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Panini Innsbruck 1976

Panini Innsbruck 1976

Year: 1976
Total stickers: 256

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 13 / completed: 24


1Pierre de CoubertinIOC Founder-321.50
2Lord Killanin (Michael Morris)IOC President-414.00
3Emblem1924 - Chamonix (France)-414.00
4Poster1924 - Chamonix (France)-331.00
5Thorleif Haug1924 - Chamonix (France)-303.00
6Gillis Grafström1924 - Chamonix (France)-515.00
7Emblem1928 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-422.00
8Poster1928 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-522.50
9Clas Thunberg1928 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-313.00
10Johan Gröttumsbraaten1928 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-331.00
11Emblem1932 - Lake Placid (USA)-414.00
12Poster1932 - Lake Placid (USA)-422.00
13Sonia Henie1932 - Lake Placid (USA)-422.00
14Birger Ruud1932 - Lake Placid (USA)-431.33
15Emblem1936 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Deutschland)-606.00
16Poster1936 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Deutschland)-321.50
17Christl Cranz1936 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Deutschland)-505.00
18Ivar Ballangrud1936 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Deutschland)-431.33
19Emblem1948 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-505.00
20Poster1948 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-515.00
21Henri Oreiller1948 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-414.00
22Richard Button1948 - St. Moritz (Helvetia)-422.00
23Emblem1952 - Oslo (Norge)-414.00
24Poster1952 - Oslo (Norge)-414.00
25Zeno Colo'1952 - Oslo (Norge)-515.00
26Hjalmar Andersen1952 - Oslo (Norge)-321.50
27Emblem1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italia)-321.50
28Poster1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italia)-606.00
29Toni Sailer1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italia)-313.00
30Veikko Hakulinen1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italia)-707.00
31Emblem1960 - Squaw Valley (USA)-623.00
32Poster1960 - Squaw Valley (USA)-522.50
33Evgeni Grischin1960 - Squaw Valley (USA)-623.00
34Sixten Jernberg1960 - Squaw Valley (USA)-422.00
35Emblem1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-515.00
36Poster1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-303.00
37Eero Mäntyranta1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-422.00
38Marielle Goitschel1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-313.00
39Christine Goitschel1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-414.00
40Lidia Skoblikowa1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-321.50
41Karl Schranz1964 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-441.00
42Emblem1968 - Grenoble (France)-414.00
43Poster1968 - Grenoble (France)-522.50
44Jean-Claude Killy1968 - Grenoble (France)-515.00
45Eugenio Monti1968 - Grenoble (France)-404.00
46Harald Grönningen1968 - Grenoble (France)-404.00
47Jiri Raska1968 - Grenoble (France)-515.00
48Ludmilla Beloussowa - Oleg Protopopow1968 - Grenoble (France)-321.50
49Emblem1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-717.00
50Poster1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-313.00
51Ard Schenk1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-515.00
52Marie-Therese Nadig1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-422.00
53Gustavo Thoeni1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-414.00
54Annemarie Pröll1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-422.00
55Roland Collombin1972 - Sapporo (Nippon)-522.50
56Emblem1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-303.00
57Poster1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-505.00
58Österreich Post Stamp I1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-531.67
59Österreich Post Stamp II1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-623.00
60Fred SinowatzOC President Innsbruck 1976-505.00
