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Panini FIFA World Cup Italia 1990

Panini FIFA World Cup Italia 1990

Year: 1990
Total stickers: 448

Italia ’90

The Sticker Collection "Italia ’90" includes 448 stickers, each one measures mm 49x65. The album has 48 pages. Each packet contains 6 stickers.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 817 / completed: 978


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1FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" emblemIntrometal3062213.91
2FIFA World Cup TrophyIntrometal3022114.38
3FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" posterIntrometal279299.62
4FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" talismanIntrometal3112015.55
5FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 1Playing talisman-902160.42
6FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 2Playing talisman-892020.44
7FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 3Playing talisman-832170.38
8FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 4Playing talisman-952170.44
9Roma - Stadio OlimpicoStadiums & Cities-181483.77
10Panorama of RomeStadiums & Cities-180434.19
11Firenze - Stadio ComunaleStadiums & Cities-171523.29
12Panorama of FirenzeStadiums & Cities-198434.60
13Napoli - Stadio San PaoloStadiums & Cities-201444.57
14Panorama of NapoliStadiums & Cities-185533.49
15FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 5Playing talisman-852120.40
16Bari - Stadio Nuovo ComunaleStadiums & Cities-183513.59
17Panorama of BariStadiums & Cities-177444.02
18Torino - Stadio Nuovo ComunaleStadiums & Cities-181414.41
19Panorama of TorinoStadiums & Cities-175414.27
20Milano - Stadio Giuseppe MeazzaStadiums & Cities-182404.55
21Panorama of MilanoStadiums & Cities-179453.98
22Genova - Stadio Luigi FerrarisStadiums & Cities-169483.52
23Panorama of GenovaStadiums & Cities-180483.75
24Bologna - Stadio Renato Dall'AraStadiums & Cities-186394.77
25Panorama of BolognaStadiums & Cities-193365.36
26FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 6Playing talisman-922000.46
27FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 7Playing talisman-902050.44
28Verona - Stadio BentegodiStadiums & Cities-181424.31
29Panorama of VeronaStadiums & Cities-189414.61
30Panorama of UdineStadiums & Cities-184464.00
31Udine - Stadio FriuliStadiums & Cities-196523.77
32Panorama of CagliariStadiums & Cities-175374.73
33Cagliari - Stadio Sant'EliaStadiums & Cities-207474.40
34FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 8Playing talisman-962060.47
35FIFA World Cup "Italia '90" playing talisman 9Playing talisman-892140.42
36Panorama of PalermoStadiums & Cities-189483.94
37Palermo - Stadio Della FavoritaStadiums & Cities-196503.92
38Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio emblemGroup A - Italiametal260337.88
39Walter ZengaGroup A - Italia-182612.98
40Stefano TacconiGroup A - Italia-196563.50
41Team photo ItaliaGroup A - Italia-185503.70
42Giuseppe BergomiGroup A - Italia-178632.83
43Franco BaresiGroup A - Italia-199563.55
44Riccardo FerriGroup A - Italia-188553.42
45Ciro FerraraGroup A - Italia-196503.92
46Paolo MaldiniGroup A - Italia-250406.25
47Luigi de AgostiniGroup A - Italia-187464.07
48Nicola BertiGroup A - Italia-193493.94
49Carlo AncelottiGroup A - Italia-206494.20
50Fernando de NapoliGroup A - Italia-194503.88
51Giuseppe GianniniGroup A - Italia-187493.82
52Roberto DonadoniGroup A - Italia-198573.47
53Roberto BaggioGroup A - Italia-266318.58
54Gianluca VialliGroup A - Italia-189702.70
55Andrea CarnevaleGroup A - Italia-187573.28
56Roberto ManciniGroup A - Italia-212514.16
