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Panini Manchester United 2006-2007

Panini Manchester United 2006-2007

Year: 2006
Total stickers: 216

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 67 / completed: 48


1Logo Club--771.00
2Old Trafford--861.33
3Team (1 of 4)-Puzzle4180.22
4Team (2 of 4)-Puzzle3140.21
5Team (3 of 4)-Puzzle4120.33
6Team (4 of 4)-Puzzle3190.16
7Home Kit-Silver690.67
8Away Kit--6150.40
9Sir Alex Ferguson-Silver1381.63
10Sir Alex Ferguson (1 of 2)-Puzzle6150.40
11Sir Alex Ferguson (2 of 2)-Puzzle5120.42
12Sir Alex Ferguson--6110.55
13Sir Alex FergusonGlory Glory-6140.43
14Carlos Queiroz--3150.20
15Gary Neville-Silver8100.80
16Gary Neville (1 of 2)-Puzzle5190.26
17Gary Neville (2 of 2)-Puzzle3140.21
18Gary NevilleDevil's Debut-2190.11
19Gary Neville--4160.25
20Gary NevilleGlory Glory-4150.27
21Edwin van der Sar-Silver1071.43
22Edwin van der Sar (1 of 2)-Puzzle5170.29
23Edwin van der Sar (2 of 2)-Puzzle4160.25
24Edwin van der SarDevil's Debut-7120.58
25Edwin van der Sar--5170.29
26Edwin van der SarGlory Glory-3120.25
27Patrice Evra-Silver1352.60
28Patrice Evra (1 of 2)-Puzzle2150.13
29Patrice Evra (2 of 2)-Puzzle2130.15
30Patrice EvraDevil's Debut-6120.50
31Patrice Evra--4140.29
32Patrice EvraGlory Glory-4140.29
33Gabriel Heinze-Silver881.00
34Gabriel Heinze (1 of 2)-Puzzle3180.17
35Gabriel Heinze (2 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
36Gabriel HeinzeDevil's Debut-2160.13
37Gabriel Heinze--3150.20
38Gabriel HeinzeGlory Glory-4160.25
39Rio Ferdinand-Silver8110.73
40Rio Ferdinand (1 of 2)-Puzzle5160.31
41Rio Ferdinand (2 of 2)-Puzzle4100.40
42Rio FerdinandDevil's Debut-5130.38
43Rio Ferdinand--2130.15
44Rio FerdinandGlory Glory-690.67
45Wes Brown-Silver861.33
46Wes Brown (1 of 2)-Puzzle4110.36
47Wes Brown (2 of 2)-Puzzle5150.33
48Wes BrownDevil's Debut-3160.19
49Wes Brown--4190.21
50Wes BrownGlory Glory-4180.22
51Mikael Silvestre-Silver1052.00
52Mikael Silvestre (1 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
53Mikael Silvestre (2 of 2)-Puzzle6130.46
54Mikael SilvestreDevil's Debut-5160.31
55Mikael Silvestre--5150.33
56Mikael SilvestreGlory Glory-3150.20
571990/91 Born to Win50 years of Success-6140.43
581989/90 The Welsh Warrior51 years of Success-942.25
591982/83 Big Norman Does it Again52 years of Success-5130.38
601995/96 King Cantona53 years of Success-4150.27
612000/01 3 in a Row54 years of SuccessSilver690.67
621956/57 New Kids on the Block55 years of SuccessSilver1171.57
631962/63 Long Live the King56 years of Success-3150.20
641976/77 Glory Glory Man United57 years of Success-5130.38
651967/68 Champions of Europe58 years of Success-6160.38
662002/03 The Champions59 years of Success-3170.18
672003/04 Eleventh Heaven60 years of Success-1535.00
682005/06 Entering a New Era61 years of Success-5120.42
69Cristiano Ronaldo-Silver43314.33
70Cristiano Ronaldo (1 of 2)-Puzzle2764.50
71Cristiano Ronaldo (1 of 2)-Puzzle2646.50
72Cristiano RonaldoDevil's Debut-3356.60
