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Panini NHL Hockey 1987-1988

Panini NHL Hockey 1987-1988

Year: 1987
Total stickers: 396

National Hockey League sticker collection

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 16 / completed: 20


1Stanley CupHockey '87foil707.00
2Boston Bruins - Action MomentBoston Bruinsfigured707.00
3Boston Bruins LogoBoston Bruinsfoil909.00
4Doug KeansBoston Bruins-515.00
5Bill RanfordBoston Bruins-707.00
6Ray BourqueBoston Bruins-616.00
7Reed LarsonBoston Bruins-707.00
8Mike MilburyBoston Bruins-717.00
9Michael ThelvenBoston Bruins-707.00
10Cam NeelyBoston Bruins-808.00
11Charlie SimmerBoston Bruins-707.00
12Rick MiddletonBoston Bruins-616.00
13Tom McCarthyBoston Bruins-808.00
14Keith CrowderBoston Bruins-707.00
15Steve KasperBoston Bruins-707.00
16Ken LinsemanBoston Bruins-707.00
17Dwight FosterBoston Bruins-606.00
18Jay MillerBoston Bruins-808.00
19Buffalo Sabres - Action MomentBuffalo Sabresfigured808.00
20Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabresfoil717.00
21Jacques CloutierBuffalo Sabres-505.00
22Tom BarrassoBuffalo Sabres-808.00
23Daren PuppaBuffalo Sabres-707.00
24Phil HousleyBuffalo Sabres-515.00
25Mike RamseyBuffalo Sabres-707.00
26Bill HajtBuffalo Sabres-707.00
27Dave AndreychukBuffalo Sabres-414.00
28Christian RuuttuBuffalo Sabres-707.00
29Mike FolignoBuffalo Sabres-505.00
30John TuckerBuffalo Sabres-505.00
31Adam CreightonBuffalo Sabres-707.00
32Wilf PaiementBuffalo Sabres-616.00
33Paul CyrBuffalo Sabres-505.00
34Clark GilliesBuffalo Sabres-707.00
35Lindy RuffBuffalo Sabres-606.00
36Hartford Whalers - Action MomentHartford Whalersfigured909.00
37Hartford Whalers LogoHartford Whalersfoil818.00
38Mike LiutHartford Whalers-818.00
39Steve WeeksHartford Whalers-717.00
40Dave BabychHartford Whalers-616.00
41Ulf SamuelssonHartford Whalers-515.00
42Dana MurzynHartford Whalers-404.00
43Ron FrancisHartford Whalers-808.00
44Kevin DineenHartford Whalers-808.00
45John AndersonHartford Whalers-606.00
46Ray FerraroHartford Whalers-606.00
47Dean EvasonHartford Whalers-606.00
48Paul LawlessHartford Whalers-717.00
49Stewart GavinHartford Whalers-707.00
50Sylvain TurgeonHartford Whalers-404.00
51Dave TippettHartford Whalers-717.00
52Doug JarvisHartford Whalers-808.00
53Montreal Canadiens - Action MomentMontreal Canadiensfigured606.00
54Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiensfoil10110.00
55Brian HaywardMontreal Canadiens-707.00
56Patrick RoyMontreal Canadiens-707.00
57Larry RobinsonMontreal Canadiens-505.00
58Chris CheliosMontreal Canadiens-707.00
59Craig LudwigMontreal Canadiens-707.00
60Rick GreenMontreal Canadiens-707.00
61Mats NaslundMontreal Canadiens-707.00
62Bobby SmithMontreal Canadiens-515.00
63Claude LemieuxMontreal Canadiens-808.00
64Guy CarbonneauMontreal Canadiens-606.00
65Stephane RicherMontreal Canadiens-808.00
66Mike McPheeMontreal Canadiens-717.00
67Brian SkrudlandMontreal Canadiens-808.00
68Chris NilanMontreal Canadiens-707.00
69Bob GaineyMontreal Canadiens-717.00
70New Jersey Devils - Action MomentNew Jersey Devilsfigured717.00
71New Jersey Devils LogoNew Jersey Devilsfoil505.00
72Craig BillingtonNew Jersey Devils-616.00
73Alain ChevrierNew Jersey Devils-808.00
74Bruce DriverNew Jersey Devils-707.00
75Joe CirellaNew Jersey Devils-707.00
76Ken DaneykoNew Jersey Devils-505.00
77Craig WolaninNew Jersey Devils-707.00
78Aaron BrotenNew Jersey Devils-404.00
79Kirk MullerNew Jersey Devils-505.00
80John MacLeanNew Jersey Devils-606.00
81Pat VerbeekNew Jersey Devils-522.50
82Doug SullimanNew Jersey Devils-707.00
83Mark JohnsonNew Jersey Devils-505.00