57Osterreichiescher Fussball-Bund emblemGroup A - Osterreichmetal219573.84
58Klaus LindenbergerGroup A - Osterreich-180404.50
59Otto KonradGroup A - Osterreich-181473.85
60Team photo OsterreichGroup A - Osterreich-184444.18
61Kurt RussGroup A - Osterreich-185563.30
62Heribert WeberGroup A - Osterreich-178493.63
63Ernst AignerGroup A - Osterreich-173523.33
64Anton PfefferGroup A - Osterreich-169523.25
65Robert PeclGroup A - Osterreich-187513.67
66Peter ArtnerGroup A - Osterreich-158552.87
67Manfred ZsakGroup A - Osterreich-189414.61
68Manfred LinzmaierGroup A - Osterreich-173642.70
69Alfred HortnaglGroup A - Osterreich-170533.21
70Andreas HerzogGroup A - Osterreich-171553.11
71Christian KeglevitsGroup A - Osterreich-172533.25
72Andreas OgrisGroup A - Osterreich-162612.66
73Anton PolsterGroup A - Osterreich-190523.65
74Gerhard RodaxGroup A - Osterreich-169632.68
75Heimo PfeifenbergerGroup A - Osterreich-173602.88
76Ceskoslovensky Fotbalovy Svaz emblemGroup A - Ceskoslovenskometal237386.24
77Jan StejskalGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-180543.33
78Ludek MikloskoGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-179394.59
79Team photo CeskoslovenskoGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-180553.27
80Julius BielikGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-190533.58
81Miroslav KadlecGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-189583.26
82Frantisek StrakaGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-194583.34
83Jan KocianGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-185483.85
84Lubomir VlkGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-167543.09
85Peter FieberGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-185573.25
86Ivan HasekGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-164672.45
87Jozef ChovanecGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-175533.30
88Michal BilekGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-187513.67
89Lubomir MoravcikGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-174672.60
90Vaclav NemecekGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-171573.00
91Lubos KubikGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-172563.07
92Stanislav GrigaGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-180543.33
93Milan LuhovyGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-161592.73
94Tomas SkuhravyGroup A - Ceskoslovensko-185613.03
95Unated States Soccer Federation emblemGroup A - USAmetal235475.00
96Tony MeolaGroup A - USA-174622.81
97Kasey KellerGroup A - USA-176563.14
98Team photo USAGroup A - USA-181583.12
99Marcelo BalboaGroup A - USA-171553.11
100Jimmy BanksGroup A - USA-183523.52
101Mike WindischmannGroup A - USA-177652.72
102Steve TrittschuhGroup A - USA-175563.13
103John DoyleGroup A - USA-174553.16
104Paul CaligiuriGroup A - USA-180533.40
105Brian BlissGroup A - USA-172563.07
106John StollmeyerGroup A - USA-169592.86
107Tab RamosGroup A - USA-175513.43
108John HarkesGroup A - USA-185603.08
109Eric EichmannGroup A - USA-177652.72
110Hugo PerezGroup A - USA-172503.44
111Bruce MurrayGroup A - USA-165622.66
112Peter VermesGroup A - USA-168543.11
113Eric WynaldaGroup A - USA-180662.73
114Asociacion del Futbol Argentino emblemGroup B - Argentinametal237465.15
115Nery Alberto PumpidoGroup B - Argentina-872430.36
116Luis Alberto IslasGroup B - Argentina-812550.32
117Team photo ArgentinaGroup B - Argentina-184503.68
118Nestor Rolando ClausenGroup B - Argentina-852430.35
119Juan Ernesto SimonGroup B - Argentina-862510.34
120Oscar Alfredo RuggeriGroup B - Argentina-792600.30
121Nestor Ariel FabbriGroup B - Argentina-902460.37
122Julio Jorge OlarticoecheaGroup B - Argentina-902380.38
