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Panini Fútbol Trading cards 1998-1999

Panini Fútbol Trading cards 1998-1999

Year: 1999
Total cards: 339

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 34 / completed: 4


1Deportivo AlavesDeportivo AlavesEscudo(Foil card)616.00
2Enrique Burgos "Kike"Deportivo AlavesBase card606.00
3Alfonso Vera QuinteroDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
4Jose ignacio BerruetDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
5Antonio KarmonaDeportivo AlavesBase card616.00
6Alberto AlbisteguiDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
7Ivan Rocha LimaDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
8JoseteDeportivo AlavesBase card623.00
9Ibon BegonaDeportivo AlavesBase card616.00
10Hermes Aldo DesioDeportivo AlavesBase card616.00
11Pablo Gomez OrtizDeportivo AlavesBase card616.00
12Jorge AzkoitiaDeportivo AlavesBase card616.00
13Gerard LopezDeportivo AlavesBase card717.00
14Magno MocelinDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
15Manuel CanabalDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
16Arturo SivoriDeportivo AlavesBase card606.00
17Athletic de BilbaoAthletic de BilbaoEscudo(Foil card)632.00
18Imanol EtxeberriaAthletic de BilbaoBase card616.00
19Jesus Maria LacruzAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
20Roberto RiosAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
21Carlos GarciaAthletic de BilbaoBase card616.00
22Rafael Alkorta MartinezAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
23Mikel LasaAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
24Aitor LarrazabalAthletic de BilbaoBase card623.00
25Josu UrrutiaAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
26Andoni ImazAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
27Bittor Alkiza FernandezAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
28Julen GuerreroAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
29Javi Gonzalez GomezAthletic de BilbaoBase card632.00
30Santiago EzquerroAthletic de BilbaoBase card623.00
31Joseba EtxeberriaAthletic de BilbaoBase card707.00
32Ismael UrzaizAthletic de BilbaoBase card606.00
33Atletico de MadridAtletico de MadridEscudo(Foil card)616.00
34Jose Francisco MolinaAtletico de MadridBase card606.00
35Carlos AguileraAtletico de MadridBase card623.00
36Santiago Sanchez "Santi"Atletico de MadridBase card632.00
37Stefano TorrisiAtletico de MadridBase card623.00
38Jose Antonio ChamotAtletico de MadridBase card632.00
39Michele SerenaAtletico de MadridBase card616.00
40Radek BejblAtletico de MadridBase card616.00
41Vladimir JugovicAtletico de MadridBase card606.00
42Zoran NjegusAtletico de MadridBase card616.00
43Oscar MenaAtletico de MadridBase card616.00
44Juan Carlos ValeronAtletico de MadridBase card616.00
45Osvaldo Junior"Juninho"Atletico de MadridBase card623.00
46Jordi LardinAtletico de MadridBase card707.00
47Francisco Narvaez"Kiko"Atletico de MadridBase card606.00
48Jose Maria Romero"Jose Mari"Atletico de MadridBase card616.00
49F.C. BarcelonaF.C. BarcelonaEscudo(Foil card)11011.00
50Rudolfus HespF.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
51Michael ReizigerF.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
52Abelardo FernandezF.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
53Albert CeladesF.C. BarcelonaBase card11111.00
54Sergi Barjuan EsclusaF.C. BarcelonaBase card12012.00
55Josep GuardiolaF.C. BarcelonaBase card11111.00
56Xavier Hernandez"Xavi"F.C. BarcelonaBase card12012.00
57Phillip CocuF.C. BarcelonaBase card10010.00
58Luis Enrique MartinezF.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
59Giovanni Silva de OliveiraF.C. BarcelonaBase card13113.00
60Boudewijn ZendenF.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
