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Panini Football France 1982-1983

Panini Football France 1982-1983

Year: 1982
Total stickers: 518

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 43 / completed: 48


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1EcussonA.J. Auxerremetal933.00
2Equipe (puzzle 1)A.J. Auxerre-1161.83
3Equipe (puzzle 2)A.J. Auxerre-971.29
4Joel BatsA.J. Auxerre-1033.33
5Dominique LokoliA.J. Auxerre-1133.67
6Pawel JanasA.J. Auxerre-1025.00
7Lucien DenisA.J. Auxerre-12112.00
8Jean-Paul NoelA.J. Auxerre-1133.67
9Gerard LanthierA.J. Auxerre-1052.00
10Dominique CuperlyA.J. Auxerre-942.25
11Jean-Marc FerreriA.J. Auxerre-1334.33
12Didier DanioA.J. Auxerre-942.25
13Andrzej SzarmachA.J. Auxerre-1152.20
14Patrice GarandeA.J. Auxerre-1033.33
15Didier LoiseauA.J. Auxerre-1161.83
16Jean-Luc CharlesA.J. Auxerre-732.33
17Jacky PerdrieauA.J. Auxerre-1133.67
18Guy RouxA.J. Auxerre-1133.67
19EcussonS.E.C. Bastiametal861.33
20Equipe (puzzle 1)S.E.C. Bastia-1025.00
21Equipe (puzzle 2)S.E.C. Bastia-10110.00
22Pierrick HiardS.E.C. Bastia-933.00
23Jean-Louis CazesS.E.C. Bastia-1125.50
24Charles OrlanducciS.E.C. Bastia-961.50
25Zdravko BorovnicaS.E.C. Bastia-1125.50
26Jose PastinelliS.E.C. Bastia-1352.60
27Alain FiardS.E.C. Bastia-933.00
28Simei IhilyS.E.C. Bastia-1025.00
29Patrick VernetS.E.C. Bastia-1234.00
30Louis MarcialisS.E.C. Bastia-1042.50
31Roger MillaS.E.C. Bastia-1326.50
32Sauvier AgostiniS.E.C. Bastia-13113.00
33Pascal OlmettaS.E.C. Bastia-933.00
34Cesar NativiS.E.C. Bastia-1133.67
35Pascal MariiniS.E.C. Bastia-1326.50
36Antoine RedinS.E.C. Bastia-1025.00
37EcussonGirondins de Bordeauxmetal933.00
38Equipe (puzzle 1)Girondins de Bordeaux-1243.00
39Equipe (puzzle 2)Girondins de Bordeaux-1133.67
40Richard RuffierGirondins de Bordeaux-832.67
41Gernot RohrGirondins de Bordeaux-1125.50
42Leonard SpechtGirondins de Bordeaux-1334.33
43Marius TresorGirondins de Bordeaux-1252.40
44Francois BracciGirondins de Bordeaux-1243.00
45Jean-Christophe ThouvenelGirondins de Bordeaux-12012.00
46Jean-Amadou TiganaGirondins de Bordeaux-1553.00
47Rene GirardGirondins de Bordeaux-13113.00
48Alain GiresseGirondins de Bordeaux-1234.00
49Dieter MullerGirondins de Bordeaux-1033.33
50Bernard LacombeGirondins de Bordeaux-1125.50
51Christian DelachetGirondins de Bordeaux-1234.00
52Raymond DomenechGirondins de Bordeaux-1234.00
53Caspar MemeringGirondins de Bordeaux-13113.00
54Aime JacquetGirondins de Bordeaux-1334.33
55EcussonStade Brestoismetal842.00
56Equipe (puzzle 1)Stade Brestois-1171.57
57Equipe (puzzle 2)Stade Brestois-933.00
58Daniel BernardStade Brestois-1326.50
59Jocelyn RicoStade Brestois-1052.00
60Abdoulaye GueyeStade Brestois-1234.00
61Jean-Luc Le MagueresseStade Brestois-1334.33
62Richard HonorineStade Brestois-1033.33
63Gerard BernardetStade Brestois-1142.75
64Bernard PardoStade Brestois-1025.00
65Karim MarocStade Brestois-1243.00
66Dragutin VabecStade Brestois-1133.67
67Milan RadovicStade Brestois-12112.00
68Patrick ParizonStade Brestois-1033.33
69Frederic DobrajeStade Brestois-1033.33
70Yvon Le RouxStade Brestois-1133.67
71Bernard BureauStade Brestois-1142.75
72Dusan NemkovicStade Brestois-933.00
73EcussonStade Lavalloismetal942.25