123Ricardo Omar GiustiGroup B - Argentina-832480.33
124Sergio Daniel BatistaGroup B - Argentina-732700.27
125Pedro Antonio TroglioGroup B - Argentina-832620.32
126Jose Horacio BasualdoGroup B - Argentina-802500.32
127Jorge Luis BurruchagaGroup B - Argentina-832650.31
128Diego Armando MaradonaGroup B - Argentina-1751071.64
129Claudio Paul CaniggiaGroup B - Argentina-882470.36
130Abel Eduardo BalboGroup B - Argentina-862540.34
131Gustavo Abel DezottiGroup B - Argentina-822370.35
132Jorge Alberto ValdanoGroup B - Argentina-872560.34
133USSR Football Federation emblemGroup B - SSSRmetal235356.71
134Rinat DasaevGroup B - SSSR-177642.77
135Viktor ChanovGroup B - SSSR-173672.58
136Team photo SSSRGroup B - SSSR-190583.28
137Vladimir BessonovGroup B - SSSR-175533.30
138Sergei GorlukovichGroup B - SSSR-184563.29
139Vagiz KhidiatullinGroup B - SSSR-168632.67
140Oleg KuznetsovGroup B - SSSR-172523.31
141Vasili RatsGroup B - SSSR-166513.25
142Andrei ZygmantovichGroup B - SSSR-172622.77
143Sergei AleinikovGroup B - SSSR-190652.92
144Ivan YaremchukGroup B - SSSR-170553.09
145Aleksei MikhaijlichenkoGroup B - SSSR-149692.16
146Gennadij LitovchenkoGroup B - SSSR-183613.00
147Aleksandr ZavarovGroup B - SSSR-168782.15
148Fedor CherenkovGroup B - SSSR-176592.98
149Oleg ProtasovGroup B - SSSR-158682.32
150Igor DobrovolskijGroup B - SSSR-176682.59
151Sergei RodionovGroup B - SSSR-183573.21
152Federatia Romana de Fotbal emblemGroup B - Romaniametal228524.38
153Silviu LungGroup B - Romania-180513.53
154Bogdan SteleaGroup B - Romania-170563.04
155Team photo RomaniaGroup B - Romania-182652.80
156Dan PetrescuGroup B - Romania-178543.30
157Stefan IovanGroup B - Romania-179543.31
158Mircea RednicGroup B - Romania-165742.23
159Ion AndoneGroup B - Romania-181473.85
160Adrian BumbescuGroup B - Romania-185583.19
161Iosif RotariuGroup B - Romania-182483.79
162Michael KleinGroup B - Romania-187543.46
163Gheorghe PopescuGroup B - Romania-178533.36
164Ovidiu Ioan SabauGroup B - Romania-172533.25
165Dorin MateutGroup B - Romania-180593.05
166Danut LupuGroup B - Romania-174642.72
167Gheorghe HagiGroup B - Romania-187752.49
168Marius LacatusGroup B - Romania-176722.44
169Rodion CamataruGroup B - Romania-173622.79
170Gavril BalintGroup B - Romania-179632.84
171Federation Camerounaise de Football emblemGroup B - Camerounmetal228524.38
172Team photo CamerounGroup B - Cameroun-183523.52
173Joseph-Antoine Bell / Thomas N'KonoGroup B - Cameroun-177493.61
174Stephen Tataw / Emmanuel KundeGroup B - Cameroun-178434.14
175Benjamin Massing / Bertin EbwelleGroup B - Cameroun-166513.25
176Jean-Claude Pagal / Richard TchakounangGroup B - Cameroun-171483.56
177Emile M'Bouh / Andre Kana-BiyikGroup B - Cameroun-178503.56
178Louis Paul M'Fede / Cyrille MakanakyGroup B - Cameroun-181463.93
179Ernest-Lottin Ebongue / Francois Omam-BiyikGroup B - Cameroun-192593.25
180Eugene Ekeke / Bonaventure DjonkepGroup B - Cameroun-175592.97
181Team photo Costa RicaGroup C - Costa Rica-165533.11
182Federation Costarricense de Futbol emblemGroup C - Costa Ricametal228405.70
183Luis Gabelo Conejo / Jose Arturo HidalgoGroup C - Costa Rica-176533.32
184Vladimir Quesada / Enrique DiazGroup C - Costa Rica-167553.04
185Roger Flores / Mauricio MonteroGroup C - Costa Rica-169553.07
186Ronald Marin / Jose Carlos ChavezGroup C - Costa Rica-174632.76
187Hector Marchena / Alvaro SolanoGroup C - Costa Rica-161622.60
188Oscar Ramirez / German ChavarriaGroup C - Costa Rica-169553.07
189Juan Antonio Cayasso / Evaristo CoronadoGroup C - Costa Rica-181503.62
190Hernan Medford / Claudio JaraGroup C - Costa Rica-168642.63
191Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol emblemGroup C - Brasilmetal242475.15
