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Panini FIFA 365: 2017-2018. Adrenalyn XL - Nordic edition

Panini FIFA 365: 2017-2018. Adrenalyn XL - Nordic edition

Year: 2017
Total cards: 468

Collection preview (27% scanned images)

collecting: 100 / completed: 29


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1Invincible-RARE: Invincible2839.33
2Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedRARE: Legend2755.40
3Thierry HenryFC BarcelonaRARE: Legend2646.50
4Paul PogbaManchester UnitedRARE: Top Master2638.67
5Neymar Jr.FC BarcelonaRARE: Top Master2739.00
6Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaRARE: Top Master2947.25
7Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFRARE: Top Master2755.40
8Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFRARE: Top Master3156.20
9Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenRARE: Top Master30310.00
10Club BadgeBoca JuniorsFANS: Club Badge14200.70
11Juan Manuel InsaurraldeBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite17151.13
12Pablo PérezBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite13170.76
13Fernando GagoBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite16180.89
14Darío BenedettoBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite13230.57
15Boca JuniorsBoca JuniorsFANS: Milestone15210.71
16Guillermo SaraBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate7290.24
17Santiago VerginiBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate7210.33
18Gino PeruzziBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate8290.28
19Frank FabraBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate7310.23
20Jonathan SilvaBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate6330.18
21Leonardo JaraBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate9280.32
22Wilmar BarriosBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate7300.23
23Fernando ZuquiBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate8320.25
24Sebastián PérezBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate10280.36
25Ricardo CenturiónBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate12370.32
26Cristian PavónBoca JuniorsCORE: Rising Star9290.31
27Walter BouBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate9310.29
28Club BadgePalmeirasFANS: Club Badge15190.79
29Fernando PrassPalmeirasFANS: Fans' Favourite17230.74
30Zé RobertoPalmeirasFANS: Fans' Favourite14220.64
31DuduPalmeirasFANS: Fans' Favourite12150.80
32WillianPalmeirasFANS: Fans' Favourite12190.63
33PalmeirasPalmeirasFANS: Milestone13240.54
34Jean-Paul BoëtiusPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate10290.34
35Edu DracenaPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate7290.24
36JuninhoPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate9290.31
37FabianoPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate7330.21
38Yerry MinaPalmeirasCORE: Rising Star7290.24
39Michel BastosPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate9310.29
40Alejandro GuerraPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate8350.23
41Thiago SantosPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate7300.23
42Felipe MeloPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate10280.36
43Róger GuedesPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate6300.20
44Miguel BorjaPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate7370.19
45KenoPalmeirasCORE: Team Mate10320.31
46Club BadgeF.C. KøbenhavnFANS: Club Badge3984.88
47William KvistF.C. KøbenhavnFANS: Fans' Favourite33132.54
48Mikael AntonssonF.C. KøbenhavnFANS: Fans' Favourite36113.27
49Federico SantanderF.C. KøbenhavnFANS: Impact Signing37103.70
50Pieros SotiriouF.C. KøbenhavnFANS: Impact Signing30103.00
51F.C. KøbenhavnF.C. KøbenhavnFANS: Milestone3284.00
52Robin OlsenF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate18300.60
53Peter AnkersenF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate19380.50
54Erik JohanssonF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Rising Star23320.72
55Nicolai BoilesenF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate17290.59
56Youssef ToutouhF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate17390.44
57Rasmus FalkF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate20320.63
58Benjamin VerbicF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate16300.53
59Jan GregusF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate19240.79
60Kasper KuskF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate21250.84
61Uros MaticF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate22221.00