74Equipe (puzzle 1)Stade Lavallois-1042.50
75Equipe (puzzle 2)Stade Lavallois-1252.40
76Jean-Pierre TempetStade Lavallois-832.67
77Christian FelciStade Lavallois-1033.33
78Patrice BozonStade Lavallois-1243.00
79Victor ZvunkaStade Lavallois-1052.00
80Jean-Marc MitonStade Lavallois-1033.33
81Jean-Paul RabierStade Lavallois-1142.75
82Robert BuiguesStade Lavallois-1142.75
83Jose SoutoStade Lavallois-1025.00
84Philippe RedonStade Lavallois-924.50
85Uwe KrauseStade Lavallois-1033.33
86Karl ThordarssonStade Lavallois-1052.00
87Stephane OsmondStade Lavallois-1352.60
88Omar SeneStade Lavallois-1543.75
89Abdelmajid BourebbouStade Lavallois-951.80
90Michel Le MilinaireStade Lavallois-961.50
91EcussonRacing Club de Lensmetal1071.43
92Equipe (puzzle 1)Racing Club de Lens-1234.00
93Equipe (puzzle 2)Racing Club de Lens-1243.00
94Francis HedoireRacing Club de Lens-971.29
95Didier SenacRacing Club de Lens-1133.67
96Herve FlakRacing Club de Lens-1033.33
97Alain TirloitRacing Club de Lens-1243.00
98Pascal Le ProvostRacing Club de Lens-1252.40
99Daniel KrawczykRacing Club de Lens-1142.75
100Daniel LeclercqRacing Club de Lens-1052.00
101Philippe PietteRacing Club de Lens-924.50
102Daniel XuerebRacing Club de Lens-1226.00
103Romain OgazaRacing Club de Lens-1133.67
104Teitur ThordarssonRacing Club de Lens-1142.75
105Gaetan HuardRacing Club de Lens-1326.50
106Philippe VercruysseRacing Club de Lens-1025.00
107Francois BrissonRacing Club de Lens-1025.00
108Gerard HoullierRacing Club de Lens-951.80
109EcussonLille Olympique S.C.metal851.60
110Equipe (puzzle 1)Lille Olympique S.C.-924.50
111Equipe (puzzle 2)Lille Olympique S.C.-1052.00
112Philippe BergerooLille Olympique S.C.-1033.33
113Rene MarsigliaLille Olympique S.C.-1042.50
114Nordine KourichiLille Olympique S.C.-1142.75
115Eric PeanLille Olympique S.C.-1142.75
116Pierre DreossiLille Olympique S.C.-1142.75
117Didier ChristopheLille Olympique S.C.-1042.50
118Joel HenryLille Olympique S.C.-1326.50
119Slavoljub MuslinLille Olympique S.C.-1033.33
120Engin VerelLille Olympique S.C.-1142.75
121Pascal FrancoiseLille Olympique S.C.-1133.67
122Albert GemmrichLille Olympique S.C.-1234.00
123Jean-Pierre MottetLille Olympique S.C.-1252.40
124Stephane PlancqueLille Olympique S.C.-924.50
125Jean-Paul DelemerLille Olympique S.C.-1262.00
126Arnaud Dos SantosLille Olympique S.C.-1326.50
127EcussonOlympique Lyonnaismetal942.25
128Equipe (puzzle 1)Olympique Lyonnais-1025.00
129Equipe (puzzle 2)Olympique Lyonnais-780.88
130Slobodan TopalovicOlympique Lyonnais-1033.33
131Alain OlioOlympique Lyonnais-824.00
132Philippe MillotOlympique Lyonnais-851.60
133Henri ZambelliOlympique Lyonnais-933.00
134Jean-Francois DomergueOlympique Lyonnais-1234.00
135Andre FerriOlympique Lyonnais-1133.67
136Rene-Claude BocchiOlympique Lyonnais-1125.50
137Serge ChiesaOlympique Lyonnais-933.00
138Jose PasqualettiOlympique Lyonnais-919.00
139Sima NikolicOlympique Lyonnais-1125.50
140Albert EmonOlympique Lyonnais-824.00
141Jean-Michel RaymondOlympique Lyonnais-1226.00
142Laurent FournierOlympique Lyonnais-1226.00
143Philippe N'DioroOlympique Lyonnais-933.00
144Vladimir KovacevicOlympique Lyonnais-1025.00
145EcussonF.C. Metzmetal832.67
