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Panini Manchester United 2009-2010

Panini Manchester United 2009-2010

Year: 2009
Total stickers: 212

Official Sticker Collection Manchester United 2009-2010

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 10 / completed: 9


1Logo - big metalWelcome-505.00
2Team photo (puzzle 1 of 4)Welcome-505.00
3Team photo (puzzle 2 of 4)Welcome-616.00
4Team photo (puzzle 3 of 4)Welcome-522.50
5Team photo (puzzle 4 of 4)Welcome-422.00
6Away kit - big metalWelcome-707.00
7Home kit - PVCWelcome-505.00
8Sir Alex with the prize for MU's 18th championship titleFerguson & Phelan-522.50
9Both coaches on the benchFerguson & Phelan-515.00
10Alex Ferguson - big metalFerguson & Phelan-616.00
11Mike Phelan in actionFerguson & Phelan-616.00
12Mike PhelanFerguson & Phelan-505.00
13Edwin van der Sar (autographed) - big metalEdwin van der Sar-606.00
14Edwin van der Sar (puzzle 1 of 2)Edwin van der Sar-422.00
15Edwin van der Sar (puzzle 2 of 2)Edwin van der Sar-414.00
16Edwin van der Sar in celebrationEdwin van der Sar-515.00
17Edwin van der Sar in trainingEdwin van der Sar-404.00
18Edwin van der Sar in action - PVCEdwin van der Sar-422.00
19Gary Neville (puzzle 1 of 2)Gary Neville-404.00
20Gary Neville (puzzle 2 of 2)Gary Neville-404.00
21Gary Neville (autographed) - big metalGary Neville-606.00
22Gary Neville in action - PVCGary Neville-404.00
23Gary Neville in trainingGary Neville-414.00
24Gary Neville in celebrationGary Neville-321.50
25Patrice Evra (autographed) - big metalPatrice Evra-707.00
26Patrice Evra (puzzle 1 of 2)Patrice Evra-515.00
27Patrice Evra (puzzle 2 of 2)Patrice Evra-414.00
28Patrice Evra in celebrationPatrice Evra-606.00
29Patrice Evra in trainingPatrice Evra-414.00
30Patrice Evra in action - PVCPatrice Evra-606.00
31Owen Hargreaves (puzzle 1 of 2)Owen Hargreaves-522.50
32Owen Hargreaves (puzzle 2 of 2)Owen Hargreaves-515.00
33Owen Hargreaves (autographed) - big metalOwen Hargreaves-616.00
34Owen Hargreaves in action - PVCOwen Hargreaves-414.00
35Owen Hargreaves in trainingOwen Hargreaves-313.00
36Owen Hargreaves in celebrationOwen Hargreaves-404.00
37Rio Ferdinand (autographed) - big metalRio Ferdinand-606.00
38Rio Ferdinand (puzzle 1 of 2)Rio Ferdinand-606.00
39Rio Ferdinand (puzzle 2 of 2)Rio Ferdinand-414.00
40Rio Ferdinand in celebrationRio Ferdinand-414.00
41Rio Ferdinand in trainingRio Ferdinand-422.00
42Rio Ferdinand in action - PVCRio Ferdinand-505.00
43Wes Brown (puzzle 1 of 2)Wes Brown-414.00
44Wes Brown (puzzle 2 of 2)Wes Brown-404.00
45Wes Brown (autographed) - big metalWes Brown-707.00
46Wes Brown in action - PVCWes Brown-616.00
47Wes Brown in trainingWes Brown-422.00
48Wes Brown in celebrationWes Brown-422.00
49Michael Owen (autographed) - big metalMichael Owen-505.00
50Michael Owen (puzzle 1 of 2)Michael Owen-414.00
51Michael Owen (puzzle 2 of 2)Michael Owen-414.00
52Michael Owen in celebrationMichael Owen-414.00
53Michael Owen in trainingMichael Owen-321.50
54Michael Owen in action - PVCMichael Owen-616.00
55Edwin van der Sar (Holland) - big metalInternationals-606.00
56Patrice Evra (France)Internationals-515.00
57Anderson (Brazil)Internationals-404.00
58Dimitar Berbatov (Bulgaria)Internationals-422.00
59Wayne Rooney (England)Internationals-313.00
60Ryan Giggs (Wales)Internationals-422.00
61Ji-sung Park (South Korea)Internationals-414.00
62Nemanja Vidic (Serbia)Internationals-422.00
63Nani (Portugal)Internationals-431.33
64John O'Shea (Republic of Ireland)Internationals-515.00
65Jonny Evans (Northern Ireland)Internationals-707.00
66Antonio Valencia (Ecuador)Internationals-808.00
67Anderson (puzzle 1 of 2)Anderson-321.50
68Anderson (puzzle 2 of 2)Anderson-313.00
69Anderson (autographed) - big metalAnderson-606.00
70Anderson in action - PVCAnderson-414.00
71Anderson in trainingAnderson-321.50
72Anderson in celebrationAnderson-321.50
73Dimitar Berbatov (autographed) - big metalDimitar Berbatov-606.00
