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Panini Feyenoord 1999-2000

Panini Feyenoord 1999-2000

Year: 1999
Total stickers: 96

Feyenoord Rotterdam 2000. De Feyenoord-stickerserie van het seizoen 1999-2000.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 11 / completed: 16


2Team photo (puzzle 1)Landskampioen Feyenoordmetal522.50
3Team photo (puzzle 2)Landskampioen Feyenoordmetal505.00
4Team photo (puzzle 3)Landskampioen Feyenoordmetal321.50
5Team photo (puzzle 4)Landskampioen Feyenoordmetal414.00
6Feyenoord Fan's (puzzle 1)Landskampioen Feyenoord-250.40
7Feyenoord Fan's (puzzle 2)Landskampioen Feyenoord-160.17
8Leo BeenhakkerLandskampioen Feyenoord-120.50
9Jerzy Dudek (Portrait)Jerzy Dudek-140.25
10Jerzy Dudek (Home photo)Jerzy Dudek-030.00
11Jerzy Dudek in actionJerzy Dudekmetal313.00
12Jerzy Dudek in game (puzzle 1)Jerzy Dudek-150.20
13Jerzy Dudek in game (puzzle 2)Jerzy Dudek-150.20
14Ulrich van Gobbel (Portrait)Ulrich van Gobbel-130.33
15Ulrich van Gobbel in actionUlrich van Gobbelmetal313.00
16Ulrich van Gobbel (Home photo)Ulrich van Gobbel-150.20
17Ulrich van Gobbel in game (puzzle 1)Ulrich van Gobbel-150.20
18Ulrich van Gobbel in game (puzzle 2)Ulrich van Gobbel-130.33
19Kees van Wonderen (Portrait)Kees van Wonderen-150.20
20Kees van Wonderen in actionKees van Wonderenmetal414.00
21Kees van Wonderen (Home photo)Kees van Wonderen-150.20
22Kees van Wonderen in game (puzzle 1)Kees van Wonderen-140.25
23Kees van Wonderen in game (puzzle 2)Kees van Wonderen-240.50
24Bert Konterman (Portrait)Bert Konterman-140.25
25Bert Konterman in actionBert Kontermanmetal212.00
26Bert Konterman in game (puzzle 1)Bert Konterman-230.67
27Bert Konterman in game (puzzle 2)Bert Konterman-130.33
28Bert Konterman (Home photo)Bert Konterman-130.33
29Tomasz Rzasa (Portrait)Tomasz Rzasa-040.00
30Tomasz Rzasa in game (puzzle 1)Tomasz Rzasa-130.33
31Tomasz Rzasa in game (puzzle 2)Tomasz Rzasa-120.50
32Tomasz Rzasa (Home photo)Tomasz Rzasa-130.33
33Tomasz Rzasa in actionTomasz Rzasametal515.00
34Patrick Paauwe (Portrait)Patrick Paauwe-120.50
35Patrick Paauwe in actionPatrick Paauwemetal717.00
36Patrick Paauwe (Home photo)Patrick Paauwe-120.50
37Patrick Paauwe in game (puzzle 1)Patrick Paauwe-130.33
38Patrick Paauwe in game (puzzle 2)Patrick Paauwe-230.67
39Jean-Paul van Gastel (Portrait)Jean-Paul van Gastel-150.20
40Jean-Paul van Gastel in actionJean-Paul van Gastelmetal422.00
41Jean-Paul van Gastel (Home photo)Jean-Paul van Gastel-130.33
42Jean-Paul van Gastel in game (puzzle 1)Jean-Paul van Gastel-130.33
43Jean-Paul van Gastel in game (puzzle 2)Jean-Paul van Gastel-130.33
44Paul Bosvelt (Portrait)Paul Bosvelt-130.33
45Paul Bosvelt in actionPaul Bosveltmetal212.00
46Paul Bosvelt (Home photo)Paul Bosvelt-140.25