61Luis Filipe Madeira Caeiro"Figo"F.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
62Vitor Borba Ferreira"Rivaldo"F.C. BarcelonaBase card11111.00
63Anderson da SilvaF.C. BarcelonaBase card12112.00
64Patrick KluivertF.C. BarcelonaBase card11011.00
65Real BetisReal BetisEscudo(Foil card)632.00
66Antonio PratsReal BetisBase card623.00
67Jorge OteroReal BetisBase card641.50
68Roberto SolozabalReal BetisBase card616.00
69Celso Rafael AyalaReal BetisBase card616.00
70Juan Antonio UrenaReal BetisBase card616.00
71Luis FernandezReal BetisBase card623.00
72Alexis Trujillo OramasReal BetisBase card707.00
73Antonio Alvarez"Ito"Real BetisBase card616.00
74Fernando SanchezReal BetisBase card616.00
75Benjamin ZarandonaReal BetisBase card623.00
76Finidi GeorgeReal BetisBase card623.00
77Denilson de OliveiraReal BetisBase card606.00
78Alfonso PerezReal BetisBase card606.00
79Oliverio Jesus Alvarez"Oli"Real BetisBase card632.00
80Ivan RerezReal BetisBase card623.00
81R.C. CeltaR.C. CeltaEscudo(Foil card)723.50
82Richard Philippe DutruelR.C. CeltaBase card623.00
83Michel SalgadoR.C. CeltaBase card616.00
84Gabriel CaceresR.C. CeltaBase card616.00
85Jose Maria Lopez"Josema"R.C. CeltaBase card623.00
86Goran DjorovicR.C. CeltaBase card623.00
87Rafael BergesR.C. CeltaBase card717.00
88Lomar do Nascimento"Mazinho"R.C. CeltaBase card616.00
89Claude MakeleleR.C. CeltaBase card606.00
90Valeri KarpinR.C. CeltaBase card606.00
91Tomas Alberto GironR.C. CeltaBase card616.00
92Aleksandr MostovoiR.C. CeltaBase card606.00
93Michael Haim RevivoR.C. CeltaBase card717.00
94Juan Ginés Sánchez MorenoR.C. CeltaBase card616.00
95Vlado GudeljR.C. CeltaBase card623.00
96Luboslav PenevR.C. CeltaBase card616.00
97R. C. Deportivo La CorunaR. C. Deportivo La CorunaEscudo(Foil card)623.00
98Jacques Songo'oR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card623.00
99Armando AlvarezR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card616.00
100Luis Miguel RamisR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card717.00
101Noureddine NaybetR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card606.00
102Gabriel SchurrerR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card616.00
103Enrique RomeroR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card623.00
104Jerome BonnisselR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card616.00
105Mauro da Silva GomesR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card616.00
106Djalma Feitosa Dias"Djalminha"R. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card623.00
107Flavio ConceicaoR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card606.00
108Lionel ScaloniR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card623.00
109Francisco Perez"Fran"R. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card616.00
110Stephane ZianiR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card632.00
111Pedro PauletaR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card623.00
112Jose Oscar "Turu" FloresR. C. Deportivo La CorunaBase card741.75
113R.C.D.EspanyolR.C.D.EspanyolEscudo(Foil card)641.50
114Antonio Jimenez ToniR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
115Cristobal ParraloR.C.D.EspanyolBase card623.00
116Fernando NandoR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
117Mauricio PochettinoR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
118Joan CapdevilaR.C.D.EspanyolBase card606.00
119Jose Rojo PachetaR.C.D.EspanyolBase card717.00
120Constantin GalcaR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
121Ivan HelgueraR.C.D.EspanyolBase card606.00
122German VillaR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
123Enrique De LucasR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
124Joan Nan RiberaR.C.D.EspanyolBase card606.00
125Martin Andres PosseR.C.D.EspanyolBase card717.00
