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Panini FIFA 365: 2018-2019. Adrenalyn XL

Panini FIFA 365: 2018-2019. Adrenalyn XL

Year: 2018
Total cards: 602

collecting: 308 / completed: 16


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1Invincible-RARE: Invincible182920.22
2RivaldoFC BarcelonaRARE: AXL Legend188920.89
3Roberto CarlosReal Madid CFRARE: AXL Legend184920.44
4Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCRARE: Top Master174919.33
5Antoine GriezmannAtlético de MadridRARE: Top Master1901019.00
6Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaRARE: Top Master188823.50
7Sergio RamosReal Madid CFRARE: Top Master1811412.93
8Luka ModrićReal Madid CFRARE: Top Master184920.44
9Cristiano RonaldoJuventusRARE: Top Master1961216.33
10Club badgeManchester City FCFANS: Club badge108591.83
11Vincent KompanyManchester City FCFANS: Fans' Favourite126304.20
12David SilvaManchester City FCFANS: Fans' Favourite137324.28
13Riyad MahrezManchester City FCFANS: Impact Signing139245.79
14Manchester City FCManchester City FCFANS: Milestone140344.12
15Manchester City FC - 5th English TitleManchester City FCFANS: Milestone132274.89
16EdersonManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate93711.31
17Kyle WalkerManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate70900.78
18Nicolás OtamendiManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate88821.07
19John StonesManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate81840.96
20İlkay GündoganManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate83890.93
21FernandinhoManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate81830.98
22Bernardo SilvaManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate89731.22
23Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate91661.38
24Leroy SanéManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate89661.35
25Raheem SterlingManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate651160.56
26Sergio AgüeroManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate92681.35
27Gabriel JesusManchester City FCCORE: Team Mate90761.18
28Club badgeAtlético de MadridFANS: Club badge117502.34
29Diego GodínAtlético de MadridFANS: Fans' Favourite124304.13
30Thomas LemarAtlético de MadridFANS: Impact Signing147324.59
31RodriAtlético de MadridFANS: Impact Signing130294.48
32Atlético de MadridAtlético de MadridFANS: Milestone126274.67
33Antoine GriezmannAtlético de MadridFANS: Milestone141285.04
34Jan OblakAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate86721.19
35Šime VrsaljkoAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate92621.48
36Stefan SavićAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate93601.55
37José GiménezAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate88671.31
38Lucas HernándezAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate92661.39
39Filipe LuisAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate90731.23
40KokeAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate99701.41
41ThomasAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate81791.03
42SaúlAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate89821.09
43Ángel CorreaAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate84930.90
44Antoine GriezmannAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate88841.05
45Diego CostaAtlético de MadridCORE: Team Mate82791.04
46Club badgeFC BarcelonaFANS: Club badge117502.34
47Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaFANS: Fans' Favourite130373.51
48Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaFANS: Fans' Favourite133216.33
49ArthurFC BarcelonaFANS: Impact Signing112532.11
50Clément LengletFC BarcelonaFANS: Impact Signing99621.60
51Lionel Messi - 600 Goals in careerFC BarcelonaFANS: Milestone148236.43
52Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate95721.32
53Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate77920.84
54Nélson SemedoFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate87741.18
55Thomas VermaelenFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate81840.96
56Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate82781.05
57Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate90771.17
58Denis SuárezFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate81771.05
59Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate691080.64
60Philippe CoutinhoFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate93591.58
61Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate96671.43
62Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate89761.17
63Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaCORE: Team Mate100571.75
64Club badgeReal Madid CFFANS: Club badge137413.34
65MarceloReal Madid CFFANS: Fans' Favourite124512.43
66Karim BenzemaReal Madid CFFANS: Fans' Favourite113532.13
67Álvaro OdriozolaReal Madid CFFANS: Impact Signing136275.04
68Real Madrid CFReal Madid CFFANS: Milestone141236.13
69Real Madrid CF - 3 Times European Champion in a rowReal Madid CFFANS: Milestone138284.93
70Keylor NavasReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate791120.71
71Raphaël VaraneReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate96631.52
72Daniel CarvajalReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate88721.22
73Sergio RamosReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate102611.67
74NachoReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate96671.43
75Luka ModrićReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate100691.45
76CasemiroReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate94771.22
77Toni KroosReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate87751.16
78IscoReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate87751.16
79Marco AsensioReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate88741.19
80Lucas VázquezReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate89791.13
81Gareth BaleReal Madid CFCORE: Team Mate90791.14
82Club badgeParis Saint-GermainFANS: Club badge123522.37
83Thiago SilvaParis Saint-GermainFANS: Fans' Favourite126245.25
84Marco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainFANS: Fans' Favourite139265.35
85MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainFANS: Fans' Favourite119333.61
86Gianluigi BuffonParis Saint-GermainFANS: Impact Signing127393.26
87Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainFANS: Milestone131393.36
88Alphonse AreolaParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate86661.30
89Thomas MeunierParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate93671.39
90Presnel KimpembeParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate86701.23
91Dani AlvesParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate92671.37
92Lassana DiarraParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate92671.37
93Giovani Lo CelsoParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate721070.67
94Adrien RabiotParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate89781.14
95Ángel Di MaríaParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate93761.22
96Julian DraxlerParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate88801.10
97Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate88831.06
98Neymar JrParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate90701.29
99Kylian MbappéParis Saint-GermainCORE: Team Mate90741.22
100Club badgeFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Club badge115532.17
101Franck RibéryFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Fans' Favourite135284.82
102Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Fans' Favourite129216.14
103Leon GoretzkaFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Impact Signing127442.89
104FC Bayern München - 28 Times German ChampionFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Milestone112532.11
105David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenFANS: Milestone109581.88
106Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate90851.06
107Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate85821.04
108Jérôme BoatengFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate94691.36
109Joshua KimmichFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate86831.04
110David AlabaFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate83781.06
111Javi MartínezFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate87731.19
112Corentin TolissoFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate89811.10
113ThiagoFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate94691.36
114Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate93671.39
115James RodríguezFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate90741.22
116Kingsley ComanFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate94691.36
117Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenCORE: Team Mate98711.38
118Club badgeBorussia DortmundFANS: Club badge114611.87
119Marco ReusBorussia DortmundFANS: Fans' Favourite135255.40
120Abdou DialloBorussia DortmundFANS: Impact Signing132363.67
121Marius WolfBorussia DortmundFANS: Impact Signing141275.22
122Thomas DelaneyBorussia DortmundFANS: Impact Signing142294.90
123Shinji KagawaBorussia DortmundFANS: Milestone127363.53
124Roman BürkiBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate95621.53
125Marcel SchmelzerBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate96691.39
126Ömer ToprakBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate94641.47
127Lukasz PiszczekBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate91711.28
128Manuel AkanjiBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate98701.40
129Mahmoud DahoudBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate94721.31
130Julian WeiglBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate86811.06
131Shinji KagawaBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate85831.02
132André SchürrleBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate87811.07
133Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate88771.14
134Christian PulisicBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate84841.00
135Maximilian PhilippBorussia DortmundCORE: Team Mate89771.16
136Club badgeFC Schalke 04FANS: Club badge122412.98
137Ralf FährmannFC Schalke 04FANS: Fans' Favourite105502.10
138Matija NastasicFC Schalke 04FANS: Fans' Favourite107611.75
139Salif SanéFC Schalke 04FANS: Impact Signing111611.82
140Mark UthFC Schalke 04FANS: Impact Signing140275.19
141Ralf FährmannFC Schalke 04FANS: Milestone138216.57
142NaldoFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate85870.98
143Thilo KehrerFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate93871.07