146Equipe (puzzle 1)F.C. Metz-1133.67
147Equipe (puzzle 2)F.C. Metz-1434.67
148Michel EttoreF.C. Metz-1042.50
149Philippe ThysF.C. Metz-1252.40
150Patrice LoiseauF.C. Metz-1334.33
151Bronco TucakF.C. Metz-1125.50
152Francois ZdunF.C. Metz-13013.00
153Vincent BraciglianoF.C. Metz-1152.20
154Abdelkrim Merry KrimauF.C. Metz-1434.67
155Jean-Paul BernadF.C. Metz-1234.00
156Philippe HinschbergerF.C. Metz-1133.67
157Tony KurbosF.C. Metz-924.50
158Eric BellusF.C. Metz-1243.00
159Marc MorganteF.C. Metz-1427.00
160Jean-Philippe RohrF.C. Metz-1125.50
161Luc SonorF.C. Metz-1352.60
162Henryk KasperczakF.C. Metz-1142.75
163EcussonA.S. Monacometal942.25
164Equipe (puzzle 1)A.S. Monaco-1052.00
165Equipe (puzzle 2)A.S. Monaco-1226.00
166Jean-Luc EttoriA.S. Monaco-1243.00
167Abdallah LiegeonA.S. Monaco-1226.00
168Jacques PeraisA.S. Monaco-1125.50
169Alfred VitalisA.S. Monaco-924.50
170Thierry NinotA.S. Monaco-942.25
171Manuel AmorosA.S. Monaco-1326.50
172Dominique BijotatA.S. Monaco-924.50
173Umberto BarberisA.S. Monaco-832.67
174Alain CouriolA.S. Monaco-1142.75
175Ralf EdstroemA.S. Monaco-1133.67
176Patrick DelamontagneA.S. Monaco-818.00
177Henri StambouliA.S. Monaco-1033.33
178Eric PecoutA.S. Monaco-1042.50
179Bruno BelloneA.S. Monaco-1042.50
180Gerard BandieA.S. Monaco-1243.00
181EcussonF.C. Mulhousemetal981.13
182Equipe (puzzle 1)F.C. Mulhouse-1025.00
183Equipe (puzzle 2)F.C. Mulhouse-933.00
184Andre ReyF.C. Mulhouse-919.00
185Yves EhrlacherF.C. Mulhouse-1142.75
186Jean-Paul PfertzelF.C. Mulhouse-1125.50
187Moreno FabianiF.C. Mulhouse-1133.67
188Denis JouanneF.C. Mulhouse-1042.50
189Claude AndreyF.C. Mulhouse-1234.00
190Jean-Noel HuckF.C. Mulhouse-933.00
191Daniel SanchezF.C. Mulhouse-933.00
192Houcine Ben SaidF.C. Mulhouse-1243.00
193Issiaka OuattaraF.C. Mulhouse-1033.33
194Salah AssadF.C. Mulhouse-1343.25
195Jean-Marie PaluF.C. Mulhouse-1042.50
196Yves IbanezF.C. Mulhouse-832.67
197Roland WagnerF.C. Mulhouse-933.00
198Jean-Marc GuillouF.C. Mulhouse-1262.00
199EcussonA.S. Nancy-Lorrainemetal751.40
200Equipe (puzzle 1)A.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1042.50
201Equipe (puzzle 2)A.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1125.50
202Jean-Michel MoutierA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1133.67
203Albert CartierA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1042.50
204Pierre NeubertA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1142.75
205Fernando ZappiaA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1033.33
206Philippe JeannolA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-933.00
207Eric MartinA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1071.43
208Francisco RubioA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1125.50
209Ruben UmpierrezA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1133.67
210Robert JacquesA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1025.00
211Bernard ZenierA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1033.33
212Thierry MeyerA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-942.25
213Eric PegorerA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-11111.00
214Didier PhilippeA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1052.00