126Miguel Angel BenitezR.C.D.EspanyolBase card606.00
127Juan EsnaiderR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
128Quique MartinR.C.D.EspanyolBase card616.00
129C.F. ExtremaduraC.F. ExtremaduraEscudo(Foil card)641.50
130Ronny GaspercicC.F. ExtremaduraBase card623.00
131Oscar MarinC.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
132Felix Carballo MartinezC.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
133Raymond KallaC.F. ExtremaduraBase card623.00
134Juan Herrera"Juanito"C.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
135Hipolito Serrano"Poli"C.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
136David BelenguerC.F. ExtremaduraBase card606.00
137Pedro JoseC.F. ExtremaduraBase card717.00
138Goran BogdanovicC.F. ExtremaduraBase card632.00
139Jose Alberto TorilC.F. ExtremaduraBase card732.33
140Jose Luis SotoC.F. ExtremaduraBase card632.00
141Carlos Alejandro DureC.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
142Luis Enrique RuedaC.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
143Manuel MosqueraC.F. ExtremaduraBase card616.00
144Ivan Cesar GabrichC.F. ExtremaduraBase card606.00
145R.C.D.MallorcaR.C.D.MallorcaEscudo(Foil card)717.00
146Carlos Angel RoaR.C.D.MallorcaBase card623.00
147Xabier OlaizolaR.C.D.MallorcaBase card606.00
148Marcelinho SierraR.C.D.MallorcaBase card606.00
149Gustavo SiveroR.C.D.MallorcaBase card606.00
150Miguel SolerR.C.D.MallorcaBase card632.00
151Francisco SolerR.C.D.MallorcaBase card623.00
152Vicente EngongaR.C.D.MallorcaBase card623.00
153Lauren Etama-MayerR.C.D.MallorcaBase card606.00
154Velijko PaunovicR.C.D.MallorcaBase card616.00
155Jovan StankovicR.C.D.MallorcaBase card616.00
156Ariel IbagazaR.C.D.MallorcaBase card616.00
157Carlos DominguezR.C.D.MallorcaBase card623.00
158Daniel Garcia Lara"Dani"R.C.D.MallorcaBase card606.00
159Leonardo BiaginiR.C.D.MallorcaBase card606.00
160Ariel "Chupa" LopezR.C.D.MallorcaBase card616.00
161Real Oviedo C.F.Real Oviedo C.F.Escudo(Foil card)732.33
162Esteban SuarezReal Oviedo C.F.Base card717.00
163Jose Manuel Erimia"Manel"Real Oviedo C.F.Base card606.00
164Viktor OnopkoReal Oviedo C.F.Base card606.00
165Cesar Martin VillarReal Oviedo C.F.Base card717.00
166Franck RabarivonyReal Oviedo C.F.Base card616.00
167Paulo BentoReal Oviedo C.F.Base card616.00
168Ivan IglesiasReal Oviedo C.F.Base card616.00
169Albert NadjReal Oviedo C.F.Base card616.00
170Xabier EskurzaReal Oviedo C.F.Base card632.00
171Jaime FernandezReal Oviedo C.F.Base card616.00
172Ivan AniaReal Oviedo C.F.Base card606.00
173Roberto PompeiReal Oviedo C.F.Base card606.00
174Peter DubovskyReal Oviedo C.F.Base card717.00
175Julio Cesar"Dely Valdes"Real Oviedo C.F.Base card606.00
176Peter MollerReal Oviedo C.F.Base card717.00
177Racing de SantanderRacing de SantanderEscudo(Foil card)732.33
178Jose Maria CeballosRacing de SantanderBase card616.00
179Washington TaisRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
180Jesus Maria MerinoRacing de SantanderBase card623.00
181Claudio David ArzenoRacing de SantanderBase card616.00
182Jose Maria Alonso"Txema"Racing de SantanderBase card707.00
183Borja Enrique NeruRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
184Jose Manuel SietesRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
185Angel Manuel Vivar DoradoRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
186Ismael RuizRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
187Victor Sanchez del AmoRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
188David BillabonaRacing de SantanderBase card616.00
189Sergei ShustikovRacing de SantanderBase card616.00
190Leider PreciadoRacing de SantanderBase card616.00
191Vladimir BestchastnykhRacing de SantanderBase card606.00
192Pedro MunitisRacing de SantanderBase card616.00
