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Panini NBA Basketball 1991-1992

Panini NBA Basketball 1991-1992

Year: 1991
Total stickers: 192

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1Logo NBANBAmetal832.67
2Logo NBA Finals 1991NBAmetal723.50
3Chris MullinGolden State Warriors-641.50
4Mitch RichmondGolden State Warriors-632.00
5Alton ListerGolden State Warriors-751.40
6Tim HardawayGolden State Warriors-732.33
7Tom TolbertGolden State Warriors-832.67
8Rod HigginsGolden State Warriors-641.50
9Charles SmithLos Angeles Clippers-732.33
10Ron HarperLos Angeles Clippers-641.50
11Olden PolyniceLos Angeles Clippers-641.50
12Ken NormanLos Angeles Clippers-641.50
13Gary GrantLos Angeles Clippers-741.75
14Danny ManningLos Angeles Clippers-531.67
15Sam PerkinsLos Angeles Lakers-832.67
16Vlade DivacLos Angeles Lakers-942.25
17James WorthyLos Angeles Lakers-732.33
18Magic JohnsonLos Angeles Lakers-732.33
19A.C.GreenLos Angeles Lakers-632.00
20Byron ScottLos Angeles Lakers-651.20
21Kevin JohnsonPhoenix Suns-832.67
22Mark WestPhoenix Suns-641.50
23Dan MajerlePhoenix Suns-632.00
24Jeff HornacekPhoenix Suns-522.50
25Xavier McDanielPhoenix Suns-623.00
26Tom ChambersPhoenix Suns-641.50
27Terry PorterPortland Trail Blazers-641.50
28Kevin DuckworthPortland Trail Blazers-632.00
29Clyde DrexlerPortland Trail Blazers-741.75
30Jerome KerseyPortland Trail Blazers-641.50
31Buck WilliamsPortland Trail Blazers-732.33
32Danny AingePortland Trail Blazers-531.67
33Wayman TisdaleSacramento Kings-641.50
34Antoine CarrSacramento Kings-761.17
35Lionel SimmonsSacramento Kings-560.83
36Travis MaysSacramento Kings-632.00
37Rory SparrowSacramento Kings-741.75
38Duane CauswellSacramento Kings-751.40
39Benoit BenjaminSeattle SuperSonics-723.50
40Michael CageSeattle SuperSonics-732.33
41Derrick McKeySeattle SuperSonics-741.75
42Shawn KempSeattle SuperSonics-732.33
43Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonics-832.67
44Ricky PierceSeattle SuperSonics-741.75
45Derek HarperDallas Mavericks-751.40
46James DonaldsonDallas Mavericks-732.33
47Randy WhiteDallas Mavericks-732.33
48Rodney McCrayDallas Mavericks-641.50
49Alex EnglishDallas Mavericks-616.00
50Rolando BlackmanDallas Mavericks-641.50
51Orlando WoolridgeDenver Nuggets-824.00
52Todd LichtiDenver Nuggets-531.67
53Chris JacksonDenver Nuggets-732.33
54Blair RasmussenDenver Nuggets-723.50
55Reggie WilliamsDenver Nuggets-751.40
56Marcus LibertyDenver Nuggets-641.50
57Hakeem OlajuwonHouston Rockets-933.00
58Kenny SmithHouston Rockets-732.33
59Vernon MaxwellHouston Rockets-842.00
60Otis ThorpeHouston Rockets-623.00
61Buck JohnsonHouston Rockets-751.40
62Larry SmithHouston Rockets-717.00
63Pooh RichardsonMinnesota Timberwolves-751.40
64Felton SpencerMinnesota Timberwolves-651.20
65Tod MurphyMinnesota Timberwolves-551.00
66Tyrone CorbinMinnesota Timberwolves-741.75
67Tony CampbellMinnesota Timberwolves-761.17
68Sam MitchellMinnesota Timberwolves-732.33
69Dennis ScottOrlando Magic-851.60
70Nick AndersonOrlando Magic-761.17
71Terry CatledgeOrlando Magic-661.00
72Scott SkilesOrlando Magic-641.50
73Otis SmithOrlando Magic-661.00
74Greg KiteOrlando Magic-541.25
75Terry CummingsSan Antonio Spurs-824.00
76Rod StricklandSan Antonio Spurs-632.00
77David RobinsonSan Antonio Spurs-723.50
78Willie AndersonSan Antonio Spurs-641.50
79Sean ElliottSan Antonio Spurs-632.00
80Paul PresseySan Antonio Spurs-842.00
81John StocktonUtah Jazz-842.00
82Jeff MaloneUtah Jazz-741.75
83Mark EatonUtah Jazz-632.00
84Thurl BaileyUtah Jazz-851.60
85Karl MaloneUtah Jazz-824.00
86Theodore "Blue" EdwardsUtah Jazz-741.75
87Kevin Johnson1991 All Star Game-541.25
88Logo Western Division1991 All Star Gamefigure metal824.00
89Logo All Star Weekend1991 All Star Gamefigure metal832.67
90Magic Johnson1991 All Star Game-522.50
91Karl Malone1991 All Star Game-832.67
92David Robinson1991 All Star Game-723.50
93Chris Mullin1991 All Star Game-824.00
94Charles Barkley - MVP All Star Game1991 All Star Gamefigure metal732.33