144Bastian OczipkaFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate81801.01
145Benjamin StambouliFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate89751.19
146Nabil BentalebFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate83870.95
147Weston McKennieFC Schalke 04CORE: Rising Star101631.60
148Daniel CaligiuriFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate89831.07
149Yevhen KonoplyankaFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate90761.18
150Amine HaritFC Schalke 04CORE: Rising Star95691.38
151Guido BurgstallerFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate85691.23
152Franco Di SantoFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate90651.38
153Breel EmboloFC Schalke 04CORE: Team Mate73980.74
154Club badgeFC InternazionaleFANS: Club badge118512.31
155MirandaFC InternazionaleFANS: Fans' Favourite129255.16
156Stefan de VrijFC InternazionaleFANS: Impact Signing126304.20
157Radja NainggolanFC InternazionaleFANS: Impact Signing123363.42
158Lautaro MartínezFC InternazionaleFANS: Impact Signing132274.89
159Mauro IcardiFC InternazionaleFANS: Milestone131333.97
160Samir HandanovičFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate99681.46
161Milan ŠkriniarFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate100651.54
162Danilo D'AmbrosioFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate89661.35
163Andrea RanocchiaFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate90671.34
164Matías VecinoFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate93671.39
165Roberto GagliardiniFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate90781.15
166Borja ValeroFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate81830.98
167Marcelo BrozovićFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate86781.10
168Antonio CandrevaFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate84781.08
169Ivan PerišićFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate86781.10
170Yann KaramohFC InternazionaleCORE: Rising Star94671.40
171Mauro IcardiFC InternazionaleCORE: Team Mate94871.08
172Club badgeJuventusFANS: Club badge125442.84
173Giorgio ChielliniJuventusFANS: Fans' Favourite137265.27
174Cristiano RonaldoJuventusFANS: Impact Signing161246.71
175João CanceloJuventusFANS: Impact Signing147275.44
176Emre CanJuventusFANS: Impact Signing144246.00
177JuventusJuventusFANS: Milestone138265.31
178Wojciech SzczesnyJuventusCORE: Team Mate97751.29
179Mattia PerinJuventusCORE: Team Mate93761.22
180Andrea BarzagliJuventusCORE: Team Mate88741.19
181Giorgio ChielliniJuventusCORE: Team Mate87821.06
182Mattia De SciglioJuventusCORE: Team Mate86861.00
183Blaise MatuidiJuventusCORE: Team Mate89761.17
184Miralem PjanićJuventusCORE: Team Mate96711.35
185Sami KhediraJuventusCORE: Team Mate96711.35
186Federico BernardeschiJuventusCORE: Team Mate761100.69
187Douglas CostaJuventusCORE: Team Mate96721.33
188Mario MandžukićJuventusCORE: Team Mate96661.45
189Paulo DybalaJuventusCORE: Team Mate95571.67
190Club badgeSSC NapoliFANS: Club badge117482.44
191Lorenzo InsigneSSC NapoliFANS: Fans' Favourite127393.26
192Alex MeretSSC NapoliFANS: Impact Signing113591.92
193Simone VerdiSSC NapoliFANS: Impact Signing114542.11
194Fabián RuizSSC NapoliFANS: Impact Signing144255.76
195Marek HamšíkSSC NapoliFANS: Milestone147324.59
196Kalidou KoulibalySSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate90671.34
197Raúl AlbiolSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate95681.40
198Faouzi GhoulamSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate97771.26
199Elseid HysajSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate95691.38
200Mario RuiSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate93671.39
201Marek HamšíkSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate97731.33
202Piotr ZielińskiSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate92771.19
203AllanSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate88811.09
204Amadou DiawaraSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate89791.13
205José CallejónSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate87801.09
206Dries MertensSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate92691.33
207Arkadiusz MilikSSC NapoliCORE: Team Mate91761.20
208Club badgePSV EindhovenFANS: Club badge115661.74
209Luuk De JongPSV EindhovenFANS: Fans' Favourite142285.07
210Nick ViergeverPSV EindhovenFANS: Impact Signing118452.62
211Denzel DumfriesPSV EindhovenFANS: Impact Signing112562.00
212AngeliñoPSV EindhovenFANS: Impact Signing133265.12
213PSV EindhovenPSV EindhovenFANS: Milestone128304.27
214Jeroen ZoetPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate96681.41
215Nicolas Isimat-MirinPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate99661.50
216Daniel SchwaabPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate90771.17
217Derrick LuckassenPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate89781.14
218Santiago AriasPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate96861.12
219Jorrit HendrixPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate90821.10
220Bart RamselaarPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate79860.92
221Mauro JúniorPSV EindhovenCORE: Rising Star95691.38
222Gastón PereiroPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate97791.23
223Hirving LozanoPSV EindhovenCORE: Team Mate90721.25
