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Panini NHL Hockey 2003-2004

Panini NHL Hockey 2003-2004

Year: 2003
Total stickers: 390

National Hockey League sticker collection

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 15 / completed: 2


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1Slava KozlovAtlanta Thrashers-606.00
2Marc SavardAtlanta Thrashers-505.00
3Pasi NurminenAtlanta Thrashers-606.00
4Shawn McEachernAtlanta Thrashers-515.00
5Andy SuttonAtlanta Thrashers-404.00
6Dany HeatleyAtlanta Thrashers-707.00
7Atlanta Thrashers LogoAtlanta Thrashersfoil606.00
8Ilya KovalchukAtlanta Thrashers-505.00
9Game moment (1 of 2)Atlanta Thrasherspuzzle808.00
10Game moment (2 of 2)Atlanta Thrasherspuzzle909.00
11Yannick TremblayAtlanta Thrashers-707.00
12Randy RobitailleAtlanta Thrashers-606.00
13Patrik StefanAtlanta Thrashers-606.00
14Sergei SamsonovBoston Bruins-414.00
15Joe ThorntonBoston Bruins-505.00
16Nick BoyntonBoston Bruins-606.00
17Felix PotvinBoston Bruins-707.00
18Glen MurrayBoston Bruins-505.00
19Mike KnubleBoston Bruins-505.00
20Boston Bruins LogoBoston Bruinsfoil522.50
21Brian RolstonBoston Bruins-707.00
22Patrice BergeronBoston Bruins-505.00
23Martin LapointeBoston Bruins-616.00
24Game moment (1 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle707.00
25Game moment (2 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle909.00
26Hal GillBoston Bruins-707.00
27Maxim AfinogenovBuffalo Sabres-606.00
28Game moment (1 of 2)Buffalo Sabrespuzzle616.00
29Game moment (2 of 2)Buffalo Sabrespuzzle606.00
30Jean-Pierre DumontBuffalo Sabres-707.00
31Ales KotalikBuffalo Sabres-606.00
32Daniel BriereBuffalo Sabres-505.00
33Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabresfoil616.00
34Tim ConnollyBuffalo Sabres-707.00
35Martin BironBuffalo Sabres-505.00
36Curtis BrownBuffalo Sabres-606.00
37Chris DruryBuffalo Sabres-505.00
38Miroslav SatanBuffalo Sabres-808.00
39Alexei ZhitnikBuffalo Sabres-606.00
40Rod Brind`AmourCarolina Hurricanes-707.00
41Kevin WeekesCarolina Hurricanes-404.00
42Radim VrbataCarolina Hurricanes-505.00
43Eric StaalCarolina Hurricanes-404.00
44Kevyn AdamsCarolina Hurricanes-404.00
45Brett HedicanCarolina Hurricanes-707.00
46Carolina Hurricanes LogoCarolina Hurricanesfoil707.00
47Eric ColeCarolina Hurricanes-404.00
48Game moment (1 of 2)Carolina Hurricanespuzzle808.00
49Game moment (2 of 2)Carolina Hurricanespuzzle909.00
50Josef VasicekCarolina Hurricanes-808.00
51Ron FrancisCarolina Hurricanes-707.00
52Jeff O`NeillCarolina Hurricanes-505.00
53Mathieu BironFlorida Panthers-616.00
54Kristian HuseliusFlorida Panthers-606.00
55Marcus NilsonFlorida Panthers-505.00
56Viktor KozlovFlorida Panthers-707.00
57Jay BouwmeesterFlorida Panthers-404.00
58Nathan HortonFlorida Panthers-707.00
59Florida Panthers LogoFlorida Panthersfoil808.00
60Game moment (1 of 2)Florida Pantherspuzzle808.00
61Game moment (2 of 2)Florida Pantherspuzzle606.00
62Darcy HordichukFlorida Panthers-606.00
63Olli JokinenFlorida Panthers-505.00
64Roberto LuongoFlorida Panthers-505.00
65Niklas HagmanFlorida Panthers-808.00
66Richard ZednikMontreal Canadiens-505.00
67Saku KoivuMontreal Canadiens-505.00
68Michael RyderMontreal Canadiens-606.00
69Patrice BriseboisMontreal Canadiens-808.00
70Marcel HossaMontreal Canadiens-606.00
71Craig RivetMontreal Canadiens-707.00
72Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiensfoil808.00
73Game moment (1 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle808.00
74Game moment (2 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle707.00
75Chad KilgerMontreal Canadiens-707.00
76Joe JuneauMontreal Canadiens-606.00