192Taffarel (Claudio Andre Taffarel)Group C - Brasil-942380.39
193Acacio (Acacio Cordeiro Barreto)Group C - Brasil-912370.38
194Team photo BrasilGroup C - Brasil-178523.42
195Mazinho (Iomar do Nascimento)Group C - Brasil-912440.37
196Mauro Galvao (Mauro Geraldo Galvao)Group C - Brasil-852390.36
197Ricardo Gomes (Ricardo Gomes Raimundo)Group C - Brasil-862500.34
198Aldair (Aldair Mascimento dos Santos)Group C - Brasil-882520.35
199Ricardo Rocha (Ricardo Roberto Barreto da Rocha)Group C - Brasil-882620.34
200Branco (Claudio Ibrahim Vaz Leal)Group C - Brasil-882340.38
201Jorginho (Jorge de Amorim Campos)Group C - Brasil-872330.37
202Alemao (Ricardo Rogeiro de Brito)Group C - Brasil-812590.31
203Dunga (Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri)Group C - Brasil-962220.43
204Silas (Paulo Silas do Prado Pereira)Group C - Brasil-882440.36
205Valdo (Valdo Candido Filho)Group C - Brasil-862460.35
206Bebeto (Jose Roberto Gama de Oliveira)Group C - Brasil-932430.38
207Careca (Antonio de Oliveira Filho)Group C - Brasil-802400.33
208Romario (Romario de Souza Faria)Group C - Brasil-1162010.58
209Muller (Luis Antonio Correa de Costa)Group C - Brasil-932440.38
210The Scottish Football Assotiation Ltd. emblemGroup C - Scotlandmetal241356.89
211Jim LeightonGroup C - Scotland-872450.36
212Andy GoramGroup C - Scotland-872500.35
213Team photo ScotlandGroup C - Scotland-165632.62
214Richard GoughGroup C - Scotland-782430.32
215Willie MillerGroup C - Scotland-872480.35
216Alex McLeishGroup C - Scotland-872580.34
217Gary GillespieGroup C - Scotland-852570.33
218Dave McPhersonGroup C - Scotland-872430.36
219Maurice MalpasGroup C - Scotland-842410.35
220Roy AitkenGroup C - Scotland-882390.37
221Steve NicolGroup C - Scotland-862440.35
222Murdo MacLeodGroup C - Scotland-842330.36
223Paul McStayGroup C - Scotland-912360.39
224Stuart McCallGroup C - Scotland-882570.34
225Jim BettGroup C - Scotland-862500.34
226Ally McCoistGroup C - Scotland-872380.37
227Maurice JohnstonGroup C - Scotland-862380.36
228Alan McInallyGroup C - Scotland-822490.33
229Svenska Fotbollforbundet emblemGroup C - Sverigemetal234376.32
230Thomas RavelliGroup C - Sverige-191434.44
231Sven AnderssonGroup C - Sverige-169642.64
232Team photo SverigeGroup C - Sverige-171473.64
233Roland NilssonGroup C - Sverige-176632.79
234Glenn HysenGroup C - Sverige-181782.32
235Peter LarssonGroup C - Sverige-161572.82
236Roger LjungGroup C - Sverige-165553.00
237Dennis SchillerGroup C - Sverige-170582.93
238Klas IngessonGroup C - Sverige-169692.45
239Jonas ThernGroup C - Sverige-171582.95
240Leif EngqvistGroup C - Sverige-188503.76
241Glenn Peter StrombergGroup C - Sverige-174463.78
242Anders LimparGroup C - Sverige-164592.78
243Niklas LarssonGroup C - Sverige-176543.26
244Joakim NilssonGroup C - Sverige-176523.38
245Mats MagnussonGroup C - Sverige-165802.06
246Johnny EkstromGroup C - Sverige-176553.20
247Stefan LindqvistGroup C - Sverige-171543.17
248Deutscher Fussball-Bund emblemGroup D - Deutschland-BRDmetal244356.97
249Bodo IllgnerGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-190483.96
250Raimond AumannGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-203523.90
251Team photo Doutschland-BRDGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-186543.44
252Thomas BerthordGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-165582.84
253Jurgen KohlerGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-166592.81
254Klaus AugenthalerGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-185533.49
255Guido BuchwaldGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-195404.88
256Andreas BrehmeGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-194474.13