62Andrija PavlovicF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate22260.85
63Danny AmankwaaF.C. KøbenhavnCORE: Team Mate17310.55
64Club BadgeManchester UnitedFANS: Club Badge15250.60
65Michael CarrickManchester UnitedFANS: Fans' Favourite12250.48
66Chris SmallingManchester UnitedFANS: Fans' Favourite18131.38
67Viktor LindlöfManchester UnitedFANS: Impact Signing13260.50
68Romelu LukakuManchester UnitedFANS: Impact Signing13190.68
69Manchester United FCManchester UnitedFANS: Milestone12210.57
70David de GeaManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate8290.28
71Eric BaillyManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate9320.28
72Phil JonesManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate8280.29
73Daley BlindManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate6270.22
74Antonio ValenciaManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate6310.19
75Paul PogbaManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate6310.19
76Henrikh MkhitaryanManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate6300.20
77Marouane FellainiManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate6250.24
78Juan MataManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate6310.19
79Ander HerreraManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate7290.24
80Anthony MartialManchester UnitedCORE: Team Mate10340.29
81Marcus RashfordManchester UnitedCORE: Rising Star7290.24
82Club BadgeAtlético de MadridFANS: Club Badge12240.50
83Filipe LuísAtlético de MadridFANS: Fans' Favourite17171.00
84Fernando TorresAtlético de MadridFANS: Fans' Favourite15220.68
85GabiAtlético de MadridFANS: Fans' Favourite13230.57
86KokeAtlético de MadridFANS: Fans' Favourite14260.54
87Diego GodinAtlético de MadridFANS: Milestone18250.72
88Jan OblakAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate8270.30
89Stefan SavićAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate6310.19
90Diego GodínAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate8250.32
91JuanfranAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate8330.24
92LucasAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate7300.23
93José GiménezAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate9300.30
94Nico GaitánAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate9330.27
95SaúlAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate7320.22
96Yannick CarrascoAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate9310.29
97Ángel CorreaAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate10300.33
98Antoine GriezmannAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate8220.36
99Kévin GameiroAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate7310.23
100Club BadgeFC BarcelonaFANS: Club Badge18200.90
101Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaFANS: Fans' Favourite14170.82
102Andrés IniestaFC BarcelonaFANS: Fans' Favourite11160.69
103Nélson SemedoFC BarcelonaFANS: Impact Signing14230.61
104Lionel Messi / Andrés IniestaFC BarcelonaFANS: Milestone17200.85
105Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaFANS: Milestone19200.95
106Marc-André Ter StegenFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate7300.23
107Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate5350.14
108Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate8280.29
109Javier MascheranoFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate9270.33
110Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate9320.28
111Denis SuárezFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate7270.26
112André GomesFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate8300.27
113Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate9300.30
114Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate9290.31
115Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate8290.28
116Neymar Jr.FC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate15260.58
117Paco AlcácerFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate9320.28
118Club BadgeReal Madrid CFFANS: Club Badge13200.65
119CasemiroReal Madrid CFFANS: Fans' Favourite18131.38
120Luka ModricReal Madrid CFFANS: Fans' Favourite21211.00
121Theo HernándezReal Madrid CFFANS: Impact Signing15200.75
122Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFFANS: Milestone13230.57
123Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFFANS: Milestone18220.82
124Keylor NavasReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate10280.36
125Daniel CarvajalReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate11280.39
