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Panini Disney Frozen 2

Panini Disney Frozen 2

Year: 2019
Total stickers: 276

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 420 / completed: 287


1Sticker 1Goodnight, little girls!figured29920.32
2Sticker 2Goodnight, little girls!figured24950.25
3Sticker 3Arendelle's legend-221030.21
4Sticker 4
Arendelle's legendfigured25980.26
5Sticker 5
Arendelle's legendfigured34870.39
6Sticker 6
Arendelle's legendglitter51520.98
7Sticker 7
Arendelle's legendglitter37600.62
8Sticker 8Arendelle's legend-23900.26
9Sticker 9Arendelle's legend-29910.32
10Sticker 10Mother's lullaby-22780.28
11Sticker 11Mother's lullaby-211050.20
12Sticker 12Mother's lullaby-29890.33
13Sticker 13Mother's lullaby-23850.27
14Sticker 14Mother's lullaby-28790.35
15Sticker 15Mother's lullaby-22850.26
16Sticker 16Mother's lullabyfigured201000.20
17Sticker 17Mother's lullaby-29960.30
18Sticker 18Mother's lullaby-241020.24
19Sticker 19Mother's lullaby-24990.24
20Sticker 20Mother's lullabyglitter40740.54
21Sticker 21Mother's lullaby-28900.31
22Sticker 22Many years later…-22970.23
23Sticker 23Many years later…-24950.25
24Sticker 24Many years later…-28770.36
25Sticker 25Many years later…-23930.25
26Sticker 26Many years later…figured24900.27
27Sticker 27A happy villagefigured251040.24
28Sticker 28A happy villagefigured29900.32
29Sticker 29A happy villagefigured26870.30
30Sticker 30A happy villagefigured24990.24
31Sticker 31A happy villagefigured23800.29
32Sticker 32A happy villagefigured24890.27
33Sticker 33A happy villagefoil30970.31
34Sticker 34
Playing charades-20950.21
35Sticker 35
Playing charades-26840.31
36Sticker 36Playing charadesfoil21930.23
37Sticker 37Playing charades-20910.22
38Sticker 38Playing charades-221040.21
39Sticker 39
Playing charades-25930.27
40Sticker 40
Playing charades-28880.32
41Sticker 41Playing charadesfoil34740.46
42Sticker 42Playing charades-23900.26
43Sticker 43Playing charades-27870.31
44Sticker 44A mysterious voice-21950.22
45Sticker 45A mysterious voice-23890.26
46Sticker 46A mysterious voice-31940.33
47Sticker 47A mysterious voice-27910.30
48Sticker 48A mysterious voice-29970.30
49Sticker 49A mysterious voice-27800.34
50Sticker 50A mysterious voice-32900.36
51Sticker 51A mysterious voice-23890.26
52Sticker 52Snow scenes!-23870.26
53Sticker 53Snow scenes!-27850.32
54Sticker 54Snow scenes!figured271070.25
55Sticker 55Snow scenes!foil27860.31
56Sticker 56Snow scenes!-26850.31
57Sticker 57Snow scenes!-26770.34
58Sticker 58Snow scenes!glitter44610.72
59Sticker 59Snow scenes!glitter34570.60
60Sticker 60Strange and beautifulglitter41690.59
61Sticker 61Strange and beautifulglitter38550.69
62Sticker 62Strange and beautifulglitter33720.46
63Sticker 63Strange and beautifulglitter39710.55
64Sticker 64Strange and beautiful-23840.27
65Sticker 65Strange and beautifulfoil281130.25
66Sticker 66Strange and beautifulglitter42570.74
67Sticker 67Strange and beautifulglitter36610.59
68Sticker 68Mysterious symbolsfigured26990.26
69Sticker 69Mysterious symbolsglitter40510.78
70Sticker 70Mysterious symbolsglitter36660.55
71Sticker 71
Mysterious symbolsfigured29910.32
72Sticker 72
Mysterious symbolsfigured25900.28
73Sticker 73Mysterious symbolsfigured24820.29
74Sticker 74Mysterious symbolsfigured301040.29
75Sticker 75Mysterious symbolsfigured27890.30
76Sticker 76Mysterious symbolsfigured201020.20
77Sticker 77Leaving Arendelle-23910.25
78Sticker 78Leaving Arendelle-231120.21
79Sticker 79Leaving Arendelle-22860.26
80Sticker 80Leaving Arendellefigured32930.34
81Sticker 81Leaving Arendellefigured24920.26
82Sticker 82Leaving Arendelle-22950.23
83Sticker 83Leaving Arendelle-241000.24
84Sticker 84The four monolithsfigured191080.18
85Sticker 85The four monolithsfigured311040.30
86Sticker 86The four monolithsfigured251070.23
87Sticker 87The four monolithsfoil241090.22
88Sticker 88The four monolithsfoil26970.27
89Sticker 89The four monolithsfigured30890.34
90Sticker 90The four monolithsfigured28900.31
91Sticker 91The four monolithsfoil28920.30
92Sticker 92The four monolithsfoil31820.38
93Sticker 93
The Enchanted Forest-231000.23
94Sticker 94
The Enchanted Forest-34940.36
95Sticker 95The Enchanted Forest-211040.20