61Kurt HellerOC President Österreich-404.00
62Innsbruck IStadiums and routes-414.00
63Innsbruck IIStadiums and routes-404.00
64Innsbruck IIIStadiums and routes-505.00
65Innsbruck IVStadiums and routes-331.00
66SchneemannOfficial Mascot-404.00
67Olympia '76 Poster1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-515.00
68Arena Seefeld Poster1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-505.00
69Seefelder Hochplateau Poster1976 - Innsbruck (Österreich)-321.50
70Alpine Skiing. Men's downhillStadiums and routes-404.00
71Alpine Skiing. Ladies' downhillStadiums and routes-404.00
72Alpine Skiing. Men's giant slalomStadiums and routes-515.00
73Alpine Skiing. Ladies' giant slalomStadiums and routes-606.00
74Alpine Skiing. Men's slalomStadiums and routes-303.00
75Alpine Skiing. Ladies' slalomStadiums and routes-313.00
76Alpine Skiing
In action-606.00
77Alpine Skiing
In action-422.00
78Alpine Skiing
In action-616.00
79Alpine Skiing
In action-313.00
80Alpine Skiing
In action-414.00
81Alpine Skiing
In action-505.00
82Gustavo ThoeniAlpine Skiing-515.00
83Ingemar StenmarkAlpine Skiing-616.00
84Franz KlammerAlpine Skiing-404.00
85Hanny WenzelAlpine Skiing-515.00
86Piero GrosAlpine Skiing-404.00
87Fabienne SerratAlpine Skiing-505.00
88Werner GrissmannAlpine Skiing-313.00
89Lise-Marie MorerodAlpine Skiing-505.00
90Bernhard RussiAlpine Skiing-515.00
91Hans HinterseerAlpine Skiing-505.00
92Marie-Therese NadigAlpine Skiing-414.00
93Herbert PlankAlpine Skiing-303.00
94Francisco Fernandez-OchoaAlpine Skiing-414.00
95Bernadette ZurbriggenAlpine Skiing-404.00
96Christian NeureutherAlpine Skiing-321.50
97Monika KasererAlpine Skiing-707.00
98Rosi MittermaierAlpine Skiing-422.00
99Walter VestiAlpine Skiing-414.00
100Christa ZechmeisterAlpine Skiing-414.00
101Fausto RadiciAlpine Skiing-313.00
102Wiltrud DrexelAlpine Skiing-404.00
103Paolo De ChiesaAlpine Skiing-414.00
104Philippe RouxAlpine Skiing-522.50
105Claudia GiordaniAlpine Skiing-515.00
106Rene BerthodAlpine Skiing-422.00
107Erik HakerAlpine Skiing-431.33
108David ZwillingAlpine Skiing-522.50
109Brigitte TotschnigAlpine Skiing-321.50
110Geoffrey BruceAlpine Skiing-340.75
111Elisabeth CliffordAlpine Skiing-331.00
112Cindy NelsonAlpine Skiing-522.50
113Johann KniewasserAlpine Skiing-431.33
114Rolando ThoeniAlpine Skiing-531.67
115Irene EppleAlpine Skiing-522.50
116Willy FrommeltAlpine Skiing-422.00
117Joseph WalcherAlpine Skiing-313.00
118Patricia EmonetAlpine Skiing-321.50
119Wolfgang JungingerAlpine Skiing-331.00
120Thomas HauserAlpine Skiing-441.00
121Daniele DebernardAlpine Skiing-422.00
122Michael VeithAlpine Skiing-515.00
123Heini HemmiAlpine Skiing-505.00
124Lindy CochranAlpine Skiing-515.00
125Jan BachledaAlpine Skiing-331.00
126Greg JonesAlpine Skiing-422.00
127Michele JacotAlpine Skiing-422.00
128Erwin StrickerAlpine Skiing-313.00
129Walter TreschAlpine Skiing-414.00
130Irmgard LukasserAlpine Skiing-414.00
131Claude PerrotAlpine Skiing-414.00
132Manfred GrablerAlpine Skiing-616.00
133Jacqueline RouvierAlpine Skiing-321.50
134Karl CordinAlpine Skiing-422.00
135Cross Country Skiing
In action-515.00
136Cross Country Skiing
In action-422.00
137Cross Country Skiing. 15 km. Men'sStadiums and routes-431.33
138Cross Country Skiing. 30 km. Men'sStadiums and routes-515.00
139Cross Country Skiing. 50 km. Men'sStadiums and routes-422.00
140Cross Country Skiing. 4 x 10 km. Men'sStadiums and routes-321.50
141Cross Country Skiing. 10 km. Ladies'Stadiums and routes-515.00
142Cross Country Skiing. 4 x 5 km. Ladies'Stadiums and routes-414.00
143Magne MyrmoCross Country Skiing-515.00
144Juha MietoCross Country Skiing-313.00
145Galina KulakovaCross Country Skiing-531.67
146Odd MartinsenCross Country Skiing-431.33
147Gerhard GrimmerCross Country Skiing-431.33
148Oddvar BraaCross Country Skiing-404.00
149Thomas MagnusonCross Country Skiing-422.00
150Alfred KälinCross Country Skiing-522.50
151Ulrich WehlingCross Country Skiing-313.00
152Sven-Ake LundbäckCross Country Skiing-623.00
153Ivar FormoCross Country Skiing-515.00
