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Panini Liverpool FC 2009-2010

Panini Liverpool FC 2009-2010

Year: 2009
Total stickers: 212

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 24 / completed: 8


2Liverpool Football Club Season 2009-2010 (1 of 4)Welcomepuzzle808.00
3Liverpool Football Club Season 2009-2010 (2 of 4)Welcomepuzzle616.00
4Liverpool Football Club Season 2009-2010 (3 of 4)Welcomepuzzle723.50
5Liverpool Football Club Season 2009-2010 (4 of 4)Welcomepuzzle717.00
6Home KitWelcomemetal808.00
7Away KitWelcomepvc818.00
8Rafa Benitez and Sammy LeeRafa Benitez & Sammy Leemetal404.00
9Rafa BenitezRafa Benitez & Sammy Lee-641.50
10Rafa BenitezRafa Benitez & Sammy Lee-616.00
11Sammy LeeRafa Benitez & Sammy Lee-616.00
12Rafa BenitezRafa Benitez & Sammy Lee-732.33
13Glen Johnson (1 of 2)Glen Johnsonpuzzle414.00
14Glen Johnson (2 of 2)Glen Johnsonpuzzle623.00
15Glen JohnsonGlen Johnsonmetal818.00
16Glen JohnsonGlen Johnson-515.00
17Glen Johnson in trainingGlen Johnson-632.00
18Glen Johnson in actionGlen Johnsonpvc616.00
19Daniel AggerDaniel Aggermetal707.00
20Daniel Agger (1 of 2)Daniel Aggerpuzzle515.00
21Daniel Agger (2 of 2)Daniel Aggerpuzzle505.00
22Daniel AggerDaniel Agger-632.00
23Daniel Agger in actionDaniel Aggerpvc616.00
24Daniel Agger in trainingDaniel Agger-450.80
25Steven Gerrard (1 of 2)Steven Gerrardpuzzle732.33
26Steven Gerrard (2 of 2)Steven Gerrardpuzzle616.00
27Steven GerrardSteven Gerrardmetal11011.00
28Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-717.00
29Steven Gerrard in trainingSteven Gerrard-632.00
30Steven Gerrard in actionSteven Gerrardpvc818.00
31Fernando TorresFernando Torresmetal10010.00
32Fernando Torres (1 of 2)Fernando Torrespuzzle824.00
33Fernando Torres (2 of 2)Fernando Torrespuzzle808.00
34Fernando TorresFernando Torres-623.00
35Fernando Torres in actionFernando Torrespvc909.00
36Fernando Torres in trainingFernando Torres-632.00
37Andriy Voronin (1 of 2)Andriy Voroninpuzzle818.00
38Andriy Voronin (2 of 2)Andriy Voroninpuzzle623.00
39Andriy VoroninAndriy Voroninmetal909.00
40Andriy VoroninAndriy Voronin-641.50
41Andriy Voronin in trainingAndriy Voronin-450.80
42Andriy Voronin in actionAndriy Voroninpvc606.00
43Albert RieraAlbert Rierametal707.00
44Albert Riera (1 of 2)Albert Rierapuzzle531.67
45Albert Riera (2 of 2)Albert Rierapuzzle541.25
46Albert RieraAlbert Riera-632.00
47Albert Riera in actionAlbert Rierapvc606.00
48Albert Riera in trainingAlbert Riera-632.00
49Fabio Aurelio (1 of 2)Fabio Aureliopuzzle632.00
50Fabio Aurelio (2 of 2)Fabio Aureliopuzzle641.50
51Fabio AurelioFabio Aureliometal808.00
52Fabio AurelioFabio Aurelio-522.50
53Fabio Aurelio in trainingFabio Aurelio-531.67
54Fabio Aurelio in actionFabio Aureliopvc623.00
55Daniel AggerThe Internationalsmetal818.00
56Steven GerrardThe Internationals-1025.00
57Fernando TorresThe Internationals-824.00
58Andriy VoroninThe Internationals-422.00
59Yossi BenayounThe Internationals-723.50
60Sotirios KyrgiakosThe Internationals-732.33
61Dirk KuytThe Internationals-717.00
62LucasThe Internationals-606.00
63Javier MascheranoThe Internationals-732.33
64Nabil El ZharThe Internationals-623.00
65Martin SkrtelThe Internationals-531.67
66Andrea DossenaThe Internationalsmetal707.00
67Yossi BenayounYossi Benayounmetal808.00
68Yossi Benayoun (1 of 2)Yossi Benayounpuzzle623.00
69Yossi Benayoun (2 of 2)Yossi Benayounpuzzle616.00
70Yossi BenayounYossi Benayoun-422.00
71Yossi Benayoun in actionYossi Benayounpvc707.00
72Yossi Benayoun in trainingYossi Benayoun-515.00
