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Panini Fortnite Series 2: Reloaded

Panini Fortnite Series 2: Reloaded

Year: 2020
Total cards: 315

Collection preview (99% scanned images)

collecting: 18 / completed: 3


18-Ball / Epic outfitRarityBase card13113.00
2A.I.M / Legendary outfitRarityBase card924.50
3Abstrakt / Epic outfitRarityBase card10010.00
4Airheart / Rare outfitRarityBase card1133.67
5Anarchy Agent / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card11011.00
6Arachne / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1125.50
7Armadillo / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card12112.00
8Asmodeus / Rare outfitRarityBase card842.00
9Aura / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1133.67
10B.R.U.T.E Navigator / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1025.00
11Backbone / Rare outfitRarityBase card942.25
12Battle Hound / Legendary outfitRarityBase card909.00
13Beastmode (Jaguar) / Epic outfitRarityBase card1125.50
14Bendie / Rare outfitRarityBase card1025.00
15Big Chuggus / Slurp outfitRarityBase card832.67
16Big Mouth / Epic outfitRarityBase card924.50
17Birdie / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card11111.00
18Black Knight / Legendary outfitRarityBase card933.00
19Bone Wasp / Epic outfitRarityBase card1234.00
20Brainiac (Ghoul Trooper) / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card824.00
21Branded Brawler / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card10010.00
22Brite Blaster / Rare outfitRarityBase card11111.00
23Brite Bomber / Rare outfitRarityBase card1033.33
24Bunker Jonesy / Epic outfitRarityBase card12112.00
25Bunny Brawler / Epic outfitRarityBase card10110.00
26Bushranger / Rare outfitRarityBase card1025.00
27Cabbie / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1152.20
28Cameo / Epic outfitRarityBase card10110.00
29Castor (Fire) / Epic outfitRarityBase card1025.00
30Catalyst (Snowstorm) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card11011.00
31Catrina / Epic outfitRarityBase card1133.67
32Chaos Agent (Goopy) / Epic outfitRarityBase card924.50
33Chic / Epic outfitRarityBase card1125.50
34Chomp SR. / Legendary outfitRarityBase card919.00
35Codename E.L.F. / Rare outfitRarityBase card924.50
36Crackshot / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1142.75
37Criterion / Legendary outfitRarityBase card919.00
38Crystal / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1042.50
39Cuddle Team Leader / Legendary outfitRarityBase card10110.00
40Cutiepie / Rare outfitRarityBase card1133.67
41Dark Bomber / Dark outfitRarityBase card924.50
42Dark Jonesy / Dark outfitRarityBase card10110.00
43Dark Rex / Dark outfitRarityBase card832.67
44Deadeye / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
45Deadfall / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card11111.00
46Deep Sea Destroyer / Epic outfitRarityBase card842.00
47Desert Dominator / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1042.50
48DJ Bop / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
49DJ Yonder / Epic outfitRarityBase card1025.00
50Doggo / Epic outfitRarityBase card1025.00
51Dolph / Rare outfitRarityBase card12012.00
52Dominator / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card10110.00
53Dream / Rare outfitRarityBase card10110.00
54Dusk / Epic outfitRarityBase card1025.00
55Elmira / Epic outfitRarityBase card933.00
56Enforcer / Legendary outfitRarityBase card11011.00
57Eon / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
58Eternal Voyager (Explorer, Cerulean) / Epic outfitRarityBase card1226.00
59Facet / Rare outfitRarityBase card842.00
60Fennix / Rare outfitRarityBase card824.00
61Finesse Finisher / Rare outfitRarityBase card1125.50
62First Strike Specialist / Rare outfitRarityBase card10110.00
63Flytrap / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1234.00
64Funk Ops / Epic outfitRarityBase card924.50
65Fusion (Vex) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card919.00
66Fyra / Epic outfitRarityBase card717.00
67Galaxy / Epic outfitRarityBase card10110.00
68Gan (Yellow) / Rare outfitRarityBase card1025.00
69Garrison / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card10010.00
70Ginger Gunner (Burnt Frown) / Epic outfitRarityBase card924.50
71Grill Sergeant / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card942.25
72Grim Fable / Epic outfitRarityBase card11111.00
73Grimbles / Rare outfitRarityBase card933.00
74Grit / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card808.00
75Guaco / Rare outfitRarityBase card824.00
76Gutbomb / Epic outfitRarityBase card12012.00
77Havoc / Legendary outfitRarityBase card919.00
