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Card 196bis: Juanpi


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Section: S.D. Huesca

Type: Nuevo Fichaje / Actualización

Offer (30):
Canadaredscouser7799    Spaincaneiro, malcaraz, fanhunter, Pedrost, dicmar, Danytg, alfonsocervera, dciacano, basket, Vjimenez, Papadry, mourinho, TruenoGuanche, Riki5274, Sangarunya, alexjandro, JonaLlanos, juanqui, Tellus, ionakk, CarlVs, candilete, mvalerog73, stickyfgzz, Albertmon17, tocara, bobsal, danreal    Francefran8345

Need (13):
Brazilgbpacheco    Spainvictorianocr, lolijuanjo, Maruxi, martacar, Jersenia, robert1962, Lubumba    Francecocan72    United KingdomKeithy    PeruMazzanotti    Portugaljorgemmr, maxdkay

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