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Panini Manchester United 2010-2011

Panini Manchester United 2010-2011

Year: 2010
Total stickers: 168

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collecting: 30 / completed: 16


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0Panini 50--3110.27
1Logo Team--4120.33
2Team Manchester United--3120.25
3Sir Alex Ferguson--3170.18
4Sir Alex Ferguson--3150.20
5Sir Alex Ferguson--4160.25
6Edwin van der Sar-Silver1125.50
7Edwin van der Sar--4120.33
8Edwin van der Sar (1 of 2)-Puzzle3130.23
9Edwin van der Sar (2 of 2)-Puzzle3130.23
10Edwin van der Sar--3130.23
11Gary Neville-Silver1042.50
12Gary Neville--3120.25
13Gary Neville (1 of 2)-Puzzle4190.21
14Gary Neville (2 of 2)-Puzzle4160.25
15Gary Neville--4180.22
16Patrice Evra-Silver780.88
17Patrice Evra--4160.25
18Patrice Evra (1 of 2)-Puzzle3150.20
19Patrice Evra (2 of 2)-Puzzle3150.20
20Patrice Evra--4200.20
21Owen Hargreaves-Silver741.75
22Owen Hargreaves--3150.20
23Owen Hargreaves (1 of 2)-Puzzle3150.20
24Owen Hargreaves (2 of 2)-Puzzle3170.18
25Owen Hargreaves--3150.20
26Rio Ferdinand-Silver741.75
27Rio Ferdinand--3170.18
28Rio Ferdinand (1 of 2)-Puzzle3170.18
29Rio Ferdinand (2 of 2)-Puzzle3190.16
30Rio Ferdinand--3150.20
31Wes Brown-Silver842.00
32Wes Brown--4130.31
33Wes Brown (1 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
34Wes Brown (2 of 2)-Puzzle4180.22
35Wes Brown--4160.25
36Michael Owen-Silver1252.40
37Michael Owen--4160.25
38Michael Owen (1 of 2)-Puzzle380.38
39Michael Owen (2 of 2)-Puzzle4120.33
40Michael Owen--3150.20
43Anderson (1 of 2)-Puzzle4150.27
44Anderson (2 of 2)-Puzzle4120.33
46Dimitar Berbatov-Silver480.50
47Dimitar Berbatov--3150.20
48Dimitar Berbatov (1 of 2)-Puzzle4140.29
49Dimitar Berbatov (2 of 2)-Puzzle3150.20
50Dimitar Berbatov--4140.29
51Wayne Rooney-Silver851.60
52Wayne Rooney--4150.27
53Wayne Rooney (1 of 2)-Puzzle3110.27
54Wayne Rooney (2 of 2)-Puzzle4160.25
55Wayne Rooney--4110.36
56Ryan Giggs-Silver732.33
57Ryan Giggs--3170.18
58Ryan Giggs (1 of 2)-Puzzle4200.20
59Ryan Giggs (2 of 2)-Puzzle4180.22
60Ryan Giggs--4180.22
61Chris Smalling-Silver1033.33
62Chris Smalling--3140.21
63Chris Smalling (1 of 2)-Puzzle5130.38
64Chris Smalling (2 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
65Chris Smalling--3190.16
66Ji-Sung Park-Silver942.25
67Ji-Sung Park--3180.17
68Ji-Sung Park (1 of 2)-Puzzle3150.20
69Ji-Sung Park (2 of 2)-Puzzle3130.23
70Ji-Sung Park--3150.20
71Javier Hernandez-Silver942.25
72Javier Hernandez--4160.25
73Javier Hernandez (1 of 2)-Puzzle4150.27
74Javier Hernandez (2 of 2)-Puzzle4160.25
75Javier Hernandez--3150.20
76Nemanja Vidic-Silver951.80
77Nemanja Vidic--3140.21
78Nemanja Vidic (1 of 2)-Puzzle3150.20
