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Panini NHL Hockey 2006-2007

Panini NHL Hockey 2006-2007

Year: 2006
Total stickers: 360

National Hockey League sticker collection

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 12 / completed: 3


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1Atlanta Thrashers Team (1 of 2)Atlanta Thrasherspuzzle130.33
2Atlanta Thrashers Team (2 of 2)Atlanta Thrasherspuzzle212.00
3Atlanta Thrashers LogoAtlanta Thrashersmetal505.00
4Bobby HolikAtlanta Thrashers-212.00
5Marian HossaAtlanta Thrashers-414.00
6Ilya KovalchukAtlanta Thrashers-202.00
7Slava KozlovAtlanta Thrashers-120.50
8Scott MellanbyAtlanta Thrashers-313.00
9Kari LehtonenAtlanta Thrashers-303.00
10Niclas HavelidAtlanta Thrashers-340.75
11Steve RucchinAtlanta Thrashers-221.00
12Andy SuttonAtlanta Thrashers-230.67
13Boston Bruins Team (1 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle212.00
14Boston Bruins Team (2 of 2)Boston Bruinspuzzle313.00
15Boston Bruins LogoBoston Bruinsmetal505.00
16P.J. AxelssonBoston Bruins-120.50
17Patrice BergeronBoston Bruins-313.00
18Brad BoyesBoston Bruins-414.00
19Glen MurrayBoston Bruins-221.00
20Marc SavardBoston Bruins-010.00
21Marco SturmBoston Bruins-321.50
22Zdeno CharaBoston Bruins-120.50
23Brad StuartBoston Bruins-414.00
24Paul MaraBoston Bruins-111.00
25Buffalo Sabres Team (1 of 2)Buffalo Sabrespuzzle331.00
26Buffalo Sabres Team (2 of 2)Buffalo Sabrespuzzle212.00
27Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabresmetal303.00
28Ryan MillerBuffalo Sabres-111.00
29Chris DruryBuffalo Sabres-120.50
30Maxim AfinogenovBuffalo Sabres-515.00
31Ales KotalikBuffalo Sabres-111.00
32Daniel BriereBuffalo Sabres-212.00
33Thomas VanekBuffalo Sabres-202.00
34Derek RoyBuffalo Sabres-505.00
35Brian CampbellBuffalo Sabres-321.50
36Tim ConnollyBuffalo Sabres-120.50
37Carolina Hurricanes Team (1 of 2)Carolina Hurricanespuzzle111.00
38Carolina Hurricanes Team (2 of 2)Carolina Hurricanespuzzle212.00
39Carolina Hurricanes LogoCarolina Hurricanesmetal313.00
40Cam WardCarolina Hurricanes-404.00
41Rod Brind'AmourCarolina Hurricanes-010.00
42Erik ColeCarolina Hurricanes-313.00
43Eric StaalCarolina Hurricanes-212.00
44Cory StillmanCarolina Hurricanes-522.50
45Ray WhitneyCarolina Hurricanes-120.50
46Justin WilliamsCarolina Hurricanes-111.00
47Frantisek KaberleCarolina Hurricanes-303.00
48Bret HedicanCarolina Hurricanes-313.00
49Florida Panthers Team (1 of 2)Florida Pantherspuzzle010.00
50Florida Panthers Team (2 of 2)Florida Pantherspuzzle414.00
51Florida Panthers LogoFlorida Panthersmetal505.00
52Todd BertuzziFlorida Panthers-422.00
53Nathan HortonFlorida Panthers-111.00
54Olli JokinenFlorida Panthers-202.00
55Joe NieuwendykFlorida Panthers-321.50
56Rostislav OleszFlorida Panthers-313.00
57Gary RobertsFlorida Panthers-313.00
58Josef StumpelFlorida Panthers-111.00
59Jay BouwmeesterFlorida Panthers-010.00
60Ed BelfourFlorida Panthers-515.00
61Montreal Canadiens Team (1 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle221.00
62Montreal Canadiens Team (2 of 2)Montreal Canadienspuzzle414.00
63Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiensmetal321.50
64Saku KoivuMontreal Canadiens-101.00
65Alexei KovalevMontreal Canadiens-414.00
66Christopher HigginsMontreal Canadiens-212.00
67Mike RibeiroMontreal Canadiens-212.00
68Michael RyderMontreal Canadiens-505.00
69Sergei SamsonovMontreal Canadiens-414.00
