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Panini NFL Sticker Collection 1989

Panini NFL Sticker Collection 1989

Year: 1989
Total stickers: 432

Panini Football'89.

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 11 / completed: 8


1Super Bowl XXIII Program Cover (puzzle 1)Football '89-000.00
2Super Bowl XXIII Program Cover (puzzle 2)Football '89-030.00
3Floyd DixonAtlanta Falcons-221.00
4Tony CasillasAtlanta Falcons-221.00
5Bill FralicAtlanta Falcons-111.00
6Aundray BruceAtlanta Falcons-221.00
7Scott CaseAtlanta Falcons-230.67
8Rick DonnellyAtlanta Falcons-160.17
9Team MascotAtlanta Falconsfigure foil505.00
10Team HelmetAtlanta Falconsfoil120.50
11Marcus CottonAtlanta Falcons-120.50
12Chris MillerAtlanta Falcons-130.33
13Robert MooreAtlanta Falcons-230.67
14Bobby ButlerAtlanta Falcons-140.25
15Rick BryanAtlanta Falcons-221.00
16John SettleAtlanta Falcons-010.00
17Jim McMahonChicago Bears-150.20
18Neal AndersonChicago Bears-221.00
19Dave DuersonChicago Bears-313.00
20Steve McMichaelChicago Bears-130.33
21Jay HilgenbergChicago Bears-130.33
22Dennis McKinnonChicago Bears-212.00
23Team MascotChicago Bearsfigure foil111.00
24Team HelmetChicago Bearsfoil130.33
25Richard DentChicago Bears-221.00
26Dennis GentryChicago Bears-120.50
27Mike SingletaryChicago Bears-111.00
28Vestee JacksonChicago Bears-130.33
29Mike TomczakChicago Bears-230.67
30Dan HamptonChicago Bears-130.33
31Michael IrvinDallas Cowboys-230.67
32Eugene LockhartDallas Cowboys-221.00
33Herschel WalkerDallas Cowboys-313.00
34Kelvin MartinDallas Cowboys-130.33
35Jim JeffcoatDallas Cowboys-130.33
36Everson WallsDallas Cowboys-230.67
37Team MascotDallas Cowboysfigure foil130.33
38Team HelmetDallas Cowboysfoil404.00
39Danny NoonanDallas Cowboys-130.33
40Ray AlexanderDallas Cowboys-414.00
41Garry CobbDallas Cowboys-120.50
42Ed JonesDallas Cowboys-221.00
43Kevin BrooksDallas Cowboys-230.67
44Bill BatesDallas Cowboys-130.33
45Team MascotDetroit Lionsfigure foil130.33
46Chuck LongDetroit Lions-313.00
47Jim ArnoldDetroit Lions-303.00
48Michael CoferDetroit Lions-101.00
49Eddie MurrayDetroit Lions-101.00
50Keith FergusonDetroit Lions-331.00
51Pete MandleyDetroit Lions-221.00
52Team HelmetDetroit Lionsfoil120.50
53Jerry BallDetroit Lions-230.67
54Bennie BladesDetroit Lions-221.00
55Dennis GibsonDetroit Lions-240.50
56Chris SpielmanDetroit Lions-230.67
57Eric WilliamsDetroit Lions-303.00
58Lomas BrownDetroit Lions-221.00
59Johnny HollandGreen Bay Packers-130.33
60Tim HarrisGreen Bay Packers-202.00
61Mark MurphyGreen Bay Packers-321.50
62Walter StanleyGreen Bay Packers-221.00
63Brent FullwoodGreen Bay Packers-040.00
64Ken RuettgersGreen Bay Packers-101.00
65Team MascotGreen Bay Packersfigure foil221.00
66Team HelmetGreen Bay Packersfoil120.50
67John AndersonGreen Bay Packers-230.67
68Brian NobleGreen Bay Packers-130.33
69Sterling SharpeGreen Bay Packers-130.33
70Keith WoodsideGreen Bay Packers-202.00
71Mark LeeGreen Bay Packers-130.33
72Don MajkowskiGreen Bay Packers-120.50
73Aaron CoxLos Angeles Rams-212.00