84Greg AdamsNew Jersey Devils-707.00
85Claude LoiselleNew Jersey Devils-606.00
86Andy BrickleyNew Jersey Devils-505.00
87New York Islanders - Action MomentNew York Islandersfigured707.00
88New York Islanders LogoNew York Islandersfoil808.00
89Billy SmithNew York Islanders-303.00
90Kelly HrudeyNew York Islanders-606.00
91Denis PotvinNew York Islanders-808.00
92Tomas JonssonNew York Islanders-505.00
93Ken LeiterNew York Islanders-717.00
94Ken MorrowNew York Islanders-808.00
95Brian CurranNew York Islanders-505.00
96Bryan TrottierNew York Islanders-515.00
97Mike BossyNew York Islanders-505.00
98Pat LaFontaineNew York Islanders-909.00
99Brent SutterNew York Islanders-707.00
100Mikko MakelaNew York Islanders-717.00
101Patrick FlatleyNew York Islanders-606.00
102Duane SutterNew York Islanders-707.00
103Rich KrommNew York Islanders-414.00
104New York Rangers - Action MomentNew York Rangersfigured606.00
105New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangersfoil717.00
106John VanbiesbrouckNew York Rangers-909.00
107James PatrickNew York Rangers-505.00
108Ron GreschnerNew York Rangers-616.00
109Willie HuberNew York Rangers-808.00
110Curt GilesNew York Rangers-707.00
111Larry MelnykNew York Rangers-515.00
112Walt PoddubnyNew York Rangers-707.00
113Marcel DionneNew York Rangers-515.00
114Tomas SandstromNew York Rangers-606.00
115Kelly KisioNew York Rangers-606.00
116Pierre LaroucheNew York Rangers-505.00
117Don MaloneyNew York Rangers-717.00
118Tony McKegneyNew York Rangers-505.00
119Ron DuguayNew York Rangers-606.00
120Jan ErixonNew York Rangers-404.00
121Philadelphia Flyers - Action MomentPhiladelphia Flyersfigured808.00
122Philadelphia Flyers LogoPhiladelphia Flyersfoil808.00
123Ron HextallPhiladelphia Flyers-717.00
124Mark HowePhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
125Doug CrossmanPhiladelphia Flyers-505.00
126Brad McCrimmonPhiladelphia Flyers-616.00
127Brad MarshPhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
128Tim KerrPhiladelphia Flyers-707.00
129Peter ZezelPhiladelphia Flyers-505.00
130Dave PoulinPhiladelphia Flyers-707.00
131Brian ProppPhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
132Pelle EklundPhiladelphia Flyers-616.00
133Murray CravenPhiladelphia Flyers-717.00
134Rick TocchetPhiladelphia Flyers-616.00
135Derrick SmithPhiladelphia Flyers-707.00
136Ilkka SinisaloPhiladelphia Flyers-515.00
137Ron SutterPhiladelphia Flyers-818.00
138Pittsburgh Penguins - Action MomentPittsburgh Penguinsfigured808.00
139Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguinsfoil717.00
140Gilles MelochePittsburgh Penguins-606.00
141Doug BodgerPittsburgh Penguins-808.00
142Moe ManthaPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
143Jim JohnsonPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
144Rod BuskasPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
145Randy HillierPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
146Mario LemieuxPittsburgh Penguins-808.00
147Dan QuinnPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
148Randy CunneyworthPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
149Craig SimpsonPittsburgh Penguins-723.50
150Terry RuskowskiPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
151John ChabotPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
152Bob ErreyPittsburgh Penguins-616.00
153Dan FrawleyPittsburgh Penguins-505.00
154Dave HannanPittsburgh Penguins-808.00
155Quebec Nordiques - Action MomentQuebec Nordiquesfigured707.00
156Quebec Nordiques LogoQuebec Nordiquesfoil909.00
157Mario GosselinQuebec Nordiques-606.00
158Clint MalarchukQuebec Nordiques-707.00
