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Panini FC Bayern München 2017-2018. Trading Cards

Panini FC Bayern München 2017-2018. Trading Cards

Year: 2018
Total cards: 87

collecting: 19 / completed: 10


1Wappen-Base Card570.71
2Berni-Base Card661.00
3Manuel NeuerPorträtBase Card390.33
4Tom StarkePorträtBase Card541.25
5Sven UlreichPorträtBase Card480.50
6Christian FrüchtlPorträtBase Card390.33
7Niklas SülePorträtBase Card541.25
8Mats HummelsPorträtBase Card340.75
9Javi MartinezPorträtBase Card490.44
10RafinhaPorträtBase Card450.80
11Juan BernatPorträtBase Card661.00
12Jérôme BoatengPorträtBase Card490.44
13Felix GötzePorträtBase Card380.38
14David AlabaPorträtBase Card390.33
15Joshua KimmichPorträtBase Card661.00
16Marco FriedlPorträtBase Card580.63
17Thiago AlcántaraPorträtBase Card490.44
18Franck RibéryPorträtBase Card450.80
19Arjen RobbenPorträtBase Card551.00
20James RodriguezPorträtBase Card490.44
21Sebastian RudyPorträtBase Card460.67
22Arturo VidalPorträtBase Card680.75
23Corentin TolissoPorträtBase Card380.38
24Kingsley ComanPorträtBase Card560.83
25Niklas DorschPorträtBase Card661.00
26Fabian BenkoPorträtBase Card490.44
27Robert LewandowskiPorträtBase Card842.00
28Thomas MüllerPorträtBase Card651.20
29Jupp HeynckesTrainer-TeamBase Card350.60
30Peter HermannTrainer-TeamBase Card470.57
31Hermann GirlandTrainer-TeamBase Card4100.40
32Toni TapalovicTrainer-TeamBase Card560.83
33Manuel NeuerAction CardsBase Card570.71
34Tom StarkeAction CardsBase Card551.00
35Sven UlreichAction CardsBase Card919.00
36Christian FrüchtlAction CardsBase Card470.57
37Niklas SüleAction CardsBase Card441.00
38Mats HummelsAction CardsBase Card551.00
39Javi MartinezAction CardsBase Card933.00
40RafinhaAction CardsBase Card761.17
41Juan BernatAction CardsBase Card670.86
42Jérôme BoatengAction CardsBase Card661.00
43Felix GötzeAction CardsBase Card441.00
44David AlabaAction CardsBase Card570.71
45Joshua KimmichAction CardsBase Card661.00
46Marco FriedlAction CardsBase Card541.25
47Thiago AlcántaraAction CardsBase Card661.00
48Franck RibéryAction CardsBase Card661.00
49Arjen RobbenAction CardsBase Card560.83
50James RodriguezAction CardsBase Card551.00
51Sebastian RudyAction CardsBase Card832.67
52Arturo VidalAction CardsBase Card761.17
53Corentin TolissoAction CardsBase Card570.71
54Kingsley ComanAction CardsBase Card480.50
55Niklas DorschAction CardsBase Card661.00
56Fabian BenkoAction CardsBase Card670.86
57Robert LewandowskiAction CardsBase Card1334.33
58Thomas MüllerAction CardsBase Card751.40
59Jupp HeynckesAction CardsBase Card732.33
60Celebrations-Base Card580.63
61Celebrations (Franck Ribéry, Kingsly Coman)-Base Card380.38
62Celebrations-Base Card3120.25
63Celebrations (Arturo Vidal, Franck Ribéry)-Base Card3100.30
64Celebrations-Base Card4100.40
65Celebrations-Base Card3110.27
66Celebrations-Base Card490.44
67Celebrations-Base Card490.44
68Celebrations (Robert Lewandowski)-Base Card680.75
69Celebrations (Arjen Robben)-Base Card3110.27
70Mannschaft (puzzle 1)-Base Card4100.40
71Mannschaft (puzzle 2)-Base Card2100.20
72Mannschaft (puzzle 3)-Base Card5110.45
73Mannschaft (puzzle 4)-Base Card280.25
74Mannschaft (puzzle 5)-Base Card380.38
75Mannschaft (puzzle 6)-Base Card4110.36
76Mannschaft (puzzle 7)-Base Card2100.20
77Mannschaft (puzzle 8)-Base Card3120.25
78Mannschaft (puzzle 9)-Base Card390.33
79Mannschaft (puzzle 10)-Base Card380.38
80BL-Spielplan Saison 2017/2018-Base Card842.00
81Allianz Arena-Base Card570.71
82Unser 12.Mann-Base Card560.83
83Home Trikot-Base Card580.63
84Away Trikot-Base Card942.25
85Champions League Trikot-Base Card919.00
86Torwart Trikot-Base Card541.25
87Checklist-Base Card741.75
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