126Sergio RamosReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate9310.29
127Raphaël VaraneReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate10280.36
128MarceloReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate8290.28
129NachoReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate7340.21
130Toni KroosReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate6310.19
131Marco AsensioReal Madrid CFCORE: Rising Star7340.21
132IscoReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate7300.23
133Christiano RonaldoReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate9260.35
134Gareth BaleReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate9270.33
135Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFCORE: Team Mate9300.30
136Club BadgeParis Saint-GermainFANS: Club Badge16190.84
137Ángel Di MaríaParis Saint-GermainFANS: Fans' Favourite12200.60
138Blaise MatuidiParis Saint-GermainFANS: Fans' Favourite16131.23
139Adrien RabiotParis Saint-GermainFANS: Fans' Favourite18121.50
140Dani AlvesParis Saint-GermainFANS: Impact Signing16210.76
141Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainFANS: Milestone13320.41
142Kevin TrappParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate8300.27
143Presnel KimpembeParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate9320.28
144Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate10270.37
145Layvin KurzawaParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate11260.42
146MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate9310.29
147Marco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate9290.31
148LucasParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate7330.21
149Thiago MottaParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate9280.32
150Julian DraxlerParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate9320.28
151Hatem Ben ArfaParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate8330.24
152Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate9270.33
153Gonçalo GuedesParis Saint-GermainCORE: Rising Star9360.25
154Club BadgeFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Club Badge13250.52
155Jérôme BoatengFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Fans' Favourite17171.00
156Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Fans' Favourite15220.68
157James RodríguezFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Impact Signing13240.54
158Corentin TolissoFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Impact Signing17210.81
159Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Milestone15180.83
160Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate12290.41
161Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate8300.27
162David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate9290.31
163Joshua KimmichFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate10300.33
164ThiagoFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate9310.29
165Javi MartínezFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate8330.24
166Frank RibéryFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate9310.29
167Arturo VidalFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate8290.28
168Renato SanchesFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate7350.20
169Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate8290.28
170Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate8330.24
171Kingsley ComanFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Rising Star7300.23
172Club BadgeBorussia DortmundFANS: Club Badge14190.74
173Marco ReusBorussia DortmundFANS: Fans' Favourite15270.56
174Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundFANS: Fans' Favourite14190.74
175Ömer ToprakBorussia DortmundFANS: Impact Signing17220.77
176Maximilian PhilippBorussia DortmundFANS: Impact Signing16220.73
177Pierre-Emerick AubameyangBorussia DortmundFANS: Milestone15180.83
178Roman BürkiBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate6390.15
179Raphaël GuerreiroBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate9340.26
180Sokratis PapastathopoulosBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate8270.30
181Lukasz PiszczekBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate10280.36
182Marcel SchmelzerBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate8370.22
183Christian PulisicBorussia DortmundCORE: Rising Star8350.23
184Shinji KagawaBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate9270.33
185Gonzalo CastroBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate10270.37
186Julian WeiglBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate8300.27
