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Panini Manchester United 2011-2012

Panini Manchester United 2011-2012

Year: 2011
Total stickers: 168

Manchester United 2011-12 Official Sticker Collection.

Collection preview (2% scanned images)

collecting: 17 / completed: 7


12011 FA Premier LeagueThe TROPHY ROOM-641.50
22011 FA Community ShieldThe TROPHY ROOM-632.00
3Team photo (puzzle 1)Manchester United F.C. 2011-2012-623.00
4Team photo (puzzle 2)Manchester United F.C. 2011-2012-623.00
5Team photo (puzzle 3)Manchester United F.C. 2011-2012-623.00
6Team photo (puzzle 4)Manchester United F.C. 2011-2012-623.00
7Home kit (puzzle 1)Manchester United F.C. 2011-2012-623.00
8Home kit (puzzle 2)Manchester United F.C. 2011-2012-632.00
9Manchester United 19Old Trafford-531.67
10Old Trafford (puzzle 1)Old Trafford-632.00
11Old Trafford (puzzle 2)Old Trafford-741.75
12Away kit (puzzle 1)Old Trafford-531.67
13Away kit (puzzle 2)Old Trafford-541.25
14Manchester United MonumentOld Trafford-732.33
15David De GeaDavid De Geametal808.00
16David De Gea in actionDavid De Gea-632.00
17David De Gea (puzzle 1)David De Gea-723.50
18David De Gea (puzzle 2)David De Gea-632.00
19David De Gea in actionDavid De Gea-632.00
20Patrice EvraPatrice Evrametal808.00
21Patrice Evra in actionPatrice Evra-632.00
22Patrice Evra (puzzle 1)Patrice Evra-632.00
23Patrice Evra (puzzle 2)Patrice Evra-623.00
24Patrice Evra in actionPatrice Evra-632.00
25Phil JonesPhil Jonesmetal723.50
26Phil Jones in actionPhil Jones-641.50
27Phil Jones (puzzle 1)Phil Jones-606.00
28Phil Jones (puzzle 2)Phil Jones-641.50
29Phil Jones in actionPhil Jones-632.00
30Rio FerdinandRio Ferdinandmetal818.00
31Rio Ferdinand in actionRio Ferdinand-623.00
32Rio Ferdinand (puzzle 1)Rio Ferdinand-632.00
33Rio Ferdinand (puzzle 2)Rio Ferdinand-522.50
34Rio Ferdinand in actionRio Ferdinand-632.00
35Jonny EvansJonny Evansmetal818.00
36Jonny Evans in actionJonny Evans-541.25
37Jonny Evans (puzzle 1)Jonny Evans-623.00
38Jonny Evans (puzzle 2)Jonny Evans-641.50
39Jonny Evans in actionJonny Evans-717.00
40Michael OwenMichael Owenmetal909.00
41Michael Owen in actionMichael Owen-723.50
42Michael Owen (puzzle 1)Michael Owen-531.67
43Michael Owen (puzzle 2)Michael Owen-505.00
44Michael Owen in actionMichael Owen-515.00
46Anderson in actionAnderson-551.00
47Anderson (puzzle 1)Anderson-531.67
48Anderson (puzzle 2)Anderson-531.67
49Anderson in actionAnderson-531.67
50Dimitar BerbatovDimitar Berbatovmetal707.00
51Dimitar Berbatov in actionDimitar Berbatov-632.00
52Dimitar Berbatov (puzzle 1)Dimitar Berbatov-541.25
53Dimitar Berbatov (puzzle 2)Dimitar Berbatov-616.00
54Dimitar Berbatov in actionDimitar Berbatov-606.00
55Wayne RooneyWayne Rooneymetal808.00
56Wayne Rooney in actionWayne Rooney-632.00
57Wayne Rooney (puzzle 1)Wayne Rooney-632.00
58Wayne Rooney (puzzle 2)Wayne Rooney-723.50
59Wayne Rooney in actionWayne Rooney-515.00
60Ryan GiggsRyan Giggsmetal707.00
61Ryan Giggs in actionRyan Giggs-632.00
62Ryan Giggs (puzzle 1)Ryan Giggs-723.50
63Ryan Giggs (puzzle 2)Ryan Giggs-632.00
64Ryan Giggs in actionRyan Giggs-623.00
65Chris SmallingChris Smallingmetal707.00
66Chris Smalling in actionChris Smalling-632.00
67Chris Smalling (puzzle 1)Chris Smalling-632.00
68Chris Smalling (puzzle 2)Chris Smalling-623.00
69Chris Smalling in actionChris Smalling-441.00
70Ji-Sung ParkJi-Sung Parkmetal717.00
71Ji-Sung Park in actionJi-Sung Park-431.33
72Ji-Sung Park (puzzle 1)Ji-Sung Park-623.00
73Ji-Sung Park (puzzle 2)Ji-Sung Park-623.00
74Ji-Sung Park in actionJi-Sung Park-441.00
75Javier HernandezJavier Hernandezmetal623.00
76Javier Hernandez in actionJavier Hernandez-641.50
77Javier Hernandez (puzzle 1)Javier Hernandez-632.00
78Javier Hernandez (puzzle 2)Javier Hernandez-531.67
79Javier Hernandez in actionJavier Hernandez-641.50
80Nemanja VidicNemanja Vidicmetal717.00
81Nemanja Vidic in actionNemanja Vidic-707.00
82Nemanja Vidic (puzzle 1)Nemanja Vidic-531.67
83Nemanja Vidic (puzzle 2)Nemanja Vidic-541.25
84Nemanja Vidic in actionNemanja Vidic-651.20
85Michael CarrickMichael Carrickmetal808.00
86Michael Carrick in actionMichael Carrick-707.00
87Michael Carrick (puzzle 1)Michael Carrick-623.00
88Michael Carrick (puzzle 2)Michael Carrick-623.00
89Michael Carrick in actionMichael Carrick-632.00
91Nani in actionNani-641.50
92Nani (puzzle 1)Nani-741.75
93Nani (puzzle 2)Nani-741.75
94Nani in actionNani-717.00