215Bruno GermainA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-1243.00
216Herve CollotA.S. Nancy-Lorraine-11011.00
217EcussonF.C. Nantesmetal1061.67
218Equipe (puzzle 1)F.C. Nantes-1234.00
219Equipe (puzzle 2)F.C. Nantes-13113.00
220Jean-Paul Bertrand-DemanesF.C. Nantes-10110.00
221Michel BibardF.C. Nantes-1142.75
222Patrice RioF.C. Nantes-1052.00
223Maxime BossisF.C. Nantes-1434.67
224Thierry TusseauF.C. Nantes-1334.33
225Oscar MullerF.C. Nantes-1152.20
226Jose ToureF.C. Nantes-1061.67
227Seth AdonkorF.C. Nantes-1427.00
228Bruno BaronchelliF.C. Nantes-1243.00
229Vahid HalilhodzicF.C. Nantes-1125.50
230Loic AmisseF.C. Nantes-933.00
231Dominique LeclercqF.C. Nantes-11111.00
232William AyacheF.C. Nantes-1334.33
233Henryk AgerbeckF.C. Nantes-1462.33
234Jean-Claude SuaudeauF.C. Nantes-1252.40
235EcussonParis Saint-Germainmetal1042.50
236Equipe (puzzle 1)Paris Saint-Germain-1343.25
237Equipe (puzzle 2)Paris Saint-Germain-1025.00
238Dominique BaratelliParis Saint-Germain-1234.00
239Jean-Marc PilorgetParis Saint-Germain-1033.33
240Thierry MorinParis Saint-Germain-1234.00
241Dominique BathenayParis Saint-Germain-1343.25
242Philippe ColParis Saint-Germain-1226.00
243Luiz FernandezParis Saint-Germain-1427.00
244Pascal ZarembaParis Saint-Germain-1326.50
245Oswaldo ArdilesParis Saint-Germain-1133.67
246Mustapha DahlebParis Saint-Germain-1033.33
247Dominique RocheteauParis Saint-Germain-1226.00
248Kees KistParis Saint-Germain-12112.00
249Franck MerelleParis Saint-Germain-1042.50
250Jean-Claude LemouxParis Saint-Germain-1025.00
251Nambatingue TokoParis Saint-Germain-1326.50
252Georges PeyrocheParis Saint-Germain-1133.67
253EcussonF.C. Rouenmetal942.25
254Equipe (puzzle 1)F.C. Rouen-1362.17
255Equipe (puzzle 2)F.C. Rouen-1462.33
256Michel BensoussanF.C. Rouen-1052.00
257Jacques MogisF.C. Rouen-1243.00
258Christophe DesbouillonsF.C. Rouen-1343.25
259Daniel AlbertoF.C. Rouen-861.33
260Pascal AmoursF.C. Rouen-1025.00
261Thierry PrincetF.C. Rouen-924.50
262Bronislaw BulaF.C. Rouen-1125.50
263Alain LarvaronF.C. Rouen-861.33
264Patrice HeaulmeF.C. Rouen-924.50
265Jean-Francois BeltraminiF.C. Rouen-1142.75
266Pascal RaspolliniF.C. Rouen-1042.50
267Frederic LarquieF.C. Rouen-1161.83
268Patrice MonteilhF.C. Rouen-1133.67
269Joel TanterF.C. Rouen-1133.67
270Robert VicotF.C. Rouen-10110.00
271EcussonA.S. Saint-Etiennemetal1252.40
272Equipe (puzzle 1)A.S. Saint-Etienne-1226.00
273Equipe (puzzle 2)A.S. Saint-Etienne-1125.50
274Jean CastanedaA.S. Saint-Etienne-12112.00
275Gerard JanvionA.S. Saint-Etienne-14014.00
276Philippe MahutA.S. Saint-Etienne-1042.50
277Patrick BattistonA.S. Saint-Etienne-1142.75
278Jean-Louis ZanonA.S. Saint-Etienne-1125.50
279Alain MoizanA.S. Saint-Etienne-1326.50
280Jean-Francois LariosA.S. Saint-Etienne-1125.50
281Bernard GenghiniA.S. Saint-Etienne-1234.00
282Jean-Francois DanielA.S. Saint-Etienne-1243.00
283Flemming ChristiensenA.S. Saint-Etienne-1133.67
284Johnny RepA.S. Saint-Etienne-1427.00
285Eric SolignacA.S. Saint-Etienne-1326.50
286Laurent RousseyA.S. Saint-Etienne-1326.50
287Laurent PaganelliA.S. Saint-Etienne-15115.00
288Robert HerbinA.S. Saint-Etienne-12112.00
289EcussonF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliardmetal851.60