73Sotirios Kyrgiakos (1 of 2)Sotirios Kyrgiakospuzzle616.00
74Sotirios Kyrgiakos (2 of 2)Sotirios Kyrgiakospuzzle522.50
75Sotirios KyrgiakosSotirios Kyrgiakosmetal723.50
76Sotirios KyrgiakosSotirios Kyrgiakos-717.00
77Sotirios Kyrgiakos in trainingSotirios Kyrgiakos-808.00
78Sotirios Kyrgiakos in actionSotirios Kyrgiakospvc717.00
79Dirk KuytDirk Kuytmetal10010.00
80Dirk Kuyt (1 of 2)Dirk Kuytpuzzle717.00
81Dirk Kuyt (2 of 2)Dirk Kuytpuzzle623.00
82Dirk KuytDirk Kuyt-723.50
83Dirk Kuyt in actionDirk Kuytpvc616.00
84Dirk Kuyt in trainingDirk Kuyt-531.67
85Ryan Babel (1 of 2)Ryan Babelpuzzle824.00
86Ryan Babel (2 of 2)Ryan Babelpuzzle723.50
87Ryan BabelRyan Babelmetal909.00
88Ryan BabelRyan Babel-531.67
89Ryan Babel in trainingRyan Babel-531.67
90Ryan Babel in actionRyan Babelpvc606.00
91Javier MascheranoJavier Mascheranometal1025.00
92Javier Mascherano (1 of 2)Javier Mascheranopuzzle717.00
93Javier Mascherano (2 of 2)Javier Mascheranopuzzle732.33
94Javier MascheranoJavier Mascherano-606.00
95Javier Mascherano in actionJavier Mascheranopvc723.50
96Javier Mascherano in trainingJavier Mascherano-441.00
97Lucas (1 of 2)Lucaspuzzle632.00
98Lucas (2 of 2)Lucaspuzzle824.00
101Lucas in trainingLucas-431.33
102Lucas in actionLucaspvc641.50
103Emiliano InsuaEmiliano Insuametal707.00
104Emiliano Insua (1 of 2)Emiliano Insuapuzzle616.00
105Emiliano Insua (2 of 2)Emiliano Insuapuzzle632.00
106Emiliano InsuaEmiliano Insua-632.00
107Emiliano Insua in actionEmiliano Insuapvc632.00
108Emiliano Insua in trainingEmiliano Insua-441.00
109Jamie Carragher (1 of 2)Jamie Carragherpuzzle431.33
110Jamie Carragher (2 of 2)Jamie Carragherpuzzle522.50
111Jamie CarragherJamie Carraghermetal824.00
112Jamie CarragherJamie Carragher-522.50
113Jamie Carragher in trainingJamie Carragher-551.00
114Jamie Carragher in actionJamie Carragherpvc641.50
115Steven GerrardFirst Goals of the Season-824.00
116Glen JohnsonFirst Goals of the Season-531.67
117Fernando TorresFirst Goals of the Season-818.00
118Glen JohnsonFirst Goals of the Season-623.00
119Steven GerrardFirst Goals of the Seasonmetal808.00
120Yossi BenayounFirst Goals of the Season-522.50
121Dirk KuytFirst Goals of the Season-616.00
122Fernando TorresFirst Goals of the Seasonmetal919.00
123Fernando TorresFirst Goals of the Season-824.00
124Fabio AurelioFirst Goals of the Season-404.00
125Fernando TorresFirst Goals of the Season-808.00
126Ryan BabelFirst Goals of the Season-723.50
127David NgogDavid Ngogmetal515.00
128David Ngog (1 of 2)David Ngogpuzzle623.00
129David Ngog (2 of 2)David Ngogpuzzle623.00
130David NgogDavid Ngog-531.67
131David Ngog in actionDavid Ngogpvc632.00
132David Ngog in trainingDavid Ngog-450.80
133Pepe Reina (1 of 2)Pepe Reinapuzzle522.50
134Pepe Reina (2 of 2)Pepe Reinapuzzle616.00
135Pepe ReinaPepe Reinametal824.00
136Pepe ReinaPepe Reina-623.00
137Pepe Reina in trainingPepe Reina-541.25
138Pepe Reina in actionPepe Reinapvc632.00
139Jay SpearingJay Spearingmetal723.50
140Jay Spearing (1 of 2)Jay Spearingpuzzle531.67
141Jay Spearing (2 of 2)Jay Spearingpuzzle531.67
142Jay SpearingJay Spearing-824.00
143Jay Spearing in actionJay Spearingpvc808.00
144Jay Spearing in trainingJay Spearing-623.00
145Nabil El Zhar (1 of 2)Nabil El Zharpuzzle531.67
146Nabil El Zhar (2 of 2)Nabil El Zharpuzzle623.00
147Nabil El ZharNabil El Zharmetal909.00
148Nabil El ZharNabil El Zhar-707.00
149Nabil El Zhar in trainingNabil El Zhar-623.00
150Nabil El Zhar in actionNabil El Zharpvc717.00
151Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtelmetal616.00