74Dimitar Berbatov (puzzle 1 of 2)Dimitar Berbatov-212.00
75Dimitar Berbatov (puzzle 2 of 2)Dimitar Berbatov-313.00
76Dimitar Berbatov in celebrationDimitar Berbatov-422.00
77Dimitar Berbatov in trainingDimitar Berbatov-531.67
78Dimitar Berbatov in action - PVCDimitar Berbatov-505.00
79Wayne Rooney (puzzle 1 of 2)Wayne Rooney-313.00
80Wayne Rooney (puzzle 2 of 2)Wayne Rooney-707.00
81Wayne Rooney (autographed) - big metalWayne Rooney-505.00
82Wayne Rooney in action - PVCWayne Rooney-606.00
83Wayne Rooney in trainingWayne Rooney-505.00
84Wayne Rooney in celebrationWayne Rooney-414.00
85Ryan Giggs (autographed) - big metalRyan Giggs-606.00
86Ryan Giggs (puzzle 1 of 2)Ryan Giggs-321.50
87Ryan Giggs (puzzle 2 of 2)Ryan Giggs-321.50
88Ryan Giggs in celebrationRyan Giggs-321.50
89Ryan Giggs in trainingRyan Giggs-313.00
90Ryan Giggs in action - PVCRyan Giggs-414.00
91Ben Foster (puzzle 1 of 2)Ben Foster-522.50
92Ben Foster (puzzle 2 of 2)Ben Foster-321.50
93Ben Foster (autographed) - big metalBen Foster-606.00
94Ben Foster in action - PVCBen Foster-221.00
95Ben Foster in trainingBen Foster-515.00
96Ben Foster in celebrationBen Foster-422.00
97Ji-sung Park (autographed) - big metalJi-sung Park-505.00
98Ji-sung Park (puzzle 1 of 2)Ji-sung Park-515.00
99Ji-sung Park (puzzle 2 of 2)Ji-sung Park-404.00
100Ji-sung Park in celebrationJi-sung Park-505.00
101Ji-sung Park in trainingJi-sung Park-505.00
102Ji-sung Park in action - PVCJi-sung Park-331.00
103Zoran Tosic (puzzle 1 of 2)Zoran Tosic-414.00
104Zoran Tosic (puzzle 2 of 2)Zoran Tosic-404.00
105Zoran Tosic (autographed) - big metalZoran Tosic-505.00
106Zoran Tosic in action - PVCZoran Tosic-331.00
107Zoran Tosic in trainingZoran Tosic-313.00
108Zoran Tosic in celebrationZoran Tosic-321.50
109Nemanja Vidic (autographed) - big metalNemanja Vidic-505.00
110Nemanja Vidic (puzzle 1 of 2)Nemanja Vidic-505.00
111Nemanja Vidic (puzzle 2 of 2)Nemanja Vidic-414.00
112Nemanja Vidic in celebrationNemanja Vidic-313.00
113Nemanja Vidic in trainingNemanja Vidic-414.00
114Nemanja Vidic in action - PVCNemanja Vidic-313.00
115Rooney scores vs BirminghamFirst goals of the season-422.00
116Rooney's 100th goal for Manchester UnitedFirst goals of the season-321.50
117Berbatov scores vs WiganFirst goals of the season-321.50
118Owen scores vs WiganFirst goals of the season-313.00
119Giggs scores vs TottenhamFirst goals of the season-321.50
120Anderson scores vs TottenhamFirst goals of the season-616.00
121Scholes scores vs BesiktasFirst goals of the season-422.00
122Rooney scores vs Manchester CityFirst goals of the season-616.00
123Fletcher scores vs Manchester CityFirst goals of the season-414.00
124Owen scores winner vs Manchester CityFirst goals of the season-414.00
125Welbeck scores vs WolverhamptonFirst goals of the season-414.00
126Berbatov scores vs SunderlandFirst goals of the season-422.00
127Michael Carrick (puzzle 1 of 2)Michael Carrick-321.50
128Michael Carrick (puzzle 2 of 2)Michael Carrick-404.00
129Michael Carrick (autographed) - big metalMichael Carrick-505.00
130Michael Carrick in action - PVCMichael Carrick-230.67
131Michael Carrick in trainingMichael Carrick-522.50
132Michael Carrick in celebrationMichael Carrick-505.00
133Nani (autographed) - big metalNani-505.00
134Nani (puzzle 1 of 2)Nani-422.00
135Nani (puzzle 2 of 2)Nani-414.00
136Nani in celebrationNani-221.00
137Nani in trainingNani-240.50
138Nani in action - PVCNani-422.00
139Paul Scholes (puzzle 1 of 2)Paul Scholes-313.00
140Paul Scholes (puzzle 2 of 2)Paul Scholes-303.00
141Paul Scholes (autographed) - big metalPaul Scholes-303.00
142Paul Scholes in action - PVCPaul Scholes-404.00
143Paul Scholes in trainingPaul Scholes-250.40
144Paul Scholes in celebrationPaul Scholes-340.75
145Darren Fletcher (autographed) - big metalDarren Fletcher-606.00
146Darren Fletcher (puzzle 1 of 2)Darren Fletcher-515.00