290Equipe (puzzle 1)F.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1133.67
291Equipe (puzzle 2)F.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1133.67
292Albert RustF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-924.50
293Moussa BezazF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1125.50
294Jean-Pierre PoscaF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1042.50
295Sime LuketinF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1271.71
296Romain ZandonaF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1042.50
297Jacky ColinF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1052.00
298Philippe AnzianiF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-10110.00
299Didier SimonF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1025.00
300Santos MutumbiliaF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1133.67
301Yannick StopyraF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1042.50
302Daniel LubinF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1061.67
303Gilles RoussetF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1142.75
304Eric BenoitF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1042.50
305Jacques ZimakoF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1133.67
306Pierre MoscaF.C. Sochaux-Montbeliard-1226.00
307EcussonRacing Club de Strasbourgmetal1133.67
308Equipe (puzzle 1)Racing Club de Strasbourg-1343.25
309Equipe (puzzle 2)Racing Club de Strasbourg-951.80
310Dominique DropsyRacing Club de Strasbourg-1025.00
311Remy VogelRacing Club de Strasbourg-1326.50
312Bernard RombyRacing Club de Strasbourg-942.25
313Jean-Francois JodarRacing Club de Strasbourg-1152.20
314Rene DeutschmannRacing Club de Strasbourg-1025.00
315Felix LacuestaRacing Club de Strasbourg-1033.33
316Francis PiaseckiRacing Club de Strasbourg-1262.00
317Remy GentesRacing Club de Strasbourg-1042.50
318Olivier RouyerRacing Club de Strasbourg-971.29
319Porfirio BetancourtRacing Club de Strasbourg-924.50
320Carsten NielsenRacing Club de Strasbourg-1125.50
321Patrick OttmannRacing Club de Strasbourg-933.00
322Jacques GlassmannRacing Club de Strasbourg-1152.20
323Serge JennerRacing Club de Strasbourg-1042.50
324Roger LemerreRacing Club de Strasbourg-1326.50
325EcussonToulouse F.C.metal842.00
326Equipe (puzzle 1)Toulouse F.C.-1234.00
327Equipe (puzzle 2)Toulouse F.C.-1161.83
328Stephane D'AngeloToulouse F.C.-1252.40
329Claude DeplancheToulouse F.C.-1226.00
330Christian LopezToulouse F.C.-1025.00
331Laszlo BalintToulouse F.C.-1243.00
332Jean-Jacques MarxToulouse F.C.-1052.00
333Georges van StraelenToulouse F.C.-1052.00
334Jean-Pierre LavernyToulouse F.C.-1025.00
335Karoly CsapoToulouse F.C.-1226.00
336Jean-Marc FerratgeToulouse F.C.-1371.86
337Gerard SolerToulouse F.C.-971.29
338Robert PintenatToulouse F.C.-1271.71
339Marc WellerToulouse F.C.-1025.00
340Raymond CamusToulouse F.C.-1326.50
341Leon MaierToulouse F.C.-1152.20
342Pierre CahuzacToulouse F.C.-1243.00
343EcussonF.C. Toursmetal842.00
344Equipe (puzzle 1)F.C. Tours-1142.75
345Equipe (puzzle 2)F.C. Tours-1243.00
346Jean-Marc DesrousseauxF.C. Tours-623.00
347Bernard SimondiF.C. Tours-933.00
348Jean-Marc FurlanF.C. Tours-818.00