74LeRoy IrvinLos Angeles Rams-230.67
75Jim EverettLos Angeles Rams-212.00
76Mike LansfordLos Angeles Rams-221.00
77Mike WilcherLos Angeles Rams-240.50
78Henry EllardLos Angeles Rams-202.00
79Team HelmetLos Angeles Ramsfoil030.00
80Jerry GrayLos Angeles Rams-111.00
81Doug SmithLos Angeles Rams-230.67
82Tom NewberryLos Angeles Rams-303.00
83Jackie SlaterLos Angeles Rams-313.00
84Greg BellLos Angeles Rams-230.67
85Kevin GreeneLos Angeles Rams-202.00
86Chris DolemanMinnesota Vikings-230.67
87Steve JordanMinnesota Vikings-120.50
88Jesse SolomonMinnesota Vikings-230.67
89Randall McDanielMinnesota Vikings-221.00
90Hassan JonesMinnesota Vikings-230.67
91Joey BrownerMinnesota Vikings-120.50
92Team MascotMinnesota Vikingsfigure foil221.00
93Team HelmetMinnesota Vikingsfoil321.50
94Anthony CarterMinnesota Vikings-150.20
95Gary ZimmermanMinnesota Vikings-160.17
96Wade WilsonMinnesota Vikings-230.67
97Scott StudwellMinnesota Vikings-212.00
98Keith MillardMinnesota Vikings-120.50
99Carl LeeMinnesota Vikings-120.50
100Morten AndersenNew Orleans Saints-120.50
101Bobby HebertNew Orleans Saints-130.33
102Rueben MayesNew Orleans Saints-221.00
103Sam MillsNew Orleans Saints-150.20
104Vaughan JohnsonNew Orleans Saints-140.25
105Pat SwillingNew Orleans Saints-221.00
106Team MascotNew Orleans Saintsfigure foil303.00
107Team HelmetNew Orleans Saintsfoil130.33
108Bred EdelmanNew Orleans Saints-230.67
109Craig HeywardNew Orleans Saints-230.67
110Eric MartinNew Orleans Saints-230.67
111Dalton HilliardNew Orleans Saints-212.00
112Lonzell HillNew Orleans Saints-202.00
113Rickey JacksonNew Orleans Saints-321.50
114Erik HowardNew York Giants-101.00
115Phil SimmsNew York Giants-212.00
116Leonard MarshallNew York Giants-221.00
117Joe MorrisNew York Giants-313.00
118Bart OatesNew York Giants-221.00
119Mark BavaroNew York Giants-321.50
120Team MascotNew York Giantsfigure foil404.00
121Team HelmetNew York Giantsfoil120.50
122Terry KinardNew York Giants-230.67
123Carl BanksNew York Giants-130.33
124Lionel ManuelNew York Giants-030.00
125Stephen BakerNew York Giants-130.33
126Pepper JohnsonNew York Giants-140.25
127Jim BurtNew York Giants-101.00
128Cris CarterPhiladelphia Eagles-221.00
129Mike QuickPhiladelphia Eagles-321.50
130Terry HoagePhiladelphia Eagles-202.00
131Keith JacksonPhiladelphia Eagles-313.00
132Clyde SimmonsPhiladelphia Eagles-313.00
133Eric AllenPhiladelphia Eagles-212.00
134Team MascotPhiladelphia Eaglesfigure foil130.33
135Team HelmetPhiladelphia Eaglesfoil020.00
136Randall CunninghamPhiladelphia Eagles-313.00
137Mike PittsPhiladelphia Eagles-212.00
138Keith ByarsPhiladelphia Eagles-202.00
139Seth JoynerPhiladelphia Eagles-230.67
140Jerome BrownPhiladelphia Eagles-221.00
141Reggie WhitePhiladelphia Eagles-303.00
142Jay NovacekPhoenix Cardinals-111.00
143Neil LomaxPhoenix Cardinals-120.50
144Ken HarveyPhoenix Cardinals-120.50
145Freddie Joe NunnPhoenix Cardinals-140.25
146Robert AwaltPhoenix Cardinals-140.25
147Niko NogaPhoenix Cardinals-140.25
148Team MascotPhoenix Cardinalsfigure foil020.00
