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Panini Naruto: Secret Weapons

Panini Naruto: Secret Weapons

Year: 2007
Total cards: 132

collecting: 2 / completed: 0


1Naruto: Secret Weapons (Title Card)Battle Cards-101.00
2Choji vs. ZakuBattle Cards-101.00
3Gaara vs. Rain NinjaBattle Cards-101.00
4Hinata vs. NejiBattle Cards-101.00
5Kakashi vs. Demon BrothersBattle Cards-101.00
6Kakashi vs. Zabuza 1Battle Cards-101.00
7Kakashi vs. Zabuza 2Battle Cards-101.00
8Kankuro vs. MisumiBattle Cards-101.00
9Naruto vs. KakashiBattle Cards-101.00
10Naruto vs. KibaBattle Cards-101.00
11Naruto vs. MizukiBattle Cards-101.00
12Naruto vs. OrochimaruBattle Cards-101.00
13Naruto vs. SnakeBattle Cards-101.00
14Naruto vs. Rain NinjaBattle Cards-101.00
15Orochimaru vs. AnkoBattle Cards-101.00
16Rock Lee vs. Sound NinjaBattle Cards-101.00
17Sakura vs. InoBattle Cards-101.00
18Sakura vs. Sound NinjaBattle Cards-101.00
19Naruto & Sasuke vs. HakuBattle Cards-101.00
20Naruto & Sasuke vs. ZabuzaBattle Cards-101.00
21Sasuke vs. Demon BrothersBattle Cards-101.00
22Sasuke vs. KakashiBattle Cards-101.00
23Sasuke vs. OboroBattle Cards-101.00
24Sasuke vs. OrochimaruBattle Cards-101.00
25Sasuke vs. Rock LeeBattle Cards-101.00
26Sasuke vs. YoroiBattle Cards-101.00
27Sasuke vs. ZakuBattle Cards-101.00
28Shikamaru vs. KinBattle Cards-101.00
29Tenten vs. TemariBattle Cards-101.00
30Shino vs. ZakuBattle Cards-101.00
31Third EyeJutsu Moves-101.00
32Fanged Pursuit JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
33Chakra AbsorptionJutsu Moves-101.00
34Lions BarrageJutsu Moves-101.00
35Mind Transfer JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
36Crystal Ball JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
37Naruto Uzumaki BarrageJutsu Moves-101.00
38Shadow Possession JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
39Head-hunter JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
40A Thousand Years of DeathJutsu Moves-101.00
41Water Dragon JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
42Sexy JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
43Giant Vortex JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
44Sand CoffinJutsu Moves-101.00
45Harem JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
46Wind Scythe JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
47Primary LotusJutsu Moves-101.00
48Water Clone JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
49Man Beast Clone JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
50Multi Shadow Clone JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
51Striking Shadow SnakeJutsu Moves-101.00
52Slicing Sound WaveJutsu Moves-101.00
53Fire Ball JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
54Senbon RainstormJutsu Moves-101.00
55Water Prison JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
56Human BoulderJutsu Moves-101.00
57All-Four JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
58Sand ShieldJutsu Moves-101.00
59Cursed MarkJutsu Moves-101.00
60Twin Snake Sacrifice JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
61Curse SealingJutsu Moves-101.00
62Five-Pronged SealJutsu Moves-101.00
63Substitution JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
64Crystal Ice MirrorsJutsu Moves-101.00
65Lightning BladeJutsu Moves-101.00
66Transform JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
67Hidden Mist JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
68Fang Over FangJutsu Moves-101.00
69BreakthroughJutsu Moves-101.00
70Misty Follower JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
71Dancing Leaf ShadowJutsu Moves-101.00
72Phoenix Flower JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
73Fog Clone JutsuJutsu Moves-101.00
74HokageKaikyu Cards-101.00
75JoninKaikyu Cards-101.00
76Special JoninKaikyu Cards-101.00
77ChuninKaikyu Cards-101.00
78GeninKaikyu Cards-101.00
79Academy StudentsKaikyu Cards-101.00
80Hyuga ClanClan Cards-101.00
81ByakuganClan Cards-101.00
82Uchiha ClanClan Cards-101.00
83SharinganClan Cards-101.00
84Akimichi ClanClan Cards-101.00
85ExpansionClan Cards-101.00
86ChakraChakra Cards-101.00
87EnergyChakra Cards-101.00
88NinjutsuChakra Cards-101.00
89PositionChakra Cards-101.00
90BodyChakra Cards-101.00
91ControlChakra Cards-101.00
92SakuraKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
93InoKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
94HinataKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
95KurenaiKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
96KinKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
97TentenKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
98TemariKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
99AnkoKunoichi Power Cards-101.00
100Checklist CardChecklist-101.00
CH1NarutoCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH2SakuraCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH3SasukeCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH4KakashiCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH5The Third HokageCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH6IrukaCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH7KibaCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH8KankuroCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH9ShikamaruCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH10ZabuzaCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH11OrochimaruCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH12DosuCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
CH13ZakuCharacter Foil Cards-101.00
VI1Village Hidden in the LeavesVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI2Village Hidden in the SandVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI3Village Hidden in the SoundVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI4Village Hidden in the MistVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI5Village Hidden in the StonesVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI6Village Hidden in the CloudsVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI7Village Hidden in the RainVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI8Village Hidden in the WaterfallVillage Cel Cards-101.00
VI9Village Hidden in the GrassVillage Cel Cards-101.00
HK1The First HokageHokage Embossed Cards-101.00
HK2The Second HokageHokage Embossed Cards-101.00
HK3The Third HokageHokage Embossed Cards-101.00
HK4The Fourth HokageHokage Embossed Cards-101.00
AN1Card AN1Anbu Black Ops Cards-101.00
AN2Card AN2Anbu Black Ops Cards-101.00
AN3Card AN3Anbu Black Ops Cards-101.00
AN4Card AN4Anbu Black Ops Cards-101.00
AN5Card AN5Anbu Black Ops Cards-101.00
AN6Card AN6Anbu Black Ops Cards-101.00
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