78Hayseed / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card924.50
79Hazard / Rare outfitRarityBase card832.67
80Haze (Extreme) / Rare outfitRarityBase card909.00
81Heidi / Epic outfitRarityBase card11111.00
82Heist / Rare outfitRarityBase card1042.50
83Highland Warrior / Epic outfitRarityBase card919.00
84Hot Zone / Rare outfitRarityBase card924.50
85Huntress / Epic outfitRarityBase card12012.00
86Hush / Rare outfitRarityBase card11111.00
87Hybrid / Legendary outfitRarityBase card10110.00
88Inferno / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
89Journey / Rare outfitRarityBase card12012.00
90Jumpshot / Rare outfitRarityBase card1042.50
91King Flamingo / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card919.00
92Krampus / Legendary outfitRarityBase card933.00
93Leviathan / Legendary outfitRarityBase card11111.00
94Lil Whip / Epic outfitRarityBase card11111.00
95Love Ranger / Legendary outfitRarityBase card919.00
96Lt. Evergreen / Epic outfitRarityBase card933.00
97Luxe (Gold) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card12112.00
98Lynx (Stage 4, Black) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card919.00
99Manic / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1125.50
100Match Point / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1142.75
101Mecha Team Leader / Epic outfitRarityBase card1125.50
102Meowscles / Epic outfitRarityBase card1033.33
103Midas (Shadow) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1326.50
104Midfield Monstrosity / Rare outfitRarityBase card11111.00
105Mogul Master / Epic outfitRarityBase card1025.00
106Moisty Merman / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1033.33
107Molten Valkyrie / Lava outfitRarityBase card12112.00
108Monks / Rare outfitRarityBase card10110.00
109Moonwalker / Epic outfitRarityBase card1152.20
110Mothmando / Epic outfitRarityBase card842.00
111Moxie / Rare outfitRarityBase card1033.33
112Mullet Marauder / Epic outfitRarityBase card12112.00
113Noir / Epic outfitRarityBase card10110.00
114Omega / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1125.50
115Onesie / Epic outfitRarityBase card1033.33
116Oppressor / Legendary outfitRarityBase card12112.00
117Oro / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
118Outcast / Rare outfitRarityBase card933.00
119P-1000 / Epic outfitRarityBase card1033.33
120P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader / Legendary outfitRarityBase card11111.00
121Paradox / Epic outfitRarityBase card1133.67
122Pastel / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card818.00
123Peely / Epic outfitRarityBase card1142.75
124Peely Bone / Epic outfitRarityBase card12112.00
125Plastic Patroller (Green) / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card13013.00
126Polar Patroller / Epic outfitRarityBase card1125.50
127Prickly Patroller / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1243.00
128Prodigy / Rare outfitRarityBase card10010.00
129Rabbit Raider / Epic outfitRarityBase card1226.00
130Rapscallion / Epic outfitRarityBase card13013.00
131Raptor (Glow) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card10110.00
132Raven / Legendary outfitRarityBase card723.50
133Recon Ranger / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card924.50
134Recruit (Jonesy) / Common outfitRarityBase card12112.00
135Red Jade / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card824.00
136Relay / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card924.50
137Remedy / Rare outfitRarityBase card1226.00
138Renegade Raider / Rare outfitRarityBase card1033.33
139Rio Grande / Rare outfitRarityBase card1125.50
140Riot / Rare outfitRarityBase card1042.50
141Rippley / Slurp outfitRarityBase card832.67
142Riptide / Rare outfitRarityBase card11111.00
143Rogue Spider Knight / Legendary outfitRarityBase card10110.00
144Rox / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1133.67
145Ruby / Rare outfitRarityBase card933.00
146Ruin / Legendary outfitRarityBase card818.00
147Rust Lord / Epic outfitRarityBase card11111.00
148Sandstorm / Rare outfitRarityBase card13113.00
149Scarlet Defender / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card11111.00
150Scourge / Epic outfitRarityBase card842.00
151Scratch / Epic outfitRarityBase card909.00
152Shifu / Rare outfitRarityBase card12112.00
153Shiver / Epic outfitRarityBase card924.50
154Sklaxis / Epic outfitRarityBase card1133.67
155Skye (Ghost) / Epic outfitRarityBase card924.50
156Sledgehammer / Epic outfitRarityBase card11011.00
157Sludge / Slurp outfitRarityBase card1033.33
158Slumber (Ninja) / Epic outfitRarityBase card11011.00
159Snuggs / Rare outfitRarityBase card924.50
160Sparkle Supreme (Reverse Disco) / Epic outfitRarityBase card1326.50