159Risto SiltanenQuebec Nordiques-616.00
160Robert PicardQuebec Nordiques-606.00
161Normand RochefortQuebec Nordiques-919.00
162Randy MollerQuebec Nordiques-606.00
163Michel GouletQuebec Nordiques-505.00
164Peter StastnyQuebec Nordiques-808.00
165John OgrodnickQuebec Nordiques-606.00
166Anton StastnyQuebec Nordiques-717.00
167Paul GillisQuebec Nordiques-606.00
168Dale HunterQuebec Nordiques-808.00
169Alain CoteQuebec Nordiques-606.00
170Mike EaglesQuebec Nordiques-606.00
171Jason LafreniereQuebec Nordiques-808.00
172Washington Capitals - Action MomentWashington Capitalsfigured808.00
173Washington Capitals LogoWashington Capitalsfoil909.00
174Pete PeetersWashington Capitals-606.00
175Bob MasonWashington Capitals-606.00
176Larry MurphyWashington Capitals-505.00
177Scott StevensWashington Capitals-404.00
178Rod LangwayWashington Capitals-616.00
179Kevin HatcherWashington Capitals-606.00
180Mike GartnerWashington Capitals-404.00
181Mike RidleyWashington Capitals-505.00
182Craig LaughlinWashington Capitals-717.00
183Gaetan DuchesneWashington Capitals-404.00
184Dave ChristianWashington Capitals-808.00
185Greg AdamsWashington Capitals-606.00
186Kelly MillerWashington Capitals-707.00
187Alan HaworthWashington Capitals-606.00
188Lou FranceschettiWashington Capitals-1025.00
189Stanley Cup
1987 Stanley Cupfoil717.00
190Stanley Cup
1987 Stanley Cupfoil808.00
191Ron Hextall1987 Stanley Cup-606.00
192Wayne Gretzky1987 Stanley Cup-10110.00
193Brian Propp1987 Stanley Cup-707.00
194Mark Messier1987 Stanley Cup-818.00
195Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers
1987 Stanley Cup-808.00
196Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers
1987 Stanley Cup-606.00
197Edmonton Oilers with the Stanley Cup
1987 Stanley Cup-808.00
198Edmonton Oilers with the Stanley Cup
1987 Stanley Cup-707.00
199Edmonton Oilers with the Stanley Cup
1987 Stanley Cup-707.00
200Edmonton Oilers with the Stanley Cup
1987 Stanley Cup-909.00
201Calgary Flames - Action MomentCalgary Flamesfigured717.00
202Calgary Flames LogoCalgary Flamesfoil818.00
203Mike VernonCalgary Flames-707.00
204Rejean LemelinCalgary Flames-909.00
205Al MacInnisCalgary Flames-808.00
206Paul ReinhartCalgary Flames-505.00
207Gary SuterCalgary Flames-707.00
208Jamie MacounCalgary Flames-606.00
209Neil SheehyCalgary Flames-808.00
210Joe MullenCalgary Flames-505.00
211Carey WilsonCalgary Flames-909.00
212Joel OttoCalgary Flames-515.00
213Jim PeplinskiCalgary Flames-616.00
214Hakan LoobCalgary Flames-909.00
215Lanny McDonaldCalgary Flames-707.00
216Tim HunterCalgary Flames-707.00
217Gary RobertsCalgary Flames-404.00
218Chicago Blackhawks - Action MomentChicago Blackhawksfigured909.00
219Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawksfoil909.00
220Bob SauveChicago Blackhawks-707.00
221Murray BannermanChicago Blackhawks-1025.00
222Doug WilsonChicago Blackhawks-808.00
223Bob MurrayChicago Blackhawks-808.00
224Gary NylundChicago Blackhawks-808.00
225Denis SavardChicago Blackhawks-909.00
226Steve LarmerChicago Blackhawks-919.00
227Troy MurrayChicago Blackhawks-919.00
228Wayne PresleyChicago Blackhawks-909.00
229Alan SecordChicago Blackhawks-909.00
230Ed OlczykChicago Blackhawks-11011.00
231Curt FraserChicago Blackhawks-808.00
232Bill WatsonChicago Blackhawks-909.00
233Keith BrownChicago Blackhawks-808.00
234Darryl SutterChicago Blackhawks-909.00
235Detroit Red Wings - Action MomentDetroit Red Wingsfigured707.00
236Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wingsfoil909.00
237Greg StefanDetroit Red Wings-808.00
238Glen HanlonDetroit Red Wings-707.00
239Darren VeitchDetroit Red Wings-707.00