47Paul Bosvelt in game (puzzle 1)Paul Bosvelt-120.50
48Paul Bosvelt in game (puzzle 2)Paul Bosvelt-130.33
49Jan de Visser (Portrait)Jan de Visser-160.17
50Jan de Visser in game (puzzle 1)Jan de Visser-130.33
51Jan de Visser in game (puzzle 2)Jan de Visser-130.33
52Jan de Visser (Home photo)Jan de Visser-250.40
53Jan de Visser in actionJan de Vissermetal717.00
54Jon Dahl Tomasson in actionJon Dahl Tomassonmetal321.50
55Jon Dahl Tomasson (Portrait)Jon Dahl Tomasson-130.33
56Jon Dahl Tomasson in game (puzzle 1)Jon Dahl Tomasson-230.67
57Jon Dahl Tomasson in game (puzzle 2)Jon Dahl Tomasson-130.33
58Jon Dahl Tomasson (Home photo)Jon Dahl Tomasson-130.33
59Igor Korneev in game (puzzle 1)Igor Korneev-230.67
60Igor Korneev in game (puzzle 2)Igor Korneev-130.33
61Igor Korneev (Portrait)Igor Korneev-230.67
62Igor Korneev (Home photo)Igor Korneev-140.25
63Igor Korneev in actionIgor Korneevmetal414.00
64Bonaventure Kalou in game (puzzle 1)Bonaventure Kalou-160.17
65Bonaventure Kalou in game (puzzle 2)Bonaventure Kalou-130.33
66Bonaventure Kalou (Portrait)Bonaventure Kalou-120.50
67Bonaventure Kalou (Home photo)Bonaventure Kalou-120.50
68Bonaventure Kalou in actionBonaventure Kaloumetal522.50
69Julio Ricardo Cruz (Portrait)Julio Ricardo Cruz-120.50
70Julio Ricardo Cruz in game (puzzle 1)Julio Ricardo Cruz-150.20
71Julio Ricardo Cruz in game (puzzle 2)Julio Ricardo Cruz-221.00
72Julio Ricardo Cruz in actionJulio Ricardo Cruzmetal321.50
73Julio Ricardo Cruz (Home photo)Julio Ricardo Cruz-321.50
74Peter van Vossen in game (puzzle 1)Peter van Vossen-140.25
75Peter van Vossen in game (puzzle 2)Peter van Vossen-130.33
76Peter van Vossen (Portrait)Peter van Vossen-221.00
77Peter van Vossen (Home photo)Peter van Vossen-130.33
78Peter van Vossen in actionPeter van Vossenmetal414.00
79Ellery Cairo in game (puzzle 1)Ellery Cairo-250.40
80Ellery Cairo in game (puzzle 2)Ellery Cairo-140.25
81Ellery Cairo (Portrait)Ellery Cairo-130.33
82Ellery Cairo in actionEllery Cairometal313.00
83Ellery Cairo (Home photo)Ellery Cairo-160.17
84Edwin Zoetebier (Portrait)Edwin Zoetebier-230.67
85Edwin Zoetebier in actionEdwin Zoetebiermetal422.00
86Tininho (Portrait)Tininho-130.33
87Tininho in actionTininhometal515.00
88Ferry de Haan (Portrait)Ferry de Haan-150.20
89Ferry de Haan in actionFerry de Haanmetal515.00
90Christian Gyan (Portrait)Christian Gyan-130.33
91Christian Gyan in actionChristian Gyanmetal515.00
92Radoslav Samardzic (Portrait)Radoslav Samardzic-120.50
93"De Kuip" (puzzle 1)Stadion Feijenoord - "De Kuip"-120.50
94"De Kuip" (puzzle 2)Stadion Feijenoord - "De Kuip"-140.25
95"De Kuip" (puzzle 3)Stadion Feijenoord - "De Kuip"-140.25
96"De Kuip" (puzzle 4)Stadion Feijenoord - "De Kuip"-130.33
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