224Steven BergwijnPSV EindhovenCORE: Rising Star91711.28
225Albert GudmundssonPSV EindhovenCORE: Rising Star98661.48
226Club badgeFC PortoFANS: Club badge117562.09
227Héctor HerreraFC PortoFANS: Fans' Favourite124264.77
228Moussa MaregaFC PortoFANS: Fans' Favourite135353.86
229Danilo PereiraFC PortoFANS: Fans' Favourite109651.68
230Óliver TorresFC PortoFANS: Milestone99591.68
231FC PortoFC PortoFANS: Milestone105701.50
232Iker CasillasFC PortoCORE: Team Mate85821.04
233José SáFC PortoCORE: Team Mate731140.64
234FelipeFC PortoCORE: Team Mate92871.06
235Maxi PereiraFC PortoCORE: Team Mate90901.00
236Alex TellesFC PortoCORE: Team Mate88761.16
237Otávio TeamFC PortoCORE: Team Mate88861.02
238Óliver TorresFC PortoCORE: Team Mate93771.21
239Sérgio OliveiraFC PortoCORE: Team Mate98691.42
240Yacine BrahimiFC PortoCORE: Team Mate95741.28
241Jesús CoronaFC PortoCORE: Team Mate103601.72
242Tiquinho SoaresFC PortoCORE: Team Mate96701.37
243Vincent AboubakarFC PortoCORE: Team Mate91681.34
244Club badgeFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Club badge116522.23
245Dmitri KombarovFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Fans' Favourite106571.86
246Denis GlushakovFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Fans' Favourite133334.03
247Samuel GigotFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Impact Signing136314.39
248Aleksandr TashaevFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Impact Signing137344.03
249Quincy Promes - 50 League Goals for Spartak MoskvaFC Spartak MoskvaFANS: Milestone112601.87
250Aleksandr SelikhovFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate691180.58
251Andrey EshchenkoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate94691.36
252Georgi DzhikiyaFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate90711.27
253Salvatore BocchettiFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate91641.42
254Ilya KutepovFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate91721.26
255Roman ZobninFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate89811.10
256FernandoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate76741.03
257Sofiane HanniFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate85930.91
258Lorenzo MelgarejoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate92751.23
259Quincy PromesFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate89801.11
260Zé LuísFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate85791.08
261Luiz AdrianoFC Spartak MoskvaCORE: Team Mate90781.15
262Club badgeBoca JuniorsFANS: Club badge128482.67
263Fernando GagoBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite127333.85
264Pablo PérezBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite134294.62
265Cristian PavónBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite128314.13
266Carlos TévezBoca JuniorsFANS: Fans' Favourite127363.53
267Boca JuniorsBoca JuniorsFANS: Milestone128314.13
268Agustín RossiBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate83811.02
269Frank FabraBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate90741.22
270Lisandro MagallánBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate84821.02
271Paolo GoltzBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate85831.02
272Leonardo JaraBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate85851.00
273Wilmar BarriosBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate89711.25
274Nahitan NándezBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate99671.48
275Emanuel ReynosoBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate86691.25
276Gonzalo MaroniBoca JuniorsCORE: Rising Star91671.36
277Edwin CardonaBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate93611.52
278Ramón ÁbilaBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate89641.39
279Darío BenedettoBoca JuniorsCORE: Team Mate97641.52
280Club badgeGrêmioFANS: Club badge118452.62
281Marcelo GroheGrêmioFANS: Fans' Favourite123313.97
282Pedro GeromelGrêmioFANS: Fans' Favourite112571.96
283RamiroGrêmioFANS: Fans' Favourite107571.88
284LuanGrêmioFANS: Fans' Favourite132274.89
285Grêmio - 3 Times South American ChampionsGrêmioFANS: Milestone116373.14
286Walter KannemannGrêmioCORE: Team Mate96671.43
287MadsonGrêmioCORE: Team Mate88681.29
288Léo MouraGrêmioCORE: Team Mate96761.26
289Bruno CortezGrêmioCORE: Team Mate92751.23
290BressanGrêmioCORE: Team Mate99681.46
291JailsonGrêmioCORE: Team Mate94741.27
292MaiconGrêmioCORE: Team Mate78860.91
293CíceroGrêmioCORE: Team Mate86741.16
294AlissonGrêmioCORE: Team Mate87841.04
295EvertonGrêmioCORE: Team Mate85841.01
296AndréGrêmioCORE: Team Mate90791.14
297JaelGrêmioCORE: Team Mate98851.15
298EdersonManchester City FCPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper1611016.10
299Jan OblakAtlético de MadridPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper157179.24
300Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper163820.38
301Keylor NavasReal Madid CFPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper1641016.40
302Gianluigi BuffonParis Saint-GermainPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper188631.33
303Roman BürkiBorussia DortmundPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper1561213.00
304Samir HandanovičFC InternazionalePOWER-UP: Goal Stopper1611213.42
