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Panini Liverpool FC 2008-2009

Liverpool FC 2008-2009

Year: 2008
Total stickers: 212

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 2


1Team BadgeLiverpoolmetal202.00
2Team Photo (puzzle 1)Liverpool-303.00
3Team Photo (puzzle 2)Liverpool-101.00
4Team Photo (puzzle 3)Liverpool-303.00
5Team Photo (puzzle 4)Liverpool-303.00
6Home KitLiverpool Kit-101.00
7Away KitLiverpool Kit-202.00
83rd KitLiverpool Kitmetal303.00
9AnfieldLiverpool Stadiummetal212.00
10Anfield dressing roomLiverpool Stadium-101.00
11Anfield tunnelLiverpool Stadium-101.00
12Anfield gatesLiverpool Stadium-303.00
13Anfield (puzzle 1)Liverpool Stadium-303.00
14Anfield (puzzle 2)Liverpool Stadium-303.00
15This is AnfieldLiverpool Stadium-202.00
16Rafael BenitezCoaching Staff-202.00
17Rafael BenitezCoaching Staff-202.00
18Rafael BenitezCoaching Staff-202.00
19Sammy LeeCoaching Staff-202.00
20Sammy LeeCoaching Staff-303.00
21Andrea DossenaAndrea Dossena-202.00
22Andrea Dossena (puzzle 1)Andrea Dossena-202.00
23Andrea Dossena (puzzle 2)Andrea Dossena-202.00
24Andrea DossenaAndrea Dossena-101.00
25Andrea DossenaAndrea Dossena-111.00
26Andrea DossenaAndrea Dossena-202.00
27Sami HyppiaSami Hyppia-303.00
28Sami Hyppia (puzzle 1)Sami Hyppia-202.00
29Sami Hyppia (puzzle 2)Sami Hyppia-303.00
30Sami HyppiaSami Hyppia-303.00
31Sami HyppiaSami Hyppia-202.00
32Sami HyppiaSami Hyppia-101.00
33Daniel AggerDaniel Agger-202.00
34Daniel Agger (puzzle 1)Daniel Agger-303.00
35Daniel Agger (puzzle 2)Daniel Agger-303.00
36Daniel AggerDaniel Agger-303.00
37Daniel AggerDaniel Agger-101.00
38Daniel AggerDaniel Agger-101.00
39Robbie KeaneRobbie Keane-202.00
40Robbie Keane (puzzle 1)Robbie Keane-303.00
41Robbie Keane (puzzle 2)Robbie Keane-303.00
42Robbie KeaneRobbie Keane-202.00
43Robbie KeaneRobbie Keane-202.00
44Robbie KeaneRobbie Keane-202.00
45Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-303.00
46Steven Gerrard (puzzle 1)Steven Gerrard-202.00
47Steven Gerrard (puzzle 2)Steven Gerrard-202.00
48Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-303.00
49Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-303.00
50Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-202.00
51Fernando TorresFernando Torres-202.00
52Fernando Torres (puzzle 1)Fernando Torres-111.00
53Fernando Torres (puzzle 2)Fernando Torres-202.00
54Fernando TorresFernando Torres-303.00
55Fernando TorresFernando Torres-303.00
56Fernando TorresFernando Torres-303.00
57Sami HyppiaInternational All-Star-303.00
58Daniel AggerInternational All-Star-202.00
59Robbie KeaneInternational All-Starmetal101.00
60Xabi AlonsoInternational All-Star-101.00
61Yossi BenayounInternational All-Star-101.00
62Dirk KuytInternational All-Star-303.00
63Ryan BabelInternational All-Starmetal212.00
64Steven GerrardInternational All-Star-303.00
65Fernando TorresInternational All-Star-202.00
66Javier MascheranoInternational All-Star-303.00
67Pepe ReinaInternational All-Star-101.00
68Martin SkrtelInternational All-Star-202.00
69Albert RieraAlbert Riera-303.00
70Albert Riera (puzzle 1)Albert Riera-202.00
71Albert Riera (puzzle 2)Albert Riera-202.00
72Albert RieraAlbert Riera-202.00
73Albert RieraAlbert Riera-111.00
74Albert RieraAlbert Riera-111.00
75Fabio AurelioFabio Aurelio-202.00
76Fabio Aurelio (puzzle 1)Fabio Aurelio-101.00
77Fabio Aurelio (puzzle 2)Fabio Aurelio-202.00