77Jose TheodoreMontreal Canadiens-606.00
78Andrei MarkovMontreal Canadiens-707.00
79Patrik EliasNew Jersey Devils-505.00
80Game moment (1 of 2)New Jersey Devilspuzzle606.00
81Game moment (2 of 2)New Jersey Devilspuzzle808.00
82Scott GomezNew Jersey Devils-414.00
83Scott StevensNew Jersey Devils-404.00
84Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey Devils-707.00
85New Jersey Devils LogoNew Jersey Devilsfoil515.00
86Jamie LangenbrunnerNew Jersey Devils-505.00
87Brian RafalskiNew Jersey Devils-707.00
88Martin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils-707.00
89Brian GiontaNew Jersey Devils-909.00
90John MaddenNew Jersey Devils-707.00
91Jeff FriesenNew Jersey Devils-303.00
92Mariusz CzerkawskiNew York Islanders-515.00
93Rick DiPietroNew York Islanders-505.00
94Alexei YashinNew York Islanders-404.00
95Andrian AucoinNew York Islanders-707.00
96Michael PecaNew York Islanders-404.00
97Janne NiinimaaNew York Islanders-606.00
98New York Islanders LogoNew York Islandersfoil818.00
99Dave ScatchardNew York Islanders-606.00
100Game moment (1 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle707.00
101Game moment (2 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle808.00
102Shawn BatesNew York Islanders-606.00
103Jason BlakeNew York Islanders-505.00
104Roman HamrlikNew York Islanders-606.00
105Brian LeetchNew York Rangers-606.00
106Alex KovalevNew York Rangers-606.00
107Tom PotiNew York Rangers-606.00
108Matthew BarnabyNew York Rangers-707.00
109Bobby HolikNew York Rangers-707.00
110Mike DunhamNew York Rangers-303.00
111New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangersfoil717.00
112Mark MessierNew York Rangers-404.00
113Game moment (1 of 2)New York Rangerspuzzle707.00
114Game moment (2 of 2)New York Rangerspuzzle808.00
115Petr NedvedNew York Rangers-515.00
116Anson CarterNew York Rangers-505.00
117Eric LindrosNew York Rangers-606.00
118Daniel AlfredssonOttawa Senators-606.00
119Game moment (1 of 2)Ottawa Senatorspuzzle606.00
120Game moment (2 of 2)Ottawa Senatorspuzzle707.00
121Marian HossaOttawa Senators-404.00
122Todd WhiteOttawa Senators-606.00
123Zdeno CharaOttawa Senators-707.00
124Ottawa Senators LogoOttawa Senatorsfoil808.00
125Radek BonkOttawa Senators-606.00
126Wade ReddenOttawa Senators-606.00
127Martin HavlatOttawa Senators-707.00
128Chris NeilOttawa Senators-909.00
129Patrick LalimeOttawa Senators-606.00
130Jason SpezzaOttawa Senators-404.00
131John LeClairPhiladelphia Flyers-414.00
132Game moment (1 of 2)Philadelphia Flyerspuzzle707.00
133Game moment (2 of 2)Philadelphia Flyerspuzzle707.00
134Tony AmontePhiladelphia Flyers-505.00
135Jeff HackettPhiladelphia Flyers-404.00
136Mark RecchiPhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
137Philadelphia Flyers LogoPhiladelphia Flyersfoil707.00
138Simon GagnePhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
139Justin WilliamsPhiladelphia Flyers-505.00
140Jeremy RoenickPhiladelphia Flyers-717.00
141Lkeith PrimeauPhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
142Eric DesjardinsPhiladelphia Flyers-404.00
143Joni PitkanenPhiladelphia Flyers-606.00
144Mario LemieuxPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
145Ryan MalonePittsburgh Penguins-606.00
146Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
147Konstantin KoltsovPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
148Rico FataPittsburgh Penguins-505.00
149Ramzi AbidPittsburgh Penguins-505.00
150Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguinsfoil707.00
151Game moment (1 of 2)Pittsburgh Penguinspuzzle808.00
152Game moment (2 of 2)Pittsburgh Penguinspuzzle707.00