187André SchürrleBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate10300.33
188Ousmane DembéléBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate9290.31
189Pierre-Emerick AubameyangBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate8340.24
190Club BadgeJuventusFANS: Club Badge16190.84
191Claudio MarchisioJuventusFANS: Fans' Favourite19111.73
192Douglas CostaJuventusFANS: Impact Signing16190.84
193Rodrigo BentancurJuventusFANS: Impact Signing21151.40
194JuventusJuventusFANS: Milestone18190.95
195JuventusJuventusFANS: Milestone15240.63
196Gianluigi BuffonJuventusCORE: Team Mate11310.35
197Medhi BenatiaJuventusCORE: Team Mate8360.22
198Andrea BarzagliJuventusCORE: Team Mate10330.30
199Giorgio ChielliniJuventusCORE: Team Mate12340.35
200Daniele RuganiJuventusCORE: Rising Star11360.31
201Miralem PjanićJuventusCORE: Team Mate11330.33
202Sami KhediraJuventusCORE: Team Mate7310.23
203Kwadwo AsamoahJuventusCORE: Team Mate9280.32
204Gonzalo HiguaínJuventusCORE: Team Mate11270.41
205Mario MandžukićJuventusCORE: Team Mate10300.33
206Juan CuadradoJuventusCORE: Team Mate12270.44
207Paulo DybalaJuventusCORE: Team Mate12280.43
208Club BadgeAS RomaFANS: Club Badge17190.89
209Alessandro FlorenziAS RomaFANS: Fans' Favourite19200.95
210Daniele De RossiAS RomaFANS: Fans' Favourite3174.43
211Héctor MorenoAS RomaFANS: Impact Signing18181.00
212Maxime GonalonsAS RomaFANS: Impact Signing18141.29
213Francesco TottiAS RomaFANS: Milestone21131.62
214AlissonAS RomaCORE: Team Mate13290.45
215Juan JesusAS RomaCORE: Team Mate10290.34
216Bruno PeresAS RomaCORE: Team Mate10310.32
217Federico FazioAS RomaCORE: Team Mate9310.29
218Kostas ManolasAS RomaCORE: Team Mate11260.42
219EmersonAS RomaCORE: Team Mate10350.29
220Radja NainggolanAS RomaCORE: Team Mate10230.43
221Lorenzo PellegriniAS RomaCORE: Rising Star13290.45
222Kevin StrootmanAS RomaCORE: Team Mate9410.22
223Diego PerottiAS RomaCORE: Team Mate10330.30
224Edin DžekoAS RomaCORE: Team Mate8360.22
225Stephan El ShaarawyAS RomaCORE: Team Mate11380.29
226Club BadgeFeyenoordFANS: Club Badge18220.82
227Tonny VilhenaFeyenoordFANS: Fans' Favourite21131.62
228Jens ToornstraFeyenoordFANS: Fans' Favourite19131.46
229Sofyan AmrabatFeyenoordFANS: Impact Signing14200.70
230Jean-Paul BoëtiusFeyenoordFANS: Impact Signing16151.07
231FeyenoordFeyenoordFANS: Milestone16240.67
232Brad JonesFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate11260.42
233Kenneth VermeerFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate9410.22
234Jan-Arie van der HeijdenFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate10340.29
235Eric BotteghinFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate12340.35
236Miquel NelomFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate8390.21
237Bart NieuwkoopFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate10340.29
238Lucas WoudenbergFeyenoordCORE: Rising Star9280.32
239Karim El AhmadiFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate11280.39
240Renato TapiaFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate9300.30
241Bilal BaşacıkoğluFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate10330.30
242Nicolai JørgensenFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate12300.40
243Michiel KramerFeyenoordCORE: Team Mate13330.39
244Club BadgeRosenborg BKFANS: Club Badge41133.15
245Mike JensenRosenborg BKFANS: Fans' Favourite40133.08
246Pål Andre HellandRosenborg BKFANS: Impact Signing4175.86
247Fredrik MidtsjøRosenborg BKFANS: Impact Signing54318.00
248Jørgen SjelvikRosenborg BKFANS: Impact Signing51510.20
249Rosenborg BKRosenborg BKFANS: Milestone40123.33
250André HansenRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate19300.63
251Tore ReginiussenRosenborg BKCORE: Rising Star21270.78
252Birger MelingRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate24290.83
253Vegar Eggen HedenstadRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate16320.50
254Alex GersbachRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate21330.64
255Johan BjørdalRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate18360.50
256Marius LundemoRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate22320.69
257Anders KonradsenRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate24250.96
258Milan JevtovicRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate21300.70
259Nicklas BendtnerRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate22370.59
260Matthias VilhjalmssonRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate19350.54
261Mushaga BakengaRosenborg BKCORE: Team Mate25360.69