349Bruno SteckF.C. Tours-933.00
350Dominique MaraisF.C. Tours-1243.00
351Alain PolaniokF.C. Tours-1061.67
352Guy LacombeF.C. Tours-1133.67
353Jean-Philippe DehonF.C. Tours-1142.75
354Bernard FerrignoF.C. Tours-1142.75
355Delio OnnisF.C. Tours-1133.67
356Omar Da FonsecaF.C. Tours-1042.50
357Dominique SidaineF.C. Tours-1033.33
358Pascal CoiffierF.C. Tours-1061.67
359Yves DevillechabrolleF.C. Tours-1033.33
360Hendrikus HollinkF.C. Tours-1052.00
361Ecusson Abbeville / AlesDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal933.00
362Ecusson Angers / AngoulemeDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal942.25
363Ecusson Baziers / ChateaurouxDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal861.33
364Ecusson Corbeil / GuingampDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal751.40
365Ecusson Le Havre / LibourneDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal971.29
366Ecusson Limoges / MontpellierDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal851.60
367Ecusson Nimes Olympique / Noeux-Les-MinesDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal942.25
368Ecusson Racing Paris 1 / RennesDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal961.50
369Ecusson Valenciennes / Viry-ChatillonDivision 1 (Groupe A)metal832.67
370Garcia / Robert / Gomel / MouchonAbbeville-1243.00
371Labarthe / Ba / Bienaime / SewerynAbbeville-1033.33
372Lozano / Couto / Leboucher / SchallAbbeville-842.00
373Michel Cassan / Orlandini / Vacle / DevotAles-924.50
374Curt / Fuchs / Dubourdeau / GudimardAles-1033.33
375Eustache / Gaba / Vigneau / ValadierAles-1052.00
376Elie Fruchart / Chaslerie / Diecket / HeymannAngers-1161.83
377Arribas / Avrillon / Gaffriaud / NelsonAngers-1133.67
378Lopez / Guegan / Narbutowicz / CharrierAngers-951.80
379Levin / Chemier / Crapoulet / CreignouAngouleme-942.25
380Baiola / Nardelli / Fons / LongoAngouleme-1262.00
381Liotard / Onestas / Hamimi / ChosnackiAngouleme-1042.50
382Pelletier / Rose / Laguerre / KnayerBeziers-1161.83
383Borgoni / Masson / Sannier / MaretteBeziers-951.80
384Martinez / Ferriere / Cohan / MartinezBeziers-1061.67
385Revelli / Palma / Zali / BessetChateauroux-1052.00
386Roque / Devault / Burlat / CarlierChateauroux-1042.50
387Aldaya /Castellani / Campagnac / BellaviaChateauroux-1061.67
388Bourlard / Blin / Barret / PiazzaCorbeil-1033.33
389Augias / Vigeannel / Komano / TallCorbeil-1234.00
390Vendrely / Nossibor / Delestre / BorneCorbeil-933.00
391Keruzore / Roch / Jouan / Le GoffGuingamp-924.50
392Guyader / Eyquem / Thiboult / SagnaGuingamp-1061.67
393Da Silva / Letemahulu / Le Goff / Le CozGuingamp-1234.00
394Herbet / Hagenbach / Bourdon / AmouretLe Havre-1133.67
395Djaadaoui / Mastroianni / Contesti / VidotLe Havre-1052.00
396Llorens / Durkalic / Martet / OlarevicLe Havre-842.00
397Menaut / Testas / Schmalz / LalanneLibourne-1042.50
398Drouilhat / Govignon / Wesoly / GalliceLibourne-1042.50
399Toselli / Petibois / Sanz / OualiLibourne-1262.00
400Dewilder / Charpemtier / Goutoule / JeanLimoges-1052.00
401Wojcik / Tapin / Goursat / SmereckiLimoges-1152.20
402Minassian / Amouyal / Barthelemy / ChastinLimoges-924.50
403Bonnet / Deplagne / Mansouri / QuattaraMontpellier-1152.20
