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Panini FC Bayern München Foto-Cards 1998-1999

Panini FC Bayern München Foto-Cards 1998-1999

Year: 1998
Total cards: 72

Collection preview (26% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 1


1Mehmet Scholl-Base card202.00
2Hasan Salihamidzic-Base card202.00
3Thomas Helmer-Base card212.00
4Carsten Jancker-Base card212.00
5Thomas Linke-Base card202.00
6Alexander Zickler-Base card202.00
7Thomas Strunz-Base card202.00
8Thorsten Fink-Base card212.00
9Lothar Matthäus-Base card202.00
10Oliver Kahn-Base card202.00
11Markus Babbel-Base card202.00
12Markus Babbel-Base card202.00
13Mario Basler-Base card202.00
14Mario Basler-Base card202.00
15Ali Daei-Base card202.00
16Ali Daei-Base card212.00
17Stefan Effenberg-Base card202.00
18Stefan Effenberg-Base card212.00
19Stefan Effenberg-Base card202.00
20Giovane Elber-Base card221.00
21Giovane Elber-Base card212.00
22Thorsten Fink-Base card212.00
23Thorsten Fink-Base card202.00
24Thomas Helmer-Base card212.00
25Thomas Helmer-Base card202.00
26Carsten Jancker-Base card212.00
27Carsten Jancker-Base card202.00
28Jens Jeremies-Base card202.00
29Jens Jeremies-Base card212.00
30Jens Jeremies-Base card212.00
31Oliver Kahn-Base card202.00
32Bixente Lizarazu-Base card202.00
33Lothar Matthäus-Base card202.00
34Lothar Matthäus-Base card303.00
35Lothar Matthäus-Base card202.00
36Hasan Salihamidzic-Base card202.00
37Hasan Salihamidzic-Base card212.00
38Thomas Strunz-Base card202.00
39Thomas Strunz-Base card212.00
40Stefan Effenberg-Base card212.00
41Stefan Effenberg-Base card212.00
42Giovane Elber-Base card212.00
43Markus Babbel-Base card212.00
44Markus Babbel-Base card202.00
45Mario Basler-Base card202.00
46Mario Basler-Base card202.00
47Fans-Base card212.00
48Team Photo - DFB-Pokal Siegen-Base card212.00
49Stadium-Base card221.00
50Oliver Kahn-Base card212.00
51Players with the Trophy-Base card212.00
52Team Photo-Base card212.00
53Players enter the pitch-Base card202.00
54Players enter the pitch-Base card212.00
55Players celebrate-Base card202.00
56Stadium (Floodlight)-Base card212.00
57Stefan Effenberg-Base card202.00
58Stefan Effenberg-Base card202.00
59Giovane Elber-Base card202.00
60Thomas Helmer-Base card212.00
61Carsten Jancker-Base card202.00
62Jens Jeremies-Base card202.00
63Oliver Kahn-Base card202.00
64Bixente Lizarazu-Base card202.00
65Bixente Lizarazu-Base card202.00
66Mehmet Scholl-Base card212.00
67Thomas Strunz-Base card202.00
68Michael Tarnat-Base card202.00
69Thorsten Fink-Base card202.00
70Giovane Elber-Base card212.00
71Alexander Zickler-Base card202.00
72Alexander Zickler-Base card202.00
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