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Panini Football League 2013. PFL03

Panini Football League 2013. PFL03

Year: 2013
Total cards: 145

collecting: 26 / completed: 3


1Mattia De SciglioMilanBase card / Star404.00
2Philippe MexesMilanBase card / Star404.00
3Cristian ZapataMilanBase card404.00
4Kevin ConstantMilanBase card404.00
5Massimo AmbrosiniMilanBase card404.00
6Bojan KrkićMilanBase card404.00
7Mario BalotelliMilanBase card404.00
8Stephan El ShaarawyMilanBase card / Star404.00
9Giorgio ChielliniJuventusBase card / Star707.00
10Federico PelusoJuventusBase card606.00
11Paul PogbaJuventusBase card / Star808.00
12Simone PadoinJuventusBase card606.00
13Andrea PirloJuventusBase card / Star707.00
14Mauricio IslaJuventusBase card606.00
15Luca MarroneJuventusBase card606.00
16Sebastian GiovincoJuventusBase card606.00
17Andrea RanocchiaInterBase card / Star909.00
18Juan JesusInterBase card808.00
19Yuto NagatomoInterBase card808.00
20Ezequiel SchelottoInterBase card808.00
21Fredy GuarinInterBase card808.00
22Esteban CambiassoInterBase card / Star909.00
23Tommaso RocchiInterBase card808.00
24Diego MilitoInterBase card / Star808.00
25Mauro GoikoecheaRomaBase card505.00
26DodoRomaBase card505.00
27Vasilis TorosidisRomaBase card505.00
28Federico BalzarettiRomaBase card / Star505.00
29Michael BradleyRomaBase card606.00
30Alessandro FlorenziRomaBase card505.00
31Pablo OsvaldoRomaBase card / Star505.00
32Francesco TottiRomaBase card909.00
33Victor ValdesBarcelonaBase card / Star505.00
34Carles PuyolBarcelonaBase card505.00
35Marc BartraBarcelonaBase card404.00
36Martin MontoyaBarcelonaBase card404.00
37Cesc FabregasBarcelonaBase card / Star505.00
38Thiago AlcantaraBarcelonaBase card505.00
39Sergio BusquetsBarcelonaBase card / Star505.00
40Lionel MessiBarcelonaBase card / Star10010.00
41Diego LopezReal MadridBase card505.00
42Raphaël VaraneReal MadridBase card505.00
43Ricardo CarvalhoReal MadridBase card505.00
44Alvaro ArbeloaReal MadridBase card / Star515.00
45Xabi AlonsoReal MadridBase card505.00
46Michael EssienReal MadridBase card404.00
47Angel Di MariaReal MadridBase card / Star606.00
48Karim BenzemaReal MadridBase card505.00
49Adil RamiValenciaBase card / Star404.00
50Antonio BarragánValenciaBase card404.00
51Victor RuizValenciaBase card / Star404.00
52Sofiane FeghouliValenciaBase card404.00
53Ever BanegaValenciaBase card / Star404.00
54Juan BernatValenciaBase card505.00
55Roberto SoldadoValenciaBase card / Star404.00
56Nelson ValdezValenciaBase card / Star505.00
57Patrice EvraManchester UnitedBase card606.00
58Phil JonesManchester UnitedBase card606.00
59AndersonManchester UnitedBase card606.00
60Michael CarrickManchester UnitedBase card606.00
61Ashley YoungManchester UnitedBase card / Star606.00
62Shinji KagawaManchester UnitedBase card707.00
63Wayne RooneyManchester UnitedBase card / Star707.00
64Danny WelbeckManchester UnitedBase card / Star606.00
65Nicolas DouchezPSGBase card404.00
66Thiago SilvaPSGBase card / Star505.00
67Sylvain ArmandPSGBase card404.00
68Gregory van der WielPSGBase card505.00
69Jeremy MenezPSGBase card / Star505.00
70Clement ChantomePSGBase card404.00
71Javier PastorePSGBase card404.00
72David BeckhamPSGBase card / Star707.00
73Rafael GalhardoSantosBase card404.00
74NetoSantosBase card404.00