153Aleksey MorozovPittsburgh Penguins-606.00
154Dick TarnstromPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
155Steve McKennaPittsburgh Penguins-505.00
156Brooks OrpikPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
157Frederik ModinTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
158Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
159Dave AndreychukTampa Bay Lightning-808.00
160Alexander SvitovTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
161Pavel KubinaTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
162Nikolai KhabibulinTampa Bay Lightning-707.00
163Tampa Bay Lightning LogoTampa Bay Lightningfoil808.00
164Martin St-LouisTampa Bay Lightning-606.00
165Game moment (1 of 2)Tampa Bay Lightningpuzzle707.00
166Game moment (2 of 2)Tampa Bay Lightningpuzzle909.00
167Dan BoyleTampa Bay Lightning-808.00
168Brad RichardsTampa Bay Lightning-515.00
169Cory StillmanTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
170Joe NieuwendykToronto Maple Leafs-515.00
171Tomas KaberleToronto Maple Leafs-404.00
172Darcy TuckerToronto Maple Leafs-606.00
173Mats SundinToronto Maple Leafs-616.00
174Bryan McCabeToronto Maple Leafs-404.00
175Ken KleeToronto Maple Leafs-606.00
176Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafsfoil808.00
177Gary RobertsToronto Maple Leafs-505.00
178Game moment (1 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle808.00
179Game moment (2 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle909.00
180Alexander MogilnyToronto Maple Leafs-707.00
181Owen NolanToronto Maple Leafs-505.00
182Ed BelfourToronto Maple Leafs-505.00
183Peter BondraWashington Capitals-707.00
184Jaromir JagrWashington Capitals-505.00
185Steve EmingerWashington Capitals-606.00
186Game moment (1 of 2)Washington Capitalspuzzle909.00
187Game moment (2 of 2)Washington Capitalspuzzle606.00
188Olaf KolzigWashington Capitals-505.00
189Washington Capitals LogoWashington Capitalsfoil818.00
190Dainius ZubrusWashington Capitals-606.00
191Sergei GoncharWashington Capitals-505.00
192Alexander SeminWashington Capitals-707.00
193Brendan WittWashington Capitals-707.00
194Jeff HalpernWashington Capitals-707.00
195Robert LangWashington Capitals-707.00
196Petr SykoraMighty Ducks of Anaheim-707.00
197Jean-Sebastien GiguereMighty Ducks of Anaheim-707.00
198Stanislav ChistovMighty Ducks of Anaheim-616.00
199Mike LeclercMighty Ducks of Anaheim-707.00
200Vaclav ProspalMighty Ducks of Anaheim-707.00
201Keith CarneyMighty Ducks of Anaheim-505.00
202Mighty Ducks of Anaheim LogoMighty Ducks of Anaheimfoil909.00
203Sergei FedorovMighty Ducks of Anaheim-707.00
204Game moment (1 of 2)Mighty Ducks of Anaheimpuzzle818.00
205Game moment (2 of 2)Mighty Ducks of Anaheimpuzzle606.00
206Steve RucchinMighty Ducks of Anaheim-414.00
207Rob NiedermayerMighty Ducks of Anaheim-717.00
208Sandis OzolinshMighty Ducks of Anaheim-606.00
209Dean McAmmondCalgary Flames-505.00
210Craig ConroyCalgary Flames-606.00
211Chuck KobasewCalgary Flames-707.00
212Jarome IginlaCalgary Flames-505.00
213Stephane YelleCalgary Flames-606.00
214Roman TurekCalgary Flames-606.00
215Calgary Flames LogoCalgary Flamesfoil808.00
216Game moment (1 of 2)Calgary Flamespuzzle808.00
217Game moment (2 of 2)Calgary Flamespuzzle10010.00
218Robyn RegehrCalgary Flames-606.00
219Jordan LeopoldCalgary Flames-606.00
220Steven ReinprechtCalgary Flames-606.00
221Denis GauthierCalgary Flames-505.00
222Alexei ZhamnovChicago Blackhawks-505.00
223Mark BellChicago Blackhawks-606.00
224Bryan BerardChicago Blackhawks-404.00
225Steve SullivanChicago Blackhawks-606.00
226Jocelyn ThibaultChicago Blackhawks-707.00
227Eric DazeChicago Blackhawks-808.00
228Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawksfoil616.00
229Game moment (1 of 2)Chicago Blackhawkspuzzle808.00
230Game moment (2 of 2)Chicago Blackhawkspuzzle606.00
231Ville NieminenChicago Blackhawks-707.00
232Tyler ArnasonChicago Blackhawks-707.00
233Kyle CalderChicago Blackhawks-707.00
234Nathan DempseyChicago Blackhawks-505.00
235David AebischerColorado Avalanche-505.00
236Rob BlakeColorado Avalanche-707.00
237Adam FooteColorado Avalanche-616.00
238Teemu SelanneColorado Avalanche-606.00
239Peter ForsbergColorado Avalanche-707.00
240Alex TanguayColorado Avalanche-505.00
241Colorado Avalanche LogoColorado Avalanchefoil818.00
242Joe SakicColorado Avalanche-606.00
243Paul KariyaColorado Avalanche-515.00
244Milan HejdukColorado Avalanche-404.00
245Derek MorrisColorado Avalanche-515.00
246Game moment (1 of 2)Colorado Avalanchepuzzle818.00
247Game moment (2 of 2)Colorado Avalanchepuzzle707.00
248Daryl SydorColumbus Blue Jackets-404.00
249Game moment (1 of 2)Columbus Blue Jacketspuzzle808.00
250Game moment (2 of 2)Columbus Blue Jacketspuzzle818.00
251Espen KnutsenColumbus Blue Jackets-505.00
252Rostislav KleslaColumbus Blue Jackets-707.00
253Marc DenisColumbus Blue Jackets-606.00
254Columbus Blue Jackets LogoColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil808.00
255Geoff SandersonColumbus Blue Jackets-707.00
256Jaroslav SpacekColumbus Blue Jackets-707.00
257Rick NashColumbus Blue Jackets-505.00
258David VybornyColumbus Blue Jackets-707.00
259Jody ShelleyColumbus Blue Jackets-515.00
260Todd MarchantColumbus Blue Jackets-505.00
261Sergei ZubovDallas Stars-606.00
262Game moment (1 of 2)Dallas Starspuzzle808.00
263Game moment (2 of 2)Dallas Starspuzzle606.00
264Jason ArnottDallas Stars-505.00
265Jere LehtinenDallas Stars-606.00
266Teppo NumminenDallas Stars-707.00
267Dallas Stars LogoDallas Starsfoil818.00
268Stu BarnesDallas Stars-505.00
269Brenden MorrowDallas Stars-505.00
270Mike ModanoDallas Stars-515.00
271Marty TurcoDallas Stars-808.00
272Bill GuerinDallas Stars-808.00
273Niko KapanenDallas Stars-505.00
274Steve YzermanDetroit Red Wings-505.00
275Ray WhitneyDetroit Red Wings-707.00
276Chris CheliosDetroit Red Wings-616.00
277Brett HullDetroit Red Wings-606.00
278Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings-707.00
279Brendan ShanahanDetroit Red Wings-606.00
280Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wingsfoil606.00
281Darren McCartyDetroit Red Wings-707.00
282Dominik HasekDetroit Red Wings-505.00
283Kris DraperDetroit Red Wings-414.00
284Game moment (1 of 2)Detroit Red Wingspuzzle616.00
285Game moment (2 of 2)Detroit Red Wingspuzzle717.00
286Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red Wings-606.00
287Georges LaraqueEdmonton Oilers-404.00
288Eric BrewerEdmonton Oilers-707.00
289Jason SmithEdmonton Oilers-616.00
290Raffi TorresEdmonton Oilers-505.00
291Game moment (1 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle818.00
292Game moment (2 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle707.00
293Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilersfoil909.00
294Mike YorkEdmonton Oilers-707.00
295Fernando PisaniEdmonton Oilers-707.00
296Ales HemskyEdmonton Oilers-505.00
297Ryan SmythEdmonton Oilers-707.00
298Shawn HorcoffEdmonton Oilers-505.00
299Tommy SaloEdmonton Oilers-707.00
300Roman CechmanekLos Angeles Kings-707.00
301Game moment (1 of 2)Los Angeles Kingspuzzle808.00
302Game moment (2 of 2)Los Angeles Kingspuzzle707.00
303Lubomir VisnovskyLos Angeles Kings-515.00
304Adam DeadmarshLos Angeles Kings-707.00
305Aaron MillerLos Angeles Kings-707.00
306Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kingsfoil808.00