149Team HelmetPhoenix Cardinalsfoil505.00
150Tim McDonaldPhoenix Cardinals-030.00
151Roy GreenPhoenix Cardinals-111.00
152Stump MitchellPhoenix Cardinals-321.50
153J.T. SmithPhoenix Cardinals-040.00
154Luis SharpePhoenix Cardinals-140.25
155Vai SikahemaPhoenix Cardinals-212.00
156Mike CoferSan Francisco 49ers-212.00
157Joe MontanaSan Francisco 49ers-221.00
158Harris BartonSan Francisco 49ers-321.50
159Michael CarterSan Francisco 49ers-221.00
160Jeff FullerSan Francisco 49ers-321.50
161Jerry RiceSan Francisco 49ers-230.67
162Team MascotSan Francisco 49ersfigure foil130.33
163Team HelmetSan Francisco 49ersfoil120.50
164Tom RathmanSan Francisco 49ers-221.00
165Roger CraigSan Francisco 49ers-212.00
166Ronnie LottSan Francisco 49ers-120.50
167Charles HaleySan Francisco 49ers-150.20
168John TaylorSan Francisco 49ers-140.25
169Michael WalterSan Francisco 49ers-150.20
170Ron HallTampa Bay Buccaneers-321.50
171Ervin RandleTampa Bay Buccaneers-240.50
172James WilderTampa Bay Buccaneers-120.50
173Ron HolmesTampa Bay Buccaneers-130.33
174Mark CarrierTampa Bay Buccaneers-130.33
175William HowardTampa Bay Buccaneers-303.00
176Team MascotTampa Bay Buccaneersfigure foil212.00
177Team HelmetTampa Bay Buccaneersfoil202.00
178Lars TateTampa Bay Buccaneers-303.00
179Vinny TestaverdeTampa Bay Buccaneers-313.00
180Paul GruberTampa Bay Buccaneers-101.00
181Bruce HillTampa Bay Buccaneers-221.00
182Reuben DavisTampa Bay Buccaneers-221.00
183Ricky ReynoldsTampa Bay Buccaneers-130.33
184Ricky SandersWashington Redskins-212.00
185Gary ClarkWashington Redskins-212.00
186Mark MayWashington Redskins-140.25
187Darrell GreenWashington Redskins-120.50
188Jim LacheyWashington Redskins-212.00
189Doug WilliamsWashington Redskins-303.00
190Team HelmetWashington Redskinsfoil313.00
191Team MascotWashington Redskinsfigure foil120.50
192Kelvin BryantWashington Redskins-303.00
193Charles MannWashington Redskins-221.00
194Alvin WaltonWashington Redskins-221.00
195Art MonkWashington Redskins-120.50
196Barry WilburnWashington Redskins-212.00
197Mark RypienWashington Redskins-321.50
198NFC Logo1988 NFC Statsfoil020.00
199Scott Case1988 NFC Stats-240.50
200Herschel Walker1988 NFC Stats-221.00
201Herschel Walker - Roger Craig1988 All-Pros-140.25
202Henry Ellard - Jerry Rice1988 All-Pros-202.00
203Bruce Matthews - Tom Newberry1988 All-Pros-212.00
204Gary Zimmerman - Anthony Munoz1988 All-Pros-140.25
205Boomer Esiason1988 All-Pros-212.00
206Jay Hilgenberg1988 All-Pros-120.50
207Keith Jackson1988 All-Pros-212.00
208Reggie White - Bruce Smith1988 All-Pros-120.50
209Keith Millard - Tim Krumrie1988 All-Pros-331.00
210Carl Lee - Frank Minnifield1988 All-Pros-221.00
211Joey Browner - Deron Cherry1988 All-Pros-101.00
212Shane Conlan1988 All-Pros-111.00
213Mike Singletary1988 All-Pros-040.00
214Cornelius Bennett1988 All-Pros-130.33
215AFC Logo1988 AFC Statsfoil040.00
216Boomer Esiason1988 AFC Stats-212.00
217Erik McMillan1988 AFC Stats-120.50
218Jim KellyBuffalo Bills-140.25
219Cornelius BennettBuffalo Bills-130.33