70Andrei MarkovMontreal Canadiens-313.00
71Sheldon SourayMontreal Canadiens-313.00
72Cristobal HuetMontreal Canadiens-303.00
73New Jersey Devils Team (1 of 2)New Jersey Devilspuzzle515.00
74New Jersey Devils Team (2 of 2)New Jersey Devilspuzzle303.00
75New Jersey Devils LogoNew Jersey Devilsmetal120.50
76Martin BrodeurNew Jersey Devils-303.00
77Brian GiontaNew Jersey Devils-505.00
78Patrik EliasNew Jersey Devils-212.00
79Scott GomezNew Jersey Devils-212.00
80Brian RafalskiNew Jersey Devils-202.00
81Colin WhiteNew Jersey Devils-404.00
82Jamie LangenbrunnerNew Jersey Devils-321.50
83John MaddenNew Jersey Devils-321.50
84Zach PariseNew Jersey Devils-404.00
85New York Islanders Team (1 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle422.00
86New York Islanders Team (2 of 2)New York Islanderspuzzle101.00
87New York Islanders LogoNew York Islandersmetal404.00
88Rick DiPietroNew York Islanders-331.00
89Miroslav SatanNew York Islanders-111.00
90Alexei YashinNew York Islanders-101.00
91Mike YorkNew York Islanders-230.67
92Jason BlakeNew York Islanders-240.50
93Brendan WittNew York Islanders-101.00
94Alexei ZhitnikNew York Islanders-221.00
95Mike SillingerNew York Islanders-221.00
96Trent HunterNew York Islanders-212.00
97New York Rangers Team (1 of 2)New York Rangerspuzzle130.33
98New York Rangers Team (2 of 2)New York Rangerspuzzle130.33
99New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangersmetal606.00
100Jaromir JagrNew York Rangers-303.00
101Brendan ShanahanNew York Rangers-221.00
102Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers-221.00
103Marek MalikNew York Rangers-202.00
104Michal RozsivalNew York Rangers-313.00
105Petr PruchaNew York Rangers-313.00
106Martin StrakaNew York Rangers-221.00
107Michael NylanderNew York Rangers-404.00
108Darius KasparaitisNew York Rangers-522.50
109Ottawa Senators Team (1 of 2)Ottawa Senatorspuzzle221.00
110Ottawa Senators Team (2 of 2)Ottawa Senatorspuzzle321.50
111Ottawa Senators LogoOttawa Senatorsmetal414.00
112Daniel AlfredssonOttawa Senators-212.00
113Jason SpezzaOttawa Senators-505.00
114Danyt HeatleyOttawa Senators-616.00
115Mike FisherOttawa Senators-303.00
116Patrick EavesOttawa Senators-130.33
117Chris PhillipsOttawa Senators-212.00
118Wade ReddenOttawa Senators-404.00
119Martin GerberOttawa Senators-321.50
120Ray EmeryOttawa Senators-404.00
121Philadelphia Flyers Team (1 of 2)Philadelphia Flyerspuzzle414.00
122Philadelphia Flyers Team (2 of 2)Philadelphia Flyerspuzzle212.00
123Philadelphia Flyers LogoPhiladelphia Flyersmetal212.00
124Petr ForsbergPhiladelphia Flyers-303.00
125Calder KylePhiladelphia Flyers-111.00
126Simon GagnePhiladelphia Flyers-321.50
127Petr NedvedPhiladelphia Flyers-221.00
128Derian HatcherPhiladelphia Flyers-212.00
129Joni PitkanenPhiladelphia Flyers-212.00
130Robert EschePhiladelphia Flyers-202.00
131Mike KnublePhiladelphia Flyers-202.00
132Jeff CarterPhiladelphia Flyers-202.00
133Pittsburgh Penguins Team (1 of 2)Pittsburgh Penguinspuzzle212.00
134Pittsburgh Penguins Team (2 of 2)Pittsburgh Penguinspuzzle221.00
135Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguinsmetal404.00
136Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguins-515.00
137Mark RecchiPittsburgh Penguins-212.00
138Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh Penguins-202.00
139Sergei GoncharPittsburgh Penguins-404.00
140Ronald PetrovickyPittsburgh Penguins-313.00
141John LeClairPittsburgh Penguins-212.00
