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Card 27: Muniain


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Section: Athletic Club

Type: Base card

Offer (23):
Spaincambio16, Tellus, Jose022, cullera, basket, malcaraz, Papadry, PFermin, aitorpagaza, comvaaixo, Ultimeit, fanhunter, llucata, angelitosnegros, Pedrost, bobsal, mvalerog73, Juanjix, caneiro, stickyfgzz, andreaylaika, Erikacastillo    UkraineRikond

Need (26):
Germanyandreas1981, Liverpool1892, mcmxci    SpainRafapavala, Grg1978, Simonchico, Lidia3, Perandones, Antuan, sweetanddivine, dicmar, martacar, roca417, Subset, carcedo, Raulete, robert1962, horusin3    United Kingdompnchocolates    Italygiannisar, Satansurfer, Chry1081    Portugaljorgemmr, maxdkay    Russiabarik1974, dimak47

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