257Stefan ReuterGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-179563.20
258Andreas MollerGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-197563.52
259Lothar MatthausGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-213494.35
260Olaf ThonGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-182652.80
261Uwe BeinGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-178642.78
262Thomas HasslerGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-179573.14
263Pierre LittbarskiGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-180672.69
264Rudi VollerGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-181523.48
265Jurgen KlinsmannGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-200523.85
266Karlheinz RiedleGroup D - Deutschland-BRD-178533.36
267Fudbalski Savez Jugoslavije emblemGroup D - Jugoslavijametal244425.81
268Tomislav IvkovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-182533.43
269Fahrudin OmerovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-170672.54
270Team photo JugoslavijaGroup D - Jugoslavija-186553.38
271Vujadin StanojkovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-182583.14
272Davor JozicGroup D - Jugoslavija-175682.57
273Zoran VulicGroup D - Jugoslavija-189633.00
274Faruk HadzibegicGroup D - Jugoslavija-165632.62
275Predrag SpasicGroup D - Jugoslavija-175592.97
276Zoran VujovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-181632.87
277Srecko KatanecGroup D - Jugoslavija-174573.05
278Dragoljub BrnovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-167692.42
279Dragan StojkovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-170622.74
280Safet SusicGroup D - Jugoslavija-170742.30
281Robert ProsineckiGroup D - Jugoslavija-190553.45
282Zlatko VujovicGroup D - Jugoslavija-176612.89
283Darko PancevGroup D - Jugoslavija-188613.08
284Dejan SavicevicGroup D - Jugoslavija-180543.33
285Haris SkoroGroup D - Jugoslavija-177602.95
286Federacion Colombiana de Futbol emblemGroup D - Colombiametal228613.74
287Jose Rene HiguitaGroup D - Colombia-183642.86
288Eduardo NinoGroup D - Colombia-168772.18
289Team photo ColombiaGroup D - Colombia-182503.64
290Gildardo Biderman GomezGroup D - Colombia-198543.67
291Andres EscobarGroup D - Colombia-178563.18
292Luis Carlos PereaGroup D - Colombia-169592.86
293Carlos Mario HoyosGroup D - Colombia-168672.51
294Leon Fernando VillaGroup D - Colombia-180682.65
295Alexis Antonio MendozaGroup D - Colombia-185692.68
296Gabriel Jaime GomezGroup D - Colombia-171662.59
297Ricardo PerezGroup D - Colombia-181503.62
298Leonel de Jesus AlvarezGroup D - Colombia-161572.82
299Bernardo RedinGroup D - Colombia-190543.52
300Carlos Alberto ValderramaGroup D - Colombia-206563.68
301Luis Alfonso FajardoGroup D - Colombia-167523.21
302Arnoldo Alberto IguaranGroup D - Colombia-170712.39
303Ruben Dario HernandezGroup D - Colombia-178652.74
304John Jairo TrellezGroup D - Colombia-174682.56
305United Arab Emirates Football Association emblemGroup D - UAEmetal227554.13
306Team photo UAEGroup D - UAE-176622.84
307Mushin Musabeh Faraj / Adil Anas Juma'AGroup D - UAE-177593.00
308Mohamed Obaid Hilal / Eissa Meer AbdulrahmanGroup D - UAE-176583.03
309Khaleel Ghanim Mubarak / Mubarak Ghanim MubarakGroup D - UAE-172573.02
310Ibrahim Meer Abdulrahman / Abbulrahman Mohamed AbdullahGroup D - UAE-179573.14
311Abdulrahman Al Haddad / Nasser Khamees MubarakGroup D - UAE-180543.33
312Fahad Abdulrahman Abdullah / Ali Thani Juma'AGroup D - UAE-175523.37
313Hassan Mohamed Hussain / Fahad Khamees MubarakGroup D - UAE-173662.62
314Adnan Khamees Al Taliyani / Zuhair Bakheet BilalGroup D - UAE-168572.95