262Club BadgeLegia WarszawaFANS: Club Badge18131.38
263Michał PazdanLegia WarszawaFANS: Fans' Favourite22151.47
264GuilhermeLegia WarszawaFANS: Fans' Favourite23141.64
265Miroslav RadovićLegia WarszawaFANS: Fans' Favourite15240.63
266Krzysztof MączyńskiLegia WarszawaFANS: Impact Signing21131.62
267Legia WarszawaLegia WarszawaFANS: Milestone19141.36
268Arkadiusz MalarzLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate13290.45
269Artur JedrzejczykLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate10210.48
270Łukasz BroźLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate11270.41
271Maciej DąbrowskiLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate10270.37
272Tomasz JodłowiecLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate12280.43
273Adam HloušekLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate11280.39
274Kasper HämäläinenLegia WarszawaCORE: Rising Star10330.30
275Michał KopczyńskiLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate11370.30
276Dominik NagyLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate12310.39
277Thibault MoulinLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate10370.27
278Jarosław NiezgodaLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate11290.38
279Michał KucharczykLegia WarszawaCORE: Team Mate10340.29
280Club BadgeSL BenficaFANS: Club Badge19141.36
281LuisãoSL BenficaFANS: Fans' Favourite21211.00
282JonasSL BenficaFANS: Fans' Favourite22131.69
283Haris SeferovićSL BenficaFANS: Impact Signing19161.19
284Filip KrovinovićSL BenficaFANS: Impact Signing20220.91
285LuisãoSL BenficaFANS: Milestone19210.90
286Júlio CésarSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate13360.36
287Alejandro GrimaldoSL BenficaCORE: Rising Star11370.30
288EliseuSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate12330.36
289André AlmeidaSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate9380.24
290Andreas SamarisSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate10340.29
291Ljubomir FejsaSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate9420.21
292Rafa SilvaSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate10330.30
293PizziSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate11280.39
294Eduardo SalvioSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate13340.38
295Raúl JiménezSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate10350.29
296Kostas MitroglouSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate11310.35
297Franco CerviSL BenficaCORE: Team Mate10280.36
298Club BadgeFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Club Badge17200.85
299Dmitri KombarovFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Fans' Favourite2092.22
300Denis GlushakovFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Fans' Favourite2864.67
301Quincy PromesFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Fans' Favourite20141.43
302Jano AnanidzeFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Fans' Favourite21240.88
303FC Spartak MoskvaFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Milestone20191.05
304Artem RebrovFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate11320.34
305Salvatore BocchettiFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate11290.38
306Ilya KutepovFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate11310.35
307Serdar TascoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate8320.25
308Andrei EschenkoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate9290.31
309Aleksandr SamedovFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate8330.24
310Lorenzo MelgarejoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate9360.25
311FernandoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate9350.26
312Roman ZobninFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Rising Star10330.30
313Ivelin PopovFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate12390.31
314Zé LuisFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate10360.28
315Luiz AdrianoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate9340.26
316Club BadgeMalmö FFFANS: Club Badge34113.09
317Anton TinnerholmMalmö FFFANS: Fans' Favourite39103.90
318Erdal RakipMalmö FFFANS: Fans' Favourite31122.58
319Pavel CibickiMalmö FFFANS: Fans' Favourite4494.89
320Oscar LewickiMalmö FFFANS: Fans' Favourite56318.67
321Magnus Wolff EikremMalmö FFFANS: Milestone4667.67
322Johan WilandMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate18390.46
323Franz BrorssonMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate23280.82
324Behrang SafariMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate23280.82