78Fabio AurelioFabio Aurelio-202.00
79Fabio AurelioFabio Aurelio-202.00
80Fabio AurelioFabio Aurelio-101.00
81Xabi AlonsoXabi Alonso-101.00
82Xabi Alonso (puzzle 1)Xabi Alonso-303.00
83Xabi Alonso (puzzle 2)Xabi Alonso-202.00
84Xabi AlonsoXabi Alonso-202.00
85Xabi AlonsoXabi Alonso-303.00
86Xabi AlonsoXabi Alonso-202.00
87Yossi BenayounYossi Benayoun-303.00
88Yossi Benayoun (puzzle 1)Yossi Benayoun-101.00
89Yossi Benayoun (puzzle 2)Yossi Benayoun-202.00
90Yossi BenayounYossi Benayoun-101.00
91Yossi BenayounYossi Benayoun-202.00
92Yossi BenayounYossi Benayoun-212.00
93Alvaro ArbeloaAlvaro Arbeloa-101.00
94Alvaro Arbeloa (puzzle 1)Alvaro Arbeloa-212.00
95Alvaro Arbeloa (puzzle 2)Alvaro Arbeloa-101.00
96Alvaro ArbeloaAlvaro Arbeloa-101.00
97Alvaro ArbeloaAlvaro Arbeloa-202.00
98Alvaro ArbeloaAlvaro Arbeloa-101.00
99Dirk KuytDirk Kuyt-202.00
100Dirk Kuyt (puzzle 1)Dirk Kuyt-303.00
101Dirk Kuyt (puzzle 2)Dirk Kuyt-101.00
102Dirk KuytDirk Kuyt-101.00
103Dirk KuytDirk Kuyt-101.00
104Dirk KuytDirk Kuyt-202.00
105Liverpool F.C. v Everton F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-202.00
106Portsmouth F.C. v Liverpool F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-212.00
107Middlesbrough F.C. v Liverpool F.C.Liverpool Fixturesmetal202.00
108Liverpool F.C. v Chelsea F.C.Liverpool Fixturesmetal202.00
109Liverpool F.C. v Manchester City F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-130.33
110Manchester United F.C. v Liverpool F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-111.00
111Liverpool F.C. v Aston Villa F.C.Liverpool Fixturesmetal202.00
112Arsenal F.C. v Liverpool F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-140.25
113West Ham United F.C. v Liverpool F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-221.00
114Liverpool F.C. v Blackburn Rovers F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-120.50
115Liverpool F.C. v Liverpool Fixturesmetal101.00
116Liverpool F.C. v Tottenham Hotspur F.C.Liverpool Fixtures-130.33
117Ryan BabelRyan Babel-202.00
118Ryan Babel (puzzle 1)Ryan Babel-120.50
119Ryan Babel (puzzle 2)Ryan Babel-130.33
120Ryan BabelRyan Babel-212.00
121Ryan BabelRyan Babel-120.50
122Ryan BabelRyan Babel-120.50
123Javier MascheranoJavier Mascherano-202.00
124Javier Mascherano (puzzle 1)Javier Mascherano-101.00
125Javier Mascherano (puzzle 2)Javier Mascherano-303.00
126Javier MascheranoJavier Mascherano-130.33
127Javier MascheranoJavier Mascherano-202.00
128Javier MascheranoJavier Mascherano-202.00
130Lucas (puzzle 1)Lucas-101.00
131Lucas (puzzle 2)Lucas-101.00
135Jamie CarragherJamie Carragher-202.00
136Jamie Carragher (puzzle 1)Jamie Carragher-202.00
137Jamie Carragher (puzzle 2)Jamie Carragher-101.00
138Jamie CarragherJamie Carragher-202.00
139Jamie CarragherJamie Carragher-111.00
140Jamie CarragherJamie Carragher-101.00
141David N'GogDavid N'Gog-101.00
142David N'Gog (puzzle 1)David N'Gog-111.00
143David N'Gog (puzzle 2)David N'Gog-202.00
144David N'GogDavid N'Gog-303.00
145David N'GogDavid N'Gog-303.00
146David N'GogDavid N'Gog-101.00
147Pepe ReinaPepe Reina-202.00
148Pepe Reina (puzzle 1)Pepe Reina-202.00
149Pepe Reina (puzzle 2)Pepe Reina-101.00
150Pepe ReinaPepe Reina-101.00
151Pepe ReinaPepe Reina-111.00
152Pepe ReinaPepe Reina-202.00
153Damien PlessisDamien Plessis-202.00
154Damien Plessis (puzzle 1)Damien Plessis-212.00
155Damien Plessis (puzzle 2)Damien Plessis-202.00