240Mike O'ConnellDetroit Red Wings-707.00
241Harold SnepstsDetroit Red Wings-707.00
242Dave LewisDetroit Red Wings-707.00
243Steve YzermanDetroit Red Wings-606.00
244Brent AshtonDetroit Red Wings-505.00
245Gerard GallantDetroit Red Wings-707.00
246Petr KlimaDetroit Red Wings-707.00
247Shawn BurrDetroit Red Wings-515.00
248Adam OatesDetroit Red Wings-505.00
249Mel BridgmanDetroit Red Wings-616.00
250Tim HigginsDetroit Red Wings-404.00
251Joey KocurDetroit Red Wings-616.00
252Edmonton Oilers - Action MomentEdmonton Oilersfigured606.00
253Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilersfoil623.00
254Grant FuhrEdmonton Oilers-717.00
255Andy MoogEdmonton Oilers-707.00
256Paul CoffeyEdmonton Oilers-818.00
257Kevin LoweEdmonton Oilers-707.00
258Craig MuniEdmonton Oilers-606.00
259Steve SmithEdmonton Oilers-606.00
260Charlie HuddyEdmonton Oilers-717.00
261Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers-909.00
262Jari KurriEdmonton Oilers-606.00
263Mark MessierEdmonton Oilers-818.00
264Esa TikkanenEdmonton Oilers-505.00
265Glenn AndersonEdmonton Oilers-707.00
266Mike KrushelnyskiEdmonton Oilers-707.00
267Craig MacTavishEdmonton Oilers-606.00
268Dave HunterEdmonton Oilers-707.00
269Los Angeles Kings - Action MomentLos Angeles Kingsfigured909.00
270Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kingsfoil808.00
271Roland MelansonLos Angeles Kings-505.00
272Darren EliotLos Angeles Kings-717.00
273Grant LedyardLos Angeles Kings-707.00
274Jay WellsLos Angeles Kings-505.00
275Mark HardyLos Angeles Kings-505.00
276Dean KennedyLos Angeles Kings-505.00
277Luc RobitailleLos Angeles Kings-808.00
278Bernie NichollsLos Angeles Kings-909.00
279Jimmy CarsonLos Angeles Kings-606.00
280Dave TaylorLos Angeles Kings-606.00
281Jim FoxLos Angeles Kings-414.00
282Bryan EricksonLos Angeles Kings-707.00
283Dave WilliamsLos Angeles Kings-505.00
284Sean McKennaLos Angeles Kings-606.00
285Phil SykesLos Angeles Kings-606.00
286Minnesota North Stars - Action MomentMinnesota North Starsfigured606.00
287Minnesota North Stars LogoMinnesota North Starsfoil832.67
288Kari TakkoMinnesota North Stars-606.00
289Don BeaupreMinnesota North Stars-707.00
290Craig HartsburgMinnesota North Stars-606.00
291Ron WilsonMinnesota North Stars-404.00
292Frantisek MusilMinnesota North Stars-818.00
293Dino CiccarelliMinnesota North Stars-808.00
294Brian MacLellanMinnesota North Stars-623.00
295Dirk GrahamMinnesota North Stars-505.00
296Brian BellowsMinnesota North Stars-505.00
297Neal BrotenMinnesota North Stars-606.00
298Dennis MarukMinnesota North Stars-616.00
299Keith ActonMinnesota North Stars-808.00
300Brian LawtonMinnesota North Stars-606.00
301Bob BrookeMinnesota North Stars-723.50
302Willi PlettMinnesota North Stars-606.00
303St. Louis Blues - Action MomentSt. Louis Bluesfigured606.00
304St. Louis Blues LogoSt. Louis Bluesfoil707.00
305Rick WamsleySt. Louis Blues-707.00
306Rob RamageSt. Louis Blues-606.00
307Ric NattressSt. Louis Blues-909.00
308Bruce BellSt. Louis Blues-414.00
309Charlie BourgeoisSt. Louis Blues-606.00
310Jim PaveseSt. Louis Blues-515.00
311Doug GilmourSt. Louis Blues-909.00
312Bernie FederkoSt. Louis Blues-616.00
313Mark HunterSt. Louis Blues-616.00
314Greg PaslawskiSt. Louis Blues-717.00
315Gino CavalliniSt. Louis Blues-404.00
316Rick MeagherSt. Louis Blues-808.00
317Ron FlockhartSt. Louis Blues-707.00
318Doug WickenheiserSt. Louis Blues-818.00
319Jocelyn LemieuxSt. Louis Blues-606.00
320Toronto Maple Leafs - Action MomentToronto Maple Leafsfigured909.00
321Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafsfoil707.00
322Ken WreggetToronto Maple Leafs-808.00