161Splode / Epic outfitRarityBase card1133.67
162Summer Drift / Epic outfitRarityBase card1025.00
163Sureshot / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card933.00
164Swamp Stalker / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1125.50
165Teef / Epic outfitRarityBase card919.00
166Teknique / Epic outfitRarityBase card1133.67
167Tempest / Legendary outfitRarityBase card11111.00
168The Autumn Queen / Rare outfitRarityBase card933.00
169The Brat / Rare outfitRarityBase card12012.00
170The Ice King (Gold) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
171The Paradigm (White) / Rare outfitRarityBase card919.00
172The Scientist (Dancer) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card11111.00
173TNTina / Epic outfitRarityBase card11111.00
174Tomatohead / Epic outfitRarityBase card12112.00
175Trailblazer / Epic outfitRarityBase card10110.00
176Tricera Ops / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
177Turk / Rare outfitRarityBase card1025.00
178Ultima Knight / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1133.67
179Velocity / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1234.00
180Vice / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1226.00
181Vulture / Epic outfitRarityBase card1142.75
182Wild Card (Hearts) / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1125.50
183Wonder / Epic outfitRarityBase card919.00
184World Warrior / Uncommon outfitRarityBase card1142.75
185Wrangler / Rare outfitRarityBase card12012.00
186Wrath (Green) / Rare outfitRarityBase card10110.00
187X-Lord (Scavenger, Crimson) / Epic outfitRarityBase card1125.50
188Yond3r (Dapper, Solid Gold) / Epic outfitRarityBase card1125.50
189Zero / Legendary outfitRarityBase card1025.00
190Zorgoton / Rare outfitRarityBase card933.00
191Season 1EventBase card10110.00
19250 v 50 / Season 3EventBase card919.00
193Battle Pass / Season 2EventBase card824.00
194Battle Pass / Season 3EventBase card1125.50
195Battle Pass / Season 4EventBase card1133.67
196Battle Pass / Season 5EventBase card1052.00
197High Stakes / Season 5EventBase card1234.00
198Battle Pass / Season 6EventBase card1125.50
199Fortnitemares / Season 6EventBase card1033.33
200Battle Pass / Season 7EventBase card1125.50
201Ice Storm / Season 7EventBase card11111.00
202Battle Pass / Season 8EventBase card1133.67
203Air Royale / Season 8EventBase card1234.00
204Battle Pass / Season 9EventBase card942.25
205The Final Showdown / Season 9EventBase card842.00
206Fortnite World Cup / Season 9EventBase card1234.00
207Battle Pass / Season XEventBase card1125.50
208The End / Season XEventBase card1052.00
209Battle Pass / Chapter 2: Season 1EventBase card1226.00
210Fortnitemares / Chapter 2: Season 1EventBase card1042.50
21124K setSetBase card11111.00
212Advanced Forces setSetBase card1133.67
213Aerosol Assassins setSetBase card12012.00
214Air Strike setSetBase card1133.67
215Arachnid setSetBase card1025.00
216Jailbird setSetBase card1042.50
217Arcane Arts setSetBase card1133.67
218Aviation Age setSetBase card1334.33
219Banner Brigade setSetBase card11111.00
220Battle Rites setSetBase card1133.67
221Chomp setSetBase card10110.00
222Grim Medicine setSetBase card924.50
223Dino Guard setSetBase card10010.00
224Final Reckoning setSetBase card1133.67
225Final Reckoning setSetBase card832.67
226Fort Knight setSetBase card1152.20
227Fortnite Fever setSetBase card1142.75
228Fusion setSetBase card1133.67
229Getaway Gang setSetBase card924.50
230Getaway Gang setSetBase card1326.50
231Goalbound setSetBase card1025.00
232Half Court setSetBase card1025.00
233Hardboiled setSetBase card1033.33
234Mechanimal setSetBase card12112.00
235Nite Coven setSetBase card13013.00
236Oktoberfest setSetBase card1125.50
237Open Water setSetBase card942.25
238Royale Hearts setSetBase card1234.00
239Royale Hearts setSetBase card1133.67
240Slurp Squad setSetBase card1025.00
241Space Explorers setSetBase card1234.00
242Space Explorers setSetBase card1125.50
243Spandex Squad setSetBase card924.50
244Storm Scavenger setSetBase card933.00
245Stripes & Solids setSetBase card1243.00
246Sunshine & Rainbows setSetBase card1042.50
247The Leftovers setSetBase card1025.00
248Twin Turntables setSetBase card842.00
249Western Wilds setSetBase card12112.00
250Winter Ski setSetBase card832.67
251Bash / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1133.67
252Blacklight / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1125.50
253Breakpoint / Rare outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card933.00
254Corrupted Voyager / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card11111.00
255Cryptic / Rare outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card933.00