325Yoshjmar YotunMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate20320.63
326Lasse NielsenMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate24290.83
327Pa KonateMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate23260.88
328Andreas VindheimMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate22280.79
329Jo Inge BergetMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate21310.68
330Anders ChristiansenMalmö FFCORE: Rising Star20360.56
331Mattias SvanbergMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate18320.56
332alexander JeremejeffMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate17330.52
333Markus RosenbergMalmö FFCORE: Team Mate21280.75
334LogoArgentinaFANS: Team Logo15170.88
335Javier MascheranoArgentinaFANS: Fans' Favourite17161.06
336Éver BanegaArgentinaFANS: Fans' Favourite14131.08
337Ángel Di MaríaArgentinaFANS: Fans' Favourite15111.36
338Lionel MessiArgentinaFANS: Fans' Favourite20111.82
339Lionel MessiArgentinaFANS: Milestone15220.68
340Sergio RomeroArgentinaCORE: International Star20131.54
341Ramiro Funes MoriArgentinaCORE: International Star18121.50
342Nicolás OtamendiArgentinaCORE: International Star1481.75
343Pablo ZabaletaArgentinaCORE: International Star15101.50
344Marcos RojoArgentinaCORE: International Star16121.33
345Lucas BigliaArgentinaCORE: International Star20102.00
346Nicolas GaitanArgentinaCORE: International Star1882.25
347Erik LamelaArgentinaCORE: International Star1982.38
348Sergio AgüeroArgentinaCORE: International Star17111.55
349Ezequiel LavezziArgentinaCORE: International Star14101.40
350Paulo DybalaArgentinaCORE: International Star19111.73
351Gonzalo HiguaínArgentinaCORE: International Star1892.00
352LogoCameroonFANS: Team Logo18230.78
353Nicolas NkoulouCameroonFANS: Fans' Favourite14150.93
354Benjamin MoukandjoCameroonFANS: Fans' Favourite12210.57
355Christian BassogogCameroonFANS: Fans' Favourite16170.94
356Vincent AboubakarCameroonFANS: Fans' Favourite17111.55
357CameroonCameroonFANS: Milestone11240.46
358Fabrice OndoaCameroonCORE: International Star2173.00
359Adolphe TeikeuCameroonCORE: International Star16141.14
360Ambroise OyongoCameroonCORE: International Star1882.25
361Collins FaiCameroonCORE: International Star15111.36
362Michael Ngadeu-NgadjuiCameroonCORE: International Star20102.00
363Arnaud DjoumCameroonCORE: International Star12101.20
364Georges MandjeckCameroonCORE: International Star21121.75
365Sébastien SianiCameroonCORE: International Star1762.83
366Jacques ZouaCameroonCORE: International Star16101.60
367Karl Toko EkambiCameroonCORE: International Star15131.15
368Clinton N'JieCameroonCORE: International Star21111.91
369Robert Ndip TambeCameroonCORE: International Star1791.89
370LogoEnglandFANS: Team Logo13210.62
371Joe HartEnglandFANS: Fans' Favourite14150.93
372Gary CahillEnglandFANS: Fans' Favourite18171.06
373Dele AlliEnglandFANS: Fans' Favourite17131.31
374Wayne RooneyEnglandFANS: Fans' Favourite16220.73
375Wayne RooneyEnglandFANS: Milestone17220.77
376John StonesEnglandCORE: International Star1682.00
377Eric DierEnglandCORE: International Star1872.57
378Kyle WalkerEnglandCORE: International Star18141.29
379Danny RoseEnglandCORE: International Star1982.38
380Jordan HendersonEnglandCORE: International Star18131.38
381Jesse LingardEnglandCORE: International Star1892.00
382Adam LallanaEnglandCORE: International Star21121.75
383Theo WalcottEnglandCORE: International Star18101.80
384Marcus RashfordEnglandCORE: International Star1982.38
385Jamie VardyEnglandCORE: International Star16101.60
386Raheem SterlingEnglandCORE: International Star19111.73
387Daniel SturridgeEnglandCORE: International Star1982.38
388LogoGermanyFANS: Team Logo14180.78
389Julian DraxlerGermanyFANS: Fans' Favourite18111.64
390Leon GoretzkaGermanyFANS: Fans' Favourite16151.07
391GermanyGermanyFANS: Milestone14200.70
392Timo WernerGermanyFANS: Milestone14230.61
393Julian DraxlerGermanyFANS: Milestone13190.68
394Marc-André Ter StegenGermanyCORE: International Star18111.64
395Jonas HectorGermanyCORE: International Star1872.57
396Niklas SüleGermanyCORE: International Star18101.80
397Shkodran MustafiGermanyCORE: International Star1691.78
398Matthias GinterGermanyCORE: International Star1672.29
399Antonio RüdigerGermanyCORE: International Star1791.89
400Emre CanGermanyCORE: International Star2192.33
401Joshua KimmichGermanyCORE: International Star17121.42
402Sebastian RudyGermanyCORE: International Star18101.80
403Julian BrandtGermanyCORE: International Star13111.18
404Lars StindlGermanyCORE: International Star1481.75
405Timo WernerGermanyCORE: International Star2182.63