220Fred SmerlasBuffalo Bills-221.00
221Shane ConlanBuffalo Bills-221.00
222Scott NorwoodBuffalo Bills-130.33
223Mark KelsoBuffalo Bills-120.50
224Team MascotBuffalo Billsfigure foil414.00
225Team HelmetBuffalo Billsfoil030.00
226Thurman ThomasBuffalo Bills-212.00
227Pete MetzelaarsBuffalo Bills-111.00
228Bruce SmithBuffalo Bills-050.00
229Art StillBuffalo Bills-130.33
230Kent HullBuffalo Bills-130.33
231Andre ReedBuffalo Bills-101.00
232Tim KrumrieCincinnati Bengals-221.00
233Boomer EsiasonCincinnati Bengals-040.00
234Ickey WoodsCincinnati Bengals-313.00
235Eric ThomasCincinnati Bengals-130.33
236Rodney HolmanCincinnati Bengals-130.33
237Jim SkowCincinnati Bengals-230.67
238Team HelmetCincinnati Bengalsfoil140.25
239James BrooksCincinnati Bengals-250.40
240David FulcherCincinnati Bengals-111.00
241Carl ZanderCincinnati Bengals-120.50
242Eddie BrownCincinnati Bengals-321.50
243Max MontoyaCincinnati Bengals-120.50
244Anthony MunozCincinnati Bengals-120.50
245Felix WrightCleveland Browns-140.25
246Clay MatthewsCleveland Browns-160.17
247Hanford DixonCleveland Browns-140.25
248Ozzie NewsomeCleveland Browns-212.00
249Bernie KosarCleveland Browns-140.25
250Kevin MackCleveland Browns-130.33
251Team HelmetCleveland Brownsfoil414.00
252Brian BrennanCleveland Browns-212.00
253Reggie LanghorneCleveland Browns-230.67
254Cody RisienCleveland Browns-120.50
255Webster SlaughterCleveland Browns-230.67
256Mike JohnsonCleveland Browns-120.50
257Frank MinnifieldCleveland Browns-212.00
258Mike HoranDenver Broncos-303.00
259Dennis SmithDenver Broncos-111.00
260Ricky NattielDenver Broncos-111.00
261Karl MecklenburgDenver Broncos-250.40
262Keith BishopDenver Broncos-230.67
263John ElwayDenver Broncos-221.00
264Team HelmetDenver Broncosfoil050.00
265Team MascotDenver Broncosfigure foil202.00
266Simon FletcherDenver Broncos-140.25
267Vance JohnsonDenver Broncos-120.50
268Tony DorsettDenver Broncos-221.00
269Greg KragenDenver Broncos-240.50
270Mike HardenDenver Broncos-240.50
271Mark JacksonDenver Broncos-130.33
272Warren MoonHouston Oilers-120.50
273Mike RozierHouston Oilers-230.67
274Team MascotHouston Oilersfigure foil202.00
275Allen PinkettHouston Oilers-140.25
276Tony ZendejasHouston Oilers-212.00
277Alonzo HighsmithHouston Oilers-230.67
278Johnny MeadsHouston Oilers-130.33
279Team HelmetHouston Oilersfoil404.00
280Mike MunchakHouston Oilers-120.50
281John GrimsleyHouston Oilers-422.00
282Ernest GivinsHouston Oilers-130.33
283Drew HillHouston Oilers-020.00
284Bruce MatthewsHouston Oilers-212.00
285Ray ChildressHouston Oilers-321.50
286Team MascotIndianapolis Coltsfigure foil130.33
287Chris HintonIndianapolis Colts-130.33
288Clarence VerdinIndianapolis Colts-212.00
289Jon HandIndianapolis Colts-120.50
290Chris ChandlerIndianapolis Colts-240.50
291Eugene DanielIndianapolis Colts-030.00
292Dean BiasucciIndianapolis Colts-221.00
293Team HelmetIndianapolis Coltsfoil130.33
294Duane BickettIndianapolis Colts-130.33
295Rohn StarkIndianapolis Colts-221.00
296Albert BentleyIndianapolis Colts-221.00