142Ryan MalonePittsburgh Penguins-404.00
143Ryan WhitneyPittsburgh Penguins-212.00
144Nils EkmanPittsburgh Penguins-404.00
145Tampa Bay Lightning Team (1 of 2)Tampa Bay Lightningpuzzle202.00
146Tampa Bay Lightning Team (2 of 2)Tampa Bay Lightningpuzzle404.00
147Tampa Bay Lightning LogoTampa Bay Lightningmetal515.00
148Marc DenisTampa Bay Lightning-303.00
149Vincent LecavalierTampa Bay Lightning-404.00
150Brad RichardsTampa Bay Lightning-221.00
151Vaclav ProspalTampa Bay Lightning-404.00
152Dan BoyleTampa Bay Lightning-303.00
153Martin St. LouisTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
154Filip KubaTampa Bay Lightning-111.00
155Ruslan FedotenkoTampa Bay Lightning-240.50
156Cory SarichTampa Bay Lightning-230.67
157Toronto Maple Leafs Team (1 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle321.50
158Toronto Maple Leafs Team (2 of 2)Toronto Maple Leafspuzzle202.00
159Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafsmetal422.00
160Andrew RaycroftToronto Maple Leafs-212.00
161Mats SundinToronto Maple Leafs-313.00
162Pavel KubinaToronto Maple Leafs-321.50
163Michael PecaToronto Maple Leafs-101.00
164Darcy TuckerToronto Maple Leafs-221.00
165Tomas KaberleToronto Maple Leafs-060.00
166Bryan McCabeToronto Maple Leafs-050.00
167Jeff O'NeillToronto Maple Leafs-060.00
168Alexander SteenToronto Maple Leafs-060.00
169Washington Capitals Team (1 of 2)Washington Capitalspuzzle150.20
170Washington Capitals Team (2 of 2)Washington Capitalspuzzle040.00
171Washington Capitals LogoWashington Capitalsmetal515.00
172Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals-140.25
173Richard ZednikWashington Capitals-060.00
174Dainius ZubrusWashington Capitals-040.00
175Olaf KolzigWashington Capitals-050.00
176Chris ClarkWashington Capitals-150.20
177Matt PettingerWashington Capitals-140.25
178Ben ClymerWashington Capitals-040.00
179Brian SutherbyWashington Capitals-040.00
180Brian PothierWashington Capitals-050.00
181Anaheim Ducks Team (1 of 2)Anaheim Duckspuzzle050.00
182Anaheim Ducks Team (2 of 2)Anaheim Duckspuzzle050.00
183Anaheim Ducks LogoAnaheim Ducksmetal606.00
184Chris ProngerAnaheim Ducks-221.00
185Scott NiedermayerAnaheim Ducks-030.00
186Jean-Sebastien GiguereAnaheim Ducks-230.67
187Teemu SelanneAnaheim Ducks-150.20
188Andy McDonaldAnaheim Ducks-160.17
189Rob NiedermayerAnaheim Ducks-150.20
190Ilya BryzgalovAnaheim Ducks-140.25
191Ryan GetzlafAnaheim Ducks-140.25
192Chris KunitzAnaheim Ducks-150.20
193Calgary Flames Team (1 of 2)Calgary Flamespuzzle140.25
194Calgary Flames Team (2 of 2)Calgary Flamespuzzle150.20
195Calgary Flames LogoCalgary Flamesmetal313.00
196Jarome IginlaCalgary Flames-130.33
197Miikka KiprusoffCalgary Flames-160.17
198Alex TanguayCalgary Flames-404.00
199Doion PhaneufCalgary Flames-404.00
200Tony AmonteCalgary Flames-331.00
201Robyn RegehrCalgary Flames-404.00
202Rhett WarrenerCalgary Flames-221.00
203Daymond LangkowCalgary Flames-313.00
204Kristian HuseliusCalgary Flames-120.50
205Chicago Blackhawks Team (1 of 2)Chicago Blackhawkspuzzle707.00
206Chicago Blackhawks Team (2 of 2)Chicago Blackhawkspuzzle111.00
207Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawksmetal202.00
208Nikolai KhabibulinChicago Blackhawks-414.00
209Martin HavlatChicago Blackhawks-221.00
210Tuomo RuutuChicago Blackhawks-120.50
211Michal HandzusChicago Blackhawks-414.00
212Radim VrbataChicago Blackhawks-111.00
213Bryan SmolinskiChicago Blackhawks-140.25
