzzle 2)--12140.86
26Manuel Neuer--15115.00
27Manuel Neuer--6140.43
28Manuel Neuer--9150.60
29Tom Starke--18018.00
30Tom Starke--1527.50
31Tom Starke--13113.00
32Sven Ulreich--16116.00
33Sven Ulreich--1234.00
34Sven Ulreich--1133.67
35Medhi Benatia--1226.00
36Medhi Benatia (puzzle 1)--1234.00
37Medhi Benatia (puzzle 2)--1443.50
38Medhi Benatia--1443.50
39Medhi Benatia--15015.00
40Medhi Benatia--1326.50
45Rafinha (puzzle 1)--1427.00
46Rafinha (puzzle 2)--1334.33
47Jérome Boateng--10150.67
48Jérome Boateng--13113.00
49Jérome Boateng (puzzle 1)--13113.00
50Jérome Boateng (puzzle 2)--1226.00
51Jérome Boateng--8140.57
52Jérome Boateng--12112.00
53Juan Bernat--1226.00
54Juan Bernat (puzzle 1)--6140.43
55Juan Bernat (puzzle 2)--8130.62
56Juan Bernat--1226.00
57Juan Bernat--1326.50
58Juan Bernat--1443.50
59Phillip Lahm (puzzle 1)--9140.64
60Phillip Lahm (puzzle 2)--11150.73
61Phillip Lahm--1527.50
62Phillip Lahm--10110.91
63Phillip Lahm--9130.69
64Phillip Lahm--8140.57
65David Alaba--7140.50
66David Alaba (puzzle 1)--11150.73
67David Alaba (puzzle 2)--7130.54
68David Alaba--8130.62
69David Alaba--1234.00
70David Alaba--11130.85
71Franck Ribéry--9140.64
72Holger Badstuber--11111.00
73Jan Kirchhoff--1133.67
78Thiago (puzzle 1)--9110.82
79Thiago (puzzle 2)--6180.33
80Javier Martínez--1334.33
81Javier Martínez (puzzle 1)--10160.63
82Javier Martínez (puzzle 2)--11140.79
83Javier Martínez-metal1125.50
84Javier Martínez--1427.00
85Javier Martínez--15115.00
86Arjen Robben-metal1527.50
87Arjen Robben--1326.50
88Arjen Robben--8140.57
89Arjen Robben--8130.62
90Arjen Robben (puzzle1)--11130.85
91Arjen Robben (puzzle2)--7130.54
92Douglas Costa--8110.73
93Douglas Costa--14114.00
94Douglas Costa (puzzle 1)--13113.00
95Douglas Costa (puzzle 2)--1234.00
96Douglas Costa--1326.50
97Douglas Costa--9130.69
98Xabi Alonso (puzzle 1)--1352.60
99Xabi Alonso (puzzle 2)--15115.00
100Xabi Alonso--11101.10
101Xabi Alonso--8150.53
102Xabi Alonso--1033.33
103Xabi Alonso--7160.44
104Mario Götze--11130.85
105Mario Götze--14114.00
106Mario Götze (puzzle 1)--1543.75
107Mario Götze (puzzle 2)--13113.00
108Mario Götze--7140.50
109Mario Götze--7140.50
110Sebastian Rode--1427.00
111Sebastian Rode (puzzle 1)--1427.00
112Sebastian Rode (puzzle 2)--1326.50
113Sebastian Rode--9140.64
114Sebastian Rode--7150.47
115Sebastian Rode--8140.57
116Arturo Vidal--7130.54
117Arturo Vidal--1234.00
118Arturo Vidal (puzzle 1)--1133.67
119Arturo Vidal (puzzle 2)--1434.67
120Arturo Vidal--9110.82
121Arturo Vidal--8140.57
122Joshua Kimmich (puzzle 1)--1527.50
123Joshua Kimmich (puzzle 2)--1427.00
124Joshua Kimmich--9130.69
125Joshua Kimmich--9140.64
126Joshua Kimmich--18018.00
127Joshua Kimmich--10130.77
128Gianluca Gaudino--1527.50
129Gianluca Gaudino--1527.50
130Gianluca Gaudino--1226.00
131Gianluca Gaudino--17117.00
132Sinan Kurt--1326.50
133Sinan Kurt--15115.00
134Sinan Kurt--1061.67
135Sinan Kurt--1234.00
136Julian Green--14114.00
137Julian Green--933.00
138Julian Green--18018.00
139Julian Green--1427.00
140Robert Lewandowski--1644.00
141Robert Lewandowski--20020.00
142Robert Lewandowski (puzzle 1)--14114.00
143Robert Lewandowski (puzzle 2)--1535.00
144Robert Lewandowski--1635.33
145Robert Lewandowski--1334.33
146Thomas Müller (puzzle 1)--933.00
147Thomas Müller (puzzle 2)--1427.00
148Thomas Müller--17017.00
149Thomas Müller--1427.00
150Thomas Müller--1326.50
151Thomas Müller--1326.50
152Kingsley Coman--1125.50
153Kingsley Coman (puzzle 1)--1427.00
154Kingsley Coman (puzzle 2)--1427.00
155Kingsley Coman--1234.00
156Kingsley Coman--1234.00
157Kingsley Coman--17117.00
158Goal Celebrations--1142.75
159Goal Celebrations--13113.00
160Goal Celebrations--14114.00