404Santini / Zorzetto / Toutain / GassetMontpellier-1352.60
405Zombori / Valadier / Marguerite / DucuingMontpellier-1171.57
406Arlaguet / Morisseau / Decilia / Aziz MansouriNimes-1262.00
407Deledicq / Aujoulat / Justier / CastagninoNimes-1243.00
408Nygaard / Goudart / Cubaynes / Van GoolNimes-1142.75
409Sillou / Godart / Cybulski / GronierNoeux-Les-Mines-1161.83
410Menteaux / Dernis / Laloyer / NagielNoeux-Les-Mines-1052.00
411Bourgeois / Westerloppe / Cochez / GossetNoeux-Les-Mines-1042.50
412Martigny / Bas / Peltier / LafargueRacing Paris 1-1133.67
413Renaut / Gauthier / Ivezic / NoguesRacing Paris 1-1033.33
414Bianchi / Ben Mabrouck / Francisco / WissRacing Paris 1-1161.83
415Vincent / Duse / Dufour / BerlinRennes-11111.00
416Vesir / Tischner / Zajackowski / SamsonRennes-1133.67
417Bousdira / Morin / Peretz / SytherRennes-1033.33
418Wilczek / Rousseau / Duez / GilotValenciennes-1152.20
419Sokal / Tiny / Truqui / LefebvreValenciennes-1052.00
420Didaux / Bahoken / Lubanski / SchaerValenciennes-1125.50
421Coustillet / Conrath / Gressani / BajacViry-Chatillon-1161.83
422Levilly / Beaurin / Bujak / JeanViry-Chatillon-961.50
423Barbosa / Zaba / Mill / PoloViry-Chatillon-933.00
424Ecusson Bescanon / BlenodDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal942.25
425Ecusson Cannes / Cuiseaux-LouhansDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal842.00
426Ecusson Dunkerque / FontainbleauDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal971.29
427Ecusson Grenoble / GuegnonDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal1133.67
428Ecusson Marseille / MartiguesDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal1234.00
429Ecusson Montceau / NiceDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal1042.50
430Ecusson Orleans / Red-Star ParisDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal890.89
431Ecusson Reims / Stade FrancaisDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal951.80
432Ecusson Thonon / ToulonDivision 1 (Groupe B)metal961.50
433Orsati / Matrisciano / Gazzola / BruderBescanon-1352.60
434Badijka / Cvetkovic / Pottier / RobinBescanon-1343.25
435Bellisi / Burtz / Salou / HraskoBescanon-1042.50
436Dorget / Dorget / Pietrzach / ZechBlenod-1025.00
437Wiliczkowski / Joliot / Arthaud / MariniBlenod-1262.00
438Sztmanski / Francois / Boubehira / BertaBlenod-842.00
439Loubet / Jacomo / Fuchs / AoudouCannes-1061.67
440Casoni / Cloet / Fernandez / Luis CarpeggianiCannes-1142.75
441Rampillon / Castellani / Pleimelding / RevelliCannes-1052.00
442Papas / Gibert / Barthelet / NadanCuiseaux-Louhans-1061.67
443Bargas / Figuet / Chikhi / OllierCuiseaux-Louhans-933.00
444Jacquinot / Bisbal / Goram / LapintaCuiseaux-Louhans-1152.20
445Domergue / Le Meaux / Tallineau / MorabitoDunkerque-1152.20
446Barral / Bellot / Cappadona / MullerDunkerque-1152.20
447Zaremba / Vanhoutte / Westelynck / DosseviDunkerque-942.25
448Grandiere / Montaubin / Lavoignat / MiraFontainbleau-1052.00
449Buisset / Hocquaux / Citron / QuereFontainbleau-851.60
450Grenier / Dubois / Lenartowicz / MongelliFontainbleau-1352.60
451Djorkaeff / Esclassan / Fontana / DerosierGrenoble-832.67
452Madronnet / Clerc / Raymond / VerstraeteGrenoble-842.00