214Patrick SharpChicago Blackhawks-431.33
215Adrian AucoinChicago Blackhawks-321.50
216Martin LapointeChicago Blackhawks-212.00
217Colorado Avalanche Team (1 of 2)Colorado Avalanchepuzzle120.50
218Colorado Avalanche Team (2 of 2)Colorado Avalanchepuzzle313.00
219Colorado Avalanche LogoColorado Avalanchemetal606.00
220Jose TheodoreColorado Avalanche-422.00
221Joe SakicColorado Avalanche-101.00
222Milan HejdukColorado Avalanche-505.00
223Marek SvatosColorado Avalanche-212.00
224Pierre TurgeonColorado Avalanche-230.67
225Andrew BrunetteColorado Avalanche-120.50
226Steve KonowalchukColorado Avalanche-130.33
227John-Michael lilesColorado Avalanche-140.25
228Ian LaperriereColorado Avalanche-120.50
229Columbus Blue Jackets Team (1 of 2)Columbus Blue Jacketspuzzle111.00
230Columbus Blue Jackets Team (2 of 2)Columbus Blue Jacketspuzzle101.00
231Columbus Blue Jackets LogoColumbus Blue Jacketsmetal515.00
232Rick NashColumbus Blue Jackets-303.00
233Sergei FedorovColumbus Blue Jackets-404.00
234Fredrik ModinColumbus Blue Jackets-240.50
235David VybornyColumbus Blue Jackets-221.00
236Adam FooteColumbus Blue Jackets-303.00
237Rostislav KleslaColumbus Blue Jackets-303.00
238Pascal LeclaireColumbus Blue Jackets-404.00
239Nikolai ZherdevColumbus Blue Jackets-111.00
240Jason ChimeraColumbus Blue Jackets-221.00
241Dallas Stars Team (1 of 2)Dallas Starspuzzle212.00
242Dallas Stars Team (2 of 2)Dallas Starspuzzle414.00
243Dallas Stars LogoDallas Starsmetal414.00
244Marty TurcoDallas Stars-515.00
245Mike ModanoDallas Stars-707.00
246Eric LindrosDallas Stars-414.00
247Sergei ZubovDallas Stars-221.00
248Jere LehtinenDallas Stars-111.00
249Brenden MorrowDallas Stars-212.00
250Jaroslav ModryDallas Stars-303.00
251Stu BarnesDallas Stars-230.67
252Philippe BoucherDallas Stars-130.33
253Detroit Red Wings Team (1 of 2)Detroit Red Wingspuzzle240.50
254Detroit Red Wings Team (2 of 2)Detroit Red Wingspuzzle313.00
255Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wingsmetal717.00
256Dominik HasekDetroit Red Wings-414.00
257Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings-505.00
258Chris CheliosDetroit Red Wings-404.00
259Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red Wings-522.50
260Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red Wings-303.00
261Robert LangDetroit Red Wings-616.00
262Mathieu SchneiderDetroit Red Wings-313.00
263Kris DraperDetroit Red Wings-515.00
264Tomas HolmstromDetroit Red Wings-404.00
265Edmonton Oilers Team (1 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle221.00
266Edmonton Oilers Team (2 of 2)Edmonton Oilerspuzzle221.00
267Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilersmetal414.00
268Dwayne RolosonEdmonton Oilers-230.67
269Ryan SmythEdmonton Oilers-111.00
270Jason SmithEdmonton Oilers-240.50
271Joffrey LupulEdmonton Oilers-303.00
272Ales HemskyEdmonton Oilers-422.00
273Fernando PisaniEdmonton Oilers-120.50
274Raffi TorresEdmonton Oilers-414.00
275Shawn HorcoffEdmonton Oilers-606.00
276Jarret StollEdmonton Oilers-221.00
277Los Angeles Kings Team (1 of 2)Los Angeles Kingspuzzle150.20
278Los Angeles Kings Team (2 of 2)Los Angeles Kingspuzzle212.00
279Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kingsmetal303.00
280Alexander FrolovLos Angeles Kings-030.00
281Rob BlakeLos Angeles Kings-212.00
282Dan CloutierLos Angeles Kings-404.00
283Mattias NorstromLos Angeles Kings-221.00