305Wojciech SzczesnyJuventusPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper1621016.20
306Iker CasillasFC PortoPOWER-UP: Goal Stopper1851018.50
307Nicolás OtamendiManchester City FCPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock1641610.25
308José GiménezAtlético de MadridPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock1601510.67
309Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock177725.29
310Raphaël VaraneReal Madid CFPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock1591015.90
311MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock168918.67
312Mats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock186726.57
313Manuel AkanjiBorussia DortmundPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock1581510.53
314Milan ŠkriniarFC InternazionalePOWER-UP: Defensive Rock1641312.62
315Daniel SchwaabPSV EindhovenPOWER-UP: Defensive Rock1521410.86
316Leroy SanéManchester City FCPOWER-UP: Key Player179629.83
317SaúlAtlético de MadridPOWER-UP: Key Player1531212.75
318Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaPOWER-UP: Key Player1651115.00
319IscoReal Madid CFPOWER-UP: Key Player1591312.23
320Ángel Di MaríaParis Saint-GermainPOWER-UP: Key Player154198.11
321James RodríguezFC Bayern MünchenPOWER-UP: Key Player175725.00
322Christian PulisicBorussia DortmundPOWER-UP: Key Player155198.16
323Douglas CostaJuventusPOWER-UP: Key Player177919.67
324José CallejónSSC NapoliPOWER-UP: Key Player1651213.75
325Sergio AgüeroManchester City FCPOWER-UP: Game Changer1561312.00
326Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaPOWER-UP: Game Changer162189.00
327Edinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainPOWER-UP: Game Changer1491311.46
328Robert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenPOWER-UP: Game Changer1831116.64
329Guido BurgstallerFC Schalke 04POWER-UP: Game Changer1571411.21
330Mauro IcardiFC InternazionalePOWER-UP: Game Changer166179.76
331Paulo DybalaJuventusPOWER-UP: Game Changer165189.17
332Hirving LozanoPSV EindhovenPOWER-UP: Game Changer156198.21
333Quincy PromesFC Spartak MoskvaPOWER-UP: Game Changer175725.00
334Diego Godín / Jan Oblak / José GiménezAtlético de MadridMULTIPLE: Defensive Wall126323.94
335Gerard Piqué / Marc-André ter Stegen / Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaMULTIPLE: Defensive Wall139265.35
336Daniel Carvajal / Sergio Ramos / Kaylor NavasReal Madid CFMULTIPLE: Defensive Wall140304.67
337Bernado Silva / David Silva / Ilkay GündoganManchester City FCMULTIPLE: Midfield Engine133216.33
338Thiago / Javi Martínez / James RodríguezFC Bayern MünchenMULTIPLE: Midfield Engine145255.80
339Miralem Pjanić / Balise Matuidi / Sami KhediraJuventusMULTIPLE: Midfield Engine141314.55
340Luis Suárez / Philippe Coutinho / Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaMULTIPLE: Attacking Trio155217.38
341Marco Asensio / Karim Benzema / Gareth BaleReal Madid CFMULTIPLE: Attacking Trio128324.00
342Edinson Cavani / Neymar Jr / Kylian MbappéParis Saint-GermainMULTIPLE: Attacking Trio138344.06
343Kyle Walker / Raheem SterlingManchester City FCMULTIPLE: Club&Country141255.64
344Diego Costa / KokeAtlético de MadridMULTIPLE: Club&Country134343.94
345Samuel Umtiti / Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaMULTIPLE: Club&Country138304.60
346Thiago Silva / Dani AlvesParis Saint-GermainMULTIPLE: Club&Country145304.83
347Joshua Kimmich / Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenMULTIPLE: Club&Country138304.60
348Ivan Perišić / Marcelo BrozovićFC InternazionaleMULTIPLE: Club&Country147236.39
349Giorgio Chiellini / Andrea BarzagliJuventusMULTIPLE: Club&Country138255.52
350Piotr Zieliński / Arkadiusz MilikSSC NapoliMULTIPLE: Club&Country140226.36
351Héctor Herrera / Jesus CoronaFC PortoMULTIPLE: Club&Country137275.07
352Thibaut CourtoisBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1611312.38
353Danijel SubašićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1581510.53
354Jordan PickfordEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1541015.40
355Hugo LlorisFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes148178.71
356Toby AlderweireldBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1581114.36
357Thomas MeunierBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1721214.33
358Jan VertonghenBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes158188.78
359Vincent KompanyBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes125304.17
360Dejan LovrenCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1571213.08
361Ivan StrinićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes142275.26
362Domagoj VidaCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes163189.06
363Šime VrsaljkoCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes139294.79
364Harry MaguireEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes163189.06
365John StonesEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes137294.72
366Kieran TrippierEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes162179.53
367Kyle WalkerEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes144216.86
368Lucas HernándezFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1601312.31
369Benjamin PavardFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1661312.77
370Samuel UmtitiFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes154198.11
