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Card GM3: U.S. National Team

U.S. National Team (USA Goal Masters)

U.S. National Team (USA Goal Masters)

GM3. Panini FIFA World Cup Germany 2006. Trading Cards

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«U S National Team»

«U.S. National Team»

Section: USA Goal Masters

Type: Rainbow card

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AustraliaBaggio10    Belgiumjoepesco    ChileClaudios    Colombiajjcjstick    Germanyandreas1981, Lewandowski9    GreecePao1961    Hungarymojo61    Icelandfannar75    MexicoFerchwayvalo    PolandMaciej123, daga35, Filip123, bucik81, edie76, olesia321    Romanialuci81, marcel511    Turkeymkcoskun

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