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Panini Manchester United 2012-2013. Adrenalyn XL

Panini Manchester United 2012-2013. Adrenalyn XL

Year: 2012
Total cards: 130

Manchester United Adrenalyn XL 2012/2013 Trading Card Collection.

Collection preview (75% scanned images)

collecting: 25 / completed: 4


1David de GeaBase cardBase card661.00
2Anders LindegaardBase cardBase card741.75
3RafaelBase cardBase card450.80
4Patrice EvraBase cardBase card641.50
5Phil JonesBase cardBase card450.80
6Rio FerdinandBase cardBase card641.50
7Jonny EvansBase cardBase card641.50
8Chris SmallingBase cardBase card641.50
9Nemanja VidicBase cardBase card641.50
10Alexander BüttnerBase cardBase card541.25
11Antonio ValenciaBase cardBase card641.50
12AndersonBase cardBase card560.83
13Ryan GiggsBase cardBase card541.25
14Michael CarricBase cardBase card450.80
15NaniBase cardBase card560.83
16Paul ScholesBase cardBase card661.00
17Tom CleverlyBase cardBase card741.75
18Darren FletcherBase cardBase card551.00
19Nick PowellBase cardBase card832.67
20Shinji KagawaBase cardBase card651.20
21Wayne RooneyBase cardBase card842.00
22Javier HernandezBase cardBase card661.00
23Ashley YoungBase cardBase card560.83
24Danny WelbeckBase cardBase card651.20
25Robin van PersieBase cardBase card651.20
26Federico MachedaBase cardBase card632.00
27BebeBase cardBase card661.00
28David de GeaSquadBase card741.75
29RafaelSquadBase card661.00
30Patrice EvraSquadBase card551.00
31Phil JonesSquadBase card751.40
32Rio FerdinandSquadBase card560.83
33Jonny EvansSquadBase card551.00
34Antonio ValenciaSquadBase card751.40
35AndersonSquadBase card551.00
36Wayne RooneySquadBase card670.86
37Ryan GiggsSquadBase card651.20
38Chris SmallingSquadBase card651.20
39Anders LindegaardSquadBase card560.83
40Javier HernandezSquadBase card560.83
41Nemanja VidicSquadBase card651.20
42Michael CarricSquadBase card641.50
43NaniSquadBase card460.67
44Ashley YoungSquadBase card751.40
45Danny WelbeckSquadBase card560.83
46Robin van PersieSquadBase card641.50
47Paul ScholesSquadBase card651.20
48Tom CleverlySquadBase card551.00
49Darren FletcherSquadBase card651.20
50Nick PowellSquadBase card632.00
51Shinji KagawaSquadBase card580.63
52Federico MachedaSquadBase card450.80
53Alexander BüttnerSquadBase card651.20
54BebeSquadBase card541.25
55David de GeaIconBase card761.17
56Anders LindegaardIconBase card531.67
57RafaelIconBase card551.00
58Patrice EvraIconBase card551.00
59Phil JonesIconBase card560.83
60Rio FerdinandIconBase card661.00
61Jonny EvansIconBase card641.50
62Chris SmallingIconBase card470.57
63Nemanja VidicIconBase card661.00
64Alexander BüttnerIconBase card531.67
65Antonio ValenciaIconBase card560.83
66AndersonIconBase card570.71
67Ryan GiggsIconBase card570.71
68Michael CarricIconBase card651.20
69NaniIconBase card560.83
70Paul ScholesIconBase card460.67
71Tom CleverlyIconBase card541.25
72Darren FletcherIconBase card450.80
73Shinji KagawaIconBase card541.25
74Wayne RooneyIconBase card732.33
75Javier HernandezIconBase card450.80
76Ashley YoungIconBase card551.00
77Danny WelbeckIconBase card541.25
78Robin van PersieIconBase card641.50
79Federico MachedaIconBase card632.00
80BebeIconBase card551.00
81David de GeaSignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
82Anders LindegaardSignatureSpecial foil card13013.00
83RafaelSignatureSpecial foil card13013.00
84Patrice EvraSignatureSpecial foil card909.00
85Phil JonesSignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
86Rio FerdinandSignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
87Jonny EvansSignatureSpecial foil card11011.00
88Chris SmallingSignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
89Nemanja VidicSignatureSpecial foil card11011.00
90Antonio ValenciaSignatureSpecial foil card11011.00
91AndersonSignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
92Ryan GiggsSignatureSpecial foil card10010.00
93Michael CarricSignatureSpecial foil card11111.00
94NaniSignatureSpecial foil card13013.00
95Paul ScholesSignatureSpecial foil card10010.00
96Tom CleverlySignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
97Darren FletcherSignatureSpecial foil card13013.00
98Nick PowellSignatureSpecial foil card10110.00
99Shinji KagawaSignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
100Wayne RooneySignatureSpecial foil card12012.00
101Javier HernandezSignatureSpecial foil card10010.00
102Ashley YoungSignatureSpecial foil card13113.00
103Danny WelbeckSignatureSpecial foil card11011.00
104Robin van PersieSignatureSpecial foil card11111.00
105Federico MachedaSignatureSpecial foil card13013.00
106David de GeaRed devil superstarUltimate foil card919.00
107RafaelRed devil superstarUltimate foil card10110.00
108Patrice EvraRed devil superstarUltimate foil card12112.00
109Phil JonesRed devil superstarUltimate foil card11111.00
110Rio FerdinandRed devil superstarUltimate foil card11111.00
111Nemanja VidicRed devil superstarUltimate foil card10110.00
112Antonio ValenciaRed devil superstarUltimate foil card10110.00
113Ryan GiggsRed devil superstarUltimate foil card13113.00
114NaniRed devil superstarUltimate foil card12112.00
115Paul ScholesRed devil superstarUltimate foil card11111.00
116Tom CleverlyRed devil superstarUltimate foil card11111.00
117Shinji KagawaRed devil superstarUltimate foil card11111.00
118Wayne RooneyRed devil superstarUltimate foil card10110.00
119Ashley YoungRed devil superstarUltimate foil card12112.00
120Tom CleverlyRed devil superstarUltimate foil card11111.00
121Robin van PersieRed devil superstarUltimate foil card919.00
122Sir Alex FergusonPower-upSpecial foil card10010.00
123Mick PhelanPower-upSpecial foil card12012.00
124Home gamePower-upSpecial foil card11011.00
125Red devilPower-upSpecial foil card10010.00
126Club badgePower-upSpecial foil card10010.00
LE-JHJavier HernandezLimited editionLimited edition10010.00
LE-RGRyan GiggsLimited editionLimited edition12012.00
LE-RPRobin van PersieLimited editionLimited edition11011.00
LE-WRWayne RooneyLimited editionLimited edition12012.00
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