371Raphaël VaraneFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes148169.25
372Nacer ChadliBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes153198.05
373Kevin De BruyneBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1511410.79
374Eden HazardBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1521113.82
375Axel WitselBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes133294.59
376Marouane FellainiBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes152169.50
377Marcelo BrozovićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes158217.52
378Luka ModrićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes138236.00
379Ivan RakitićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes159188.83
380Ante RebićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes131304.37
381Dele AlliEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes162208.10
382Jordan HendersonEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1521212.67
383Jesse LingardEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes159198.37
384Ashley YoungEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes149178.76
385N'Golo KantéFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes153188.50
386Blaise MatuidiFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes150178.82
387Paul PogbaFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes153207.65
388Raheem SterlingEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1471410.50
389Ivan PerišićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes142265.46
390Romelu LukakuBelgiumGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes163208.15
391Mario MandžukićCroatiaGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes139304.63
392Harry KaneEnglandGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1581312.15
393Olivier GiroudFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes137265.27
394Antoine GriezmannFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1601510.67
395Kylian MbappéFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes153169.56
396World ChampionsFranceGOLD: FIFA World Cup Heroes1551212.92
397DLeroy SanéManchester City FCGerman Stars4058.00
398Dİlkay GündoganManchester City FCGerman Stars40410.00
399DMarc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaGerman Stars3684.50
400DToni KroosReal Madrid CFGerman Stars3966.50
401DJulian DraxlerParis Saint-GermainGerman Stars4258.40
402DKevin TrappParis Saint-GermainGerman Stars3949.75
403DManuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenGerman Stars42314.00
404DNiklas SüleFC Bayern MünchenGerman Stars3949.75
405DMats HummelsFC Bayern MünchenGerman Stars41410.25
406DJoshua KimmichFC Bayern MünchenGerman Stars37218.50
407DThomas MüllerFC Bayern MünchenGerman Stars40313.33
408DJulian WeiglBorussia DortmundGerman Stars3684.50
409DMarco ReusBorussia DortmundGerman Stars44411.00
410DThilo KehrerFC Schalke 04German Stars3757.40
411DMark UthFC Schalke 04German Stars4158.20
412DPhilipp LahmGermanyGerman Stars42221.00
413DFranz BeckenbauerGermanyGerman Stars3966.50
414DMiroslav KloseGermanyGerman Stars42042.00
397NKasper SchmeichelDenmarkScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition49049.00
398NSimon KjærDenmarkScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition51051.00
399NPione SistoDenmarkScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition49049.00
400NNilsson LindelöfSwedenScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition49049.00
401NAndreas GranqvistSwedenScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition51051.00
402NOla ToivonenSwedenScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition51051.00
403NRobin OlsenSwedenScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition51151.00
404NAlbin EkdalSwedenScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition50050.00
405NSebastian LarssonSwedenScandinavian Stars / Nordic Edition51051.00
406NClub BadgeRosenborg BKClub Bagge / Nordic Edition50150.00
407NTore ReginiussenRosenborg BKFans' Favourite / Nordic Edition51051.00
408NMike JensenRosenborg BKFans' Favourite / Nordic Edition50050.00
409NPål André HellandRosenborg BKFans' Favourite / Nordic Edition51051.00
410NAlexander SøderlundRosenborg BKImpact Signing / Nordic Edition50050.00
411NRosenborg BK MilestoneRosenborg BKMilestone / Nordic Edition51051.00
412NAndré HansenRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49224.50
413NEven HovlandRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49149.00
414NBesim ŠerbečićRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48224.00
415NVegar Eggen HedenstadRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48148.00
416NBirger MelingRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
417NAnders KonradsenRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
418NMarius LundemoRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
419NAnders TrondsenRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48148.00
420NMorten KonradsenRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition50050.00
421NYann-Erik de LanlayRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
422NSamuel AdegbenroRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49149.00
423NNicklas BendtnerRosenborg BKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48148.00
424NClub BadgeAIKClub Bagge / Nordic Edition51151.00