154Vasili RochevCross Country Skiing-313.00
155Lars-Göran AslundCross Country Skiing-551.00
156Edi HauserCross Country Skiing-515.00
157Blanka PauluCross Country Skiing-313.00
158Günther DeckertCross Country Skiing-331.00
159Stanislav HenychCross Country Skiing-331.00
160Gert-Dietmar KlauseCross Country Skiing-321.50
161Helena TakaloCross Country Skiing-414.00
162Jan StaszelCross Country Skiing-522.50
163Ski Jumping
In action-422.00
164Ski Jumping
In action-340.75
165Ski Jumping
In action-717.00
166Ski Jumping
In action-422.00
167Hans-Georg AschenbachSki Jumping-515.00
168Walter SteinerSki Jumping-414.00
169Willi PürstlSki Jumping-414.00
170Karl SchnablSki Jumping-522.50
171Bernd EcksteinSki Jumping-522.50
172Reinhold BachlerSki Jumping-321.50
173Dietrich KampfSki Jumping-321.50
174Hans SchmidSki Jumping-340.75
175Rudolf HöhnlSki Jumping-522.50
176Yukio KasayaSki Jumping-422.00
177Alexei BorowitinSki Jumping-422.00
178Heinz WosipiwoSki Jumping-321.50
179Kari YlianttilaSki Jumping-431.33
180Stanislaw BobakSki Jumping-431.33
181Figure Skating
In action-623.00
182Figure Skating
In action-522.50
183Figure Skating
In action-422.00
184Figure Skating
In action-531.67
185Sergei VolkovFigure Skating-441.00
186Diane de LeeuwFigure Skating-522.50
187John CurryFigure Skating-522.50
188Isabel de NavarreFigure Skating-422.00
189Vladimir KovalevFigure Skating-422.00
190Christine ErrathFigure Skating-422.00
191Jan HoffmannFigure Skating-522.50
192Susan DrianoFigure Skating-340.75
193Yuri OvchinnikovFigure Skating-515.00
194Karin ItenFigure Skating-422.00
195Irina Rodnina - Alexandr ZaitsevFigure Skating-414.00
196Romy Kermer - Rolf ÖsterreichFigure Skating-531.67
197Speed Skating
In action-422.00
198Speed Skating
In action-431.33
199Speed Skating
In action-515.00
200Speed Skating
In action-515.00
201Vladimir IvanovSpeed Skating-414.00
202Amund SjöbrendSpeed Skating-616.00
203Karin KessovSpeed Skating-616.00
204Göran ClaesonSpeed Skating-522.50
205Jan Egil StorholtSpeed Skating-321.50
206Tatiana AverinaSpeed Skating-422.00
207Sten StensenSpeed Skating-321.50
208Yuri KondakovSpeed Skating-522.50
209Sippie TigchelaarSpeed Skating-350.60
210Viktor VarlamovSpeed Skating-340.75
211Sheila YoungSpeed Skating-422.00
212Evgeni KulikovSpeed Skating-623.00
213Erwina RysiownaSpeed Skating-522.50
214Daniel CarrollSpeed Skating-414.00
215Ice Hockey
In action-313.00
216Ice Hockey
In action-422.00
217Ice Hockey
In action-515.00
218Ice Hockey
In action-522.50
219Ice Hockey
In action-414.00
220Ice Hockey
In action-515.00
221SSSR TeamIce Hockey-331.00
222Ceskoslovensko TeamIce Hockey-422.00
223Suomi-Finland TeamIce Hockey-404.00
224Österreich TeamIce Hockey-422.00
225USA TeamIce Hockey-360.50
226Deutschland-DDR TeamIce Hockey-331.00
227Helvetia TeamIce Hockey-422.00
228Deutschland-BRD TeamIce Hockey-441.00
229Polska TeamIce Hockey-431.33
230Sverige TeamIce Hockey-414.00
In action-623.00
In action-321.50
In action-431.33
In action-522.50
235Deutschland-BRD I (Zimmerer-Utzschneider)Bobsleigh-414.00
236Helvetia II (Schärer E. - Camichel - Benz - Schärer P.)Bobsleigh-515.00
237Österreich I (Gruber-Schliissing-Zaunschirm-Sperling)Bobsleigh-623.00
238Italia I (Alverà-Perruquet)Bobsleigh-340.75
239Deutschland-BRD II (Heibl-Ohlwärter)Bobsleigh-414.00
240Helvetia I (Lüdi-Häseli)Bobsleigh-313.00
241Deutschland-DDR I (Schönau-Bernhardt)Bobsleigh-422.00
242Österreich I (Gruber-Sperling)Bobsleigh-515.00
243Helvetia I (Lüdi-Hagen-Müller-Häseli)Bobsleigh-522.50
244Österreich II (Stengl-Krenn-Jakob-Vilas)Bobsleigh-422.00
245Deutschland-DDR II (Nehmer-Germeshausen)Bobsleigh-340.75
246France I (Roy-Hissung)Bobsleigh-414.00
247Italia II (D'Andrea-Fiori-Bee-Benoni)Bobsleigh-515.00
248USA I (Morgan-Becker)Bobsleigh-450.80
In action-321.50
In action-340.75
251Hans RinnLuge-313.00
252Margit SchumannLuge-422.00
253Manfred SchmidLuge-414.00
254Wolfram FiedlerLuge-321.50
255Paul HildgartnerLuge-422.00
256Halina KanaszLuge-623.00
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