297Bill BrooksIndianapolis Colts-130.33
298O'Brien AlstonIndianapolis Colts-404.00
299Ray DonaldsonIndianapolis Colts-303.00
300Carlos CarsonKansas City Chiefs-230.67
301Lloyd BurrussKansas City Chiefs-313.00
302Steve DeBergKansas City Chiefs-230.67
303Irv EatmanKansas City Chiefs-221.00
304Dino HackettKansas City Chiefs-414.00
305Albert LewisKansas City Chiefs-515.00
306Team HelmetKansas City Chiefsfoil040.00
307Team MascotKansas City Chiefsfigure foil313.00
308Deron CherryKansas City Chiefs-230.67
309Paul PalmerKansas City Chiefs-221.00
310Neil SmithKansas City Chiefs-050.00
311Christian OkoyeKansas City Chiefs-313.00
312Stephone PaigeKansas City Chiefs-120.50
313Bill MaasKansas City Chiefs-212.00
314Marcus AllenLos Angeles Raiders-221.00
315Vann McElroyLos Angeles Raiders-120.50
316Mervyn FernandezLos Angeles Raiders-221.00
317Bill PickelLos Angeles Raiders-414.00
318Greg TownsendLos Angeles Raiders-130.33
319Tim BrownLos Angeles Raiders-313.00
320Team MascotLos Angeles Raidersfigure foil111.00
321Team HelmetLos Angeles Raidersfoil120.50
322James LoftonLos Angeles Raiders-221.00
323Willie GaultLos Angeles Raiders-313.00
324Jay SchroederLos Angeles Raiders-230.67
325Matt MillenLos Angeles Raiders-230.67
326Howie LongLos Angeles Raiders-212.00
327Bo JacksonLos Angeles Raiders-050.00
328Lorenzo HamptonMiami Dolphins-321.50
329Jarvis WilliamsMiami Dolphins-313.00
330Jim JensenMiami Dolphins-313.00
331Dan MarinoMiami Dolphins-221.00
332John OfferdahlMiami Dolphins-303.00
333Brian SochiaMiami Dolphins-202.00
334Team MascotMiami Dolphinsfigure foil120.50
335Team HelmetMiami Dolphinsfoil505.00
336Ferrell EdmundsMiami Dolphins-221.00
337Mark BrownMiami Dolphins-240.50
338Mark DuperMiami Dolphins-313.00
339Troy StradfordMiami Dolphins-240.50
340T.J. TurnerMiami Dolphins-313.00
341Mark ClaytonMiami Dolphins-313.00
342Team MascotNew England Patriotsfigure foil111.00
343Johnny RembertNew England Patriots-202.00
344Garin VerisNew England Patriots-030.00
345Stanley MorganNew England Patriots-230.67
346John StephensNew England Patriots-230.67
347Fred MarionNew England Patriots-240.50
348Irving FryarNew England Patriots-120.50
349Team HelmetNew England Patriotsfoil202.00
350Andre TippettNew England Patriots-140.25
351Roland JamesNew England Patriots-111.00
352Brent WilliamsNew England Patriots-221.00
353Raymond ClaybornNew England Patriots-240.50
354Tony EasonNew England Patriots-221.00
355Bruce ArmstrongNew England Patriots-130.33
356Team MascotNew York Jetsfigure foil404.00
357Marty LyonsNew York Jets-140.25
358Bobby HumphreyNew York Jets-120.50
359Pat LeahyNew York Jets-130.33
360Mickey ShulerNew York Jets-321.50
361James HastyNew York Jets-321.50
362Ken O'BrienNew York Jets-313.00
363Team HelmetNew York Jetsfoil130.33
364Alex GordonNew York Jets-230.67
365Al ToonNew York Jets-414.00
366Erik McMillanNew York Jets-230.67
367Johnny HectorNew York Jets-140.25
368Wesley WalkerNew York Jets-212.00
369Freeman McNeilNew York Jets-120.50
370Team MascotPittsburgh Steelersfigure foil212.00