152Martin Skrtel (1 of 2)Martin Skrtelpuzzle515.00
153Martin Skrtel (2 of 2)Martin Skrtelpuzzle717.00
154Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-632.00
155Martin Skrtel in actionMartin Skrtelpvc707.00
156Martin Skrtel in trainingMartin Skrtel-606.00
157Andrea Dossena (1 of 2)Andrea Dossenapuzzle531.67
158Andrea Dossena (2 of 2)Andrea Dossenapuzzle632.00
159Andrea DossenaAndrea Dossenametal818.00
160Andrea DossenaAndrea Dossena-717.00
161Andrea Dossena in trainingAndrea Dossena-505.00
162Andrea Dossena in actionAndrea Dossenapvc623.00
163Diego CavalieriSquad Players-632.00
164Diego CavalieriSquad Players-623.00
165Alberto AquilaniSquad Players-818.00
166Alberto AquilaniSquad Players-606.00
167Philipp DegenSquad Players-616.00
168Philipp DegenSquad Players-531.67
169Damien PlessisSquad Players-632.00
170Damien PlessisSquad Players-623.00
171Stephen DarbySquad Players-723.50
172Stephen DarbySquad Players-531.67
173Daniel Sanchez AyalaSquad Players-515.00
174Daniel Sanchez AyalaSquad Players-531.67
175Andriy VoroninAsia Tourpvc919.00
176Asia TourAsia Tour-616.00
177Asia TourAsia Tour-531.67
178Asia TourAsia Tour-441.00
179Asia TourAsia Tour-531.67
180Asia TourAsia Tour-541.25
181Asia TourAsia Tour-551.00
182Asia TourAsia Tour-460.67
183Asia TourAsia Tour-450.80
184Asia TourAsia Tour-641.50
185Asia TourAsia Tour-818.00
186Daniel AggerAsia Tourpvc623.00
18718 Division One / Premier League TitlesDomestic Honours-522.50
1887 FA CupsDomestic Honours-632.00
189FA Cup (May 2001)Domestic Honoursmetal606.00
1907 League Cups (March 1983)Domestic Honoursmetal808.00
191League Cup (February 2001)Domestic Honoursmetal707.00
19215 FA Community / Charity Shields (August 1986)Domestic Honoursmetal919.00
193Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (1 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle818.00
194Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (2 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle414.00
195Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (3 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle723.50
196Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (4 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle623.00
197Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (5 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle522.50
198Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (6 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle717.00
199Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (7 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle717.00
200Jamie Carragher's Dream Team (8 of 8)J.Carragher's Dream Team Posterpuzzle441.00
201Logo & PlayersJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-616.00
202Pepe ReinaJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-450.80
203Steve NicolJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-441.00
204Phil NealJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-450.80
205Alan HansenJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-460.67
206Sami HyypiaJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-460.67
207Steven GerrardJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-450.80
208Steve McManamanJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-623.00
209Kenny DalglichJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-541.25
210Graeme SounessJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-515.00
211Fernando TorresJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-824.00
212John BarnesJ.Carragher's Dream Team Poster-623.00