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Card 356bis: John Bostock


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«John Bostock»

«John Bostock»

Section: Toulouse FC

Type: Mise à jour

Offer (17):
GermanyLiverpool1892    Francenarckyf, bobo83jm, Joss83, ascannes, pitch2002, Laurjeff, Jeffi680002, Thog71, AdrienC, Bruce7506, Pa1245, Beloved08, Vagabond, Plumber, mateo12, linkintomz

Need (33):
Spaingonzalofontecha, eddp88    FranceDocfive, Topino8921, Glen_c, Jeanlouise, Martins67, spidermike21, jeje6395, jojoalesse, Philou21, coucounain91, Ag1302, JennyP, Antoine49, Olival, bournillette, matte25, lutxo73, JPSponge, Yoyo08, Grizou, doludem, Mathieu38, Arthur12850, rvs1974, Virbocha, Jocelyn, Baptistou, hfredo    Italybocciav    PolandSebolxpompa    Portugalpasf80

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