406David de GeaManchester UnitedPOWER UP: Goal Stopper15250.60
407Jan OblakAtlético de MadridPOWER UP: Goal Stopper19161.19
408Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaPOWER UP: Goal Stopper16170.94
409Kevin TrappParis Saint-GermainPOWER UP: Goal Stopper22102.20
410Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenPOWER UP: Goal Stopper2273.14
411Roman BürkiBorussia DortmundPOWER UP: Goal Stopper17210.81
412Gianluigi BuffonJuventusPOWER UP: Goal Stopper19191.00
413Brad JonesFeyenoordPOWER UP: Goal Stopper16190.84
414Artem RebrovFC Spartak MoskvaPOWER UP: Goal Stopper2082.50
415Eric BaillyManchester UnitedPOWER UP: Defensive Rock19101.90
416Diego GodinAtlético de MadridPOWER UP: Defensive Rock17151.13
417Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaPOWER UP: Defensive Rock20191.05
418Raphael VaraneReal Madrid CFPOWER UP: Defensive Rock2764.50
419Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainPOWER UP: Defensive Rock2382.88
420Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenPOWER UP: Defensive Rock17131.31
421Sokratis PapastathopoulosBorussia DortmundPOWER UP: Defensive Rock12240.50
422Federico FazioAS RomaPOWER UP: Defensive Rock16170.94
423Eric BotteghinFeyenoordPOWER UP: Defensive Rock13160.81
424Juan MataManchester UnitedPOWER UP: Key Player16161.00
425Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaPOWER UP: Key Player2263.67
426Toni KroosReal Madrid CFPOWER UP: Key Player21141.50
427Marco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainPOWER UP: Key Player19161.19
428ThiagoFC Bayern MünchenPOWER UP: Key Player17190.89
429Julian WeiglBorussia DortmundPOWER UP: Key Player14180.78
430Miralem PjanićJuventusPOWER UP: Key Player2282.75
431Karim El AhmadiFeyenoordPOWER UP: Key Player16161.00
432Ljubomir FejsaSL BenficaPOWER UP: Key Player17161.06
433Antoine GriezmannAtlético de MadridPOWER UP: Game Changer15131.15
434Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaPOWER UP: Game Changer20220.91
435Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFPOWER UP: Game Changer19240.79
436LucasParis Saint-GermainPOWER UP: Game Changer19181.06
437Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenPOWER UP: Game Changer20161.25
438Ousmane DembéléBorussia DortmundPOWER UP: Game Changer17200.85
439Paulo DybalaJuventusPOWER UP: Game Changer18200.90
440Edin DžekoAS RomaPOWER UP: Game Changer20171.18
441PizziSL BenficaPOWER UP: Game Changer19181.06
442Chris Smalling / David De Gea / Eric BaillyManchester UnitedMULTIPLE: Defensive Wall15290.52
443Jérôme Boateng / Manuel Neuer / Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenMULTIPLE: Defensive Wall14330.42
444Jan Oblak / Stefan Savić / Diego GodinAtlético de MadridMULTIPLE: Defensive Wall21220.95
445Sergio Busquets / Ivan Rakitić / Andrés IniestaFC BarcelonaMULTIPLE: Midfield Engine15270.56
446Blaise Matuidi / Marco Verratti / Thiago MottaParis Saint-GermainMULTIPLE: Midfield Engine16350.46
447Arturo Vidal / Thiago / Javi MartínezFC Bayern MünchenMULTIPLE: Midfield Engine13330.39
448Lionel Messi / Luis Suárez / Neymar Jr.FC BarcelonaMULTIPLE: Attacking Trio14290.48
449Cristiano Ronaldo / Gareth Bale / Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFMULTIPLE: Attacking Trio15210.71
450Ángel Di María / Edinson Cavani / LucasParis Saint-GermainMULTIPLE: Attacking Trio11350.31
451Paul Pogba / Anthony MartialManchester UnitedMULTIPLE: Club&Country11360.31
452Antoine Griezmann / Kevin GameiroAtlético de MadridMULTIPLE: Club&Country11280.39
453Jordi Alba / Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaMULTIPLE: Club&Country13330.39
454Marcelo / CasemiroReal Madrid CFMULTIPLE: Club&Country15270.56
455Thiago Silva / MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainMULTIPLE: Club&Country12260.46
456André Schürrle / Marco ReusBorussia DortmundMULTIPLE: Club&Country15330.45
457Stephan El Shaarawy / Daniele De RossiAS RomaMULTIPLE: Club&Country16250.64
458Kostas Mitroglou / Andreas SamarisSL BenficaMULTIPLE: Club&Country16260.62
459Ilya Kutepov / Dmitri KombarovFC Spartak MoskvaMULTIPLE: Club&Country13290.45
460Robin OlsenF.C. KøbenhavnScandinavian Star38211.81
461William KvistF.C. KøbenhavnScandinavian Star37221.68
462Alexander IsakBorussia DortmundScandinavian Star37162.31
463Nicolai JørgensenFeyenoordScandinavian Star39142.79
464Tore ReginiussenRosenborg BKScandinavian Star34201.70
465Nicklas BendtnerRosenborg BKScandinavian Star39152.60
466Kasper HämäläinenLegia WarszawaScandinavian Star44123.67
467Jo Inge BergetMalmö FFScandinavian Star41172.41
468Markus RosenbergMalmö FFScandinavian Star36132.77