75Felipe AndersonSantosBase card / Star404.00
76Walter MontilloSantosBase card / Star404.00
77Rene JuniorSantosBase card404.00
78CiceroSantosBase card404.00
79AndreSantosBase card404.00
80Victor AndradeSantosBase card / Star404.00
81Franco SosaBoca JuniorsBase card404.00
82Guillermo BurdissoBoca JuniorsBase card404.00
83Christian CellayBoca JuniorsBase card404.00
84Leandro SomozaBoca JuniorsBase card404.00
85Walter ErvitiBoca JuniorsBase card404.00
86Leandro ParedesBoca JuniorsBase card / Star505.00
87Ribair RodríguezBoca JuniorsBase card / Star404.00
88Juan Manuel MartinezBoca JuniorsBase card404.00
89DanteBayern MunchenBase card505.00
90Philipp LahmBayern MunchenBase card505.00
91Franck RiberyBayern MunchenBase card / Star606.00
92David AlabaBayern MunchenBase card606.00
93Bastian SchweinsteigerBayern MunchenBase card / Star707.00
94Anatoliy TymoshchukBayern MunchenBase card606.00
95Thomas MullerBayern MunchenBase card / Star505.00
96Mario GomezBayern MunchenBase card515.00
97Roman WeidenfellerBorussia DortmundBase card414.00
98Neven SubotićBorussia DortmundBase card / Star505.00
99Lukasz PiszczekBorussia DortmundBase card / Star505.00
100Marcel SchmelzerBorussia DortmundBase card404.00
101Moritz LeitnerBorussia DortmundBase card404.00
102İlkay GündoğanBorussia DortmundBase card / Star505.00
103Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundBase card505.00
104Nuri SahinBorussia DortmundBase card404.00
105Michael RensingBayer LeverkusenBase card404.00
106Philipp WollscheidBayer LeverkusenBase card / Star404.00
107Sebastian BoenischBayer LeverkusenBase card505.00
108Simon RolfesBayer LeverkusenBase card / Star404.00
109Lars BenderBayer LeverkusenBase card / Star505.00
110Jens HegelerBayer LeverkusenBase card404.00
111Gonzalo CastroBayer LeverkusenBase card404.00
112Stefan KießlingBayer LeverkusenBase card / Star404.00
113Kenneth VermeerAjaxBase card505.00
114Toby AlderweireldAjaxBase card / Star404.00
115Joël VeltmanAjaxBase card505.00
116Mitchell DijksAjaxBase card505.00
117Siem de JongAjaxBase card / Star404.00
118Lasse SchöneAjaxBase card / Star404.00
119Tobias SanaAjaxBase card505.00
120Viktor FischerAjaxBase card / Star414.00
121Hugo GonzálezAmericaBase card404.00
122Diego ReyesAmericaBase card404.00
123Paul AguilarAmericaBase card / Star404.00
124Jesús MolinaAmericaBase card404.00
125Osvaldo MartinezAmericaBase card404.00
126Rubens SambuezaAmericaBase card404.00
127Raúl JiménezAmericaBase card404.00
128Christian BenitezAmericaBase card / Star404.00
129Patrice EvraManchester UnitedSuperStar707.00
130Yuto NagatomoInterSuperStar808.00
131Cesc FabregasBarcelonaSuperStar404.00
132Mario GötzeBorussia DortmundSuperStar505.00
133Xabi AlonsoReal MadridSuperStar606.00
134Bastian SchweinsteigerBayern MunchenSuperStar707.00
135Diego MilitoInterSuperStar808.00
136Mario BalotelliMilanSuperStar404.00
137Roman WeidenfellerBorussia DortmundBandiera404.00
138Carles PuyolBarcelonaBandiera505.00
139Philipp LahmBayern MunchenBandiera606.00
140Massimo AmbrosiniMilanBandiera404.00
141Francesco TottiRomaBandiera909.00
142Roberto CarlosReal MadridLimited Edition606.00
143Luis FigoBarcelonaLimited Edition707.00
144Marco van BastenMilanLimited Edition707.00
145Teddy SheringhamManchester UnitedLimited Edition707.00
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