323Allan BesterToronto Maple Leafs-808.00
324Todd GillToronto Maple Leafs-808.00
325Al IafrateToronto Maple Leafs-717.00
326Borje SalmingToronto Maple Leafs-606.00
327Russ CourtnallToronto Maple Leafs-919.00
328Rick VaiveToronto Maple Leafs-818.00
329Steve ThomasToronto Maple Leafs-808.00
330Wendel ClarkToronto Maple Leafs-818.00
331Gary LeemanToronto Maple Leafs-808.00
332Tom FergusToronto Maple Leafs-909.00
333Vincent DamphousseToronto Maple Leafs-808.00
334Peter IhnacakToronto Maple Leafs-909.00
335Brad SmithToronto Maple Leafs-707.00
336Miroslav IhnacakToronto Maple Leafs-818.00
337Vancouver Canucks - Action MomentVancouver Canucksfigured707.00
338Vancouver Canucks LogoVancouver Canucksfoil606.00
339Frank CapriceVancouver Canucks-606.00
340Richard BrodeurVancouver Canucks-505.00
341Doug LidsterVancouver Canucks-606.00
342Michel PetitVancouver Canucks-616.00
343Garth ButcherVancouver Canucks-606.00
344Dave RichterVancouver Canucks-717.00
345Tony TantiVancouver Canucks-623.00
346Barry PedersonVancouver Canucks-707.00
347Petri SkrikoVancouver Canucks-616.00
348Patrik SundstromVancouver Canucks-707.00
349Stan SmylVancouver Canucks-707.00
350Rich SutterVancouver Canucks-10010.00
351Steve TambelliniVancouver Canucks-515.00
352Jim SandlakVancouver Canucks-606.00
353Dave LowryVancouver Canucks-606.00
354Winnipeg Jets - Action MomentWinnipeg Jetsfigured606.00
355Winnipeg Jets LogoWinnipeg Jetsfoil707.00
356Daniel BerthiaumeWinnipeg Jets-707.00
357Pokey ReddickWinnipeg Jets-808.00
358Dave EllettWinnipeg Jets-717.00
359Mario MaroisWinnipeg Jets-808.00
360Randy CarlyleWinnipeg Jets-808.00
361Fredrick OlaussonWinnipeg Jets-606.00
362Jim KyteWinnipeg Jets-707.00
363Dale HawerchukWinnipeg Jets-616.00
364Paul MacLeanWinnipeg Jets-505.00
365Thomas SteenWinnipeg Jets-717.00
366Gilles HamelWinnipeg Jets-818.00
367Doug SmailWinnipeg Jets-606.00
368Laurie BoschmanWinnipeg Jets-606.00
369Ray NeufeldWinnipeg Jets-808.00
370Andrew McBainWinnipeg Jets-717.00
371Wayne GretzkyLeaders 1986-87figured717.00
372Hart Memorial TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil909.00
373Wayne GretzkyLeaders 1986-87figured808.00
374Art Ross TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil909.00
375William M. Jennings TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil616.00
376Brian Hayward, Patrick RoyLeaders 1986-87figured606.00
377Vezina TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil707.00
378Ron HextallLeaders 1986-87figured404.00
379Luc RobitailleLeaders 1986-87figured707.00
380Calder Memorial TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil515.00
381Ray BourqueLeaders 1986-87figured717.00
382James Norris Memorial TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil606.00
383Lady Byng Memorial TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil505.00
384Joe MullenLeaders 1986-87figured707.00
385Frank J. Selke TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil606.00
386Dave PoulinLeaders 1986-87figured606.00
387Doug JarvisLeaders 1986-87figured606.00
388Bill Masterton Memorial TrophyLeaders 1986-87foil808.00
389Wayne GretzkyLeaders 1986-87figured808.00
390Emery Edge AwardLeaders 1986-87foil616.00
391Philadelphia Flyers Team
1987 Stanley Cup Playoffs-505.00
392Philadelphia Flyers Team
1987 Stanley Cup Playoffs-515.00
393Prince of Wales Trophy1987 Stanley Cup Playoffsfoil707.00
394Clarence S. Campbell Bowl1987 Stanley Cup Playoffsfoil808.00
395Edmonton Oilers Team
1987 Stanley Cup Playoffs-707.00
396Edmonton Oilers Team
1987 Stanley Cup Playoffs-707.00
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