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Panini Disney Frozen. Ice Dreams Photocards

Panini Disney Frozen. Ice Dreams Photocards

Year: 2015
Total cards: 108

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 41 / completed: 44


1Young ElsaBase Card-580.63
2Young Elsa and AnnaBase Card-551.00
3Anna hugs snowBase Card-441.00
4Elsa whispers to AnnaBase Card-350.60
5Young Kristoff and SvenBase Card-661.00
6Kristoff ice block, Sven lanternBase Card-460.67
7Sven and Kristoff peekBase Card-350.60
8Seven, Bulda, and KristoffBase Card-680.75
9Bulda, Elsa, King and Queen, AnnaBase Card-560.83
10Elsa and King at fireplaceBase Card-370.43
11Anna with dollsBase Card-350.60
12Elso creates ice with King and QueenBase Card-380.38
13Anna dancing at paintingBase Card-441.00
14Sitron and HansBase Card-360.50
15Elsa at paintingBase Card-450.80
16Presenting ElsaBase Card-661.00
17Anna Dancing with the DukeBase Card-651.20
18Anna flirting with HansBase Card-541.25
19Linking little fingersBase Card-4100.40
20A proposalBase Card-331.00
21Duke of Weselton with ice spearsBase Card-680.75
22Elsa makes ice flowersBase Card-751.40
23Elsa spreads snowBase Card-441.00
24Elsa makes firework snowflakeBase Card-360.50
25Elsa in blue gownBase Card-360.50
26Anna ridesBase Card-340.75
27Oaken welcomesBase Card-470.57
28Kristoff and Sven in stableBase Card-690.67
29Anna frownsBase Card-590.56
30Kristoff fights wolvesBase Card-390.33
31Walking in icy forestBase Card-541.25
32Kristoff looks upBase Card-670.86
33Sven leads the wayBase Card-632.00
34Anna meets OlafBase Card-531.67
35Olaf on the beachBase Card-651.20
36Olaf sailingBase Card-560.83
37Olaf floatingBase Card-541.25
38Olaf dancingBase Card-661.00
39Olaf in hot tubBase Card-350.60
40Olaf looking at pool reflectionBase Card-641.50
41Ice villageBase Card-370.43
42Hans with blanketsBase Card-390.33
43Duke of Weselton and BodyguardsBase Card-450.80
44Anna reassures KristoffBase Card-470.57
45Olaf and Kristoff sit and chatBase Card-480.50
46Anna sees Elsa on balconyBase Card-5120.42
47Elsa, the Snow QueenBase Card-842.00
48Marshmallow loomsBase Card-560.83
49Olaf rolls boulderBase Card-651.20
50Kristoff and baby trollsBase Card-3100.30
51Anna and BuldaBase Card-370.43
52Kristoff hooks MarshmallowBase Card-390.33
53Bodyguards aim crossbowsBase Card-290.22
54Elsa shoots ice beamBase Card-350.60
55Ice Castle from the hillBase Card-761.17
56Olaf slides downhillBase Card-470.57
57Kristoff and Anna concernedBase Card-824.00
58Sven and Kristoff in streetBase Card-490.44
59A kiss from HansBase Card-380.38
60Duke and DignitaryBase Card-431.33
61Olaf and ElsaBase Card-641.50
62Elsa and Hans disappointedBase Card-470.57
63Kristoff and Sven race to the rescueBase Card-460.67
64Elsa distraughtBase Card-560.83
65Holding Frozen Anna's faceBase Card-450.80
66Sven's tongue catches snowflakeBase Card-370.43
67Elsa and Anna clasp handsBase Card-390.33
68Ola overjoyedBase Card-470.57
69Sven and Kristoff watch sisters embraceBase Card-360.50
70Anna smailes in Elsa embraceBase Card-470.57
71Anna and Elsa before castle stepsBase Card-270.29
72Sven half fallen on iceBase Card-531.67
73Olaf in the TropicsBase Cardfoil480.50
74Olaf and Elsa at Snow MountainBase Cardfoil470.57
75Kristoff and Anna in WoodsBase Cardfoil450.80
76Elsa and Hans at CastleBase Cardfoil551.00
77Elsa and Anna in ClearingBase Cardfoil460.67
78Anna, Olaf, Sven, KristoffBase Cardfoil551.00
79Olaf at Snow MountainBase Cardfoil350.60
80Olaf losing his headBase Cardfoil541.25
81Cliff, Grand Pabbie, BuldaBase Cardfoil570.71
82Elsa and AnnaBase Cardfoil641.50
83Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, AnnaBase Cardfoil460.67
84The Ice Queen standingBase Cardfoil580.63
85AnnaBase Cardfoil570.71
86OlafBase Cardfoil570.71
87SvenBase Cardfoil380.38
88KristoffBase Cardfoil380.38
89HansBase Cardfoil350.60
90Anna in flowing cloakBase Cardfoil340.75
91Elsa (portrait)Base Cardfoil6110.55
92Elsa catches AnnaBase Cardfoil580.63
93Anna and Elsa follow OlafBase Cardfoil661.00
94Elsa creates snowBase Cardfoil551.00
95Elsa and Anna (heads)Base Cardfoil3100.30
96Anna and Elsa back to backBase Cardfoil390.33
97Elsa and Anna hugBase Cardfoil661.00
98Elsa and Anna clasp armsBase Cardfoil4100.40
99Anna and Else dressed for ballBase Cardfoil670.86
100Anna (cameos)Base Cardfoil690.67
101Elsa (cameos)Base Cardfoil690.67
102Olaf, Kristoff, Sven (cameos)Base Cardfoil470.57
103Duke, Hans, Marshmallow (cameos)Base Cardfoil480.50
104Elsa conjures snowflake upBase Cardfoil380.38
105Anna in traveling gearBase Cardfoil560.83
106Olaf slides on bellyBase Cardfoil670.86
107Kristoff serenades SvenBase Cardfoil360.50
108Prince HansBase Cardfoil3100.30
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