193Real Madrid C.F.Real Madrid C.F.Escudo(Foil card)10010.00
194Bodo IllgnerReal Madrid C.F.Base card1025.00
195Christian PanucciReal Madrid C.F.Base card1025.00
196Fernando HierroReal Madrid C.F.Base card10110.00
197Ivan CampoReal Madrid C.F.Base card10110.00
198Manuel SanchisReal Madrid C.F.Base card1025.00
199Roberto CarlosReal Madrid C.F.Base card10010.00
200Fernando RedondoReal Madrid C.F.Base card10010.00
201Christian KarembeuReal Madrid C.F.Base card10010.00
202Clarence SeedorfReal Madrid C.F.Base card909.00
203Robert JarniReal Madrid C.F.Base card11011.00
204Savio BortoloniReal Madrid C.F.Base card1042.50
205Raul Gonzalez BlancoReal Madrid C.F.Base card1226.00
206Predrag MijatovicReal Madrid C.F.Base card1025.00
207Fernando MorientesReal Madrid C.F.Base card10110.00
208Davor SukerReal Madrid C.F.Base card10110.00
209Real SociedadReal SociedadEscudo(Foil card)632.00
210Alberto LopezReal SociedadBase card606.00
211Miguel Angel FuentesReal SociedadBase card606.00
212Antonio PikabeaReal SociedadBase card606.00
213Lorenzo Garcia"Loren"Real SociedadBase card606.00
214Agustin AranzabalReal SociedadBase card606.00
215Aitor Lopez RekarteReal SociedadBase card616.00
216Jose GuerreroReal SociedadBase card616.00
217Juan Andres GomezReal SociedadBase card616.00
218Dietmar KuhbauerReal SociedadBase card606.00
219Francisco De PedroReal SociedadBase card616.00
220Inigo IdiakezReal SociedadBase card616.00
221Manuel da Silva Sa PintoReal SociedadBase card717.00
222Oscar De PaulaReal SociedadBase card606.00
223Aitor AldeondoReal SociedadBase card606.00
224Darko KovacevicReal SociedadBase card606.00
225U.D. SalamancaU.D. SalamancaEscudo(Foil card)623.00
226Bogdan SteleaU.D. SalamancaBase card606.00
227Eduardo Alonso"Edu Alonso"U.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
228Lorenzo Vizcaino"Loren"U.D. SalamancaBase card616.00
229Leonardo RamosU.D. SalamancaBase card616.00
230Sergio CorinoU.D. SalamancaBase card632.00
231Marco LannaU.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
232Christian LupidioU.D. SalamancaBase card616.00
233Paulo RogerioU.D. SalamancaBase card717.00
234Jose Taira da CostaU.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
235Everton GiovanellaU.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
236Catalin MunteanuU.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
237Martin VelliscaU.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
238Gustavo SilvaniU.D. SalamancaBase card632.00
239Martin CardettiU.D. SalamancaBase card623.00
240Carlos Daniel CasartelliU.D. SalamancaBase card616.00
241C.D. TenerifeC.D. TenerifeEscudo(Foil card)623.00
242Juan Carlos UnzueC.D. TenerifeBase card707.00
243Ferdinand VierklauC.D. TenerifeBase card616.00
244Antonio MataC.D. TenerifeBase card606.00
245Pablo Ariel PazC.D. TenerifeBase card606.00
246Alexis SuarezC.D. TenerifeBase card632.00
247Andre Luiz MoreiraC.D. TenerifeBase card606.00
248Slavisa JokanovicC.D. TenerifeBase card616.00
249Emerson Moises CostaC.D. TenerifeBase card623.00
250Daniel Gonzalez"Dani"C.D. TenerifeBase card606.00
251Felipe MinambresC.D. TenerifeBase card616.00
252Antonio RobainaC.D. TenerifeBase card623.00
253Juan Castano JuaneleC.D. TenerifeBase card616.00
254Meho CodroC.D. TenerifeBase card616.00
255Roy MakaayC.D. TenerifeBase card616.00
256Domingos de OliveiraC.D. TenerifeBase card606.00
257Valencia F.C.Valencia F.C.Escudo(Foil card)632.00
258Jose Santiago CanizaresValencia F.C.Base card632.00
259Jocelyn AnglomaValencia F.C.Base card606.00
260Miroslav DjukicValencia F.C.Base card616.00
261Alain RocheValencia F.C.Base card606.00
262Joachim BjorklundValencia F.C.Base card606.00
263Amedeo CarboniValencia F.C.Base card616.00
264Luis MillaValencia F.C.Base card616.00
265Gaizka MendietaValencia F.C.Base card616.00