284Lubomir VisnovskyLos Angeles Kings-606.00
285Craig ConroyLos Angeles Kings-221.00
286Sean AveryLos Angeles Kings-130.33
287Michael CammalleriLos Angeles Kings-111.00
288Dustin BrownLos Angeles Kings-414.00
289Minnesota Wild Team (1 of 2)Minnesota Wildpuzzle404.00
290Minnesota Wild Team (2 of 2)Minnesota Wildpuzzle111.00
291Minnesota Wild LogoMinnesota Wildmetal150.20
292Manny FernandezMinnesota Wild-331.00
293Marian GaborikMinnesota Wild-321.50
294Mark ParrishMinnesota Wild-321.50
295Pavol DemitraMinnesota Wild-404.00
296Brian RolstonMinnesota Wild-111.00
297Wes WalzMinnesota Wild-505.00
298Pierre-Marc BouchardMinnesota Wild-331.00
299Todd WhiteMinnesota Wild-212.00
300Martin SkoulaMinnesota Wild-522.50
301Nashville Predators Team (1 of 2)Nashville Predatorspuzzle212.00
302Nashville Predators Team (2 of 2)Nashville Predatorspuzzle240.50
303Nashville Predators LogoNashville Predatorsmetal140.25
304Paul KariyaNashville Predators-404.00
305Jason ArnottNashville Predators-202.00
306Steve SullivanNashville Predators-313.00
307Tomas VokounNashville Predators-321.50
308Marek ZidlickyNashville Predators-111.00
309David LegwandNashville Predators-212.00
310Martin EratNashville Predators-313.00
311Kimmo TimonenNashville Predators-221.00
312Scott HartnellNashville Predators-221.00
313Phoenix Coyotes Team (1 of 2)Phoenix Coyotespuzzle515.00
314Phoenix Coyotes Team (2 of 2)Phoenix Coyotespuzzle313.00
315Phoenix Coyotes LogoPhoenix Coyotesmetal150.20
316Ed JovanovskiPhoenix Coyotes-404.00
317Jeremy RoenickPhoenix Coyotes-313.00
318Curtis JosephPhoenix Coyotes-140.25
319Shane DoanPhoenix Coyotes-331.00
320Mike ComriePhoenix Coyotes-321.50
321Ladislav NagyPhoenix Coyotes-404.00
322Nick BoyntonPhoenix Coyotes-120.50
323Derek MorrisPhoenix Coyotes-404.00
324Steve ReinprechtPhoenix Coyotes-111.00
325San Jose Sharks Team (1 of 2)San Jose Sharkspuzzle331.00
326San Jose Sharks Team (2 of 2)San Jose Sharkspuzzle120.50
327San Jose Sharks LogoSan Jose Sharksmetal230.67
328Vesa ToskalaSan Jose Sharks-313.00
329Evgeni NabokovSan Jose Sharks-313.00
330Joe ThorntonSan Jose Sharks-404.00
331Jonathan CheechooSan Jose Sharks-422.00
332Mark BellSan Jose Sharks-422.00
333Patrick MarleauSan Jose Sharks-422.00
334Steve BernierSan Jose Sharks-212.00
335Scott HannanSan Jose Sharks-120.50
336Milan MichalekSan Jose Sharks-303.00
337St. Louis Blues Team (1 of 2)St. Louis Bluespuzzle221.00
338St. Louis Blues Team (2 of 2)St. Louis Bluespuzzle321.50
339St. Louis Blues LogoSt. Louis Bluesmetal250.40
340Doug WeightSt. Louis Blues-522.50
341Bill GuerinSt. Louis Blues-221.00
342Martin RucinskySt. Louis Blues-331.00
343Jay McKeeSt. Louis Blues-422.00
344Barret JackmanSt. Louis Blues-212.00
345Eric BrewerSt. Louis Blues-313.00
346Keith TkachukSt. Louis Blues-212.00
347Manny LegaceSt. Louis Blues-202.00
348Petr CajanekSt. Louis Blues-221.00
349Vancouver Canucks Team (1 of 2)Vancouver Canuckspuzzle111.00
350Vancouver Canucks Team (2 of 2)Vancouver Canuckspuzzle221.00
351Vancouver Canucks LogoVancouver Canucksmetal040.00
352Roberto LuongoVancouver Canucks-414.00
353Jan BulisVancouver Canucks-212.00
354Markus NaslundVancouver Canucks-221.00
355Brendan MorrisonVancouver Canucks-707.00
356Daniel SedinVancouver Canucks-212.00
357Henrik SedinVancouver Canucks-230.67
358Mattias OhlundVancouver Canucks-221.00
359Sami SaloVancouver Canucks-303.00
360Matt CookeVancouver Canucks-404.00
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