156Damien PlessisDamien Plessis-202.00
157Damien PlessisDamien Plessis-202.00
158Damien PlessisDamien Plessis-202.00
159Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-101.00
160Martin Skrtel (puzzle 1)Martin Skrtel-202.00
161Martin Skrtel (puzzle 2)Martin Skrtel-303.00
162Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-202.00
163Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-101.00
164Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-101.00
165Jermaine PennantReds reserves-Jermaine Pennant-202.00
166Jermaine PennantReds reserves-Jermaine Pennant-212.00
167Emiliano InsuaReds reserves-Emiliano Insua-202.00
168Emiliano InsuaReds reserves-Emiliano Insua-202.00
169Krisztian NemethReds reserves-Krisztian Nemeth-303.00
170Krisztian NemethReds reserves-Krisztian Nemethmetal303.00
171Charles IntandjeReds reserves-Charles Intandje-212.00
172Charles IntandjeReds reserves-Charles Intandje-101.00
173Nabil El ZharReds reserves-Nabil El Zhar-202.00
174Nabil El ZharReds reserves-Nabil El Zhar-404.00
175Stephen DarbyReds reserves-Stephen Darbymetal101.00
176Stephen DarbyReds reserves-Stephen Darby-202.00
1771984-85 Team PhotoLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
178Bill ShanklyLiverpool Domestic Honours-101.00
179John Toshack / Kevin KeeganLiverpool Domestic Honoursmetal202.00
180Alan Hansen / Kenny DalglishLiverpool Domestic Honours-101.00
1811987-88 Team PhotoLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
182Ian RushLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
183John Barnes / Peter BeardsleyLiverpool Domestic Honoursmetal101.00
184Liverpool v Manchester UnitedLiverpool Domestic Honours-212.00
1851991-92 F.A. Cup FinalLiverpool Domestic Honours-101.00
186Steve McManaman / John BarnesLiverpool Domestic Honours-111.00
187Michael OwenLiverpool Domestic Honours-303.00
188Steven GerrardLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
1892001-02 F.A. Charity ShieldLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
1902005-06 F.A. CupLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
191Gerard HoullierLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
1922006-07 F.A. Community Shield - Jamie Carragher, Steven GerrardLiverpool Domestic Honours-202.00
193Ian RushLiverpool Legend-303.00
194Kevin KeeganLiverpool Legend-202.00
195John BarnesLiverpool Legend-202.00
196Steven GerrardLiverpool Legend-404.00
197Graeme SounessLiverpool Legend-303.00
198Kenny DalglishLiverpool Legend-202.00
199Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 1)Liverpool Legend-202.00
200Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 2)Liverpool Legend-202.00
201Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 3)Liverpool Legend-303.00
202Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 4)Liverpool Legend-202.00
203Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 5)Liverpool Legend-101.00
204Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 6)Liverpool Legend-101.00
205Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 7)Liverpool Legend-212.00
206Liverpool Legends Team Photo (puzzle 8)Liverpool Legend-303.00
207Steve StauntonLiverpool Legend-212.00
208Alan HansenLiverpool Legend-303.00
209Jamie CarragherLiverpool Legend-404.00
210Steve FinnanLiverpool Legend-202.00
211BadgeLiverpool Legend-505.00
212Bruce GrobbelaarLiverpool Legend-202.00