307Jason AllisonLos Angeles Kings-505.00
308Jaroslav ModryLos Angeles Kings-606.00
309Mattias NorstromLos Angeles Kings-606.00
310Alexander FrolovLos Angeles Kings-707.00
311Zigmund PalffyLos Angeles Kings-606.00
312Ian LaperriereLos Angeles Kings-404.00
313Sergei ZholtokMinnesota Wild-606.00
314Pierre-Marc BouchardMinnesota Wild-717.00
315Dwayne RolosonMinnesota Wild-515.00
316Filip KubaMinnesota Wild-606.00
317Andrew BrunetteMinnesota Wild-707.00
318Marian GaborikMinnesota Wild-414.00
319Minnesota Wild LogoMinnesota Wildfoil616.00
320Matt JohnsonMinnesota Wild-606.00
321Game moment (1 of 2)Minnesota Wildpuzzle707.00
322Game moment (2 of 2)Minnesota Wildpuzzle606.00
323Willie MitchellMinnesota Wild-515.00
324Darby HendricksonMinnesota Wild-717.00
325Pascal DupuisMinnesota Wild-707.00
326Adam HallNashville Predators-505.00
327Game moment (1 of 2)Nashville Predatorspuzzle909.00
328Game moment (2 of 2)Nashville Predatorspuzzle818.00
329Kimmo TimonenNashville Predators-606.00
330Dan HamhuisNashville Predators-707.00
331Marek ZidlickyNashville Predators-707.00
332Nashville Predators LogoNashville Predatorsfoil808.00
333Scott WalkerNashville Predators-707.00
334David LegwandNashville Predators-808.00
335Scott HartnellNashville Predators-505.00
336Tomas VokounNashville Predators-505.00
337Greg JohnsonNashville Predators-606.00
338Jordin TootooNashville Predators-505.00
339Ossi VaananenPhoenix Coyotes-505.00
340Ladislav NagyPhoenix Coyotes-717.00
341Shane DoanPhoenix Coyotes-707.00
342Jan HrdinaPhoenix Coyotes-515.00
343Game moment (1 of 2)Phoenix Coyotespuzzle909.00
344Game moment (2 of 2)Phoenix Coyotespuzzle808.00
345Phoenix Coyotes LogoPhoenix Coyotesfoil808.00
346Sean BurkePhoenix Coyotes-505.00
347Mike JohnsonPhoenix Coyotes-606.00
348Paul MaraPhoenix Coyotes-404.00
349Krys KolanosPhoenix Coyotes-808.00
350Chris GrattonPhoenix Coyotes-505.00
351Daymond LangkowPhoenix Coyotes-606.00
352Chris OsgoodSt. Louis Blues-606.00
353Game moment (1 of 2)St. Louis Bluespuzzle707.00
354Game moment (2 of 2)St. Louis Bluespuzzle606.00
355Keith TkachukSt. Louis Blues-707.00
356Doug WeightSt. Louis Blues-606.00
357Chris ProngerSt. Louis Blues-505.00
358St. Louis Blues LogoSt. Louis Bluesfoil10010.00
359Al MacInnisSt. Louis Blues-707.00
360Pavol DemitraSt. Louis Blues-505.00
361Peter SejnaSt. Louis Blues-606.00
362Dallas DrakeSt. Louis Blues-606.00
363Barret JackmanSt. Louis Blues-909.00
364Petr CajanekSt. Louis Blues-606.00
365Vincent DamphousseSan Jose Sharks-606.00
366Scott ThorntonSan Jose Sharks-808.00
367Evgeni NabokovSan Jose Sharks-515.00
368Mike RicciSan Jose Sharks-606.00
369Alyn McCauleySan Jose Sharks-515.00
370Marco SturmSan Jose Sharks-616.00
371San Jose Sharks LogoSan Jose Sharksfoil808.00
372Game moment (1 of 2)San Jose Sharkspuzzle808.00
373Game moment (2 of 2)San Jose Sharkspuzzle919.00
374Patrick MarleauSan Jose Sharks-505.00
375Milan MichalekSan Jose Sharks-616.00
376Jonathan CheechooSan Jose Sharks-707.00
377Brad StuartSan Jose Sharks-505.00
378Todd BertuzziVancouver Canucks-606.00
379Game moment (1 of 2)Vancouver Canuckspuzzle808.00
380Game moment (2 of 2)Vancouver Canuckspuzzle818.00
381Brendan MorrisonVancouver Canucks-404.00
382Markus NaslundVancouver Canucks-909.00
383Ed JovanovskiVancouver Canucks-606.00
384Vancouver Canucks LogoVancouver Canucksfoil909.00
385Mattias OhlundVancouver Canucks-505.00
386Dan CloutierVancouver Canucks-707.00
387Daniel SedinVancouver Canucks-505.00
388Trevor LindenVancouver Canucks-808.00
389Matt CookeVancouver Canucks-404.00
390Jason KingVancouver Canucks-505.00
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