425NPer KarlssonAIKFans' Favourite / Nordic Edition50050.00
426NAlexander MilosevicAIKFans' Favourite / Nordic Edition51051.00
427NHenok GoitomAIKFans' Favourite / Nordic Edition51051.00
428NSebastian LarssonAIKImpact Signing / Nordic Edition51051.00
429NKarlsson MilestoneAIKMilestone / Nordic Edition51051.00
430NOscar LinnérAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49149.00
431NRobin JanssonAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48148.00
432NDaniel SundgrenAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
433NRobert LundströmAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
434NAlexander MilosevicAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
435NRasmus LindkvistAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48048.00
436NKristoffer OlssonAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition50150.00
437NTarik ElyounoussiAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49149.00
438NHenok GoitomAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
439NDenni AvdićAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition48148.00
440NStefan SilvaAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
441NNicolás StefanelliAIKTeam Mate / Nordic Edition49049.00
LE-AAAndré AyewFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61230.50
LE-ACAatif ChahechouheFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition62231.00
LE-AFAttila FiolaMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition62320.67
LE-AFRAbraham FrimpongFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition61320.33
LE-AGAntoine GriezmannAtlético de MadridLimited Edition126245.25
LE-AGUAlbert GudmundssonPSV EindhovenLimited Edition64064.00
LE-AHAmine HaritFC Schalke 04Limited Edition1611312.38
LE-AHAAnel HadžićMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition60415.00
LE-AHLAdam HlousekLegia WarsawLimited Edition55155.00
LE-AIAlexander IsakBorussia DortmundLimited Edition54413.50
LE-AJArtur JędrzejczykLegia WarsawLimited Edition65165.00
LE-AKÁdám KovácsikMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition62415.50
LE-AMAgustín MarchesínClub AméricaLimited Edition61061.00
LE-APAlper PotukFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition62231.00
LE-APGAndré-Pierre GignacTigres UANLLimited Edition64064.00
LE-ARArjen RobbenFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition168628.00
LE-ARMArkadiusz MalarzLegia WarsawLimited Edition54318.00
LE-ARTArthurGrêmioLimited Edition65065.00
LE-ATAlex TellesFC PortoLimited Edition53226.50
LE-BMBlaise MatuidiJuventusLimited Edition172628.67
LE-CGChristian GytkjærLech PoznańLimited Edition55413.75
LE-CKCarlos KameniFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition63163.00
LE-CLCarlos LópezLegia WarsawLimited Edition53317.67
LE-CPChristian PulisicBorussia DortmundLimited Edition1561312.00
LE-CPACristian PavónBoca JuniorsLimited Edition56318.67
LE-CRCristiano RonaldoJuventusLimited Edition154179.06
LE-CROCristiano RonaldoJuventusLimited Edition62062.00
LE-CRPCristian PasquatoLegia WarsawLimited Edition63163.00
LE-DALDanko LazovićMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition57319.00
LE-DBDaniel BödeFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition60415.00
LE-DCDiego CostaAtlético de MadridLimited Edition128177.53
LE-DDDénes DibuszFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition59414.75
LE-DJDarko JevtićLech PoznańLimited Edition54227.00
LE-DLDavide LanzafameFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition60160.00
LE-DMDries MertensSSC NapoliLimited Edition132216.29
LE-DSDávid SigérFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition65065.00
LE-EBEndre BotkaFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition61320.33
LE-ECEdinson CavaniParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition131235.70
LE-FEFernandoFC Spartak MoskvaLimited Edition5268.67
LE-FGFernando GorriaránFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition60320.00
LE-GBGareth BaleReal Madid CFLimited Edition124254.96
LE-GIGiulianoFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61230.50
LE-GJGabriel JesusManchester City FCLimited Edition170628.33
LE-GPGerard PiquéFC BarcelonaLimited Edition171534.20
LE-GVGergő LovrencsicsFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition60320.00
LE-HAHugo AyalaTigres UANLLimited Edition63063.00
LE-HAKHasan Ali KaldirimFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition60230.00
LE-HLHirving LozanoPSV EindhovenLimited Edition153819.13
LE-IAIñaki AstizLegia WarsawLimited Edition55155.00
LE-IKIker CasillasFC PortoLimited Edition1511015.10
LE-IPIvan PerišićFC InternazionaleLimited Edition132187.33
LE-IRIvan RakitićFC BarcelonaLimited Edition130196.84
LE-ISIscoReal Madid CFLimited Edition135197.11
LE-JAJavier AquinoTigres UANLLimited Edition63063.00
LE-JBJasmin BurićLech PoznańLimited Edition52226.00
LE-JCJuan CuadradoJuventusLimited Edition65065.00
LE-JDJulian DraxlerParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition167627.83
LE-JDUJesús DueñasTigres UANLLimited Edition62062.00
LE-JNJarosław NiezgodaLegia WarsawLimited Edition52317.33
LE-JPJoseph PaintsilFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition64064.00
LE-JRJames RodríguezFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition133274.93
LE-JSJohn StonesManchester City FCLimited Edition155917.22