95Ashley YoungAshley Youngmetal707.00
96Ashley Young in actionAshley Young-732.33
97Ashley Young (puzzle 1)Ashley Young-651.20
98Ashley Young (puzzle 2)Ashley Young-531.67
99Ashley Young in actionAshley Young-641.50
100Danny WelbeckDanny Welbeckmetal717.00
101Danny Welbeck in actionDanny Welbeck-623.00
102Danny Welbeck (puzzle 1)Danny Welbeck-623.00
103Danny Welbeck (puzzle 2)Danny Welbeck-717.00
104Danny Welbeck in actionDanny Welbeck-606.00
105Fabio da SilvaFabio da Silvametal623.00
106Fabio in actionFabio da Silva-541.25
107Fabio (puzzle 1)Fabio da Silva-623.00
108Fabio (puzzle 2)Fabio da Silva-623.00
109Fabio in actionFabio da Silva-522.50
110Rafael da SilvaRafael da Silvametal632.00
111Rafael in actionRafael da Silva-551.00
112Rafael (puzzle 1)Rafael da Silva-632.00
113Rafael (puzzle 2)Rafael da Silva-623.00
114Rafael in actionRafael da Silva-531.67
115Tom CleverleyTom Cleverleymetal707.00
116Tom Cleverley in actionTom Cleverley-623.00
117Tom Cleverley (puzzle 1)Tom Cleverley-623.00
118Tom Cleverley (puzzle 2)Tom Cleverley-632.00
119Tom Cleverley in actionTom Cleverley-632.00
120Darren FletcherDarren Fletchermetal808.00
121Darren Fletcher in actionDarren Fletcher-641.50
122Darren Fletcher (puzzle 1)Darren Fletcher-632.00
123Darren Fletcher (puzzle 2)Darren Fletcher-422.00
124Darren Fletcher in actionDarren Fletcher-641.50
125Antonio ValenciaAntonio Valenciametal717.00
126Antonio Valencia in actionAntonio Valencia-531.67
127Antonio Valencia (puzzle 1)Antonio Valencia-431.33
128Antonio Valencia (puzzle 2)Antonio Valencia-541.25
129Antonio Valencia in actionAntonio Valencia-641.50
130Darron GibsonDarron Gibsonmetal707.00
131Darron Gibson in actionDarron Gibson-623.00
132Darron Gibson (puzzle 1)Darron Gibson-522.50
133Darron Gibson (puzzle 2)Darron Gibson-606.00
134Darron Gibson in actionDarron Gibson-641.50
135Federico MachedaSquard players & Staff-541.25
136Federico Macheda in actionSquard players & Staff-531.67
137Tomasz KuszczakSquard players & Staff-641.50
138Tomasz Kuszczak in actionSquard players & Staff-531.67
139Mame Biram DioufSquard players & Staff-623.00
140Mame Biram Diouf in actionSquard players & Staff-606.00
141Anders LindegaardSquard players & Staff-522.50
142Anders Lindegaard in actionSquard players & Staff-531.67
143Ben AmosSquard players & Staff-551.00
144Ben Amos in actionSquard players & Staff-632.00
145Paul PogbaSquard players & Staff-933.00
146Paul Pogba in actionSquard players & Staff-924.50
147Ravel MorrisonSquard players & Staff-732.33
148Ravel Morrison in actionSquard players & Staff-541.25
149Sam JohnstoneSquard players & Staff-641.50
150Sam Johnstone in actionSquard players & Staff-741.75
151Ezekiel FryersSquard players & Staff-732.33
152Ezekiel Fryers in actionSquard players & Staff-741.75
153Mike Phelan (Assistant Manager)/Rene Meulensteen (First Team Coach)Squard players & Staff-632.00
154Eric Steele (Goalkeeping Coach)/Rob Swire (Head Physiotherapist)Squard players & Staff-616.00
ASir Alex Ferguson25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-431.33
BSir Alex Ferguson & Ryan Giggs25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-623.00
CSir Alex Ferguson25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-522.50
DSir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United (puzzle 1)25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-522.50
ESir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United (puzzle 2)25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-632.00
FSir Alex Ferguson25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-522.50
GSir Alex Ferguson with flag "LOVE MUFC" (puzzle 1)25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-651.20
HSir Alex Ferguson with flag "LOVE MUFC" (puzzle 2)25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-541.25
ISir Alex Ferguson25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-531.67
LSir Alex Ferguson with Cup25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-422.00
MSir Alex Ferguson with David Beckham25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-623.00
NSir Alex Ferguson with Cup25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-522.50
OSir Alex Ferguson25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-522.50
PSir Alex Ferguson at the press conference25 years Sir Alex Ferguson poster-723.50
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