266Stefan SchwarzValencia F.C.Base card606.00
267Gabriel PopescuValencia F.C.Base card717.00
268Javier FarinosValencia F.C.Base card606.00
269Miguel Angel AnguloValencia F.C.Base card623.00
270Adrian IlieValencia F.C.Base card707.00
271Claudio LopezValencia F.C.Base card606.00
272Cristiano LucarelliValencia F.C.Base card616.00
273Real ValladolidReal ValladolidEscudo(Foil card)623.00
274Cesar SanchezReal ValladolidBase card623.00
275Javier Torres GomezReal ValladolidBase card632.00
276Jose Luis SantamariaReal ValladolidBase card632.00
277Juan Manuel PenaReal ValladolidBase card632.00
278Julio Cesar dos Santos CorreaReal ValladolidBase card632.00
279Antonio Garcia CalvoReal ValladolidBase card623.00
280Alberto MarcosReal ValladolidBase card632.00
281Juan VizcainoReal ValladolidBase card641.50
282Jose Luis CamineroReal ValladolidBase card632.00
283Eusebio MenaReal ValladolidBase card723.50
284Jose Manuel Jimenez"Chema"Real ValladolidBase card623.00
285Victor Manuel FernandezReal ValladolidBase card616.00
286Dragan IsailovicReal ValladolidBase card632.00
287Alen PeternacReal ValladolidBase card623.00
288Diego KlimowiczReal ValladolidBase card707.00
289Villarreal C.F.Villarreal C.F.Escudo(Foil card)623.00
290Andres PalopVillarreal C.F.Base card623.00
291ImanolVillarreal C.F.Base card623.00
292Pascual LlopisVillarreal C.F.Base card616.00
293Roberto FernandezVillarreal C.F.Base card723.50
294Jose Perez SererVillarreal C.F.Base card717.00
295Aitor ArreguiVillarreal C.F.Base card606.00
296David AlbeldaVillarreal C.F.Base card606.00
297Jesus Garcia SanjuanVillarreal C.F.Base card606.00
298Gerardo GarciaVillarreal C.F.Base card616.00
299Antonio DiazVillarreal C.F.Base card623.00
300Alberto BrazoVillarreal C.F.Base card641.50
301Gheorghe CraioveanuVillarreal C.F.Base card616.00
302Manuel AlfaroVillarreal C.F.Base card623.00
303Thomas CristiansenVillarreal C.F.Base card707.00
304Moises Garcia LeonVillarreal C.F.Base card606.00
305Real ZaragozaReal ZaragozaEscudo(Foil card)632.00
306Juan Miguel Garcia"Juanmi"Real ZaragozaBase card606.00
307Pablo Javier DiazReal ZaragozaBase card606.00
308Xavier AguadoReal ZaragozaBase card616.00
309Francisco Jemez PacoReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
310Gary SundgrenReal ZaragozaBase card616.00
311Jesus Angel SolanoReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
312Jose Ignasio SaenzReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
313Santiago AragonReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
314Roberto Miguel AcunaReal ZaragozaBase card616.00
315Cristian Alberto"Kily" GonzalezReal ZaragozaBase card707.00
316Vladislav RadimovReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
317Marcos ValesReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
318Gustavo LopezReal ZaragozaBase card623.00
319Paulo JamelliReal ZaragozaBase card616.00
320Savo MilosevicReal ZaragozaBase card616.00
NF1Julio Salinas FernandezDeportivo Alaves!Nuevo Fichaje!616.00
NF2Nicola BertiDeportivo Alaves!Nuevo Fichaje!818.00
NF3Alberto Belsue AriasDeportivo Alaves!Nuevo Fichaje!717.00
NF4Giorgio VenturinAtletico de Madrid!Nuevo Fichaje!707.00
NF5Santiago SolariAtletico de Madrid!Nuevo Fichaje!632.00
NF6Frank De BoerF.C. Barcelona!Nuevo Fichaje!10010.00
NF7Ronald De BoerF.C. Barcelona!Nuevo Fichaje!11011.00
NF8Jordi CruyffR.C. Celta!Nuevo Fichaje!717.00
NF9Raul Tamudo MonteroR.C.D.Espanyol!Nuevo Fichaje!623.00
NF10Laurent ViaudC.F. Extremadura!Nuevo Fichaje!723.50
NF11Jose Emilio AmaviscaRacing de Santander!Nuevo Fichaje!707.00
NF12Perica OgnjenovicReal Madrid C.F.!Nuevo Fichaje!10110.00
NF13Denis SerbanValencia F.C.!Nuevo Fichaje!616.00
NF14Oscar TellezVillarreal C.F.!Nuevo Fichaje!707.00
NF15Ali Faryd MondragonReal Zaragoza!Nuevo Fichaje!616.00
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