147Darren Fletcher (puzzle 2 of 2)Darren Fletcher-515.00
148Darren Fletcher in celebrationDarren Fletcher-340.75
149Darren Fletcher in trainingDarren Fletcher-230.67
150Darren Fletcher in action - PVCDarren Fletcher-404.00
151Fabio Da Silva (puzzle 1 of 2)Fabio Da Silva-414.00
152Fabio Da Silva (puzzle 2 of 2)Fabio Da Silva-414.00
153Fabio Da Silva (autographed) - big metalFabio Da Silva-707.00
154Fabio Da Silva in action - PVCFabio Da Silva-522.50
155Fabio Da Silva in trainingFabio Da Silva-303.00
156Fabio Da Silva in celebrationFabio Da Silva-414.00
157John O'Shea (autographed) - big metalJohn O'Shea-404.00
158John O'Shea (puzzle 1 of 2)John O'Shea-515.00
159John O'Shea (puzzle 2 of 2)John O'Shea-414.00
160John O'Shea in celebrationJohn O'Shea-515.00
161John O'Shea in trainingJohn O'Shea-414.00
162John O'Shea in action - PVCJohn O'Shea-505.00
163Jonny Evans (puzzle 1 of 2)Jonny Evans-515.00
164Jonny Evans (puzzle 2 of 2)Jonny Evans-623.00
165Jonny Evans (autographed) - big metalJonny Evans-707.00
166Jonny Evans in action - PVCJonny Evans-515.00
167Jonny Evans in trainingJonny Evans-606.00
168Jonny Evans in celebrationJonny Evans-707.00
169Antonio Valencia (autographed) - big metalAntonio Valencia-606.00
170Antonio Valencia (puzzle 1 of 2)Antonio Valencia-505.00
171Antonio Valencia (puzzle 2 of 2)Antonio Valencia-422.00
172Antonio Valencia in celebrationAntonio Valencia-350.60
173Antonio Valencia in trainingAntonio Valencia-340.75
174Antonio Valencia in action - PVCAntonio Valencia-404.00
175Danny WelbeckSquad players-230.67
176Danny Welbeck in actionSquad players-230.67
177Rafael da SilvaSquad players-331.00
178Rafael da Silva in actionSquad players-240.50
179Gabriel ObertanSquad players-313.00
180Gabriel Obertan in actionSquad players-414.00
181Federico MachedaSquad players-515.00
182Federico Macheda in actionSquad players-404.00
183Darron GibsonSquad players-616.00
184Darron Gibson in actionSquad players-414.00
185Tomasz KuszczakSquad players-230.67
186Tomasz Kuszczak in actionSquad players-360.50
18718 Division One / Premier League TitlesHonours-230.67
18811 FA CupsHonours-240.50
1893 Football League Cups / Carling Cups - big metalHonours-707.00
1901 European Cup Winners' Cup - big metalHonours-606.00
19113 FA Charity / Community Shields - big metalHonours-616.00
1921 FIFA World Club Cup - big metalHonours-606.00
193Manchester United v Hull City - Berbatov2010 fixtures poster-230.67
194Arsenal v Manchester United - Evra2010 fixtures poster-221.00
195Manchester United v Portsmouth - O'Shea2010 fixtures poster-505.00
196Aston Villa v Manchester United - Ji-sung Park2010 fixtures poster-313.00
197Everton v Manchester United - Ferdinand2010 fixtures poster-515.00
198Manchester United v West Ham United - Nani2010 fixtures poster-505.00
199Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United - Scholes2010 fixtures poster-515.00
200Manchester United v Fulham - Vidic2010 fixtures poster-321.50
201Manchester United v Fulham - van der Sar2010 fixtures poster-350.60
202Manchester United v Liverpool - Vidic2010 fixtures poster-331.00
203Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United - Berbatov2010 fixtures poster-240.50
204Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United - O'Shea2010 fixtures poster-250.40
205Manchester United v Chelsea - Giggs2010 fixtures poster-331.00
206Manchester United v Chelsea - van der Sar2010 fixtures poster-240.50
207Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United - Rooney2010 fixtures poster-414.00
208Manchester City v Manchester United - Carrick2010 fixtures poster-313.00
209Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Fletcher2010 fixtures poster-522.50
210Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Nani2010 fixtures poster-515.00
211Sunderland v Manchester United - Ji-sung Park2010 fixtures poster-414.00
212Manchester United v Stoke City - Welbeck2010 fixtures poster-616.00