79Nemanja Vidic (2 of 2)-Puzzle3170.18
80Nemanja Vidic--3160.19
81Michael Carrick-Silver1152.20
82Michael Carrick--4170.24
83Michael Carrick (1 of 2)-Puzzle3110.27
84Michael Carrick (2 of 2)-Puzzle3110.27
85Michael Carrick--3140.21
88Nani (1 of 2)-Puzzle5120.42
89Nani (2 of 2)-Puzzle5140.36
91Paul Scholes-Silver1133.67
92Paul Scholes--4170.24
93Paul Scholes (1 of 2)-Puzzle3130.23
94Paul Scholes (2 of 2)-Puzzle4140.29
95Paul Scholes--4160.25
96Rafael da Silva-Silver1133.67
97Rafael da Silva--4120.33
98Rafael da Silva (1 of 2)-Puzzle3160.19
99Rafael da Silva (2 of 2)-Puzzle3170.18
100Rafael da Silva--4130.31
101John O'Shea-Silver842.00
102John O'Shea--4120.33
103John O'Shea (1 of 2)-Puzzle4170.24
104John O'Shea (2 of 2)-Puzzle5210.24
105John O'Shea--4170.24
106Jonny Evans-Silver1434.67
107Jonny Evans--4140.29
108Jonny Evans (1 of 2)-Puzzle5110.45
109Jonny Evans (2 of 2)-Puzzle5160.31
110Jonny Evans--4180.22
111Darren Fletcher-Silver832.67
112Darren Fletcher--3170.18
113Darren Fletcher (1 of 2)-Puzzle4140.29
114Darren Fletcher (2 of 2)-Puzzle4130.31
115Darren Fletcher--4170.24
116Antonio Valencia-Silver1125.50
117Antonio Valencia--4150.27
118Antonio Valencia (1 of 2)-Puzzle4130.31
119Antonio Valencia (2 of 2)-Puzzle4160.25
120Antonio Valencia--4180.22
121Federico Macheda-Silver861.33
122Federico Macheda--4140.29
123Federico Macheda (1 of 2)-Puzzle4180.22
124Federico Macheda (2 of 2)-Puzzle4140.29
125Federico Macheda--4170.24
126Gabriel Obertan--5210.24
127Gabriel Obertan--4130.31
128Gabriel Obertan--4130.31
129Fabio da Silva--4150.27
130Fabio da Silva--4130.31
131Fabio da Silva--4130.31
132Darron Gibson--4160.25
133Darron Gibson--4160.25
134Darron Gibson--4160.25
135Tomasz Kuszczak--5160.31
136Tomasz Kuszczak--4150.27
137Tomasz Kuszczak--4170.24
138Ritchie De Laet--4150.27
139Corry Evans--5140.36
141Robbie Brady--4160.25
142Nicky Ajose--4140.29
143Ben Amos--4130.31
144Magnus Eikrem--4170.24
145Joe Dudgeon--4120.33
146Oliver Gill--4140.29
147We are United--4170.24
148Home Kit--4160.25
149Away Kit--4180.22
150Old Trafford (1 of 2)-Puzzle5120.42
151Old Trafford (2 of 2)-Puzzle5120.42
152Old Trafford (1 of 2)-Puzzle3180.17
153Old Trafford (2 of 2)-Puzzle4140.29
ADimitar BerbatovPoster-4140.29
BPatrice EvraPoster-5120.42
CRio FerdinandPoster-4130.31
DMichael Carrick / Nemanja VidicPoster-4170.24
FTeam CelebrationPoster-4180.22
GMichael OwenPoster-4130.31
HDimitar BerbatovPoster-4120.33
IDarren FletcherPoster-4140.29
JDimitar Berbatov / Wayne RooneyPoster-4170.24
KWayne Rooney / Dimitar Berbatov / Ryan GiggsPoster-4150.27
LPaul Scholes / Michael Owen / NaniPoster-4160.25
MPaul ScholesPoster-4190.21
NEdwin van der SarPoster-4140.29
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