453Moraly / Rached / Piarulli / GamouhGrenoble-1152.20
454Novotarski / Janin / Buisson / BerthommierGueugnon-751.40
455Chaussin / Regaisse / Mamessier / SoulierGueugnon-971.29
456Dralet /Duch / Trivino / StropoliGueugnon-861.33
457Gransart / Levy / Anigo / GillesMarseille-1427.00
458Caminiti / Chancel / De Bono / FlosMarseille-15115.00
459N'Domba / Ravail /Pascal / RemyMarseille-1343.25
460Noel / Ricard / Domenech / CominiMartigues-1061.67
461Legros / Arouh / Diaz / MartinezMartigues-1462.33
462Bonnec / Dussaud / Tuybens / MarsigliaMartigues-842.00
463Bacquet / Szatny / Desplat / BrunoMontceau-Les-Mines-1152.20
464Poinsignon / Hubert / Fabbro / FoconeMontceau-Les-Mines-1226.00
465Desmenez / Campos / Grax / SolomenkoMontceau-Les-Mines-1125.50
466Serafin / Amitrano / Barelli / BruzzichesiNice-933.00
467Curbelo / Barraja / Metsu / BravoNice-1262.00
468Sab / Buscher / Larsson / KaiserNice-1033.33
469Lemee / Viot / Drouet / BodjiOrleans-1252.40
470Boitard / Leopoldes / Mathou / QueyrelOrleans-1042.50
471Trassard / Sevenier / Berdoll / DerigonOrleans-961.50
472Eo / Perez / Padovan / GutRed-Star-1061.67
473Dubois / Gautier / Amorfini / BescanonRed-Star-1226.00
474Seguy / Aniol / Massard / BridierRed-Star-1142.75
475Phelipon / Velud / Haution / PrinceReims-1152.20
476Arribart / Abreu / Charbonnier / VercruysseReims-1262.00
477Weiss / Bertolino / Kiefer / LechantreReims-1161.83
478Dusseau / Lasseougue / Bello / CorreStade Francais-1125.50
479Muscat / Lacroix / Tomaszewski / MazzonStade Francais-1025.00
480Prenveille / M'Bama / N'Gouette / OrtsStade Francais-1042.50
481Carayon / De Rocco / Matteos / AlphonseThonon-1133.67
482Douillet / Costa / Laine / PrefaciThonon-1334.33
483Champeau / Perraud / Lazurowicz / SalineThonon-1142.75
484Marcel Duval / Marc Duval / Berenguier / AlfanoToulon-1142.75
485Courbis / Boissier / Perlin / ChaussinToulon-1271.71
486Dalger / Diallo / Bandera / BenedetToulon-1252.40
487ActionParis Saint-Germain-1535.00
488ActionParis Saint-Germain-1226.00
489ActionParis Saint-Germain-1152.20
490ActionParis Saint-Germain-1234.00
491ActionParis Saint-Germain-1271.71
492ActionParis Saint-Germain-951.80
493ActionParis Saint-Germain-1142.75
494ActionParis Saint-Germain-1133.67
495ActionParis Saint-Germain-1226.00
496ActionParis Saint-Germain-1234.00
497ActionParis Saint-Germain-1362.17
498ActionParis Saint-Germain-1161.83
499ActionParis Saint-Germain-1042.50
500ActionParis Saint-Germain-1635.33
501ActionParis Saint-Germain-1443.50
502ActionParis Saint-Germain-1334.33
503ActionParis Saint-Germain-13113.00
504ActionParis Saint-Germain-15115.00
505ActionParis Saint-Germain-1252.40
506ActionParis Saint-Germain-1343.25
507ActionParis Saint-Germain-1527.50
508ActionParis Saint-Germain-1243.00
509ActionParis Saint-Germain-951.80
510ActionParis Saint-Germain-1334.33
511ActionParis Saint-Germain-1243.00
512ActionParis Saint-Germain-1362.17
513ActionParis Saint-Germain-1025.00
514ActionParis Saint-Germain-1443.50
515Equipe (puzzle 1)Paris Saint-Germain-1334.33
516Equipe (puzzle 2)Paris Saint-Germain-1334.33
517Equipe (puzzle 3)Paris Saint-Germain-1125.50
518Equipe (puzzle 4)Paris Saint-Germain-1243.00
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