315Team photo South KoreaGroup E - South Korea-176553.20
316Korea Football Association emblemGroup E - South Koreametal233435.42
317Poong-Joo Kim / Gi-Dong JeongGroup E - South Korea-181573.18
318Kang-Hee Choi / Kyung-Hoon ParkGroup E - South Korea-189533.57
319Yong-Hwan Chung / Jong-Soo ChungGroup E - South Korea-170453.78
320Sang-Bum Gu / Duk-Yeo YoonGroup E - South Korea-180463.91
321Young-Sang Lee / Bo-Kwan HwangGroup E - South Korea-170622.74
322Sang-Ho Kim / Young-Jin LeeGroup E - South Korea-182463.96
323Joo-Sung Kim / Soon-Ho ChoiGroup E - South Korea-171573.00
324Seon-Hong Hwang / Byung-Joo ByunGroup E - South Korea-184503.68
325Union Royale Belge des Societes de Football-Association emblemGroup E - Belgique-Belgiemetal219425.21
326Michel Preud'HommeGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-167662.53
327Gilbert BodartGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-178513.49
328Team photo Belgique-BelgieGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-173533.26
329Eric GeretsGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-166632.63
330Georges GrunGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-175483.65
331Leo ClijstersGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-170523.27
332Stephane DemolGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-180473.83
333Philippe AlbertGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-181563.23
334Michel de WolfGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-180533.40
335Bruno VersavelGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-162543.00
336Marc EmmersGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-184503.68
337Franky van der ElstGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-183593.10
338Vincenzo ScifoGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-181394.64
339Patrick VervoortGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-166612.72
340Jan CeulemansGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-174553.16
341Marc de GryseGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-175632.78
342Marc VanderlindenGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-177632.81
343Luc NilisGroup E - Belgique-Belgie-173533.26
344Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol emblemGroup E - Espanametal224544.15
345Andoni ZubizarretaGroup E - Espana-180563.21
346Jose Manuel OchotorenaGroup E - Espana-169563.02
347Team photo EspanaGroup E - Espana-200553.64
348Miguel Porlan "Chendo"Group E - Espana-162632.57
349Genaro AndrinuaGroup E - Espana-170772.21
350Juan Rodriguez "Juanito"Group E - Espana-185563.30
351Manuel SanchisGroup E - Espana-177593.00
352Manuel JimenezGroup E - Espana-181672.70
353Luis MillaGroup E - Espana-162682.38
354Roberto FernandezGroup E - Espana-193493.94
355Miguel Gonzalez "Michel"Group E - Espana-166612.72
356Francisco Perez VillaroyaGroup E - Espana-186583.21
357Rafael Martin VazquezGroup E - Espana-175682.57
358Jose Maria BaqueroGroup E - Espana-188603.13
359Manuel Sanchez "Manolo"Group E - Espana-168652.58
360Emilio ButraguenoGroup E - Espana-183642.86
361Julio SalinasGroup E - Espana-158652.43
362Aitor BeguiristainGroup E - Espana-179622.89
363Association Uruguaya de Futbol emblemGroup E - Uruguaymetal230445.23
364Eduardo PereiraGroup E - Uruguay-178563.18
365Javier ZeoliGroup E - Uruguay-171592.90
366Team photo UruguayGroup E - Uruguay-179622.89
367Jose HerreraGroup E - Uruguay-180473.83
368Nelson GutierrezGroup E - Uruguay-168553.05
369Felipe RevelezGroup E - Uruguay-178742.41
370Hugo de LeonGroup E - Uruguay-186513.65
371Alfonso DominguezGroup E - Uruguay-167612.74
372Jose PerdomoGroup E - Uruguay-166682.44
373Santiago OstolazaGroup E - Uruguay-172503.44