95Logo Eastern Division1991 All Star Gamefigure metal732.33
96Michael Jordan1991 All Star Game-933.00
97Isiah Thomas1991 All Star Game-551.00
98Charles Barkley1991 All Star Game-641.50
99Patrick Ewing1991 All Star Game-832.67
100Larry Bird1991 All Star Game-751.40
101Dominique WilkinsAtlanta Hawks-732.33
102Kevin WillisAtlanta Hawks-824.00
103John BattleAtlanta Hawks-741.75
104Doc RiversAtlanta Hawks-551.00
105Spud WebbAtlanta Hawks-732.33
106Moses MaloneAtlanta Hawks-732.33
107J.R.ReidCharlotte Hornets-723.50
108Johnny NewmanCharlotte Hornets-751.40
109Rex ChapmanCharlotte Hornets-541.25
110Muggsy BoguesCharlotte Hornets-751.40
111Mike GminskiCharlotte Hornets-531.67
112Kendall GillCharlotte Hornets-551.00
113Scottie PippenChicago Bulls-1042.50
114Bill CartwrightChicago Bulls-741.75
115John PaxsonChicago Bulls-732.33
116Michael JordanChicago Bulls-933.00
117Horace GrantChicago Bulls-751.40
118B.J. ArmstrongChicago Bulls-641.50
119Brad DaughertyCleveland Cavaliers-531.67
120Larry NanceCleveland Cavaliers-632.00
121John WilliamsCleveland Cavaliers-560.83
122Craig EhloCleveland Cavaliers-541.25
123Darnell ValentineCleveland Cavaliers-861.33
124Danny FerryCleveland Cavaliers-641.50
125Isiah ThomasDetroit Pistons-761.17
126James EdwardsDetroit Pistons-541.25
127Bill LaimbeerDetroit Pistons-751.40
128Vinnie JohnsonDetroit Pistons-632.00
129Joe DumarsDetroit Pistons-641.50
130Dennis RodmanDetroit Pistons-632.00
131Reggie MillerIndiana Pacers-824.00
132Detlef SchrempfIndiana Pacers-551.00
133Chuck PersonIndiana Pacers-661.00
134LaSalle ThompsonIndiana Pacers-560.83
135Vern FlemingIndiana Pacers-551.00
136Rik SmitsIndiana Pacers-751.40
137Dale EllisMilwaukee Bucks-632.00
138Frank BrickowskiMilwaukee Bucks-651.20
139Jay HumphriesMilwaukee Bucks-531.67
140Jack SikmaMilwaukee Bucks-741.75
141Fred RobertsMilwaukee Bucks-741.75
142Alvin RobertsonMilwaukee Bucks-732.33
143Robert ParishBoston Celtics-741.75
144Kevin McHaleBoston Celtics-641.50
145Kevin GambleBoston Celtics-818.00
146Larry BirdBoston Celtics-414.00
147Reggie LewisBoston Celtics-824.00
148Brian ShawBoston Celtics-723.50
149Sherman DouglasMiami Heat-741.75
150Rony SeikalyMiami Heat-723.50
151Glen RiceMiami Heat-824.00
152Grant LongMiami Heat-632.00
153Billy ThompsonMiami Heat-751.40
154Willie BurtonMiami Heat-632.00
155Reggie TheusNew Jersey Nets-541.25
156Sam BowieNew Jersey Nets-751.40
157Derrick ColemanNew Jersey Nets-641.50
158Drazen PetrovicNew Jersey Nets-851.60
159Mookie BlaylockNew Jersey Nets-651.20
160Chris MorrisNew Jersey Nets-632.00
161Gerald WilkinsNew York Knicks-751.40
162Charles OakleyNew York Knicks-531.67
163Patrick EwingNew York Knicks-732.33
164Kiki VandewegheNew York Knicks-541.25
165Maurice CheeksNew York Knicks-723.50
166John StarksNew York Knicks-651.20
167Hersey HawkinsPhilagelphia 76ers-541.25
168Rick MahornPhilagelphia 76ers-741.75
169Charles BarkleyPhilagelphia 76ers-842.00
170Rickey GreenPhilagelphia 76ers-531.67
171Ron AndersonPhilagelphia 76ers-832.67
172Armon GilliamPhilagelphia 76ers-717.00
173Bernard KingWashington Bullets-732.33
174Ledell EacklesWashington Bullets-632.00
175John WilliamsWashington Bullets-632.00
176Darrell WalkerWashington Bullets-924.50
177Haywoode WorkmanWashington Bullets-818.00
178Harvey GrantWashington Bullets-651.20
179Derrick ColemanNew Jersey NetsRookies641.50
180Dee BrownBoston CelticsRookies641.50
181Lionel SimmonsSacramento KingsRookies531.67
182Felton SpencerMinnesota TimberwolvesRookies651.20
183Dennis ScottOrlando MagicRookies741.75
184Gary PaytonSeattle SuperSonicsRookies632.00
185Travis MaysSacramento KingsRookies632.00
186Kendall GillCharlotte HornetsRookies723.50
187All NBA First TeamSlam Dunkfigure metal732.33
188Charles BarkleySlam Dunkfigure metal951.80
189Patrick EwingSlam Dunkfigure metal933.00
190Michael JordanSlam Dunkfigure metal919.00
191Karl MaloneSlam Dunkfigure metal924.50
192Magic JohnsonSlam Dunkfigure metal924.50
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