73Cristiano Ronaldo--3174.43
74Cristiano RonaldoGlory Glory-3256.40
75Ryan Giggs-Silver1061.67
76Ryan Giggs (1 of 2)-Puzzle3140.21
77Ryan Giggs (2 of 2)-Puzzle3180.17
78Ryan GiggsDevil's Debut-3310.10
79Ryan Giggs--3330.09
80Ryan GiggsGlory Glory-4310.13
81Ji-Sung Park-Silver1171.57
82Ji-Sung Park (1 of 2)-Puzzle3360.08
83Ji-Sung Park (2 of 2)-Puzzle2320.06
84Ji-Sung ParkDevil's Debut-1380.03
85Ji-Sung Park--2380.05
86Ji-Sung ParkGlory Glory-3380.08
87Michael Carrick-Silver1052.00
88Michael Carrick (1 of 2)-Puzzle3370.08
89Michael Carrick (2 of 2)-Puzzle2360.06
90Michael CarrickDevil's Debut-2340.06
91Michael Carrick--2310.06
92Michael CarrickGlory Glory-5160.31
93Paul Scholes-Silver1052.00
94Paul Scholes (1 of 2)-Puzzle3180.17
95Paul Scholes (2 of 2)-Puzzle3180.17
96Paul ScholesDevil's Debut-6180.33
97Paul Scholes--5180.28
98Paul ScholesGlory Glory-4110.36
99John O'Shea-Silver971.29
100John O'Shea (1 of 2)-Puzzle5170.29
101John O'Shea (2 of 2)-Puzzle2180.11
102John O'SheaDevil's Debut-2140.14
103John O'Shea--5150.33
104John O'SheaGlory Glory-5140.36
105Kieran Richardson-Silver861.33
106Kieran Richardson (1 of 2)-Puzzle4180.22
107Kieran Richardson (2 of 2)-Puzzle2140.14
108Kieran RichardsonDevil's Debut-2130.15
109Kieran Richardson--3190.16
110Kieran RichardsonGlory Glory-3180.17
111Darren Fletcher-Silver1061.67
112Darren Fletcher (1 of 2)-Puzzle5110.45
113Darren Fletcher (2 of 2)-Puzzle4170.24
114Darren FletcherDevil's Debut-3200.15
115Darren Fletcher--3150.20
116Darren FletcherGlory Glory-5160.31
117Sir Matt Busby StatueThe Theatre of Dreams-771.00
118The Dug-OutThe Theatre of Dreams-5170.29
119Changing RoomsThe Theatre of Dreams-991.00
120View from the Director's Box (1 of 2)The Theatre of DreamsSilver Puzzle780.88
121View from the Director's Box (2 of 2)The Theatre of DreamsSilver Puzzle951.80
122Carrington Training GroundThe Theatre of DreamsSilver861.33
123Wes Brown / Ole Gunnar SolskjaerThe Theatre of Dreams-2160.13
124Wayne RooneyThe Theatre of Dreams-881.00
125The Squad in Action (1 of 2)The Theatre of DreamsPuzzle4160.25
126The Squad in Action (2 of 2)The Theatre of DreamsPuzzle3170.18
127Wayne Rooney-Silver1371.86
128Wayne Rooney (1 of 2)-Puzzle3170.18
129Wayne Rooney (2 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
130Wayne RooneyDevil's Debut-3150.20
131Wayne Rooney--4110.36
132Wayne RooneyGlory Glory-4160.25
133Louis Saha-Silver961.50
134Louis Saha (1 of 2)-Puzzle2160.13
135Louis Saha (2 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
136Louis SahaDevil's Debut-4180.22
137Louis Saha--3180.17
138Louis SahaGlory Glory-3150.20
139Alan Smith-Silver981.13
140Alan Smith (1 of 2)-Puzzle4160.25
141Alan Smith (2 of 2)-Puzzle4190.21
142Alan SmithDevil's Debut-3160.19
143Alan Smith--3120.25
144Alan SmithGlory Glory-3120.25
145Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-Silver1061.67
146Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (1 of 2)-Puzzle2150.13
147Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (2 of 2)-Puzzle3220.14