96Sticker 96The Enchanted Forestfigured25990.25
97Sticker 97
The Enchanted Forest-25910.27
98Sticker 98
The Enchanted Forest-34760.45
99Sticker 99The Enchanted Forest-331050.31
100Sticker 100The Enchanted Forest-231180.19
101Sticker 101The Wind Spiritfigured28980.29
102Sticker 102The Wind Spiritfigured27830.33
103Sticker 103The Wind Spiritfoil28920.30
104Sticker 104The Wind Spiritfigured29740.39
105Sticker 105The Wind Spiritfigured251000.25
106Sticker 106The Wind Spiritfoil31900.34
107Sticker 107The Wind Spiritfoil29970.30
108Sticker 108
An unexpected encounterglitter35720.49
109Sticker 109
An unexpected encounterglitter38750.51
110Sticker 110An unexpected encounter-27900.30
111Sticker 111
An unexpected encounterfigured21920.23
112Sticker 112
An unexpected encounterfigured27850.32
113Sticker 113An unexpected encounterfoil30860.35
114Sticker 114
An unexpected encounter-29790.37
115Sticker 115
An unexpected encounter-29970.30
116Sticker 116An unexpected encounter-28950.29
117Sticker 117An unexpected encounterfigured27910.30
118Sticker 118An unexpected encounterfigured24990.24
119Sticker 119An unexpected encounter-30820.37
120Sticker 120An unexpected encounter-32940.34
121Sticker 121The Fire Spiritglitter49670.73
122Sticker 122The Fire Spiritglitter39620.63
123Sticker 123The Fire Spirit-26960.27
124Sticker 124The Fire Spiritfoil24970.25
125Sticker 125The Fire Spirit-181030.17
126Sticker 126A festive atmosphere-22900.24
127Sticker 127A festive atmospherefigured33970.34
128Sticker 128A festive atmospherefigured29940.31
129Sticker 129A festive atmospherefigured34750.45
130Sticker 130A festive atmosphere-23770.30
131Sticker 131A festive atmosphere-26980.27
132Sticker 132An old Arendellian shipwreck-21910.23
133Sticker 133An old Arendellian shipwreck-291080.27
134Sticker 134An old Arendellian shipwreckfoil31970.32
135Sticker 135An old Arendellian shipwreckfigured29910.32
136Sticker 136An old Arendellian shipwreck-24940.26
137Sticker 137An old Arendellian shipwreck-30860.35
138Sticker 138An old Arendellian shipwreck-31810.38
139Sticker 139An old Arendellian shipwreck-241010.24
140Sticker 140The Earth Giants-23950.24
141Sticker 141The Earth Giantsfigured28960.29
142Sticker 142The Earth Giantsfigured32910.35
143Sticker 143The Earth Giants-21890.24
144Sticker 144The Earth Giantsfoil26930.28
145Sticker 145The Earth Giants-31870.36
146Sticker 146The Earth Giants-241080.22
147Sticker 147The Earth Giants-30760.39
148Sticker 148The Earth Giants-27850.32
149Sticker 149Crossing the Dark Seafoil25910.27
150Sticker 150Crossing the Dark Sea-31940.33
151Sticker 151Crossing the Dark Seafigured211030.20
152Sticker 152Crossing the Dark Seafoil30980.31
153Sticker 153Crossing the Dark Sea-28910.31
154Sticker 154Crossing the Dark Sea-26910.29
155Sticker 155Crossing the Dark Sea-28900.31
156Sticker 156The big wave-24880.27
157Sticker 157The big wave-27910.30
158Sticker 158The big wave-281020.27
159Sticker 159The big waveglitter37530.70
160Sticker 160The big wavefigured30900.33
161Sticker 161The big wavefoil251020.25
162Sticker 162The big wave-30790.38
163Sticker 163The Water Spirit-231020.23
164Sticker 164The Water Spiritfigured28840.33
165Sticker 165
The Water Spirit-32990.32
166Sticker 166
The Water Spirit-241000.24
167Sticker 167The Water Spirit-241000.24
168Sticker 168The Water Spirit-32920.35
169Sticker 169
The Water Spiritglitter37700.53
170Sticker 170
The Water Spiritglitter42550.76
171Sticker 171The challengeglitter41610.67
172Sticker 172The challengeglitter40610.66
173Sticker 173
The challenge-31890.35
174Sticker 174
The challenge-23870.26
175Sticker 175The challengefigured22930.24
176Sticker 176The challengefigured311030.30
177Sticker 177The challenge-26910.29
178Sticker 178The challengefoil29890.33
179Sticker 179The challengefoil27990.27
180Sticker 180Finding a way out-33900.37
181Sticker 181Finding a way out-221030.21
182Sticker 182Finding a way out-21820.26
183Sticker 183Finding a way out-36990.36
184Sticker 184Finding a way outfigured27900.30
185Sticker 185Finding a way out-29850.34
186Sticker 186Finding a way out-17980.17
187Sticker 187Finding a way out-26980.27
188Sticker 188Finding a way outfoil36760.47
189Sticker 189