374Gabriel CorreaGroup E - Uruguay-184642.88
375Pablo BengoecheaGroup E - Uruguay-180543.33
376Ruben PereiraGroup E - Uruguay-178583.07
377Ruben PazGroup E - Uruguay-171632.71
378Antonio AlzamendiGroup E - Uruguay-175662.65
379Enzo FrancescoliGroup E - Uruguay-173592.93
380Ruben SosaGroup E - Uruguay-180612.95
381Carlos AguileraGroup E - Uruguay-165513.24
382The Football Association emblemGroup F - Englandmetal249435.79
383Peter ShiltonGroup F - England-166602.77
384Chris WoodsGroup F - England-191603.18
385Team photo EnglandGroup F - England-178543.30
386Gary StevensGroup F - England-176533.32
387Paul ParkerGroup F - England-167572.93
388Des WalkerGroup F - England-177573.11
389Terry ButcherGroup F - England-165692.39
390Stuart PearceGroup F - England-188593.19
391Neil WebbGroup F - England-182543.37
392Steve McMahonGroup F - England-166592.81
393Steve HodgeGroup F - England-179523.44
394Paul GascoigneGroup F - England-225425.36
395Bryan RobsonGroup F - England-166762.18
396David RocastleGroup F - England-179493.65
397Chris WaddleGroup F - England-177553.22
398Peter BeardsleyGroup F - England-177622.85
399Gary LinekerGroup F - England-175622.82
400John BarnesGroup F - England-181523.48
401Koninklijke Nederlandsche Voetbalbond emblemGroup F - Nederlandmetal225534.25
402Hans van BreukelenGroup F - Nederland-176493.59
403Joop HielleGroup F - Nederland-187533.53
404Team photo NederlandGroup F - Nederland-186503.72
405Berry van AerleGroup F - Nederland-175453.89
406Ronald KoemanGroup F - Nederland-201573.53
407Graeme RutjesGroup F - Nederland-173573.04
408Adrie van TiggelenGroup F - Nederland-189345.56
409Frank RijkaardGroup F - Nederland-202533.81
410Aron WinterGroup F - Nederland-179523.44
411Jan WoutersGroup F - Nederland-175513.43
412Erwin KoemanGroup F - Nederland-194513.80
413Gerald VanenburgGroup F - Nederland-172652.65
414John van 'T SchipGroup F - Nederland-174463.78
415Johnny BosmanGroup F - Nederland-183533.45
416Ruud GullitGroup F - Nederland-218454.84
417Marco van BastenGroup F - Nederland-228564.07
418Wim KieftGroup F - Nederland-175503.50
419Rob WitschgeGroup F - Nederland-175592.97
420The Football Association of Ireland (Cumann Peile Na H-Eireann) emblemGroup F - Irelandmetal222464.83
421Pat BonnerGroup F - Ireland-176612.89
422Gerry PeytonGroup F - Ireland-181543.35
423Team photo IrelandGroup F - Ireland-186642.91
424Chris MorrisGroup F - Ireland-182454.04
425Chris HughtonGroup F - Ireland-170582.93
426Kevin MoranGroup F - Ireland-178453.96
427David O'LearyGroup F - Ireland-176493.59
428Mick McCarthyGroup F - Ireland-183503.66
429Steve StauntonGroup F - Ireland-177702.53
430Paul McGrathGroup F - Ireland-175483.65
431Ronnie WhelanGroup F - Ireland-187464.07
432Andy TownsendGroup F - Ireland-180523.46
433Ray HoughtonGroup F - Ireland-189523.63
434Kevin SheedyGroup F - Ireland-169632.68
435Tony GalvinGroup F - Ireland-160652.46
436John AldridgeGroup F - Ireland-171632.71
437Tony CascarinoGroup F - Ireland-188632.98
438Frank StapletonGroup F - Ireland-186573.26
439Egyptian Football Association emblemGroup F - Egyptmetal226435.26
440Team photo EgyptGroup F - Egypt-181563.23
441Ahmed Shobeir / Ayman TaherGroup F - Egypt-174573.05
442Ibrahim Hassan / Ahmed RamzyGroup F - Egypt-190394.87
443Hesham Yaken / Saber EidGroup F - Egypt-182503.64
444Ashraf Kassem / Rabie YassineGroup F - Egypt-186573.26
445Ahmed El Kass / Magdi AbdelghaniGroup F - Egypt-182463.96
446Badr Ragab / Yasser FaroukGroup F - Egypt-189493.86
447Ayman Shawky / Taher AbouzeidGroup F - Egypt-177553.22
448Gamal Abdelhamid / Hossam HassanGroup F - Egypt-188375.08
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