256Dante / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1033.33
257Dark Vertex / Legendary outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1142.75
258Dark Voyager / Legendary outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card11111.00
259Deadfire / Legendary outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1133.67
260Fallen Love Ranger / Legendary outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1033.33
261Flare / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1125.50
262Ghoul Trooper / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1226.00
263Hemlock / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card919.00
264Hollowhead / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1061.67
265Hothouse (Glow) / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1025.00
266Limelight / Rare outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1025.00
267Liteshow / Uncommon outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1025.00
268Luminos / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card909.00
269Nitelite / Uncommon outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card10110.00
270Ragsy (Glow) / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card11111.00
271Rosa / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card10110.00
272Skull Ranger / Rare outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1142.75
273Skull Trooper (Green glow) / Epic outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1133.67
274Toxin / Rare outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1025.00
275Vector / Rare outfitGlowin'Glow-in-the-dark ink card1142.75
276Demi / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card12112.00
277Drift Print / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1125.50
278Elemental / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1234.00
279Eternal Dominance / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card14014.00
280Kindred Bears / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1133.67
281Mecha Intensity / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1025.00
282Mecha Punch / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card751.40
283Neon Tomato / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card10110.00
284Nutcracker Crew / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1133.67
285Battle Pass X / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card10110.00
286Western Wilds Duo / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1025.00
287Wiggle Trooper / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card732.33
288Bombers / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card10110.00
289Boost! / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1025.00
290Crackshot Mural / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card12112.00
291Cuddle Up / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1234.00
292Downtown Drift / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card818.00
293Firewalker / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1125.50
294Rocket Ride / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card1033.33
295Undurrr The Stars / Uncommon loading screenPosterRainbow foil card942.25
296Brite Bomber / Uncommon sprayMovin'Lenticular material card832.67
297Plugged in / Uncommon sprayMovin'Lenticular material card11111.00
298Chalk Outline / Uncommon sprayMovin'Lenticular material card818.00
299Blackheart / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card13113.00
300Calamity / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card919.00
301Dire / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card909.00
302Drift / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card1042.50
303Fishstick / Rare outfitMovin'Lenticular material card11011.00
304Peekaboo / Epic outfitMovin'Lenticular material card1025.00
305Ragnarok / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card12112.00
306The Prisoner / Legendary outfitMovin'Lenticular material card13113.00
307Jolly Jammer / Uncommon outfitMovin'Lenticular material card1326.50
308Full Tilt / Rare emoteMovin'Lenticular material card13113.00
309Boing! / Epic emoteMovin'Lenticular material card1326.50
310Pony Up / Rare emoteMovin'Lenticular material card12112.00
311Jaywalking / Rare emoteMovin'Lenticular material card10110.00
312Savor The W / Rare emoteMovin'Lenticular material card1125.50
313Tra La La / Uncommon emoteMovin'Lenticular material card11111.00
314Very Sneaky / Rare emoteMovin'Lenticular material card1226.00
315Wavy T / Uncommon emoteMovin'Lenticular material card919.00
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