371Gary AndersonPittsburgh Steelers-212.00
372Rodney CarterPittsburgh Steelers-140.25
373Merril HogePittsburgh Steelers-331.00
374David LittlePittsburgh Steelers-130.33
375Bubby BristerPittsburgh Steelers-313.00
376Thomas EverettPittsburgh Steelers-414.00
377Team HelmetPittsburgh Steelersfoil313.00
378Rod WoodsonPittsburgh Steelers-230.67
379Bryan HinklePittsburgh Steelers-321.50
380Tunch IlkinPittsburgh Steelers-212.00
381Aaron JonesPittsburgh Steelers-140.25
382Louis LippsPittsburgh Steelers-230.67
383Warren WilliamsPittsburgh Steelers-221.00
384Anthony MillerSan Diego Chargers-230.67
385Gary AndersonSan Diego Chargers-221.00
386Lee WilliamsSan Diego Chargers-240.50
387Lionel JamesSan Diego Chargers-140.25
388Gary PlummerSan Diego Chargers-030.00
389Gill ByrdSan Diego Chargers-111.00
390Team HelmetSan Diego Chargersfoil130.33
391Ralf MojsiejenkoSan Diego Chargers-020.00
392Rod BernstineSan Diego Chargers-020.00
393Keith BrownerSan Diego Chargers-230.67
394Billy Ray SmithSan Diego Chargers-212.00
395Leslie O'NealSan Diego Chargers-020.00
396Jamie HollandSan Diego Chargers-230.67
397Tony WoodsSeattle Seahawks-221.00
398Bruce ScholtzSeattle Seahawks-212.00
399Joe NashSeattle Seahawks-221.00
400Curt WarnerSeattle Seahawks-313.00
401John L. WilliamsSeattle Seahawks-130.33
402Bryan MillardSeattle Seahawks-331.00
403Team MascotSeattle Seahawksfigure foil404.00
404Team HelmetSeattle Seahawksfoil030.00
405Steve LargentSeattle Seahawks-250.40
406Norm JohnsonSeattle Seahawks-221.00
407Jacob GreenSeattle Seahawks-120.50
408Dave KriegSeattle Seahawks-150.20
409Paul MoyerSeattle Seahawks-230.67
410Brian BladesSeattle Seahawks-331.00
411The Game's first TDSuper Bowl XXIII-221.00
412Jerry Rice (MVP)Super Bowl XXIII-313.00
41349ers on the MoveSuper Bowl XXIII-060.00
414The Winning TDSuper Bowl XXIII-221.00
415The 49ers celebrate (puzzle 1)Super Bowl XXIII-321.50
416The 49ers celebrate (puzzle 2)Super Bowl XXIII-313.00
ASuper Bowl IHistory of the Super Bowlfoil130.33
BSuper Bowl IIIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil140.25
CSuper Bowl IVHistory of the Super Bowlfoil130.33
DSuper Bowl VHistory of the Super Bowlfoil313.00
ESuper Bowl VIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil111.00
FSuper Bowl VIIIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil101.00
GSuper Bowl XHistory of the Super Bowlfoil414.00
HSuper Bowl XIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil909.00
ISuper Bowl XIIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil414.00
JSuper Bowl XIIIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil515.00
KSuper Bowl XVHistory of the Super Bowlfoil130.33
LSuper Bowl XVIIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil414.00
MSuper Bowl XIXHistory of the Super Bowlfoil313.00
NSuper Bowl XXHistory of the Super Bowlfoil111.00
OSuper Bowl XXIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil404.00
PSuper Bowl XXIIIHistory of the Super Bowlfoil404.00
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