LE-JVJózsef VargaMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition58319.33
LE-KDBKevin De BruyneManchester City FCLimited Edition137197.21
LE-KHKasper HämäläinenLegia WarsawLimited Edition56228.00
LE-KJKamil JóźwiakLech PoznańLimited Edition63163.00
LE-KKKalidou KoulibalySSC NapoliLimited Edition174821.75
LE-KMKylian MbappéParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition136216.48
LE-KMAKrzysztof MączyńskiLegia WarsawLimited Edition52226.00
LE-KMBKylian MbappéParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition49316.33
LE-KOKokeAtlético de MadridLimited Edition170534.00
LE-LELeandroFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition56414.00
LE-LILorenzo InsigneSSC NapoliLimited Edition41123.42
LE-LMLionel MessiFC BarcelonaLimited Edition142197.47
LE-LMOLuka ModrićReal Madid CFLimited Edition143168.94
LE-LNLoic NegoMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition61320.33
LE-LPLukasz PiszczekBorussia DortmundLimited Edition62062.00
LE-LSLuis SuárezFC BarcelonaLimited Edition123245.13
LE-LSALeroy SanéManchester City FCLimited Edition174358.00
LE-LTŁukasz TrałkaLech PoznańLimited Edition52317.33
LE-MAMarco AsensioReal Madid CFLimited Edition1561411.14
LE-MAMMoutari AmadouFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition58319.33
LE-MBMiha BlazicFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition59319.67
LE-MGMaciej GajosLech PoznańLimited Edition56228.00
LE-MIMauro IcardiFC InternazionaleLimited Edition4695.11
LE-MJMike JensenRosenborg BKLimited Edition64064.00
LE-MKMichał KucharczykLegia WarsawLimited Edition54227.00
LE-MMMaciej MakuszewskiLech PoznańLimited Edition52226.00
LE-MNManuel NeuerFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition168533.60
LE-MPMiralem PjanićJuventusLimited Edition139168.69
LE-MPTMáté PátkaiMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition61415.25
LE-MPUMatús PutnockýLech PoznańLimited Edition63163.00
LE-MPZMichał PazdanLegia WarsawLimited Edition52226.00
LE-MRMarco ReusBorussia DortmundLimited Edition137187.61
LE-MRAMihai RăduţLech PoznańLimited Edition54318.00
LE-MSMartin SkrtelFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition62162.00
LE-MSCMarko ŠćepovićMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition60415.00
LE-MSKMilan ŠkriniarFC InternazionaleLimited Edition56414.00
LE-MTMehmet TopalFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61230.50
LE-MUMateus UribeClub AméricaLimited Edition63063.00
LE-MVMarco VerrattiParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition138206.90
LE-MVAMathieu ValbuenaFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61320.33
LE-MVEMarko VešovićLegia WarsawLimited Edition52510.40
LE-NDNabil DirarFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61230.50
LE-NENeymar JrParis Saint-GermainLimited Edition120245.00
LE-NVNikola VujadinovićLech PoznańLimited Edition49316.33
LE-ODOusmane DembéléFC BarcelonaLimited Edition162532.40
LE-OPOribe PeraltaClub AméricaLimited Edition62062.00
LE-PAPaul AguilarClub AméricaLimited Edition63063.00
LE-PCPhilippe CoutinhoFC BarcelonaLimited Edition163440.75
LE-PDPaulo DybalaJuventusLimited Edition146236.35
LE-PTPedro TibaLech PoznańLimited Edition51225.50
LE-PVPaulo ViníciusMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition59319.67
LE-PZPiotr ZielińskiSSC NapoliLimited Edition63063.00
LE-QPQuincy PromesFC Spartak MoskvaLimited Edition56156.00
LE-RGRobert GumnyLech PoznańLimited Edition64064.00
LE-RJRafał JanickiLech PoznańLimited Edition50225.00
LE-RJURoland JuhászMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition61415.25
LE-RLRobert LewandowskiFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition133197.00
LE-RNRoman NeustädterFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61230.50
LE-RSRaheem SterlingManchester City FCLimited Edition162440.50
LE-RSORoberto SoldadoFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition61230.50
LE-RVRoland VargaFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition57414.25
LE-SASergio AgüeroManchester City FCLimited Edition151916.78
LE-SARSantiago AriasPSV EindhovenLimited Edition52317.33
LE-SBSergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaLimited Edition150818.75
LE-SESergei EremenkoFC Spartak MoskvaLimited Edition64064.00
LE-SOSouzaFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition62162.00
LE-SPSokratis PapastathopoulosBorussia DortmundLimited Edition62062.00
LE-SRSergio RamosReal Madid CFLimited Edition1601114.55
LE-SSSebastian SzymańskiLegia WarsawLimited Edition5068.33
LE-SSCStefan ŠćepovićMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition61230.50
LE-SSPStefan SpirovskiFerencvárosi TCLimited Edition60320.00
LE-STStopiraMOL Vidi FCLimited Edition60320.00
LE-SUSamuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaLimited Edition136159.07
LE-TETarik ElyounoussiAIKLimited Edition64064.00
LE-THThiagoFC Bayern MünchenLimited Edition172628.67
LE-TKToni KroosReal Madid CFLimited Edition175535.00
LE-VDVolkan DemirelFenerbahçe S.K.Limited Edition63231.50
LE-VDMVernon De MarcoLech PoznańLimited Edition55155.00
LE-VKVolodymyr KostevychLech PoznańLimited Edition55155.00
LE-WRWilliam RémyLegia WarsawLimited Edition57157.00
LE-WSWojciech SzczesnyJuventusLimited Edition64064.00
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