148Ole Gunnar SolskjaerDevil's Debut-4180.22
149Ole Gunnar Solskjaer--3180.17
150Ole Gunnar SolskjaerGlory Glory-4190.21
151UEFA Cup 1957/58United in Europe-7140.50
152UEFA Cup 1965/66United in Europe-4200.20
153UEFA Cup 1967/68United in EuropeSilver961.50
154Cup Winners' Cup 1963/64United in Europe-5160.31
155Cup Winners' Cup 1990/91United in Europe-551.00
156Champions League 1996/97United in Europe-751.40
157Champions League 1998/99United in EuropeSilver1452.80
158Champions League 1999/00United in Europe-5190.26
159Champions League 2001/02United in Europe-6190.32
160Champions League 2002/03United in Europe-5160.31
161Champions League 2003/04United in Europe-5130.38
162Champions League 2004/05United in EuropeSilver780.88
163Tomasz KuszczakSquad PlayersSilver8100.80
164Tom HeatonSquad Players-3150.20
165Phil BardsleySquad Players-2150.13
166Danny SimpsonSquad Players-3150.20
167Nemanja VidicSquad PlayersSilver871.14
168Philip MarshSquad Players-4160.25
169David JonesSquad PlayersSilver661.00
170Floribert N'GalulaSquad Players-4210.19
171Chris EaglesSquad Players-6180.33
172Richard JonesSquad Players-4170.24
173Giuseppe RossiSquad PlayersSilver961.50
174Fraizer CampbellSquad Players-3210.14
175FA Premier LeagueThe TrebleSilver851.60
176FA Premier LeagueThe Treble-3150.20
177FA Premier LeagueThe Treble-4190.21
178FA CupThe TrebleSilver981.13
179FA CupThe Treble-2190.11
180Champions LeagueThe Treble-861.33
181Champions LeagueThe Treble-2130.15
182FA Premier LeagueThe Treble-751.40
183FA CupThe Treble-861.33
184FA CupThe Treble-4160.25
185Champions LeagueThe Treble-5130.38
186Champions LeagueThe TrebleSilver1243.00
187The Treble (1 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle4150.27
188The Treble (2 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle4190.21
189The Treble (3 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle3140.21
190The Treble (4 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle3170.18
191The Treble (5 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle3200.15
192The Treble (6 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle3160.19
193The Treble (7 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle4180.22
194The Treble (8 of 8)Party Like It's 1999 !!!!Puzzle3180.17
195Intercontinental Cup 1999Party Like It's 1999 !!!!-6150.40
AJack RowleyPoster-5180.28
BBill FoulkesPoster-4120.33
CDuncan EdwardsPoster-6160.38
DBobby CharltonPoster-5190.26
ETony DunnePoster-4160.25
FDenis LawPoster-5170.29
GGeorge BestPoster-6150.40
HAlex StepneyPoster-4180.22
IBryan RobsonPoster-5140.36
JMarc HughesPoster-2150.13
KSteve BrucePoster-4120.33
LGary PallisterPoster-4140.29
MDenis IrwinPoster-5160.31
NPeter SchmeichelPoster-6140.43
OEric CantonaPoster-6110.55
PRyan GiggsPoster-4120.33
QGary NevillePoster-2170.12
RDavid BeckhamPoster-10110.91
SSir Matt Busby / Sir Alex FergusonPoster-5160.31
TRoy KeanePoster-4180.22
UPaul ScholesPoster-3160.19
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