The answer is right here!foil27830.33
190Sticker 190
The answer is right here!foil30950.32
191Sticker 191
The answer is right here!glitter35470.74
192Sticker 192
The answer is right here!glitter36510.71
F1Sticker F1Posterfoil24650.37
F2Sticker F2Posterfoil31530.58
F3Sticker F3Posterfoil30560.54
F4Sticker F4Posterfoil34660.52
F5Sticker F5Posterfoil31550.56
F6Sticker F6Posterfoil31590.53
F7Sticker F7Posterfoil33650.51
F8Sticker F8Posterfoil42570.74
F9Sticker F9Posterfoil34630.54
F10Sticker F10Posterfoil38680.56
F11Sticker F11Posterfoil40540.74
F12Sticker F12Posterfoil30620.48
L1Sticker L1Free appointmenttransparent, figured20860.23
L2Sticker L2Free appointmenttransparent, figured28950.29
L3Sticker L3Free appointmenttransparent, figured28630.44
L4Sticker L4Free appointmenttransparent, figured25840.30
L5Sticker L5Free appointmenttransparent, figured23800.29
L6Sticker L6Free appointmenttransparent, figured24760.32
L7Sticker L7Free appointmenttransparent, figured21950.22
L8Sticker L8Free appointmenttransparent, figured21810.26
L9Sticker L9Free appointmenttransparent, figured28700.40
L10Sticker L10Free appointmenttransparent, figured26810.32
L11Sticker L11Free appointmenttransparent, figured23750.31
L12Sticker L12Free appointmenttransparent, figured22780.28
C1Card C1Close-up cardRegular card181320.14
C2Card C2Close-up cardRegular card24930.26
C3Card C3Close-up cardRegular card24760.32
C4Card C4Close-up cardRegular card171340.13
C5Card C5Close-up cardRegular card22950.23
C6Card C6Close-up cardRegular card26880.30
C7Card C7Close-up cardRegular card181270.14
C8Card C8Close-up cardRegular card23880.26
C9Card C9Close-up cardRegular card26860.30
C10Card C10Close-up cardRegular card211400.15
C11Card C11Close-up cardRegular card26850.31
C12Card C12Close-up cardRegular card211310.16
C13Card C13Close-up cardRegular card24910.26
C14Card C14Close-up cardRegular card31920.34
C15Card C15Close-up cardRegular card231330.17
C16Card C16Close-up cardRegular card31880.35
C17Card C17Close-up cardRegular card23880.26
C18Card C18Close-up cardRegular card221430.15
C19Card C19Close-up cardRegular card28850.33
C20Card C20Close-up cardRegular card28900.31
C21Card C21Close-up cardRegular card201420.14
C22Card C22Close-up cardRegular card27880.31
C23Card C23Close-up cardRegular card31840.37
C24Card C24Close-up cardRegular card211270.17
C25Card C25Close-up cardRegular card26950.27
C26Card C26Close-up cardRegular card28870.32
C27Card C27Close-up cardRegular card22820.27
C28Card C28Close-up cardRegular card39840.46
C29Card C29Close-up cardRegular card211140.18
C30Card C30Close-up cardRegular card26930.28
S1Card S1Special cardHolographic card57311.84
S2Card S2Special cardHolographic card57301.90
S3Card S3Special cardHolographic card62331.88
S4Card S4Special cardHolographic card63351.80
S5Card S5Special cardHolographic card64312.06
S6Card S6Special cardHolographic card63351.80
S7Card S7Special cardHolographic card54351.54
S8Card S8Special cardHolographic card58301.93
S9Card S9Special cardHolographic card62321.94
S10Card S10Special cardHolographic card72352.06
S11Card S11Special cardHolographic card70361.94
S12Card S12Special cardHolographic card72252.88
S13Card S13Special cardHolographic card66282.36
S14Card S14Special cardHolographic card71302.37
S15Card S15Special cardHolographic card67242.79
S16Card S16Special cardHolographic card70322.19
S17Card S17Special cardHolographic card63262.42
S18Card S18Special cardHolographic card69351.97
S19Card S19Special cardHolographic card71292.45
S20Card S20Special cardHolographic card68332.06
LE1Card LE1Limited Edition cardHolographic card36312.00
LE2Card LE2Limited Edition cardHolographic card40140.00
LE3Card LE3Limited Edition cardHolographic card39313.00
LE4Card LE4Limited Edition cardHolographic card4058.00
LE5Card LE5Limited Edition cardHolographic card42314.00
XXL-LE1Card XXL-LE1Limited Edition cardHolographic card100616.67
XXL-LE2Card XXL-LE2Limited Edition cardHolographic card99109.90
XXL-LE3Card XXL-LE3Limited Edition cardHolographic card96616.00
XXL-LE4Card XXL-LE4Limited Edition cardHolographic card104252.00
XXL-LE5Card XXL-LE5Limited Edition cardHolographic card95109.50
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