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Panini Liverpool FC 2014-2015

Panini Liverpool FC 2014-2015

Year: 2014
Total stickers: 192

The Liverpool FC 2015 Sticker Collection consists of 192 stickers including 36 special stickers to look out for. Collectors can kick start their collection with a starter pack, which includes an album and 31 stickers.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 25 / completed: 6


1BadgeLiverpool F.C.-10010.00
2Team (puzzle 1)Liverpool F.C.-818.00
3Team (puzzle 2)Liverpool F.C.-741.75
4Home KitLiverpool F.C.-732.33
5Away KitLiverpool F.C.-723.50
6Third KitLiverpool F.C.-732.33
7Brad JonesBrad Jones-11011.00
8Brad JonesBrad Jones-732.33
9Brad JonesBrad Jones-909.00
10Brad JonesBrad Jones-824.00
11Brad JonesBrad Jones-723.50
12Glen JohnsonGlen Johnson-919.00
13Glen JohnsonGlen Johnson-818.00
14Glen JohnsonGlen Johnson-842.00
15Glen JohnsonGlen Johnson-522.50
16Glen JohnsonGlen Johnson-723.50
17José EnriqueJosé Enrique-808.00
18José EnriqueJosé Enrique-531.67
19José EnriqueJosé Enrique-707.00
20José EnriqueJosé Enrique-723.50
21José EnriqueJosé Enrique-717.00
22Kolo TouréKolo Touré-919.00
23Kolo TouréKolo Touré-723.50
24Kolo TouréKolo Touré-732.33
25Kolo TouréKolo Touré-515.00
26Kolo TouréKolo Touré-824.00
27Dejan LovrenDejan Lovren-11011.00
28Dejan LovrenDejan Lovren-933.00
29Dejan LovrenDejan Lovren-832.67
30Dejan LovrenDejan Lovren-732.33
31Dejan LovrenDejan Lovren-832.67
32Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-13013.00
33Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-824.00
34Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-942.25
35Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-1042.50
36Steven GerrardSteven Gerrard-1125.50
37Rickie LambertRickie Lambert-13013.00
38Rickie LambertRickie Lambert-1033.33
39Rickie LambertRickie Lambert-824.00
40Rickie LambertRickie Lambert-942.25
41Rickie LambertRickie Lambert-842.00
42Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho-12012.00
43Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho-1125.50
44Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho-1033.33
45Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho-1025.00
46Philippe CoutinhoPhilippe Coutinho-942.25
47Jordan HendersonJordan Henderson-11011.00
48Jordan HendersonJordan Henderson-623.00
49Jordan HendersonJordan Henderson-818.00
50Jordan HendersonJordan Henderson-818.00
51Jordan HendersonJordan Henderson-933.00
52Daniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge-10010.00
53Daniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge-723.50
54Daniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge-632.00
55Daniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge-818.00
56Daniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge-832.67
57Mamadou SakhoMamadou Sakho-11011.00
58Mamadou SakhoMamadou Sakho-531.67
59Mamadou SakhoMamadou Sakho-824.00
60Mamadou SakhoMamadou Sakho-732.33
61Mamadou SakhoMamadou Sakho-818.00
62Alberto MorenoAlberto Moreno-11011.00
63Alberto MorenoAlberto Moreno-924.50
64Alberto MorenoAlberto Moreno-832.67
65Alberto MorenoAlberto Moreno-623.00
66Alberto MorenoAlberto Moreno-522.50
67Javier ManquilloJavier Manquillo-909.00
68Javier ManquilloJavier Manquillo-723.50
69Javier ManquilloJavier Manquillo-632.00
70Javier ManquilloJavier Manquillo-832.67
71Javier ManquilloJavier Manquillo-824.00
72Adam LallanaAdam Lallana-13013.00
73Adam LallanaAdam Lallana-1033.33
74Adam LallanaAdam Lallana-1033.33
75Adam LallanaAdam Lallana-717.00
76Adam LallanaAdam Lallana-824.00
77100th Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-741.75
78101st Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-741.75
79102nd Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-832.67
80103rd Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-832.67
81104th Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-515.00
82105th Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-924.50
83106th Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-723.50
84107th Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-832.67
85108th Anniversary of the birth of Bill ShanklyLiverpool v Manchester United-723.50
86Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-632.00
87Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-723.50
88Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-623.00
89Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-824.00
90Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-732.33
91Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-623.00
92Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-832.67
93Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-723.50
94Daniel Sturridge mobed by team-matesLiverpool v Everton-942.25
95Lucas LeivaLucas Leiva-818.00
96Lucas LeivaLucas Leiva-933.00
97Lucas LeivaLucas Leiva-723.50
98Lucas LeivaLucas Leiva-723.50
99Lucas LeivaLucas Leiva-717.00
100Simon MingoletSimon Mingolet-10110.00
101Simon MingoletSimon Mingolet-723.50
102Simon MingoletSimon Mingolet-632.00
103Simon MingoletSimon Mingolet-933.00
104Simon MingoletSimon Mingolet-942.25
105Emre CanEmre Can-11011.00
106Emre CanEmre Can-924.50
107Emre CanEmre Can-531.67
108Emre CanEmre Can-522.50
109Emre CanEmre Can-522.50
110Joe AllenJoe Allen-11011.00
111Joe AllenJoe Allen-832.67
112Joe AllenJoe Allen-933.00
113Joe AllenJoe Allen-842.00
114Joe AllenJoe Allen-616.00
115Fabio BoriniFabio Borini-10010.00
116Fabio BoriniFabio Borini-933.00
117Fabio BoriniFabio Borini-824.00
118Fabio BoriniFabio Borini-10010.00
119Fabio BoriniFabio Borini-1142.75
120Jesus Fernandez SaezJesus Fernandez Saez-10010.00
121Jesus Fernandez SaezJesus Fernandez Saez-732.33
122Jesus Fernandez SaezJesus Fernandez Saez-824.00
123Jesus Fernandez SaezJesus Fernandez Saez-522.50
124Jesus Fernandez SaezJesus Fernandez Saez-832.67
125Raheem SterlingRaheem Sterling-12012.00
126Raheem SterlingRaheem Sterling-732.33
127Raheem SterlingRaheem Sterling-623.00
128Raheem SterlingRaheem Sterling-723.50
129Raheem SterlingRaheem Sterling-832.67
130Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-10010.00
131Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-832.67
132Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-741.75
133Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-824.00
134Martin SkrtelMartin Skrtel-824.00
135Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli-12012.00
136Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli-623.00
137Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli-1025.00
138Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli-824.00
139Mario BalotelliMario Balotelli-1025.00
140Jordan RossiterJordan Rossiter-12012.00
141Jordan RossiterJordan Rossiter-832.67
142Jordan RossiterJordan Rossiter-924.50
143Jordan RossiterJordan Rossiter-832.67
144Jordan RossiterJordan Rossiter-824.00
145Jerome SinclairJerome Sinclair-1025.00
146Jerome SinclairJerome Sinclair-723.50
147Jerome SinclairJerome Sinclair-616.00
148Jerome SinclairJerome Sinclair-732.33
149Jerome SinclairJerome Sinclair-723.50
150Lazar MarkovicLazar Markovic-1226.00
151Lazar MarkovicLazar Markovic-10110.00
152Lazar MarkovicLazar Markovic-1042.50
153Lazar MarkovicLazar Markovic-824.00
154Lazar MarkovicLazar Markovic-824.00
155Cameron BranniganCameron Brannigan-12012.00
156Samed YesilSamed Yesil-11011.00
157Jon FlanaganJon Flanagan-10010.00
158Brad SmithBrad Smith-11011.00
159Jordan WilliamsJordan Williams-12012.00
160Lloyd JonesLloyd Jones-1226.00
161Jack DunnJack Dunn-818.00
162Brendan RodgersTeam Manager-11111.00
163Brendan RodgersTeam Manager-723.50
164Danny WardDanny Ward-11111.00
165Colin PascoeAssistant Manager-741.75
166Mike MarshFirst-Team Coach-732.33
167Sticker 167Liverpool v Manchester United-824.00
168Jordan HendersonTottenham Hotspur v Liverpool-616.00
169Raheem SterlingLiverpool v Arsenal-732.33
170Steven GerrardLiverpool v Manchester United-824.00
171Martin SkrtelCardiff City v Liverpool-723.50
172Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool v Manchester City-632.00
173The DugoutAnfield-422.00
174The Player's TunnelAnfield-808.00
175This is Anfield SignAnfield-818.00
176This is Anfield SignAnfield-732.33
177Main StandAnfield-741.75
178Main StandAnfield-832.67
179The Shankly GatesAnfield-924.50
180The Shankly StatueAnfield-818.00
181The Shankly StatueAnfield-808.00
182The KopAnfield-842.00
183The KopAnfield-942.25
184The TurnstilesAnfield-832.67
185Pitch PerfectAnfield-717.00
186Pitch PerfectAnfield-824.00
187Back of the Net! (The Groundsman)Anfield-641.50
188Liverpool FansAnfield-818.00
189Centenary StandAnfield-818.00
190Centenary StandAnfield-623.00
191Centenary StandAnfield-832.67
192Centenary StandAnfield-851.60
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